List of 15+ Manga, LN and Manhwa or Webtoons Similar to Solo Leveling

Solo leveling has been one hell of a ride for readers. Its intricate storyline, awesome characters, abilities of the protagonist right away won hearts. Being quite a sensation amongst the readers of manhwa and webtoons due to all the said facts. There is a constant demand for more manhwa and webtoons that are similar to it. It opens the door to a new writing style that involves RPG type abilities and a competitive world where you level up or rise to new platforms by using skills.

Before you dive into the post, I want to mention that the list of manhwa and webtoons implies ‘similar’ and not quite ‘same’ because individual readers might find the titles below not precisely alike. The list follows manhwa and themes which have specific features parallel to those in Solo Leveling. You should give all a try and see what clicks the most with your demands and decide for yourself.

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Webtoons Similar to Solo Leveling

Here is the review list of 15 titles that are similar to Solo Leveling.

18. Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon

Type: Manhwa

He has felt the pain of getting your loved one killed in front of your eyes and you not being able to even put up a finger. It’s a hopeless situation, which no one should go through but unfortunately, he had to go through it. We are talking about a dead skeleton who has been revived from the dead by a necromancer who is his master.

But, instead of protecting her against her enemies, he saw her die in front of his eyes. Troubled by this, he loses consciousness and when he wakes up, everything has been reversed to the day he has been revived. While most would die to get what the Skeleton soldiers got; a second chance. Indeed he had to die for it, but that death was first of many, little did he knew.

Why you should read it

Follow the story of a necromancer’s disciple or bodyguard, Skeleton Soldier who gets a second chance to change things. The core of the story is quite unique and in a way brings some freshness to the table with the new concepts it adds.

One should give it a go for the story is intervened into a series of events and keeps on jumping from timelines. Which is what makes following the storyline so much fun

17. Tomb Raider King

Type: Manhwa

Unlike how other titles on this list are portraying weak main characters who gradually or suddenly grew into an OP being, in this manhwa, the main character already has many talents. He grew up to his state all by himself by using his common knowledge. Thus, paving the way for himself under other strong people and makes a name for himself. This webtoon follows our real world, where one day suddenly tombs came into existence. These tombs consist of various relics that were all-powerful, and soon, the motion of getting into tombs, surviving the odds and achieving power, breaks into the world.

We follow the story of a guy who starts with his tomb raiding journey a little later than others. However, luckily enough, he ends up finding a relic that gives him information about all other tombs. The first chapter switches from the future to the present. Therefore, we end up on a journey where the protagonist wants to achieve all relics at all costs.

Why you should read it

The art style is fantastic and in full colors. Unlike the light novels in the list, you get a great visual action while pursuing this manhwa. Even the art style somewhere corresponds to that of Solo Leveling, so it’s a plus. The story sequencing and pacing are very compatible. The first five chapters are enough to make you fall for this story. There is a good comic entry, and all the plotlines till now correspond to each other, bypassing the plot hole issues readers usually have. Concerning the MMORPG style, the story does follow it but not completely. One might find it even refreshing.

The planning done for emotion portrayal and to throw shade on each character’s dynamics is impressive. It is still in the build-up stage, so this story has a lot of potentials. Less than 50 chapters in, and it is stirring a good response from the audience. Furthermore, being in comparison with Solo Leveling and surviving, it sure showcases the positives of this manhwa. I would recommend it to any action fan. It also focuses on power-politics and other such social themes giving the whole story a more realistic vibe.

16. A Monster Who Levels up

Type: Light Novel

A Monster Who Levels Up is a story about Kim Sae-jin, who one day wakes up as a Monster. It’s his journey to turn back into a human while he continues to evolve more monstrous. The plot is interesting, and it gives us a new turn where the protagonist is trying to get back to his past simple rather than wanting to acquire more power. The ending is, however not that great when you look at the plot. Removing the chance spoiler, I will say that the finish is quite not how you expect things to end. A good antagonist is what the story lacks and causes the set up to be linear.

