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Updated on: 08/11/2023

So, you must have been binging on Netflix for the time this seemingly never-ending lockdown persists, which is why you need to we want to inform you about things like what’s trending on Netflix India. Of course! You can watch shows without looking at such a list, but well! It never hurts to get a little sneak peek before you start with 80 hour-long TV show, right?

Now, coming back to the topic at hand, we have compiled a list of trending shows on Netflix India for you. We picked from Indian Shows, Movies, Netflix Originals, and even shows like La Casa Da Papel (Money Heist), which is respawning with their latest seasons. Now, go on with the list, and if you happen to like it, then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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Top 10 Shows Trending On Netflix India

Never Have I Ever - Trending on Netflix India10. Never Have I Ever

Inspired by Mindy Kaling’s childhood, this show follows the life of Devi Vishwakumar. The 15-year old is a Tamil Indian-American studying in California. After her freshman year goes, let’s say less than okay, Devi wants to take matters into her own hands and change her social status. She wants nothing more than two things: a boyfriend and to be ‘cool.’

However, it seems that her friends and family are not going to make it easy for her. Like most children of immigrants, she is a third-culture child. She’s American at school but Indian at home, leading her to question her identity.

The Netflix show blends two kinds of genres familiar to us: the immigrant experience and the coming-of-age drama. The cherry on top is the confusion of a teen who can’t wait to grow up and become an adult. With witty jokes and relatable experiences, Never Have I Ever might just be a show you never realized you needed.

Mrs Serial Killer09. Mrs. Serial Killer

This movie revolves around a loyal wife, Sona, and her husband, Dr. Mrityunjoy. Her husband gets arrested on suspicion of committing a string of shocking murders. This triggers Sona to embark on a mission to prove that her husband is, in fact, innocent. She believes that her ex, who also happens to be a cop, framed her husband as a form of vengeance.

To start her journey, she seeks advice from lawyer Rastogi, a high profile lawyer. He suggests that if a copycat crime takes place, people will believe that the killer is still on the loose. As the killer’s pattern of targets seems to be unmarried, pregnant women, Sona has to find a candidate. Here comes Anushka, their neighbor, an acquaintance who just so happens to fit the criteria.

Although the last part of the movie does take a cliche route, the premise in itself is quite convincing, with very few cinematic liberties. Manoj Bajpai’s flawless and natural acting is a treat to watch, while Jacqueline Fernandez does justice to her character as well.

Money Heist - trending on Netflix India08. Money Heist

A group of robbers dressed in red jumpsuits and Dali masks take 67 hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain. A criminal mastermind called ‘The Professor’ controls the police from an external location. A plan that took years to crystallize with months of training for every possible scenario, these robbers attempt to carry out the biggest robbery in history. Their goal? 2.4 billion euros.

This show is an absolute hit on the international stage, with millions of fans tuning in to watch on Netflix every day. It’s shocking to hear that the show almost got shelved due to a low domestic audience. However, now, it’s blown up. Thirty-four million households viewed the show’s third season in the first week alone. 

People are even naming their children after the characters now. This heist drama will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout, with the cliffhangers making you finish the show in no time. You must have already seen or heard, half the world singing Bella Ciao on Social media. ( And by that, you should know why we added it to the list of trending shows in Netflix India.

Love Aaj Kal07. Love Aaj Kal 2

Through the phases of reincarnation, it depicts the story of two different individuals who embark on a journey of life, love, and loss. Two different couples who are separated by time deal with family pressure, society, and the dynamics of relationships. It celebrates relationships and characters in all their complexity, with love being at the core of it all.

The central premise, however, would have to be the internal dilemma of choosing between your career or love. The female lead is exceptionally focused on her career, whereas the male lead is looking for his life partner. How will they come to a compromise?

The storytelling gets value added to it due to the film’s rich soundtrack. Director Imitiaz Ali attempts to create a similar arrangement to his 2009 movie of the same name. Although it may not hypnotize you, the film is intriguing and fascinating. If nothing else, watch the movie for Randeep Hooda’s excellent performance.

Extraction - Trending on Netflix India06. Extraction

Tyler Rake is a black market mercenary who embarks on a mission to India. Tasked with rescuing an Indian kid trapped in Bangladesh, this might just be the most deadly extraction in his life. That’s because the kid isn’t just a typical teenager. He’s the son of an Indian crime lord and is held by his father’s rival in Bangladesh. He’s used as a pawn in the game of chess played by the infamous drug lords.

