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Updated on: 02/09/2022

Manga is full of exciting characters, and today we have a list of titles made up of strong female lead, which is something you should check. Now, Most of us Otakus like those strong female leads, right? Whether it be Nami from One Piece or Erza from Fairytail, we know we love them.

They have a sense of authoritative charisma, which pulls you towards them and makes you fall for them. The list is full of Manga, which contains these Strong female lead that breaks the chains and stands tall as a strong individual. Go on, check the list now.


Top 20 Manga With Strong Female Lead

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20. Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

The show revolves around a girl named Juri. Juri is the daughter of a famous pianist of the city, whose career died while giving birth to her. After the traumatic events in her life, Juri has failed to live to the fullest. Till now, she had tried three suicide attempts against the hatred for her mother and her life. 

Amid this dark cloud in her life, Monica, who is one of the members of the clergy, invites Juri to visit one convict whose remaining life will end behind bars. Yuu is one of the most severe death inmates who have killed three other inmates. This had led to many attempts at ending his own life within his jail cell. 

Up until now, Juri and Yuu shared letters. But one day, Yuu wants to end the series of receiving letters from Yuri, who hopes to help him but feel pity for this act of Yuu. This calls for an encounter between the two, which becomes the moment that changes Yuu and Juri’s life completely.

Juri’s character portrays a strong feeling against the harsh truths in everybody’s life. She dealt with her demons and want to help those who suffer in doing so. Viewers would praise the Manga because of the presence of the story that is relatable to everyone in real life.

19. Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu

Hotate is a 10-year old girl who lost her mother and is now the responsibility of her grandmother. As days pass by, everything was going smooth for Hotate until one day, when her grandmother asked her to leave the house. She was shifted to another farmhouse that is introduced as her uncle. Znjirou Yamamoto, a middle-aged man, takes responsibility for her. 

Soon after, she is asked to change her school and becomes a weird character in the environment. Moving to her uncle’s farm, Hotate settles in with her new housemates, Bess the cow and a university student paying board called Makoto. But what’s the deal with all of this? Maybe her grandmother grew wary about Hotate’s unique ability to see the dead. And what is the truth behind her relationship with Zenjirou Yamamoto? 

Hotate’s unique ability to see the ghosts help her feel other people’s pain. This depicts her kind-hearted and true nature of helping others by putting her best out there. Viewers who like soft heart stories and want to see some of the breathtaking twists and turns should give the series a watch. 

Heart no Kuni no Alice - manga with strong female lead18. Heart no Kuni no Alice

Alice is the main protagonist in the series, who is everything except kind. She is practical, reliable, yet darkly cynical and compares herself with her sister. Alice falls asleep while waiting for her sister to get a card game. As she does, she sees a rabbit-eared man styled in a suit and shining boots a chain watch. 

The man approaches her as she refuses to go with him while muttering to herself, “All’s just a dream.” Alice’s way of going back to sleep, annoys him and carries Alice off to a dreamy place named Heartland. Now Alice’s adventure begins with characters including Mafia, royalty, clockmakers, crazy hoodlums, and the psycho yet a charming knight, who all fall for her. What would Alice do in such a place?

The center of attraction character is charming and sweet, which has made her a valuable part of wonderland life. All the inhabitants fall in love with Alice because she values life, which is not like the people who live in the Heartland. Also, she often considers returning home but backs herself from all those painful memories of her sisters.

Viewers should watch this comedic parody of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, where you will see Alice in a smart and non-doormat like avatar. Add this to your collection of Manga with Strong Female Lead and share it with others as well.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle17. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

The story revolves around the period of excavation in the ruins of Clow Country. Sayoran, who also loved her childhood friend, finds Princess Sakura, who appears on the site with wings that disperse into many feathers. These feathers are spread over many dimensions. And each feather contains some part of Sakura’s memory from her past, those including the attachment with Sayoran.

At this point, Sayoran takes the responsibility of bringing every feather back to her in every possible manner. On his journey of the quest and fight against the evil ruler Fei-Wong Reed, Sayoran is backed up by some collaborators. These are Kurogane, who is an exiled ninja from Japan Country and wishes to return to his world. Fay, the runaway magician and have a desire to jump between each world never to return to his own. And Mokona, the white meat-bun shaped creature.

Sakura has a passive and weary personality. Her ever-existing smile has been exhausted from her loss of memories. Contrary, she does become strong and independent as the story forwards. She tackles every situation without losing her originality. Viewers will surely don’t want to miss the story of good vs. evil in a thrilling-romantic new era story.