Why you should read it

There are some exciting arcs throughout the novel. The world setting is fine, and the protagonist, Sae Jin, is deriving his energy from a determination to get back to his former self. This portrays how he is tearing between leveling up further and finding an end to all this. Overall it is a splendid read when you are dodging some serious arcs in other write-ups. For a change, I consider it a good light novel for reading. Thoughts on the ending might differ, and you might find the bittersweet ending to be reasonable.

15. Seoul Station Necromancer

Type: Light Novel

Kang Woojin, a former high school student, was forcefully summoned to some other foreign planet. When Woojin returns, he realizes that the earth has changed a lot. With his former strength and age reset back, he is on the path to becoming Earth’s strongest Necromancer. The story majorly deals with action, but if you are into romantic ships, then the ending will probably disappoint you.

Why you should read it

The plot of the story is nice, even though it is slightly generic. All the action scenes are great and descriptive. It seems highly similar to Solo Leveling due to the scenic description. Also, for readers who like cold main characters who work highly on practical principles, then it is for you.

14. Re: Monster

Type: Manga

As soon as you check the description of the manga, you find it quite fascinating. Rou, the protagonist, breaks the barriers of the usual main characters as he is a monster. Rou, in his previous life, was a human with special powers and after an untimely death reincarnates as a monster. The pitfall which you are looking for to make this manga enjoyable is that he is born as an extremely low-level goblin. He still has the memories of his previous life, and this helps in gathering power. This manga, same as Solo Leveling, has a video game setting implied in the fantasy world. Rou regularly devours more beings to gain XP and thus evolves into a mightier being.

The manga deals with many dark themes, and there is not much visual input on any of those. Topics like a harem, non-consensual sexual practices, cannibalism, and breeding, etc. are sophisticatedly involved in the plain view. There are setbacks in the plot too. One is that if you are looking for some serious in-depth read, then it will surely disappoint. The story has great potential, but it lacks the narration front. The characters do not have depth, and the protagonist soon turns out to be insanely OP. The usage of visual presentation is not done correctly and gives the impression of monologic narration by the main character.

Why you should read it

The story is fun to read, even though it lacks depth. The journey of Rou is full of surprises and always leaves you curious as to what will happen next. In between all its flaws, the author managed to put in comedic references and fighting scenes that fill the gap. The fight scenes are quite delicate, and if you are into dark ‘ripping off head’ type stuff, then this is good to read. I feel the parts where it lacked could have been better, but it is one rather exciting title similar to Solo Leveling.

13. The Tutorial Is Too Hard

Type: Light Novel

A pretty descriptive title for this light novel. The similarity to Solo Leveling shows as he is casually trying to level up that too alone. The novel starts as Lee Ho Jae is trying to get into a tutorial to train to fight the monsters about to invade earth. Things go out of hand when he arrogantly selects the hardest possible difficulty: Hell. For some readers, it might be a story with languid pacing as each level is descriptive. The author takes in notice all the details about abilities and problems. The narration is a recollection of the protagonist, so it also lacks tension as we know he is alive right now.

Why you should read it

In comparison to other similar manhwa and light novels, this is different as it showcases each adventure on a level basis. The protagonist is OP but does face enough problems to level up. The difficulty is too high, so there are no other characters. A bit of disappointment in you are looking for a friendly main character. I like the technical difficulties that are leading him setbacks. They are not usually taken in the notice by writers when they contribute reasonably to getting stuck in games.

12. Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society

Type: Light Novel

Following into his father’s footsteps, Shin continues to explore the depth of dungeons in this MMORPG type universe. The whole light novel quite literally follows the Solo Leveling manhwa. The earth is also changing and is now a warzone. With monsters along with their dungeons appearing in every part of the world. Shin, though only focusses upon reaching out to the depth of one invite-only dungeon. You can get into this dungeon once you are 15 years old.

