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Updated on: 21/09/2023

Korean dramas have a lot to offer, ranging from webtoon-based storylines to romance, horror, and other genres. If you want to watch more sports-themed Korean dramas, you’re in luck since there are several to pick from. We’ve compiled a list of some of the Top 20 Sports K-dramas for you to watch!

1. Like A Virgin

A man aspires to be a lady and enters a wrestling competition to pay for it. 

Dong Gu isn’t your typical Madonna admirer. Listening to the Material Girl’s second album (and putting on some lipstick) allows the young adolescent boy to escape into his imagination, away from his dysfunctional family – his pathetic alcoholic father, a former boxer, is prone to violence, his older brother is beginning to resemble the old man, and his mother has fled family life to work at a Disney-esque amusement park.

At school, he’s teased for his effeminate tendencies, and things aren’t much better. But imagination comes to the rescue once more, this time in the guise of a young male instructor who, Dong Gu imagines, calls to him throughout the class. However, when a wrestling coach notices the boy’s inherent skill and a potential goldmine in those stocky thighs, Dong Gu begins training to win a wrestling competition for the cash prize that would allow him to fulfill his ultimate fantasy: becoming a lady.

If you’re searching for a Sports K-drama that will also make you giggle till your stomach hurts, this should be at the top of your list.

2. Thumping Spike

Kang Se Ra (Hwang Seun Eon), a promising young female volleyball player, has a terrible occurrence, resulting in a sudden fall in the form that she is unable to overcome. 

As her problems worsen, she ends up coaching a failing men’s high school volleyball team led by Hwang Jae Woong (Song Jae Rim). 

Despite his abilities and athletic brilliance, the rest of the squad is nothing near his level, and the team’s victory record is dismal.

But when these two volleyball powerhouses collide, flames fly both on and off the field. Despite Hwang Jae Woong’s snarky appearance, Kang Se Ra quickly uncovers a far more compassionate side to this volleyball prodigy. 

Could the team’s performance improve with love in the air? And may Kang Se Ra rediscover her flow and return to the top of the volleyball world. 

Kim Jin Young created the 2016 Sports K-drama series “Thumping Spike.”

3. Love All Play

A Sports K-drama romance story about a male and female protagonist who plays badminton in a mixed doubles group with players from the badminton business team. Park Tae-Yang was an aspiring badminton player. She quit badminton because of an incident. Three years later, she decided to join Eunice’s badminton team.

Her life used to revolve solely around badminton, and she is now returning to the sport she always wanted to play. Park Tae Joon, grew up in the badminton scene as a result of his parents’ badminton equipment company. Although he had come to consider badminton as a chore, his enthusiasm for the sport is renewed by a desire to impress a woman. He is let go from the city hall squad and joins the team, Eunice. Park Tae-Joon and Park Tae-Yang meet there.

4. No Breathing

Woo Sang is a national swimmer who is continuously striving for the top rank. Won Il is a swimming prodigy who retired from the sport and is now looking to return. They not only become rivals, but they also fall in love with the same lady, Jung Eun, a promising singer and childhood friend. As they go through the rites of passage of growing up, the three lifelong friends find themselves needing to manage love, friendship, and competitiveness.

5. My Annoying Brother

A now-blind athlete must rely on his estranged brother, who may have simply exploited him to get out of jail. The two were never close, but they quickly realized they shared something they couldn’t always see. 

Doo-Sik (Cho Jung-Seok) is imprisoned for deception. Doo-Young (Do Kyung-Soo), his younger stepbrother, is a talented judo player, but an injury during a competitive bout leads Doo-Young to lose his eyesight. Doo-Sik arrives before the parole board and pleads for his release based on his stepbrother’s injuries. Doo-Sik is released on the condition that he looks after Doo-Young for a year.