Kingyou Sou - manga with strong female lead16. Kingyou Sou

A high school girl, Asuka, hears a taigo (Harmony Drums) playing during the festival. With the sweet nature, she approaches towards the person who was playing it and finds Masami Imamura. Masami’s voice of tone captures her heart. As days pass by, the pleasant sound has Asuka determined to learn more about Masami. 

She roams around him from time to time. One day, she comes to know that Masami is deaf from a past time incident. After the event, Masami has stopped all the outer voices that came through to his ear, including his heart. This starts a beautiful journey that began with a bond of friendship but finds its way of the painful yet beautiful love story.

The support of Asuka shows her heartedly nature towards those who suffer pain. She is kind, sweet, and talks rock-bottom and to the point. The viewers widely appreciate her life. Those who love pure chemistry between young ones and have a thing for budding romance surely don’t want to miss it.

15. 1/2 Prince

The story revolves around the 2100 A.D, where people have evolved so much that they engage in Virtual Gaming. Feng Lan, twin sister of a famous player, want to participate in this modern world. But she doesn’t want a tag of “Helped By Obvious Reasons for being a Woman.” So she changes her personality and comes fresh as ‘Prince.’ A charming and handsome character, which is almost 30% more attractive than her real self. 

On the way of playing the popular game ‘Second Life,’ Feng attracts almost everybody. This paved her way to becoming being the most famous rookie and now is the leader of the Odd Squad. Owning top armory, including her “Black Sword,” she fights her way to top of the game. As her style is quite ruthless and vulgar and different from the crowd, she has become the bloodthirsty warrior in the neighborhood. Amid all the success, the question rises: 

Can Feng Lan will be able to keep her identity a secret from her real-life acquaintances whom she has beaten up? The character brings boldness, fearlessness, and crowd favorite nature of Fang Lan. This ability of hers is earned by herself and without any help from others. Those who love the influential female anime and manga content, who try to bring balance in the “Men’s World,” should give the series one swing.

14. Beast Master

Yuiko Kubozuka is a high school girl in a small village near the ruins. Unlike other girls, she loves to be around nature. She respects the quality of it and everything that resides it. But most of all: she loves animals. Be it small or big. She spread love for everyone. But this seems to be different for those who get it. All the animals go around or run away from Yuiko as soon as she comes closer to them. 

This unfortunate moment of animals hating her and fleeing from her whenever possible demoralizes her. But the innocent girl seems to find no solution to it, yet she adores them. One day, Yuiko saw another villager named Leo. Having a built-up and muscular body, Leo seems to frighten everyone who sees him. Adding to it, he hides his dark secrets too. Leo tends to become wild and dangerous when being threatened or sees blood.

The story of Leo and her beast master Yuiko continues to bring new chapters into their life. Her taming and robust nature brings everybody down to earth. Her true side helps to resolve all inner-conflicts in the opposite person. With the love of decency and calmness with sharp twists and turns, the show is one must-read series, which is why it has a place on our Manga with Strong Female Lead collection.

Buyuden - manga with strong female lead13. Buyuden

Isamu Take is one of those children whose parents send him to an elementary school, but as in turn, he wants something more. Isamu has thought about concluding his life in boredom with his friends, until one day he sees Moka Kaname. Moka Kaname is the new manager for the boxing club from Osaka. As soon as Isamu saw the young lady, he fell for her strong and independent attitude.

She wanted to complete her father’s dream of being the boxer. But due to her retina injury, Moka had given up her dream upon herself. And now she wants to train others to become the best out there. This calls for Isamu taking up the opportunity of finding something new and exciting in his life. And on the way to learn boxing from Moka, he finds her to attract him towards herself. 

And boxing becomes the foremost way for Isamu to spend more time with Moka. The series calls for a strong and positive response against all the odds. Moka’s character is written way more beautifully than one can imagine. Viewers will love the comedic start from the beginning, the sport experience, and the cute and undefined romance between the two. Are you interested to know more? Then add Buyuden to your list of Manga with Strong Female Lead and read it now.

Dawn - Tsumetai Te12. Dawn – Tsumetai Te

Takashi Nagasawa is one of the top bio researchers in the city. But soon after some incidents regarding the new experiment began to go unnatural, the feeling of being young again start to develop. One day, while experimenting, Takashi came close to a rat and got a bite from it. Eventually, he discovers he’s become infected with ‘Nightshift.’ It is one of the deadliest diseases that turns its host into a zombie.