There are two types of dungeons, one which Shin continues exploring is new and infinitely big. Other dungeons are forming and are comparatively small. The plot does not complicate the world. And there are always reasons as to why a particular thing is going on. The female characters in this universe are, however one dimensional and continue to run behind the main character. It is annoying but bearable. The story also turns a bit bland due to repetitions. If you are not much into plots where similar adventures come in front of the protagonist, then it might be disappointing.

Why you should read it

The light novel has no plot holes, and this is the best thing we usually demand. Shin is a spears man and has his experience due to practice sessions with his father. The protagonist is determined and showcases the mindset of a teenager. And he focuses on the places he feels a connection to like the dungeon. After about 150 chapters, we see Shin getting into the earth protection part where he focuses on the immediate problem. No doubt, Shin is an extremely powerful character, yet throughout the plot, the power status keeps inflow, skills, and experience give proper importance. The fights are not one-directional, and we see tactics and strategies winning over stats. Throughout the story, the father-son relationship is heart-warming.

11. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Type: Light Novel

The manhwa of this title is not too bad, but in comparison to the light novel, it lacks in plotting, and hence I recommend the light novel. This is a story about Lee Hyun, an average guy in his real-life who is the legendary God of War in the famous MMORPG Continent of Magic. Lee Hyun’s only escape from his life and its tragedies is his video game, where he far excels other players. Though to pay back loan sharks, he decides to sell his legendary character.

What starts as a menial medium to earn some money, ends up bringing him immense wealth! Due to loan sharks, he loses the money soon enough. Driven by the desire to make more money to send his sister off to college, he plans on playing another MMORPG Royal Road, which enters the gaming verse into a whole new gen by bringing in virtual reality.

Why you should read it

The lead character Lee Hyun aka Weed is written impressively. The storyline does not go too deep and does not take in more themes, but it is sufficient. This simple storyline properly contributes to the description of Weed. Weed is sly and has a complex setup, even though his moral lies in his devotion towards his family he manages to grab a heroic aura. Weed plays his game with an aim in mind as he wants to earn money using it. I came across some descriptions which imply that his goals are different than playing for fun, and that’s why he is a good player. Noting it to be a sign of unfair competition between him and other players. If you follow through the story, you will realize that he starts playing the game as a medium of fun only, and hence this perception is wrong.

The legendary moonlight sculptor is fun to read with proper setup and story, which pulls you inside for more. One of the best titles in the list of light novels, manhwa, and webtoons similar to Solo Leveling.

10. Emperor of Solo Play

Type: Light Novel

The name suggests a very cliché plot with action and incredibly heroic stuff. It is the total opposite in reality. This story is about Jaehyun set in the year 2035. The virtual reality game, Warlord, has bought significant changes in the world. Jaehyun plays the game with utmost dedication and puts everything on the line when just before he could achieve what he deserves, he faces betrayal. His party betrays him, and he is left behind. The story starts when the main character dies in an accident and travels back in time. This time he plans on doing things right by playing alone. The problem is that the VRMMORPG requires guilds to pass levels, so the protagonist takes an unconventional part. He becomes a Necromancer.

Why you should read it

The details are great. The protagonist, rather than involving himself into a revenge spree. He works further to gain what he ‘needs’ and does not let emotions control him. I like that the OP-ness is acceptable because it is his second chance and he has good tactics. Throughout the novel, you never know what will happen next, and it is quite unpredictable. Though, unfortunately, the ending is a bit on the disappointing side. Looking for fun to read a story that is similar to Solo Leveling with not too much deepening of the plot? This here is one of your best shots!

09. Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? [So I’m a Spider, So What?]

Type: Manga

Not covering it up to you, the whole manga is bizarre. The main reason is the fact that the main character is a Spider. NOT Spider-Man or woman (in our case) spider but Spider; Spider. Before anyone points out that this draws more to a manga side and is not precisely the way Solo Leveling works, then you should note that ‘similar’ includes manga and unique titles. You never know you might have a knack for weirdly absurd titles can’t tell until you try. So I stumbled upon this while looking for manhwa and webtoons similar to Solo Leveling by pure chance.

