High school Korean dramas with the best kisses

Top 13 Best High School Korean Dramas With The Best Kisses




Updated on: 02/09/2022

Romanticism is a vital ingredient of the majority of dramas in our Korean drama land. And what can be more romantic than a kiss? From a light peck to an intense one, every kiss shown in drama makes our knees go weak with the sizzling chemistry it brought along. However, the romance we see in a high school Korean drama is a bit different, and so is their kiss scene. The kiss we see in high school Korean dramas is more affectionate ones rather than amorous. These kisses show the efflorescence of tender love, which makes our heart flutter and cheeks blush. So here are the mentions of top high school Korean dramas with the best kisses:

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High School Korean Dramas With The Best Kisses

13. Dream High

Although this kiss was short, it is a perfect example of those melodrama kisses that happen during separations of the couples. Here, Song sam dong (Kim soo Hyun) hang out of the bus’s window and kissed Go Hye mi (Bae Suzy). In the show, this couple had seen mountain roads like danger and conflicts in their relationship. Their relationship starts with the display of fake feelings from Hye mi for sam dong, but the ball hit hard, and Hye mi started having real feelings for him.

Coming to drama: Dream High has always been a renowned drama. Whether it is for watching the biggest star cast early in their career or storyline, this show gets all the attention. Dream High shows the story of six students at Kirin Art High School. These students come from diverse backgrounds, and all of them have different stories. The only common thing is their dream of becoming music stars in the Korean music industry.

12. To The Beautiful You

When Kang the Joon (Choi min ho) had this kiss, he was in the delusion that Goo Jae hee is a boy (Sulli).  This couple had few more kisses during the show, which were not so involving but exciting. This gender blender theme drama gave us the example that love is more important than anybody’s gender (although in the end, it came out that Jae hee was a girl). Jae hee and Tae Joon had an engaging relationship that dwells with friendship and turns into love. We notice this when the show proceeds in concluding episodes.

To the beautiful you is a story about a girl Goo Jae Hee, who lives in the United States. She becomes attracted to one of the high jump competitors, Kang Tae Joon, after she sees him in a track and field competition on TV. She begins to idolize him so much that to help him, and she disguises herself as a boy. For this, she transfers to his high school, which was all boys, after he suffered an accident that could potentially end his career.

11. Sassy Go Go/ Cheer Up!

This adorable kiss takes place after Kim Yeol (Lee won Keun) gets hurt in an accident and was admitted to a hospital. Kang Yeon doo (Jung Eun Ji) gave him a small peck on the cheek to which Kim Yeol turn into a few seconds long kiss. The budding love between this couple was charming. They did whatever everything that a teen high school student would do if they get a chance to fell in love. One can easily relate to their emotions, displayed on the show when the first love knocks the door.

Talking about the drama, this drama is set in a highly competitive school that emphasizes achievement and scores above all else. It shows the character development of the students who struggle to move forward, one step at a time. This show is a blend of friendship, affection, hate, jealousy, competition, and corruption within the education system of today. Overall, it’s one of the highly recommended high school Korean dramas as it exhibits many aspects of today’s education system.

10. Shut up: Flower Boy Band

This particular kiss from Shut up: Flower boy band is famous as ‘Rooftop Kiss’ among the K drama enthusiast audience. The mentioned kiss is one of the few intimate scenes from the drama. Though the show had less involvement in skinship scenes, this kiss left a strong impression on the list of high school Korean dramas with the best kisses. The pair of this scene, Kwon Ji yuk (Sung Joon) and I’m soo ah (Jo bo ah) had worth watching chemistry throughout the series. At times they were rude or awkward to each other, but that never took their cuteness of being together away. They had a bumpy and rocky love story, but they stood firm through it.

About the drama: The focal point of this drama is friendship. We have seen until now that most of the high school Korean dramas are more love centric in their storyline. However, this drama is mainly about friendship and its importance. This drama will *hit* you hard and will remain in your memory for a long time.

