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Anime and Manga Demographics

Understanding the Various Types of Anime and Manga Demographics

Shoujo, Shounen, Seinen, Josei and what not! A lot of such terms pop up when we come across anime and manga. Although it is not very essential to understand under what demographics the anime you are w...[Read More]

Japanese Fans Vote TOP 20 Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Today I bring you “TOP 20 Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono” A-list straight from Japan, The list comes from the website charapedia, Every week this Japanese website makes a list...[Read More]

Korean and Chinese animation

5 Korean and Chinese Animation Worth Checking Out

Today I want to recommend a few Korean and Chinese Animation people should check out. Korean and Chinese Animation was something that many people were not paying attention to or simply did not even kn...[Read More]

Summer 2018 Anime

Your Definitive Guide to all the Summer 2018 Anime

The summer anime season has begun and we present you with a comprehensive guide to all the summer 2018 anime you can look forward to and enjoy. More than 60 anime are premiering this summer. It is ind...[Read More]

old school anime series

5 Old School Series That Recently Received an Anime

Today I’d like to make a list and somewhat talk about 5 old school anime series that recently received anime adaptations. A lot of the old school anime series has been receiving a bunch of anime nowad...[Read More]

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