The story is about a fantasy world where a fight between a demon and a hero leads to the demise of a whole classroom because of dimensional imbalance. All the dead reincarnates due to unusual circumstances leading to their death. Most of the children and teachers reincarnate as usual human beings. However, some unlucky people reincarnate as monsters. Our protagonist, Kumoko, is one of them and reincarnates as a giant spider.

Why you should read it

Kumoko starts like a shy girl who, as a means to escape her loneliness, plays video games. When the world turns upside down due to the stated above reasons, she gets into an RPG type world. She understands how she is gaining experience and thus does her best to survive. The plot at the moment seems non-existent though, as you stick with the story, you figure the shape out. There are many comedy moments, and it is refreshing to read. It is a faraway experience from the usual plots we see.

The manga focuses on leveling up and the sole journey of Kumoko. There is a lack of supportive characters, but Kumoko being the best girl she crawls her way impressively. There is good action embedded around the series. An unconventional read when listing manhwa webtoons similar to Solo Leveling yet worthy. It also gives you an enjoyable diversion from the usual male protagonists and serious storylines.

08. Tower of God

Type: Webtoon

When the main protagonist’s name is something like Twenty-Fifth Bam, then you do know this story has some serious deviation from the usual. Bam lives his days alone with only one person who comes in his life one day named Rachel. Rachel enters the Tower, and Bam manages to get inside by his pure will of not wanting to let go of his only friend Rachel. Each floor requires every incoming person to face challenges and hence reach the top of the tower. The world is quite mysterious, holding up folds after folds and gives readers the whole set up to gradually tear out. The plot build-up, arcs, and foreshadowing are majestic.

Why you should read it

SIU, the author of this series, has been working on this series since 2010, and it continues. The time amounts to his hard work and descriptive storyline. There are comedy elements, emotional connections, and characters whom you can hate as a whole nation and need not feel wrong about it. The author of this Fantasy manhwa does an exemplary job building the story up. Khun and Rak are some of the center characters alongside Bam, who is equally likable. The art style, in the beginning, is straightforward, but you need to stick with it because the art style gets to the gorgeous stage as we see the characters developing and story progressing.

The whole manhwa is a prodigy of its own. Just as Solo Leveling, it lacks the gaming enclosure though the plot deals with a similar arc. Bam is the main character who is plunged into a competitive world unknowingly and thrives on getting better and reaching the top. Among the other manhwa, which is similar to Solo Leveling, this lacks in direct comparison. It is a worthy read if you want to go through an action-packed world and need a protagonist whose existence itself is something unique.

07. Winter Moon

Type: Webtoon

This series follows a gay sorcerer, Florence, and a seductive priestess, Risa, on an online RPG game. This webtoon showcases the journey about how both cross each other. There are a few more characters on the line, which the author introduces later in the story. The art style is straight away gorgeous, with a lot of smart characters playing throughout. You can grasp out everyone’s aura as soon the story starts, even when this webtoon bases on snippet views rather than a flowing narrative. It soon turns into a flow-through. As it has lesser panels and a short time read, it is updated thrice weekly. And easy to binge.

In the starting for me, it was a fun read and nothing out of the ordinary or severe. Including the fact that usually, it is all about flashing off skills by the top characters and show-off quarrels. At the end of the first season, the actual game Magnolia Online collapses due to a massive battle among the guild of Risa and Florence, Winter Moon, and other guilds. The game relaunches as VR upgrade. However, everyone loses their levels, and only the appearance is left.

Why you should read it

Both the mains are totally manipulative and extremely powerful, and I never expected anything much from the whole series. Though as the season one arc ends, you see massive development in the plot. The questions raise as their real-life shows. The plot is hidden, and the author does this a lot if you have read any of the other stories by them.