As being out of the radar, Takashi’s head doctor catches him red-handed while working on an antidote, and discovers the reality that he is not the only one infected. The shabby doctor instructs Takashi to hunt down all the other infected subjects by engaging in merciful scrutiny. Takashi heads out in the wild city to protect the innocent citizens, his colleagues, his family, and his long-time crush and classmate Kyouko.

The series depicts heroism and calls for positive feedback in the viewership. The story of Takashi, to save the world and find out what’s cooking in the mind of the doctor, brings action and a romantic side of him. A plague and epidemic story worth watching in the crisis of the worldwide pandemic.

Dear, Only You Dont Know11. Dear, Only You Don’t Know!

Mi Mi or Madam Mi is introduced as the main protagonist in the hit thrilling show. As the manager, she runs a bar, manages all her clients wisely, and hides her emotions behind her face. Mi Mi has some dark and lurking secrets which are kept hidden in her layers of masks of goodness.

Madam Mi is known for her calm attitude and wisely picking her words. An always polite and gentle character, she hardly seems to go rough, unless the situation goes off-limits. She is portrayed to always comfort and sympathizes with her friends and customers in their bad times. Mi Mi is known to dress well and boldly. The lady is the elder sister of popularly known Soo Jin Mi.

The show is defined around multiple chances where Madam Mi was almost confronted. This thrilling show about the deep-rooted secrets of a woman might get your attention and surely will help you to understand them better.

Demon Love Spell - manga with strong female lead10. Demon Love Spell

The story revolves around a teenager, Miko, who wants to achieve big but fails to do so. She wants to address herself as an asset to her family business, but it is a fantasy till now. Miko has apparent supernatural abilities and cannot easily see or banish spirits. With her limited supernaturalism, this protagonist wants to help other female students who are in control of Kagura. 

Kagura is portrayed as a famous incubus. He haunts female students while they are asleep to fulfill her insatiable fantasies. This act of breaking their hearts made Miko furious. And results in her casting one potent spell over Kagura, leaving him as a “Chibi.” This lower-powered form of himself is unable to make his powers do anything for him. As of now, Kagura was living quietly with Miko until her family found out about him. 

The conflicts led for days, but with his small size, Kagura managed to please everybody else. Now with his little ideology of treachery, Kagura enters Miko’s dreams whenever he feels to. And being back in the original form, he is nothing but unstoppable.

The comedic and romantic twists in the story lead to many revelations about both the character, especially Miko and her desires. She is shown to be more open in her dreams about herself in many ways. The anime is a dramatic and steady pacing tv series that will find its way to every viewer of every age group. Miko should be on your list of Manga with Strong Female Lead, shouldn’t she?

dengeki daisy - best romance manga09. Dengeki Daisy

After her brother died, Teru Kurebayashi was left alone in her time of dismay. She found it challenging to spend time, which included herself only. One day, she recalled that her brother gave her a “secret” phone, telling her to contact Daisy. Daisy is the one she now talks to now and then whenever she feels the urge to speak to someone. And now, without any relatives or a partner, Teru never felt to be alone in her life as she has Daisy to talk her out. One day, while coming downstairs in her school, Teru broke the window glass. 

The scene was silent, and nobody was there except the rude school janitor Tasuku Kurosaki. Tasuku is a young gentleman who is counted to be in the few handsome ones in the whole school. As for the cost of window glass, Teru is asked to work in the facility to pay off her debt.

The events turn out to be odd when the show reveals Tasuku’s true identity as Daisy. He was the one who had been talking Teru out of every difficult situation. So now, he must help her out this time without revealing his true self to Teru? 

The show comes with significant challenges with a normal human being. The period of recovery was covered with strong feelings by Teru. And these vibes were supported by Daisy or, as we know now, Tasuku. The story of the series looks quite reasonable at the beginning, but the events turned out to make it more intriguing and irresistible. If someone like Teru Kurebayashi doesn’t get a place on the list of Manga with Strong Female Lead, then who will?

Fushigi Yugi08. Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden

It’s the year 1923, a 17-year old girl named Takiko Okuda lives and takes care of her sick mother, Yoshie. Einosuke, the man of the house, is seen rarely attending any of the bad times of the family. After many years of absence, Takiko’s father finally came home and brought a secret book with him. The book, ‘The Universe of the Four Gods,’ has been translated by Einosuke after years of experience, knowledge, and hard work. As days pass by, the event takes place, which Takiko never wanted. Yoshie, her mother, leaves her family in a tragic moment. 

