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Updated on: 04/02/2024

There are a lot of times when we want to live in a fantasy world, filled with magic, curious creatures, adventure, beautiful sights, etc. But we tend to forget nothing fundamental would actually change. People and their nature will remain the same; all the good and bad would be there too, even magnified maybe. We can imagine the good easily, but the dark aspects tend to be forgotten. Goblin Slayer is an anime presenting the dark side of the fantasy world. It is an intense anime full of gore, violence, and bloodshed, presenting the raw and unaltered dark side of the world we call fantasy.

Goblin Slayer is an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga of the same name, written by Kumo Kagyu and drawn by Noboru Kannatuki. Thanks to its popularity, it was later adopted by White Fox and premiered in 2020. In a world where it is common to join guilds and go on adventure and hunt goblins to earn money and fame, a 15-year-old priestess joins an adventure team to investigate a goblin group responsible for the disappearance of women from a near village. But things soon go wrong when her party is ambushed and incapacitated, leaving her alone in a fatal situation.

At the last moment, when she has already given up, she is saved by the infamous Silver rank Goblin Slayer. Priestess decides to join him in his journey to annihilate every single goblin and becomes part of a ragtag team, comprising an elf, a dwarf, a lizard man, and an armored warrior. Now that the second season of the series has been announced, but without any official date for the series premiere, it can understandably be a hard wait. So, here are some anime series similar to Goblin Slayer to quench your thirst for dark fantasy anime for the time being.

Here are 20 Anime similar to Goblin Slayer

1. Berserk

Anime Similar to Goblin Slayer

Berserk is one of the darkest anime with the most realistic psychological characterization. Similar to Goblin Slayer, Berserk also portrays the dark side of the magical world. The series revolves around a ruthless mercenary with questionable morals, Guts, on a journey to seek vengeance from his formal best friend, who broke his trust and cursed his life with despair and violence.

After being marked by a brand of evil attracting all kinds of demons, during a sacrificial ritual by his friend and group leader of the Band of Hawk, Griffith, Guts is on a journey to free himself of this curse and take his revenge for ruining his and his lover Casca’s life from Griffith. Guts with his sword Dragonslayer start alone but is soon joined on his journey by an elf named Puck and Isidro, a young thief trying to learn swordsmanship. The three come together to make a team of misfits on a quest to seek revenge, all the while trying to stay alive, thanks to Guts’ brand of evil.

Although the color palette of Berserk and its anime style may not be similar to Goblin Slayer, the anime no doubt would be the first go-to if you are looking to watch a dark brutal fantasy series similar to Goblin Slayer.

2. Akame ga Kill

A nation can’t be prosperous and happy without a strong, benevolent, and kind ruler. And if the king is weak and greedy, the public will suffer eventually giving rise to revolution. Similar to goblin Slayer, this is also a dark fantasy anime involving a group of people, with several light-hearted moments among the blood and gore. The series depicts a tale of a young village side boy who comes to the capital to find a job but ends up joining a revolutionary assassin group called Night Raid.

Tatsumi is a normal villager who has come to the capital to earn money for his village and to make a name for himself. But after witnessing the corruption and cruelty of the empire firsthand, he ends up joining the revolutionary Assassin group called the Night Raid, which is trying to get rid of the corrupt trash of the society and bring the common people strife.

If you are looking for an anime with naive characters who finds themselves in a deadly situation being saved by a Hero, similar to Goblin Slayer then, this is a series you might like. It presents a deeper purpose for all the bloodshed caused, challenging the concept of morality and righteousness.

3. Claymore

“Only Monsters can kill Monsters” So, humans decided to create a hybrid between humans and monsters, Claymore, that can kill the deadly creatures called Youma. Similar to Goblin slayer, it’s a story of a warrior on a journey to destroy every monster they meet and are commissioned to kill while trying to seek her vengeance in the process. The story similar to Goblin Slayer is placed in a historical setting with violence, gore, and psychological horror as its central theme.

Clair is a Claymore manufactured as a hybrid, with the only purpose of annihilating the monsters called Youma. She works for an organization that trains female claymores and sends them on missions to handle the youma tormenting people. Usually working alone, she finds a new companion accompanying her on her journey, after visiting a village where a boy named Raki’s family is killed by Youma. Raki is saved by Claire but banished by the village and decides to follow the female warrior on her journey. The two start their journey of cleansing youma and finding the one Claire seeks vengeance against.

If you enjoyed the dark fantasy, action, and adult violence theme of Goblin Slayer, you might enjoy watching Claymore as well.

4. Skeleton King in Another World

Anime Similar to Goblin Slayer

Except for Skeleton Knight being an isekai anime, all the other elements of the series are quite similar to Goblin Slayer. Even the main characters meet in similar situations. Some people can’t stand watching something wrong happen, even if interfering may very well jeopardize their own safety; and Arc is one such person.