The game setup is excellent even after all the apparent flaws if you consider them. The author allows readers to grasp the information gradually, and it is in a good flow. Unlike most webtoons and manhwa, which have an RPG basis, you see that the information does not always bug you out. You have to sit through the starting 100 chapters, which are too long to read, especially when we take in the part that each chapter is tiny. So about 3-4 hours’ worth read if you are accustomed to reading manhwa and webtoons.

Spoiler: The comparison to Solo Leveling comes as it is an RPG game an obvious similarity and involves good action and leveling up stuff. In season 2, though, now it is shown that Florence gets trapped into the game world and now needs to get out. You see bullying, abuse, stalkers, and many more real-life ordeals involving inside the past bland series. It is adding good depth to this webtoon. Also adding up many hidden features. You might want to give it a read if you are looking for something off the charts.


06. Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

Genres: Action – Adventure – Fantasy

Yeon-woo is the Elder of the two brothers and he is left all alone, after the disappearance of his younger sibling. The incident took place 5 years back and since then he has no clue of his brother’s whereabouts at all. But one fated day, he gets hold of an old pocket watch which belonged to his lost brother and boy! do we have a twist in the story? Yeah! we do.

Now, while examining that watch, he comes across a hidden diary that revealed that there might be a possibility that his brother may still be alive. But, retrieving him back to where he belongs would not be an easy task for there are chances that he might not be in the same dimension as Yeon-woo.

Later on, he gets to know that his brother was has fallen prey to betrayal while he was climbing up Obelisk or Tower of the Sun God. In conquest to save him, he decides to climb up that same tower too but mind you! This is no ordinary tower, dimensions and world intersect here.

Yeon-Woo would do anything to save his brother, even scrape the depths of an unknown world. Which is why it’s on the recommended list of many out there.

Why you should read it

The storyline smells like a brooding mystery from a mile away and you can tell by the first look that there’s gonna be some heavy action involved. Also, this Korean Manga has been quite popular in the community up to the extent that recently webtoon with the same name has also been released.

If you want something that packs in a good storyline, action, mystery and a boatload of emotions. Then Ranker Who Lives A Second Time can be your ultimate pick among the tiles similar to Solo Leveling.

05. The Gamer

Type: Webtoon

There is a whole pool of thoughts upon this title. Many sides with it and many straight down the lane find it lacking. For me, it was a good exposure towards the gaming type story plot even before I discovered Solo leveling. The Gamer is a manhwa where the story quite casually follows the pursuit of Solo Leveling. The main character is not exactly even aware of any abilities being present in the natural world, and suddenly, he is in the midst of those. Everyone in this world has certain types of skills that collide with what they are best at, though only a few do realize it and become part of The Abyss, the actual organizational ground upon which the whole magic world works.

The Gamer takes us on a ride from the perspective of Han Jee Han, the main protagonist. He is totters into the world by pure luck and uncovers many questioning elements. The ability of Han Jee Han is that of ‘gamer.’ It is because he plays video games all the time and is extremely good at them. Having the abilities of a ‘gamer,’ it gives him the benefit of many skills that other people do not have. Some are learning new skills without practicing them though he needs to practice to use them, being able to see other’s levels when they don’t exist for other people, etc.

Why you should read it

The gamer among various manhwa is quite g, and the art style is descriptive. The storyline follows good direction and alignment. The problem is in the narration. The whole plot seems haywire, and when it comes to storytelling. Most of the time, you find the main character flexing his abilities that almost touch the straight OP category. On a broader view, you can see the plot lining, and there are still many things that are not taken notice of, though, are being kept in the plain view by author probably implying significance.

To summarise, if you like manhwa that has comedy and touch of ‘heroism’ in them, then it is good to read. Not exceptionally good as a whole but surely deserves a chance when you are trying to find manhwa similar to Solo Leveling.

