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Fans of the revolutionary series Dragon Ball Z are aware of the fact that Goku is a source of a countless number of rib-ticklingly funny and motivating quotes. The personality and his honest character are what make him larger than life. Also, if you love this self-assured, voracious and innocent Saiyan you’ll have a lot of fun recalling many iconic quotes from this list.

All of his quotes range from being stand out dialogues in the anime to the most bone-chilling. He intimidates his enemies with his sheer presence, boasts about his people and finds out about the mysteries of the…..female anatomy in this list. So be prepared to take a walk through the memory lane with some powerful and adorable Goku quotes.

Goku quote

1) “Sorry, I saw an opening that just screamed ‘attack!’ so I did, ha!”

Goku is a very compelling character. His exuberance towards life extends to every person surrounding him. His fiercely competitive personality and fondness towards a good and challenging fight are his characteristic traits. So this dialogue of his expresses the Saiyan’s craving for a good competition.

He is never able to combat the urge that he senses every time he thinks/knows he can divert the attention of someone to himself.  So Goku dashes into a fight with out of the world glee. Also, it is in his Saiyan DNA to dash headfirst into the magnificence of the battlefield.

goku quote as a kid

2) “Why do women have butts on their chest.”

Kids iterate the most embarrassing and outlandish things! Also, Goku is not actually well known for being knowledgable about female anatomy, particularly in his youth. So it is not difficult to envisage an ordinary kid on the street enquiring about a similar, outright weird question.

But for some odd reason, it is much more adorable coming from “Kid” Goku. Also, fans who are aware of the whole metaseries will savor the privilege of watching Goku become only faintly less dull-witted. He sustains most of his adorable and heedless nature but possibly a fundamental anatomy lesson is in order.

Gokue quote

3) “I think I know how to get that smirk off your ugly mug. I’m going to renovate your face.”

There is nothing entirely like a fragile and delicately complex turn of phrase. A great figure of speech is an invaluable device. Goku is about as delicate as a chainsaw. Also, he has all the grace and accuracy of a shotgun.

What his warning needs in elegance it makes up for in absolute self-confidence. The credence it takes to announce audaciously to renovate one’s face is splendid. So is Goku even an authorized contractor? Is he certified to make these changes?

Gokue quote

4) “Look, Cell’s kind of worn out right now. It just wouldn’t be fair if Gohan beats him when he isn’t at his best, you know.”

If there is something Goku vouches for its an ethical victory in a good battle. It’s crystal clear from this quote that Goku understands and realizes what he stands for.

He follows a moral code that needs honest sportsmanship. So he feels it’s only fair to provide his rivals a fighting chance. Also, he thinks that anyone is worthy of the same courtesy. This kindness frequently gets him in conflicts. He does not like to punt a person while he/she is down but those people eventually get back up. (lorazepam) Thanks to the chivalrous Goku.

Goku Best Quotes

5) “Maybe you’ll come back someday as…as a better person, I hope. I’d like that. Perhaps we’ll have a little one on one.”

Even the most ardent and diehard Goku fan has to agree about one thing; he’s too fast to forgive his opponents or anyone in general. In Short, Goku has a big heart.

Goku is a forgiving and sympathetic person. So he does not harm his enemies and spares them but at what cost? Goku has always strived to be the bigger person; only to be ambushed by his enemies the instant he turns his back. Also, this quote displays Goku’s wish to have faith in the best in anyone. He wants to see everyone achieve their highest capacity.

Gokue Quotes

6) “I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am the protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am the truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you”

Even a person as magnificent as Goku needs an introduction during certain occasions. So this iconic quote by Goku appears like a pretty authentic way to convey to people exactly whom they’re dealing with.

There are no queries left at the end of this quote. He lets his rivals to understand what they are in for; there is no point in battering around the bush. Why not just cut straight to the chase? Also, establishing a little amount of terror in your foes is not completely a bad idea. In fact, there are very few people who are able to keep their nerve against the conviction of a Saiyan.

Goku Quotes

7) “I would rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster.”

Goku is ardent. He lives his life with his heart on his sleeve (Actually he dons a sleeveless vest. So I guess his non-present sleeve?). A life lived without this intensity appears to be pointless to the orange-clothed protagonist.

Goku understands what truly matters in life. It is the things and people you care about that will mean the most as you look back at your life. He would prefer to bravely protect the morals and ideals he has faith in than owning an intelligent mind. What would Goku be in the absence of his raging heart and stern standards? In fact, his personality would be half as intriguing as it is if he was a frigid, reasonable being.

Goku quote

8) “You must be Frieza, the one responsible for the horrible chain of events that have taken place on this planet. Whatever problems you have with Vegeta, you can take them up with me now.”

A sign of a good hero is his/her readiness to take up the problems and issues of the oppressed. One must be prepared to jeopardize it all to save others. Goku is totally that kind of a person.

Goku is prepared to leap into the side of good and he sees no reason to not shout about it from the top of a mountain. It’s just in his Saiyan blood, to be honest, and frank and tell people accurately where they stand with him (Or against him). So he wants the entire world to understand that he is there to take care of certain business.

Gokue Quotes

9) “Hey, don’t get ahead of yourself. You haven’t beaten us yet.”

If there is any person who is giving and benevolent to his rivals, it is Goku. He warmly counsels his rivals to keep their faith in themselves in check before they face his power.

It is not entirely boasting, but there is a suggestion of boldness in his words. This quote underlines just how likable and cocksure Goku can be. So this respectful statement gets his spirit across quite immediately. He is quite sure he will emerge victoriously and he also wants to reduce any uneasiness for those he is about to vanquish.

Best goku quote

10) “Show ’em what a Saiyan’s made of!”

Any person who adores Dragon Ball knows everything about Saiyan Pride. Even people like Goku who was not brought up in their culture feel an inborn sensation of pride in themselves. This pride is what powers their unbelievable competitive streak. Also, this proves Goku is definitely full of Saiyan pride. This quote is the right example of this.

Goku wants the entire world to understand just why the Saiyans are joyous in a challenging battle and celebrate when the victory is honest. He needs to be the finest he can be to make his people proud. Saiyans are powerful and remarkably mighty people. And he has all the right in the world to be proud of his incredible capability.

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