High school Korean dramas with the best kisses

09. Love Alarm

Turning our sweet child actress Kim So Hyun into a youth icon, Love Alarm has given us many new turnouts. The cheerful and cute moments made us blush, which sometimes involves an engaging kiss or a little peck. Beautifully crafted scenes and cliffhanger episodes ending is what we admire the show for. Hwang Sun oh (Song Kang) and Kim jo jo (Kim so Hyun) were adorable during their little skinship, and this is the reason why this drama has to be a part of our high school Korean dramas with the best kisses list.

Based on a webtoon, it is the story of a young hard working girl and her two admirers. A mobile application, Love Alarm, plays the central partLove Alarm is an app which ‘rings’ whenever a person who likes you or has romantic feelings is near 10 meters of the radius. 

High school Korean dramas with the best kisses

08. Boys Over Flowers

This show is famous for so many things that it has lost the counts. One such thing is its kiss scenes. The audience has even given these scenes a name tag like swing kiss, playground kiss, road kiss, beach kiss, and many more. This made our lead couple the nation’s favorite couple. Boys over flowers is a cult classic when it comes to a high school Korean drama. With a little difference, the show is built on the Japanese shōjo manga (comic) series Boys over flowers. This story is about an average hard-working girl who gets into a high-class private school. It was a school where children of only the richest among the riches can come. There, she gets into the wrong book of most famous and rich boys of the school, F4.

She had her share of fights and arguments with the boys but eventually fell in love with one of them. Later the story shows how they take their love story forward with all the ups and downs.

High school Korean dramas with the best kisses

07. Extraordinary You

New add on the list of high school Korean dramas with the best kisses. First Ha ru (Rowoon) and Eun dan oh (Kim Hye Yoon) had some of the beautiful and cute kisses in this show. Several Korean netizen’s sites have also appreciated the pair’s chemistry. This drama is full of fluff, and so is the relationship between our lead actors.

It is a story of a high school girl Eun Dan-oh who attends a prestigious school. She suffers a particular heart condition, which means she cannot live past her teen years. By chance, she discovers that her world is a comic book, and she is a supporting character. With her newfound knowledge of the world she lives in, she is eager to find true love in her plot-line. She also tries to outwit the author’s plans for her character by utilizing the flashes of storyboard she can see.

High school Korean dramas with the best kisses

06. Reply 1997

Reply 1997 has shown sweet kisses from the teen years and passionate kisses from the youth of the pair. The embracing and kissing session of our duo makes our heart skip a beat. The couple showed us their relation as friends in initial years and as a lovey-dovey couple as the series progresses. The character played by our actors were so good that it was looking like real emotions on the screen.

This drama revolves around a female high school student and her five high school friends in Busan. The girl was a fangirl of boyband HOT. At present day, they are 33 years old and met at their high school reunion dinner in 2012. The drama flashes back and forth between their past high school days in 1997 and presents at their reunion dinner in 2012.

The drama was successful in showing the rise of the Korean-pop group culture and was a smash hit among the audience.

High school Korean dramas with the best kisses

05. Playful Kiss

As the name suggests, Playful Kiss does have a lot of kisses, may or may not be playful sometimes. Also, the making out and smooching session of our leading pair is heart fluttering. This is the reason why the show has to be among the top choices when it comes to high school Korean dramas with the best kisses. Here, the series portrays the relationship of our leads Oh Ha-ni and Baek Seung-jo. The couple’s chemistry, in the whole series, is worth watching, and it also makes a significant storyline. From fights to love, all the emotions between this couple were in such sync that it is unbeatable.

The Plot of the show is based on a Japanese shoujo manga in which Oh Ha Ni (Jung Soo-min) is a clumsy high school student and falls for the overly perfect, Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong). However, Baek Seung Jo rejected Oh Ha ni’s love and treated her with attitude and a cold shoulder. The pair had their shares of fights and rebels throughout the series.  In the last few episodes, they mutually fall for each other sincerely, thus giving us a happy ending.

High school Korean dramas with the best kisses

04. Goong/The Princess Hours

Time and again actress Yoon Eun-Hye has proved that when it comes to a kissing scene, she nails it like a pro. Similarly, in this series, when she gets to show her skill, she left no stone unturned.