04. Overgeared

Type: Light Novel

A straightforward description for this light novel would be that it is epic, and you MUST read it. Well, I know for sure you want me to review it so I will surely do the necessary. On the upfront, the main character Shin Young-woo is a new player, and the way we all start gaming, he does the same by starting up as a ‘noob.’ In Young Woo’s (usually known as God Grid) case, the noob thing feeds on bad luck and hilarious misunderstandings. Hence, leading him quite literally to reach out for the title of Ultimate Noob.

The story starts with the description of Grid’s flaws and all his setbacks until when he starts to reboot and, with proper concentration, gains the title of Overgeared. Everyone in gaming verse commonly knows it is about equipping quite Over Powered gear. The downfall is evident. Unlike manhwa and webtoons, this is a web novel and thus does not deal with any art. Many people find the first 100 chapters’ plotting very linear. Only the flaws are shown in those, though, I see it as a hilarious account of how the main character is clueless. It also provides you with good character depth knowledge. The author sometimes also ‘over’ describes things that can get a bit annoying, especially when binge reading.

Why you should read it

The planning of character development is perfect. It focusses on every negative aspect of the main character and does proper justice to the plot. You will also find realism portrayed as you see the character giving trials and turns to achieve success rather than solving it by chance. When looking for similar manhwa or write-ups to Solo Leveling, it is but evident that the protagonist will touch the OP zone. The best thing about this whole RPG game based light novel is that it closely follows the ‘journey’ of the main character. The journey is not after he received a cutting edge luck chance but from the beginning. This leaves little to the imagination about the past and brings the plot together from the start. Sometimes the growth or reaction of the protagonist is hazy and hyper though we do accept that from an action novel.

03. Everyone Else is a Returnee

Type: Light Novel

This is a Light Novel that revolves around Yu Ilhan, the main protagonist. Yu Ilhan is left alone on the earth while everyone else left earth and went to other planets to prepare for the Great Cataclysm. The Great Cataclysm is a phenomenon which is to take place on earth and hence ‘activate’ it. We see a journey alone from the perspective of Yu Ilhan in the first three chapters. Others were to go for ten years and come back, but it took almost a thousand years for everyone to start returning. You can sense the loneliness and feeling of done wrong going through Ilhan.

Why you should read it

The reason as to why god leaves Ilhan alone is because there is some ability inside of him which can surpass the average by far. One can sense the growth of the character from the very starting. As more people return, the story grows by folds and digs deeper into the reasons and origin. This light novel is simply one LONG read. There are more than 300 chapters, and it lacks nowhere. For manhwa lovers, it might be a bit of a setback that it isn’t one.

The story accurately follows through the plot description of Solo Leveling. We see the protagonist stuck and is now helpless with his current abilities. Gradually due to driving and specific reasons, he rises to a high level. The great humor the author portrays deserves a shout out for the ‘god’ in the series makes the life of Ilhan a whole lot miserable.

02. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Type: Webtoon

This webtoon deals with the worst glitch a gamer can imagine going through, i.e. dying by the hands of an unknown thing and turning to level 1 back again. Things will feel sadder when you realize the character is the top player in the video game. ‘Hardcore leveling warrior’ is the name of the main character, and he is an OP character in the video game, Lucid Dreams. Being a top character does come with some disadvantages, and one being obvious is that a lot of people have a grudge against you. Hardcore leveling warrior is only left with his appearance and realizing the dangers, and he tries to run out of the center in the game.

In the starting, you will find Ethan, Hardcore leveling warrior to be a straight mean guy who is manipulative. Though as things progress, we see proper character development in him. He gets into a group for the sake of saving himself. However, as the plot progress, we see more depth in all his relationships.

Why you should read it

Opposite to how the main character in Solo Leveling starts his journey from a no-one; here, the main character is pretty well-known to the ways. Ethan needs to move up in the video game and level up himself to stop bullying on the video game platform. In real life, we also see Ethan struggling sue to loan sharks and thus needs to win the contest. It is a series with excellent plotting and character detailing. Accurately depicting MMORPG and video games. The plot at the starting is one-directional. Even the author mentions that around 50 chapters that the story is one-fourth done. However, as the first arc is coming to an end after 150 chapters, and the author does another estimate where, surprisingly, it is only about 20% done. Throwing a good hint that the plot gets further deeper.

