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Updated on: 17/01/2022

Today I bring you the “TOP 20 Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono” A-list straight from Japan, The list comes from the website charapedia, Every week this Japanese website makes a list asking Japanese fans questions about certain things that involve anime. Then turns it into a TOP 20 list. I decided it would be interesting to bring these lists over from Japan to the west and see how western anime fan’s opinions on these lists compare to Japanese anime fan’s opinions.

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The Topic of Last weeks Top 20 list was, Characters that look best in Kimono. Let’s see what characters Japanese fans voted for.

Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

20. Nozomi Toujou From Love Live! School Idol Project – 139 Votes

Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono Top 20 List
Nozomi Toujou – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Nozomi is Eri’s best friend and the vice president of the school’s student council. She often advises μ’s and appears as wise. However, because of the way she punishes them (by grabbing their breasts), she often seems perverted. Despite this, she is the eldest member of μ’s.

She likes spiritual things such as “power spots” and charms, though she is most well known for her fortune-telling which she uses as her secret method of quickly fitting in when she is forced to change environments. Nozomi also finds interest in helping the other girls as much as possible. She was Otonokizaka High School’s student council vice-president. It is also stated that she likes taking naps. (Source).

19. Roronoa Zoro From One Piece – 140 Votes

Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono Top 20 List
Roronoa Zoro – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Zoro has a stern, serious, and distanced personality, but, unlike Robin, he often reacts in a goofy and exaggerated comic style due to his gruff, impatient attitude. On the ship, he normally either trains with weights or sleep. The only work he is seen doing regularly is hoisting the anchor using his great strength.

He also likes sake, almost to the degree that Luffy likes meat, but like Nami, he never gets drunk due to his inhumanly high endurance and tolerance for alcohol. Another notable trait is his lack of orientation, as Zoro often gets lost, even in small, familiar spaces or when being led by someone. Despite this, he is often the first to sense an enemy or danger and the first to react. He is often displayed as being well aware of dangerous situations and the people around him. (Source).

18. Yuuko Ichihara From xxxHOLiC – 147 Votes

Yuuko Ichihara From xxxHOLiC
Yuuko Ichihara – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Being extremely experienced in her industry, Yūko is not foolish enough to give away her real name like Watanuki. That aside, Yūko has served as a major catalyst for Watanuki’s transformation, acting somewhat as his mentor. She loves to drink and eat Watanuki’s wonderful cooking and dragging Watanuki on crazy outings at the drop of a hat.

Yūko is very powerful when it comes to magic and knowledge and is highly respected within the spirit realm. However, she doesn’t often seem to get directly involved in things beyond whatever contract she has with those making wishes. Sometimes, she sends Watanuki to do jobs for her, such as when she is granted a wish from Himawari. Yūko seems to take the role of someone playing chess when it comes to the big picture of things that are going on. (Source)

17. Isumi Saginomiya From Hayate no Gotoku! – 158 Votes

Isumi Saginomiya From Hayate no Gotoku!
Isumi Saginomiya – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Isumi is a black-haired girl who is always wearing a kimono. Another one of Nagi’s close friends, she and Nagi met at a party a long time ago. When all the other children, Sakuya included, laughed at Nagi’s first attempt at writing her own manga, Isumi took interest in it and asked Nagi how it ends; Nagi then asked Isumi (in a childish sense) to marry her.

Like Nagi, Isumi is very rich. Unlike Nagi, Isumi is soft-spoken, kind, and can cook well. While she does not have an awful sense of direction, she constantly gets lost due to the fact that she is apt to forget her destination, though she is able to disappear from people’s eyes instantaneously. She has feelings for Hayate and does not wish to see him sad. (Source)

16. Toshizo Hijikata From Hakuouki – 166 Votes

Toshizo Hijikata From Hakuouki - Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono Top 20 List
Toshizo Hijikata – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Hijikata is a strict disciplinarian to his troops, hence his nickname the “Demon Vice-Commander”. At the same time, he is very thoughtful and mature and puts the Shinsengumi and Kondou above everything else; believes that it is his duty to rule with an iron fist as the shadow behind Kondou’s light.

Toshizo takes the Shinsengumi’s welfare to be his personal responsibility and runs himself ragged with trying to keep the organization going single-handedly.