Angered and frustrated by his father’s deeds, Takiko spills all her rage on to the beloved book of his father. The book, which came before Einosuke’s family, brought Takiko into the magical land of Hokkan. And here, she is called the ‘Priestess of Genbu.’ Along with her, Takiko has seven celestial warriors in her support. As events happen, this group of 8 became an enemy of every resident of Hokkan. 

And now, Takiko must overcome the many trials which await her to save this other world that does not seem to want her. As portrayed, Takiko is a fearless, filled with strong emotions and ready to accept challenge character. Takiko is bold & independent and kind & soft-hearted at the same moment. A story of a down to earth girl, whose charm and simplicity seems to please everybody who watches it.

Gwisin Byeolgok07. Gwisin Byeolgok

Gwisin Byeolgok is one of the widely viewed Manhwa, which shows the story of a 15-year old girl Ah-ryoung. A normal upbringing brought her up into the world without any knowledge of the demons living above and below the general public. One day, Ah-ryoung comes to know about a deal, signed by her mother to a demon. The deal included Ah-young’s body to be given off to Nachal, the demon at the age of 15.

Now, at the age of 15, Ah-ryoung has to be presented in front of Nachal. He is ready to take her body for himself until he finds out about her true strength. The girl is portrayed to be more strong as compared to the demonic power. Despite the fact of taking over, they both agree over a new contract. This brings their new phase of friendship and building a new chapter of their life.

With a young age and having less experience with the world, Ah-ryoung surely takes away the limelight off of everyone and brings it to her. The truth about her young age confidence shows her power against outer negativity and show great enthusiasm towards every opportunity. Many viewers have a large number of positive responses as they want to see the strong female anime character who can decide what to do and when to do.

High School of the Dead - manga with strong female lead06. High School Of The Dead

The story leads to the attack of the infected individuals who are known as the “They.” This group of infected ones targets every possible place, and their next target is high school. Just after entering inside it, the whole school is brought down by its attack. 

And in between all this, two students Rei Miyamoto, Saeko Besujima and Takashi Komuro, who is the protagonist of the series. The show follows a series of events that are faced by all three. Rei, Saeko, and Takashi, the trio, will have to fight their way out of the high school and find their loved ones, stuck out there in this havoc.

The show reveals some of the best visual scenes of Takashi and her decisive nature. She is strong, vibrant, and holds her friend’s side in all the good and the bad times. She holds feelings for Rei, and in this worst-case scenario, their relationship’s true strength summons up and brings new chapters in their lives. 

Viewers would love the sweet chemistry between the two characters, evolving from friendship to love. Also, this calls for a viewer to see both sides of the decisions they make while on the quest to save others. A thrilling and modern time series that the new generation loves to watch, which is why it has a special place onto our list of Manga with Strong Female Lead.

Love Attack05. Love Attack

Love attack depicts the story of a young sophomore Cheimi Yusa. Cheimi is famous for her deals against calmness and peace in the school. She has engaged in many fights, many brawls, and many arguments that have now been observed by her teacher. 

One day, after resolving another issue, Cheimi’s teacher had it enough. He put all the track record of her at one side and the letter to expel her on the other. She was put in a strange offer that made her raise her eyebrows. The proposal was simple: Get expelled out of the high school or bring a top to bottom change in Akifumi Hirata.

Hirata, also known as the ‘Deranged Devil’ of the school, is the one who terrifies students and teachers alike. Cheimi is asked to get Hirata a fresh life with a more calm character, and her record will be wiped clean. If not, she should face the consequences that await her. But as she’s waiting for him to retaliate, Cheimi discovers that Hirata is more than just being a convict of fights and arguments.

Cheimi has a sense of justice that has to build up inside her over time. She has the nature of getting into a fight to save those she cares about. Being into the sport, she is a complete all-rounder. Viewers who like school love and upbringing of new chapters in the modern era love story should give the show a try.

Lovey Dovey04. Lovey Dovey

Lovey Dovey brings you the classic loving style. Following your partner, hesitations about talking to them and be nervous around them. The same happens with the sophomore student Saika. She has her crush on Keishi for almost ten years now. Saika followed him to the same institutions back then and now is in the same high school. 

Being around Keishi is what Saika loves to engage in. She finds every opportunity to get a glimpse of him. One day, while going towards the school’s special section, Saika got pushed down by the school’s most notorious kid, Kirisaki Shin. As he tries to step up on her and bully her in front of everyone, the true nature of Saika is revealed to everyone. 