Doo-Young lives by himself at his family’s house. His parents both passed gone. Doo-Young has isolated himself from the rest of the world since losing his sight. Soo-Hyun (Park Shin-Hye), his old judo coach, is the only one who still communicates with Doo-Young. After 15 years, Doo-Sik returns home, and the two brothers begin to live together again… despite their hatred for one other.

6. Wild Romance

A professional football player and his tomboyish bodyguard are always at odds with one another. Will their relationship become more harmonious over time? 

Everything begins on Eun Jae’s father’s birthday. When Eun Jae was inebriated, she ran into Park Moo Yul, the second baseman for the ‘Red Dreamers.’ Eun Jae, a Blue Seagulls supporter, begins a battle with Moo Yul, who led the ‘Red Dreamers’ to victory. The next day, the internet is ablaze with the video titled ‘Humiliated Park Moo Yul.’ Both Moo Yul’s and Eun Jae’s careers as bodyguards are jeopardized as a result of this video.

Finally, they decided to perform for the public! They claim that Eun Jae is Moo Yul’s private bodyguard and that the video was taken when Eun Jae was demonstrating self-defense to Moo Yul. As a result, Eun Jae becomes Moo Yul’s true bodyguard. Everything appeared to be going swimmingly, but the problem is that they can’t stand the sight of one another.

7. As One

When the first-ever unified Korean team is established to compete in the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in China, two adversaries are compelled to work together as one. 

The drama tells the story of the first unified Korean team, who competed in the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in China and Japan. Hyun Jung Hwa of South Korea and Li Bun Hee of North Korea have both suffered humiliating defeats at the hands of China’s powerful “Ping-Pong Witch” every time they reach the tournament’s final rounds.

Forced by politicians to form the first united team Korea, Hyun and Li suffer strife and mistrust, as well as the loss of their championship goals. But, game after game, the two begin to form a bond and form friendship. When the political winds shift again and an announcement is made to dismantle Team Korea, the two young ladies must demonstrate to their nation and the world that cooperation can overcome the dark shadows of a sad past.

8. Mr. Go

The story of Ling-ling, an old gorilla famous for playing baseball for the Korean Baseball League. 

After her grandfather dies in China, 5-year-old Wei Wei is left alone with her gorilla, Ling Ling. Her grandpa was the owner of a circus group. Because of her grandfather’s love of baseball, the gorilla Ling Ling was trained to play and has developed exceptional batting abilities. Sung Choong Soo, a baseball agent from South Korea, learns about the exceptional gorilla Ling Ling. He signs Ling Ling to play in South Korea’s professional baseball league.

Wei Wei and Ling Ling travel to South Korea in pursuit of success. Ling Ling rapidly becomes a baseball league superstar. Meanwhile, a rival baseball club is scouting a gorilla named Rating.

9. Split

Cheol-jong withdraws from society when his professional bowling career is cut short due to an injury. When he hooks up with a prospective young bowler with autism, his life changes.

Chul Jong was a talented professional bowler who became a field legend, but he was involved in a tragedy. He has since cut himself off from the outside world. He then meets Young Hoon, a bowler with limitless potential who also happens to be autistic. Young Hoon joins Chul Jong as his partner. Hee Jin, Chul Jong’s assistant, and gambling game broker organizes a high-stakes bowling game.

10. Mental Coach Jegal

In the first episode of Jegal’s Mental Coach, we are confronted with questions about the impact of corrupt institutions on a person’s life and ambitions. It reminds us how high the stakes can be in various aspects of our lives. Interestingly, the same principles can be applied to the world of gambling. After all, here too there are rules, risks, and of course, excitement.

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Jegal Gil, who spent a decade working on self-acceptance and forgiveness, now helps others resist the pressures of corrupt institutions. Meanwhile, Cha Ga Eul is learning to accept assistance from others when she requires it.

Jung Woo and Lee Yoo Mi are both acting masters. Their amazing performance enhances the poignancy of the Kdrama “Mental Coach Jegal.” 

They are one of the reasons why viewers remain riveted to the Kdrama because viewers feel compelled to support them and be present to see them achieve their goals. 