The story does not show casual heroism and instead starts with showcasing how Ethan is a mean player who harms a lot of other players just because he is powerful. After losing his powers, we see how he struggles. The plot has profound topics taken into account which exist in our world too. A gateway towards manhwa, which has a touch of realism. You should hit it.

01. I Am the Sorcerer King

Type: Manhwa

I am the Sorcerer King is a new Manhwa, and has 60+ chapters published right now. After reading it, you can quickly realize how similar it is to Solo Leveling. From a new universe developing with roots that of the earth to a protagonist who turns OP, this manhwa is very similar to Solo Leveling. The story revolves around Lee Sung Hoon, who is a guy in a sorry state in a world that is changing fast. The world has many sections, and one of them consists of monsters and the other of humans. Humans have always been unaware of the presence of any such existence, but ten years ago, a rift in space came through. Thus leading to a horde of monsters coming in on the earth. Consequently, some humans started evolving and attaining powers. Such humans gain the title of ‘the awakened.’ These humans with power hunt down monsters and earn fame and money in the world.

Unfortunately, Sung Hoon isn’t one of them. Moreover, he is in desperate need of money for his mother’s sickness. So he takes up dangerous jobs to make both ends meet. His work is of being bait to the monsters and lure them in so that the awakened ones can attack the monsters. One day he ends up being extremely injured by a monster and reaches the brink of death. At that moment, he gets flashbacks of his past life and realizes that he was the Sorcerer King. After gaining his past life memories, his power starts evolving and thus begins this journey.

Why you should read it:

Anyone can easily sense the many similarities in the plot of both Solo Leveling, and I am the Sorcerer King. But there is a considerable amount of uniqueness in both too. This aspect adds to the fun of reading a story with a distinctive tone. The story pacing of this manhwa is comparatively faster than Solo leveling. One can describe this as a mix of many different known plots, and the author manages to keep the image of this OP character and the plot exciting and fresh.

The art style is terrific, and the depiction along with it will have you plunging in the story from the very start. Another aspect to note is the similarity in the way both main characters develop. Moving further, one can see the way both characters did themselves is somewhat different, but the outcoming vibes are the same. You can also notice the difference in certain ideologies and priorities amongst both the characters. That being said, though in Solo Leveling, our main character is an anomaly in the whole system, such an aspect does not linger in this one. Keeping the plot, characters, and similarities in mind, this manhwa wholly deserves the first slot.

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Here we come to the end of this list. Let us know which you enjoyed or any other that you would want to be added. Have a good read!

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  1. Another good one is The Beginning After the End. The protagonist gets transferred to another world where magic and monsters exist.

  2. If you consider reading novel…you really should try Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God Novel. Its really good with overpower main character and very good character development plus very good storyline.

  3. I just want to say that “I am the Sorcerer King” is one of the worst comics I have ever read. Not only is the art utterly trash (the worst art I have read) but the plot is terrible. The art is not even comparable to “Solo-Leveling”. The main character of “I am the Sorcerer King” is the most dull main character the author could have came up with and he doesn’t even have a likable personality. The “leveling up” system is completely inconsistent.
    If you want to find something like “Solo-Leveling” you’re not going to find it here. There is nothing I have every found that compares to “Solo-Leveling” art or story. If you want similar action, art, and story line, then watch “One Punch Man”…the only thing you will find comparable to “Solo-Leveling” is anime at this point.

    1. Solo leveling and OPM are clearly different . theres not a single thing in both animes that you can say theyre similar.

    2. You have very little patience bc it starts off with not good art and full but gets alot better on both parts so try reading all the way through

  4. Will, I guess the manhwa closely similar Solo Leveling is “I am the Sorcerer King”. Both MC starts from being weak, then become insanely OP. Both MC’s mothers are sick. etc. lots of similarities. I guarantee you would love it.

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