She became so vulgar and violent that the scene became known to the whole school. But now twist in the story comes up when Kirisaki develops feelings for Saika. To her dismay, Kirisaki decides that he likes that kind of girl Saika is, loud-mouthed and strong-hearted. Saika is cute and funny for those that she cares about. But for those that aren’t close to her are in the grey area. 

They can feel scared or being cornered sometimes. Her nature of loveliness exists for those that she wants to be with, like Keishi. This calls for the sober behavior that people like, caring, and secure for their loved ones. Maybe you think you don’t like soft girls but turns out soft girls are the toughest ones.

Maid-sama - manga with strong female lead03. Maid-Sama

As the name suggests, the characters work their best to sustain in today’s life. Misaki Ayuzawa is the President of the Student Council at the almost-all-boys Seika High School. She strives every day to make life easier on the small population of co-eds who have enrolled there.

Even though Misaki belongs to a not so well-off family, she never let the status of her family bring anything to her. After the school’s over, she works as a part-time maid at a cafe in Akihabara. Till now, Misaki has maintained her anonymity from all the students. But how could it last forever?

One day, one of her classmates and school hottie, Usui Takumi, came over in the cafe. This moment got both Takumi and Misaki stand right next to each other. What happens next? Did Usui, who felt jealous of Misaki’s charm, disclosed her identity?

Misaki is a small-town girl who wants to work hard to provide to her family. Her greediness level lies in the ground. After when her dad passed away, Misaki’s family is everything for her, and she can do anything and everything for them. Her true nature of not being mook against “Wrong deeds” and “doing nothing” for it pleases the viewers.

She is sweet, fun, and easy-going and rarely goes off of her nature. Viewers will surely like to watch the special comedic episodes of the show, which revolves around typical layman and portray their daily lives. Maid-Sama brings a different appeal to our list of Manga with Strong Female Lead, and that’s why it is placed so high.

Ookami-Heika no Hanayome02. Ookami-Heika no Hanayome

Tei Yuurin is a young girl who has big dreams. Though her mother left her and her small brother, Seishin, real soon and passed away, her father never let her feel the absence of her. Yuurin’s father is a low-profiled government official. Also, Yuurin has to work double shifts to pay the debts her father had left her and her brother. 

Over time, when Yuurin was able to earn, she managed to get her a job at the Royal Palace. Her job is to portray herself as the King’s wife but without marriage. Now, Yuhin has become a significant part of Haku Reishou’s life. The King, who is also known as “the Ruthless and The Wolf.” 

As time goes by, she learns some deep-buried “secrets” of His Majesty. And as events turn across the table, Yuurin has to live to be Haku’s temporary wife forever. Yuurin’s kind, cheerful, and honest nature brings her to gain trust in people quickly. This, in turn, gets her into trouble regularly. 

As an older sister-type person, she likes to take care of people. She is prone to sudden emotional outbursts, and as a hard worker, once she starts something, she will be sure to finish it and get fired up even when she faces challenges. Those who like the hard-working characters of people and like realness in the character’s life should give the watch a swirl, but first, add it to your collection of Manga with Strong Female Lead.

Ookamidomo no Shitsukekata01. Ookamidomo no Shitsukekata

Remember the story of a sheep bounded by a pack of wolves? Ookamidomo no Shitsukekata brings you the same story but with lots of tic-tac-toes. Setogawa Nozomi is a beautiful and confident high school sophomore. But wait, the story turns around her as she is the only girl student in the whole campus.

Setogawa is the only female student who had cleared her paths to get admission into the Origawa Industry Public School. Every male student knows her by her raw nature. This cute looking sheep is not so sweet in turn. She has her wildness, contained inside her. That is why everybody thinks twice before coming across her way.

Setogawa is famous for her nickname, the ‘Killer Machine.’ Her friends gave it to her because of her massive strength and bold nature. But she is nothing aggressive and loud-mouthed every time. Setogawa knows when to activate her inner spirits of anguish and when to be angered.

Setogawa is one of the cutest, cheerful and bright students you can ever see. She loves making cards and has a passion for car designing. She knows how to handle those who stand on her opposite side. This main protagonist of the show brings you the complete characteristics of a girl you can wish to watch, sweet & salty both at the same time.

So do you like our list of Manga with Strong Female lead, and if you do, tell us in comments which one was your favorite title from the list. Also, don’t forget to check Top 40 Best Ecchi Manga To Check Out (2020).

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