He dislikes accepting help from others and appearing weak, though he will put the survival of the Shinsengumi above things like an honor. Hijikata’s greatest wish is to elevate the commander’s place and make Kondou a great samurai. Always trying to soften the world for Kondou is one of Hijikata’s greatest flaws and one of the reasons Kondou ultimately fails as a leader. (Source)

15. Tsukihi Araragi From Monogatari Series – 179 Votes

Tsukihi Araragi From Monogatari Series
Tsukihi Araragi – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Tsukihi, the main character of Tsukihi Phoenix, is one of Koyomi’s sisters. She’s the youngest of Araragi family. Unlike her sister, Karen, she is always doing indoor activities. Moreover, contrary to her personality, she constantly changes her hairstyle and is short-tempered to the point that Koyomi describes her as having hysteria. (Source)

14. Mikazuki Munechika From Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu – 196 Votes

Mikazuki Munechika – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Mikazuki Munechika is a Tachi sword and is one of the five great swords of Japan, and he is also said to be the most beautiful. He was born near the end of the 11th century. Thus, getting the nickname “Jiji”. (Source)

13. Sae Kobayakawa From The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls – 213 Votes

Sae Kobayakawa From The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls
Sae Kobayakawa – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

A gentle girl from Kyoto who speaks the traditional accent. She follows the perfect archetype of a Japanese woman, wearing mostly kimonos and acting very considerate towards her partners and producer. In the anime, she’s one of 346’s Pro’s most popular idols. (Source).

12. Tsurumaru Kuninaga From Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu – 219 Votes

Tsurumaru Kuninaga – – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

A Tachi has the name of a swordsmith from the Heian era, Gojou Kuninaga inscribed on him. Dressed in white clothes that resemble a crane, he lightly jests about how it will be stained red during battle. It shows that despite his witty and whimsical behavior, he has never forgotten how to fight in the war. (Source).

11. Umi Sonoda From Love Live! School Idol Project – 220 Votes

Umi Sonoda – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Umi is normally a shy girl, but she has a strong will and has some qualities of a leader. Despite this, she is content to stay reserved and always thinks logically. Umi became the group’s main lyricist and wrote the song “START: DASH!!,” along with most of the rest of their songs. Umi is uncomfortable with wearing short skirts but gets used to it after their first life. Apparently, if awakened while sleeping, Umi takes on a completely different and angry personality. (Source).

10. Goemon Ishikawa XIII From Lupin III – 223 Votes

Goemon Ishikawa XIII From Lupin III
Goemon Ishikawa – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

The thirteenth generation of renegade samurai, beginning with the legendary figure Ishikawa Goemon. He has a sword called Zantetsuken, meaning “iron-cutting sword”, which can cut through almost anything. In one episode during the TV series, Goemon admitted that his sword cannot cut konnyaku,  a starch-based jelly made from yams, because the blade just gets stuck in it.

The Zantetsuken is usually used to cut inanimate objects, which Goemon considers unworthy of his blade and often mutters his catchphrase “once again, I have cut a worthless object” after doing so. Objects cut by Zantetsuken will fall apart a couple of seconds after he sweeps through them with his blade. He is usually quiet and participates in Lupin’s exploits less often than Jigen. (Source).

9. Ai Enma From Hell Girl – 251 Votes

Ai Enma From Hell Girl -
Ai Enma – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Although not originally this way, Ai has a cold personality. Even in emotion-evoking situations, she doesn’t seem moved in the least. Additionally, Ai is oddly silent and serious. She seems to only talk when the need arises, rarely speaking simply for the sake of it. In the event that Ai does talk out of ordinary circumstances, it is about something which she believes is necessary for someone to know, or to correct somebody where needed. The main reason for her introvert personality is due to her emotions being locked up when she was made into the Hell Girl. (Source)

8. Kotarou Katsura From  Gintama – 264 Votes

Kotaro Katsura – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Katsura is Gintoki’s former comrade during the Joi war. Even after the Amanto take-over of Japan, Katsura continues to resist the Amanto and has amassed a band of followers. His weapon of choice is a metallic grenade. He is a wanted man due to his involvement in terrorist activities against the Bakufu and is constantly on the run from the Shinsengumi.