Although “Mental Coach Jegal” is about players, no prior understanding of sports is required. Instead, it is about community, mental health, and how to follow a passion that is harmful to your health. The bittersweet lesson of “Mental Coach Jegal” encourages us to prioritize ourselves above anything else.

“Mental Coach Jegal” is an excellent sports Kdrama with logical healing stories. While watching the series, you’ll be showered with encouragement and thought-provoking nudges that apply to everyone who is struggling. 

Furthermore, let us look at some quotations from “Mental Coach Jegal” to keep us encouraged and driven to achieve even after we accept failures and losses.

11. Smile Again

Ban Ha Jin, an orphan who dropped out of high school, is cunning and ambitious. Even though he dropped out of high school and now lives with Choi Yoo Kang due to unforeseen circumstances, he was the high school president and intended to attend college. By chance, he runs upon Yoon Jae Myung, a prominent former high school baseball star, at a Swiss pub. Ha Jin orchestrates a sequence of incidents to become Jae Myung’s best buddy. He also encounters Oh Dan Hui (Kim Hee Sun), the girl he loved and injured in high school.

Oh Dan Hui used to play baseball on the boy’s team but is now a collegiate softball player. Yoon Jae Myung is her baseball idol. All three will meet again in Switzerland and then in Korea. Ha Jin begins working for Jae Myung’s father’s firm and tries everything he can to win over the affluent chairman. Jae Myung begins as the softball coach for his father’s company’s squad but is soon reassigned. He falls in love with Dan Hui, whose confident and upbeat nature appeals to him. He seeks guidance from Ha Jin, but Ha Jin cannot face the thought of Jae Myung abandoning his true love.

12. Fourth Place

Junho, a swimmer, is in pain from his poor results of coming fourth place every time despite his efforts. One day, he meets coach Gwangsu, who makes him secure second place, but with an unpleasant method.

Gwang Soo, a promising teenage swimmer, skips training regularly because he is overconfident in his ability. His violent coach gives up on him and Gwang Soo quit swimming. Years later, Gwang Soo works as a swimming instructor. Elementary school boy Joon Ho always ranks 4th in competitions, making his mom impatient. She looks for a personal trainer and finds Gwang Soo. 

13. Marathon

Kyung Sook is saddened when she learns that her son Cho Won is autistic. But she is certain that Cho Won is capable of doing something well. Cho Won’s potential as a marathoner is recognized by Kyung Sook and previous champion marathoner Jeong Wook, and Cho Won’s diligent training continues. 

An autistic guy trains and competes in a marathon with the support of his family and a coach. The young man had always wanted to compete in such an event.

20-years-old Cho-Won (Cho Seung-Woo) is a young autistic man. He lives with his overprotective mother Kyung-Sook (Kim Mi-Sook) and younger brother (Baek Sung-Hyun), who occasionally resents the attention his mother lavishes on his elder brother. Cho-Won has acclimated pretty well to society because of special education and participation in physical sports. 

Cho-Won also appears to have a talent for running. His mother chooses to employ a competent coach to instruct her kid after he finishes third in a race. Cho-Won then chooses to run a marathon. Cho-Won is aiming to shatter the marathon’s fastest time of three hours. Will he be able to shatter the marathon record and win?

14. Baseball Girl

Joo Soo-In (Lee Joo-Young) is a high school baseball player. She is the lone female on the squad and is an excellent baseball player. A brilliant baseball player dreams of becoming a pro before graduating from high school but is discouraged since she is a woman. 

Because of her talent, she is known as the “genius baseball girl.” Joo Soo-In intends to continue playing baseball once she graduates from high school. She is having difficulty joining a professional baseball club.

15. Fighter

Jin-ah, a North Korean refugee, leads her own life after leaving the social welfare and resocialization camp for North Korean refugees. Despite her hectic schedule, she faces hostility as a North Korean exile. 