The series orbits around a gamer Arc, who gets transported into the game he was playing, as his avatar, he was playing as. The only problem is that his avatar is a skeleton knight wearing armor that can very well be mistaken for a monster. And so, he decides to stay away from attention and hide his face. But that’s hard to do when you are a righteous person who can’t stand evil.

Similar to Goblin Slayer, Skeleton Knight also doesn’t portray the bright and easy-going adventure theme of the typical Fantasy genre. Rather, it is a more mature-themed series with uncensored violence, gore, and bloodshed tied together with a comedic undertone, teamwork, and drama. If you are looking for an armor-clad protagonist, who uses his superior fighting skills to save damsels in distress and annihilate monsters with a single sword swing, then this is a series you will enjoy.

5. Made in Abyss

Similar to Goblin Slayer, this series also gives the typical fantasy adventure with an adorable character vibe, while hiding much darker and heart-wrenching elements behind it. The series is an amazing mix of dark fantasy, action, adventure, post-apocalypse, and science fiction. There exists an enormous deep pit in the earth, filled with unexplored places, mysterious creatures, and wonderful treasures, called Abyss.

Rico is an orphan girl living in the town of Osu, near the Abyss. She dreams to be like her mother, a Red Whistle-level cave diver, and explore the deepest part of the Abyss. But being a novice, she is allowed to explore the uppermost layers only. One day while exploring the caves she meets a humanoid robot who has no recollection of his past. She names him Reg and decides to go to the deeper levels of the Abyss to retrieve his memories.

Made in Abyss has a unique and engaging story plot with beautiful world-building that will get you hooked to it right away. A highly underrated series that will give you a free rollercoaster ride of emotions with its fabulous mix of tones and themes.

6. Fairy Tail

Friendship is very different from a family but, in some ways, not that different at all. They support you, take care of you and help you grow. It’s a family of your own choosing, with people who choose you in return and make life a little bit easier. Fairy Tail is one such family too. Similar to Gobin Slayer, Fairy Tail is also an adventure fantasy revolving around a group of misfits that somehow fits together perfectly.

The series revolves around Natsu Dragneel, a fire salamander who sets out in search of his mentor but finds a lifelong friend in the process. Lucy Heartfilia is a celestial Key wielder, who after meeting a fire-eating boy and his cat familiar, ends up being invited to her dream wizard guild Fairy Tail. And this is how she finds herself, a member of the guild’s most notorious team comprising of the combat goddess Erza Scarlet, Natsu the dragon slayer, and his arch nemesis Grey Fullbuster, the ice wizard. (

If you are looking for a teamwork fantasy series similar to Goblin Slayer but with a lighter tone and more comedy, then this is an anime, that you must try. It’s a story of friendship, trust, sacrifices, monsters, and self-discovery, with an astonishing comedic undertone that will give you a roller coaster ride of emotions.

7. Overlord

Do you enjoy playing video games? If yes, then you will understand Satoru’s temptation and attachment to stay logged in to the game till the very last moment. Similar to Goblin slayer the story is about an overpowered armored hero with dubious morality in an adventure fantasy world. The series is set in a game world YGGDRASIL, where the last character logged in before it’s shut down, gets trapped in it.

Satoru Suzuki is an ordinary working-class man obsessed with video games. Saddened by his favorite VR game closing, he stays online as long as possible. But much to his surprise, even after the closing time has passed, he is still conscious as his game character and all the NPCs seem to have developed their own personality. Not being able to go to the real world, he decides to become the head of his guild with the name Ainz Ooal Gown and investigate the matter. And maybe form a kingdom where humans and non-humans can reside peacefully.

The series, similar to Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy centering around monsters, violence, and adventure. If you enjoyed watching Goblin Slayer, then Overlord is an anime that you must try.

8. Redo of a Healer

Similar to Goblin Slayer, Redo of a Healer is also a fantasy anime filled with violence, gore, revenge, and adventure. The series revolves around a healer who uses his years of knowledge to go back in time to rewind his torturous years and take revenge on the people who wronged him.

Keyaru, a healing magician who was always told that healing magicians can’t fight alone, finds out that they are actually the strongest class. But not before going through unimaginable torture and abuse and losing everything. With his newfound knowledge, he uses the healing magic on the world itself and rewinds the time 4-years back before his horrible fate began. Now, not only he is going to protect himself and the people he holds dear, but also, end the evil that still haunts him.

Redo of a Healer similar to Goblin Slayer is an adventure story of a ragtag team where the hero has gone through a traumatic past and is now on a journey to end all that wronged him. Another element similar to Goblin Slayer is that the series presents a dark and downright depressing plot with adorable characters and a colorful art style.