In this show, leads were together because their family forced them, but the chemistry they brought after a while can be easily seen in their kisses and hugs. Particularly in the last few episodes, the kissing scenes were sincere and affectionate. Highschooler turns royal married couple Lee Shin (Ju Ji-Hoon), and Chae Kyung-shin (Yoon Eun-Hye) has to be in this situation because of a promise made by their grandfathers. Personality differences between these two made them uncomfortable around each other. As time passed, they sorted out their feelings and grew fond of each other, falling in love eventually.

High school Korean dramas with the best kisses

03. The Heirs

Next on the list of High school Korean dramas with the best kisses are The heirs. Lead pair Kim Tan (Lee Min-Ho) and Cha Eun Sung (Park Shin Hye) had fantastic chemistry in this show, which is evident, with the popularity of this pair till now. From a little touch to a long, intense one, they have a variety of kisses, to offer you on the plate. As this high school Korean drama mainly focuses on romance, you can always catch a romantic scene in each episode. From the first episode, Kim Tan gets attracted to Eun Sung and upgraded this chemistry as Eun Sung accepts his advances. There are also other couples whom you will found showing affection from time to time in the series.

Another highlighting kiss scene from this drama is Lee Hyo-shin (Kang Ha Neul) and Rachel Yoo (Kim Ji-Won). Although they were not a couple to start with, they had a quality kiss time when Rachel Yoo needed it. That kiss came out of the blue but indeed an exciting one. In fact, after that kiss, a spark of interest, liking can be seen in our duo.

The plot-line of the show starts with how our female lead gets involved with a super-rich boy and ends up in his home where her mother works as a maid. She also makes it to his school, where she gets into a love-hate relationship with the other students of that school. Our female lead was a hard-working girl, so she works hard to get a better life for herself and her mother. During this time, our main point fights from the world for his love and restore his friendship with his best friend turned enemy.

02. Reply 1988

Talking of High school Korean dramas with the best kisses and not mentioning Reply 1988 will be a grave sin. This show deserves to be on this list not just because of steamy kissing sessions, but because many couples do these passionate scenes.

Our first couple who has shown us intense kissing is Sun-woo (Go Kyung Pyo) and Bora (Ryu Hye You). They were not the leading pair of the series, but they were the ones who filled the show with sizzling and exciting romance. Their chemistry was amazing and heart fluttering. Every kiss they had will give butterflies in your stomach and will make you blush.

Then comes our next couple Choi Teak (Park Bo Gum) and Duk soon (Hyeri). Their first kiss was dreamy, at least for the audience and Choi Teak, it was romantic for a long time. Their romance bloomed in the latter part of the series. As a result, we can see their lovey-dovey in the later episodes.

The kissing saga does not end here. There is one more couple who you will find doing cute kisses. So if you are a fan of good kisses, this show will surely be going to fulfill your wish in every way.

Drama Reply 1988 is a story about five childhood friends and their family who lives in the same neighborhood. This drama shows the problems of a lower-middle-class family in the 1980s and the difficulty facing by the students of that time. The series is full of comedy, life lessons, steamy romance, and values. It is a Korean drama that you cannot afford to miss.

High school Korean dramas with the best kisses

01. Moorim School

This story and passion in itself is a fairy tale, and the drama deserved to be on the top list when it comes to High school Korean dramas with the best kisses. The relationship between the ultimate couple is relatively innocent, but the two major kisses they had in the drama can be a #kissgoals for many. The kiss between Shi woo (Lee Hyun Woo) and Soon Duk (Seo Ye Ji) gets mentions in top kiss scenes all the time. In this drama, Soon Duk played the role of a girl who becomes the love interest of an idol. Accept it or not, the chemistry between an ordinary girl and an idol is what we all here for.

Moorim School is a show that talks about a school that is ‘especially different’. The school teaches its students values that are required to live one’s life. This school is diverse. Teachers and students at the school are of different lands, and each has their own stories.

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