Ji Na, a North Korean refugee, comes to a modest studio in Seoul and begins her new life after a few months of social adjustment training. She needs money to move her father to South Korea, but no matter how hard she works, the discrimination prevents her from saving enough. The broker one day introduces her to a boxing gym cleaning job. Ji Na feels something burning inside her when she sees youthful and confident female boxers.

16. Short

On the frigid ice, two people who never fit in meeting! A special story about a rookie short-track speed skater rising to the top of the world is a drama about a little boy who has grown up to become a member of the world’s most elite speed skating team.

Kang Ho Young is a speed skater who competes on the short track. He learned to skate in a little rural skating rink. Kangbaek University, which is well-known for its short-track speed skating, spotted him. He meets Park Eun Ho, dubbed “The King of Short Track Speed Skating,” there. 

Park Eun Ho is the lone child of a prominent sporting family, yet he has been struggling. Kang Ho Young and Park Eun Ho are rivals who become friends. They both have feelings for Yoo Ji Na, who is auditioning for a female group.

17. Hot Stove League

A big league baseball team’s preparatory time. The drama follows a losing team as they prepare for an incredible season with the entrance of their new general manager, with each episode focusing on a difficulty they are facing as they strive to become a stronger team.

Se Young is the youngest member of the Dreams management team, a cellar-dwelling baseball team. She is well-known for her tenacity and fierce devotion to the squad. Seung Su is appointed as general manager one day. Despite his background in sports, the clubs he guided to championships were unpopular, and several were even dismantled after winning the league owing to financial troubles at their parent company.

Will this unfortunate new general manager be able to guide Dreams to the title with the help of a fiery Se Young? 

18. Racket Boys

A narrative about the development of a boys’ badminton team at a middle school in Haenam, both as persons and as players. 

Yoon Hyun Jong used to be an excellent badminton player, but now he struggles to provide for his family. As a result, he leaps at the opportunity to coach a middle school team, only to discover that the squad is on the verge of disbanding with just three players: Bang Yoon Dam, Na Woo Chan, and Lee Yong Tae. The three lads struggle along, improving when Yoon Hae Kang, Yoon Hyun Jong’s son, and Jung In Sol join the squad. They strive to rise to new heights now that they have enough players to participate in contests.

Meanwhile, Ra Young Ja, Yoon Hyun Jong’s wife, and a former top badminton player-coach the girls’ badminton team at Haenam middle school. Han Se Yoon, Korea’s top junior female player, and Lee Han Sol, Se Yoon’s best friend, are on her squad, helping them to be one of the greatest teams among their peers.

19. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

Bok Joo is a weightlifter who dreams of earning a gold medal, but she discovers romance for the first time in her life. While she works out with huge steel weights, she is also quite feminine in her relationships. Her relationship would be jeopardized if she concentrated completely on weightlifting, yet abandoning her weightlifting career for love would prevent her from achieving her goals. 

Can she, at the age of 20, find a way to have both love and glory? The characters in this play are outstanding athletes in weightlifting, swimming, and rhythmic gymnastics who strive to achieve their life objectives. It follows their coming-of-age tales and relationships as they navigate life’s challenges.

20. Run On

Ki Sun Gyeom is a national team sprinter who was forced to retire owing to legal concerns. Oh Mi Joo is a movie subtitle translator. When she initially started, she was overjoyed to see her name mentioned among the credits. Ki Sun Gyeom had just finished racing when he met Oh Mi Joo, who thought that destiny had brought them together. 

Seo Dan Ah is the CEO of a sports agency and the Seomyung Group’s legitimate heir. Despite this, she is prevented from progressing in the workplace owing to her gender. She is adamant about reclaiming what is rightly hers and conducts her life accordingly. Soon after, Lee Young Hwa, a university art major who likes watching movies and painting, enters her life. 

Is romance on the horizon for these two couples?


That concludes our list of the Top 20 Sports K-dramas. If you like thriller K-dramas, click on the following link. :

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