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Although his first methods were originally more violent in nature (for instance, sending a bomb to an Amanto embassy), Katsura has gradually grown to believe that there are people important to him in Edo, and decides that he no longer wants to destroy the country, but believes there should be a way to change it without causing sacrifices. (Source)

7. Dia Kurosawa from  Love Live! Sunshine!! – 326 Votes

Dia Kurosawa from Love Live! Sunshine!!
Dia Kurosawa – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Dia is a refined and mature young woman who speaks in a formal style of Japanese. She addresses all of her friends with politeness, referring to each of them as “-san.” Hardworking and a bit of a perfectionist, Dia dislikes it when things are done sloppily or incorrectly. She is also very meticulous about small details, as far as going on tirades of the unorthodox reading of certain Kanji. (Source)

6. Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Wars – 357 Votes

Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Wars
Sakura Shinguji – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Sakura is gentle, polite and kind but somewhat clumsy and naïve. With her bright and cheerful personality along with a strong sense of justice, she constantly gets jealous when she catches Ogami talking with another girl. (Source)

5. Hoozuki from Hoozuki no Reitetsu – 383 Votes

Hoozuki – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

His stoic and serious, rarely losing his cool under any circumstance, though he often blows his top when Hakutaku or Enma Daiou are involved. Hoozuki is also very manipulative, which shown in episode 13 where he admits to enjoying working for Enma as his assistant, only because this allows him to manipulate and control the Underworld from the shadows. He’s called a sadist by various people, But he denies it. (Source)

4. Chiya Ujimatsu from Is the Order a Rabbit? – 405 Votes

Chiya Ujimatsu from Is the Order a Rabbit?
Chiya Ujimatsu – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Cocoa’s classmate at high school, whose family runs a coffee shop of their own, Ama USA An, which has its own rabbit mascot named Anko. Chiya is very gentle and ladylike and is usually the peacekeeper. Also, she enjoys giving the Japanese sweets at her family’s café long and delicate names, like “Red Jewel in a Snowy Field” and “Moon and Stars Reflected Upon the Sea”. While she seems sweet on the surface, she enjoys telling ghost stories and disturbing her friends. She is childhood friends with Sharo. (Source)

3. Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai – 462

Shiki Ryougi – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

A teenage girl who possesses the “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception,” a supernatural ability that allows her to view the death of any given object and destroy its origin.

She recently recovered from a two-year coma caused by a traffic accident. Prior to the traffic accident, she had two personalities: a male personality known as SHIKI, and a female personality known as Shiki. Children born into the Ryougi family are generally male and are raised with two personalities, so the male personality is customarily called the “yang” personality, while the female is called the “yin” personality. It is easy to tell which Shiki is speaking at any given time because both personalities have a distinct style of speech, most notably seen when the female Shiki refers to herself with the pronoun Watashi, while the male Shiki refers to himself as ore. (Source)

2. Gintoki Sakata from Gintama – 512 Votes

Gintoki Sakata – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Gintoki is extremely lazy. He is often seen wearing a dumb expression on his face and spends his days lounging around reading Shounen Jump whilst imparting wise and sage-like advice to his younger employees, even though he doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about most of the time.

Due to his poverty and unwillingness to do most anything, he is always behind on his rent and often runs away when Otose, his landlady, comes to collect the payment.

Also, he often blows all of his savings on Pachinko and other gambling games, which Shinpachi and Kagura often scold him for. Even though he is lazy, Gintoki is quite dedicated to his job and tries to help people to the best of his abilities (usually in a very strange and twisted way). (Source)

1. Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin – 618

Kenshin Himura – Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Character Summary

Soft-spoken, serene and humble, Himura Kenshin’s usual demeanor suits his effeminate appearance perfectly. Always willing to put others before himself, both in terms of well-being and social standing.

Furthermore, he carries himself with an air of amicable temperance, politely conversing with the people he encounters and freely giving his meager services to those who need a hand. Also, Kenshin doesn’t hesitate to put himself in the path of harm to shield those around him and often attempts to diffuse contentious situations with soft, calming words and a somewhat clownish personality involving feigned clumsiness. (Source)

And There you have it. The TOP 20 Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono according to Japanese Fans.

So, what do you think of this list? Do you agree with it or do you believe there are characters who look better in a Kimono?

Let us know in the comment section.

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