As a result, Tyler Rake is now stuck in the world of weapon traffickers and drug dealers. Follow their story as their lives get altered when their fates intertwine. The camera work and stunt scenes will amaze you. This movie is a massive treat for action lovers. Chris Hemsworth delivered an outstanding performance while Randeep Hooda steals the show as well. Hooda’s dedication to his craft has blossomed in this movie as he leaves no room for critique.

One Day - Justice Delivered - Trending on Netflix India05. One Day: Justice Delivered

Once Judge Tyagi retires, certain people go missing without a trace. These individuals were high profile people in a state capital. Initial investigators were not able to find substantial clues. However, when Crime Branch Special Officer Rathi takes a crack at it, she makes shocking revelations. In this thriller, the retired judge is forced to take matters into his own hands to ensure that criminals don’t walk scot-free.

Will they accomplish their mission of delivering justice or face failure? This vigilante thriller has an intriguing storyline, and the performance by Anupam Kher is quite convincing as well. Although a bit slow in the starting, the movie picks up pace in the second half so that it captures your attention till the end. Directed by Ashok Nanda, the film was theatrically released last year on 5th July. The story is quite similar to Agatha Christie’s novel, ‘And Then There Were None.’ The story is quite grasping and is trending on Netflix India currently.

Har Kisse Ke Hisse - Kaamyaab04. Har Kisse Ke Hisse: Kaamyaab

During the 1980s and 90s, Sudheer was given the name ‘aloo’. Due to his father, he enjoyed popularity as a character actor for his roles. Now, he is a recluse. After an unsuccessful interview with the media, however, Sudheer reminisces on old memories.  A new ray of hope is instilled in his heart, and he seeks to reach a new benchmark, as he is close to completing his 500th film. 

Thus, he rethinks his retirement plan and attempts to maneuver around today’s standards even if it is for the last time. This movie dives into the world of sidekicks or character actors, a lesser-known world. It doesn’t generate too much commotion or chaos around the concept, however. The narrative style and tone of the movie are funny yet emotional with light and subtle deliveries.

Although the protagonist’s character is written in such a way that he has to be over-dramatic, this film will strike you as refreshing. It carefully portrays the era of the 80s and 90s cinema.

The Lift Boy - trending on Netflix India03. The Lift Boy

This movie is a coming-of-age story for a lazy, young vagabond. He’s forced to replace his father and work at a luxurious building in Bombay when his old man falls ill. Now working as the elevator operator of the residential complex, his perception of menial work begins to take on a new meaning.

Although he hates his job at first, he develops a heartwarming relationship with the landlady of the building. Treating the aging widow as his mentor and friend, he begins to like his job. This universal father-son relationship story will surely put a smile on your face after you finish watching.

‘The Lift Boy’ almost didn’t make it to the big screen because it didn’t have “mountable faces.” The director refused to fall prey to this pressure and continued to work hard. Ultimately, he made his dream project come alive, and it’s left an impression on a broad audience, every character which is introduced blends well with the emotionally touching storyline.

Into the Night - Trending on Netflix India02. Into The Night

This Belgian series follows a group of people who are hijacked on a flight from Brussels. After a mysterious and catastrophic cosmic event, all living beings are killed during the daylight hours. The survivors on the red-eye flight must find refuge while escaping the sun’s harmful ray. This is an ‘international’ show, but the title is not just a fluff term. It’s not merely a show that’s not set in the U.S. or a show which has subtitles.

Although most of the characters speak in French, the show has people from various cultural backgrounds. These differences, be it in religion, occupation, or class, all create new opportunities for tension in the show.  The show incorporates the concept that prejudices and negative assumptions can hinder responses to a growing crisis. “Into The Night” finds a natural balance between people connecting over a united purpose and cracking under the task of keeping the group afloat.

01. Too Hot to Handle

The latest Netflix reality show, “Too Hot to Handle,” could be seen as a show that’s also a form of social distancing. Let me explain. The reality show aims at disrupting the fling culture prevalent in today’s society by encouraging youngsters to create a connection first. The creators invited “sexed up” co-ed individuals to live in a house together. The catch? They cannot engage in sexual activity.

$100,000 is at stake, and each time someone engages in any physical activity, be it as simple as kissing, the prize money decreases.  This show tests the contestants’ ability to stop themselves from crossing the line and maintain traditional relationships. In today’s hook up culture, the show tries to give out a meaningful message. The creators additionally keep setting rules which make it harder for the contestants. 

The show ensures that it does not go off the hook and manages itself quite well. Fans have even deemed it as one of the best reality shows of the 21st century, beating Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

So, do you like our list of ‘Shows Trending On Netflix India’? If yes, then share it with your friends and comment down below, which one of these Shows are going inside your to be watch list. Also, don’t forget to check out other exciting reads such as The Best Series Available on Netflix.

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