9. Drifters

Drifter is a dark fantasy similar to Goblin Slayer with an engaging plot and action sequence. Similar to Goblin Slayer, the main protagonist in this anime is also a single-minded person with a charismatic personality enabling him to lead a group of people. Drifter is a thrilling story set in a fantasy world filled with magical creatures such as elves and demihumans.

Shimazu Toyohisa is a samurai who fought bravely in the Battle of Sekigahara, in 1600. And at the last moment of his life, he is transported to another world with various other warriors like him. But this new world is nothing like he has ever seen. The group of warriors is summoned as Drifters to fight Ends, people who created Orte Empire and now intend to annihilate the drifters. Now, Shimazu and his group not only have to help the people and protect the land from the Ends but also fight to keep themselves alive.

If you enjoyed the brutal violence, non-stop action, and historical fantasy elements in Goblin Slayer, then Drifter is a must-try series. It is sure to keep you entertained with its unique isekai plot with action fantasy and swordplay.

10. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Another dark fantasy series similar to Goblin Slayer portrays the realistic psychological response of the characters in a traumatizing situation without glossing over the concept of violence and death. Another thing similar to Goblin slayer in the present anime is that it also revolves around hunting goblins.

Grimgar is a world infested by goblins, where a group of people suddenly find themselves transferred. To survive, they have to earn. And the only way to earn is to become a soldier and hunt goblins. It’s a world of kill or be killed. Haruhiro is a thief belonging to one such group, led by  Manato, where they learn to work together through trial and experience. But even this partial peace doesn’t last long. Manato dies in a goblin Ambush, leaving the group to be led by Haruhiro. On the way to seek revenge on the goblins, they meet Merry, a priest who’s left alone after her party is killed by the goblins.

Grimgar similar to Goblin Slayer portrays the hardships faced in adventure and how hard it can be to survive in such a situation. If you enjoyed the thrill and the raw violence in Goblin Slayer, you will surely enjoy Grimgar too.

11. Sword Art Online

If you are a fan of RPG games and the action-adventure genre, then this series is one of the classics that you must try. The series is set in a Virtual reality game, Sword Art Online. It’s a fantasy world where anything is possible, and the only way for the players to leave the game is to clear all levels in it.

Kazuto Kirigaya is a VR game enthusiast, who was lucky enough to try the newly released Nerve Gear Technology to play the game, Swords Arts Online. But after entering the game as Kirito, a powerful swordsman, he comes to find that he’s stuck in the game and can’t log out until he defeats all the level bosses. As if this wasn’t enough, death in this world will kill the player in the real world as well. (Phentermine) Now, the only way to stay alive and go back is to team up with other players and face the trials head-on.

If you enjoyed the beautiful art style and world-building of the Goblin Slayer, then you should give Swords Art Online. As you might be able to guess from the name of the series, it is absolutely action-packed with an adventure and survival theme in a medieval fantasy world.

12. Tales of Zestiria the Cross

A kind and pure heart is a blessing to the world. But for the person who possesses it, it’s usually a hell-bringer of trials, sadness, and burden. One sure pure heart is Sorey, a young man who wishes to make a world where humans and Seraphims can live together. Similar to Goblin Slayer, it’s an action fantasy with amazing animation and a fast-paced story plot.

There was once a time when all humans could see and pray to Seraphim, a divine being who gave their blessing and protection to humanity. Shepherds were beings possessed with great power and the ability to interact with the Seraphin. But with time, humans became malevolent and lost their ability to see Seraphim. Sorey is a young man from Elysia, living with Seraphim, Mikleo peacefully. Wanting to know the history and create a world where humans and seraphim can again live together peacefully, he sets off on a journey. His life takes an unexpected turn when he pulls out an embedded sword from a stone and becomes a Shepherd, burdened with the responsibility to save the world from mayhem.

So, if you want to watch an adventure anime with its main focus on action similar to Goblin Slayer, then you might like this fast-paced fantasy series.

13. Demon Slayer

Not only do the two series share similar names, but they also are dark fantasy taking place in a historical setting. Similar to Goblin Slayer, Demon Slayer is also an action-based series revolving around demons, gore, tragedy, supernatural elements, and swordplay.

Tanjiro Kamado lives is tiring but simple and happy life with his mother and sister, but it all changes when he comes back home only to find his mother slaughtered by demons and Nezuko, her sister transformed into a demon. But when he finds her showing emotions and thoughts, he sets off on a journey to turn her sister back into a human and take revenge for her family’s death. He is recruited by Giyu Tomioka, a demon slayer from the Demon slayer Corps and starts training to become a demon slayer himself.

If you enjoy watching anime portraying sibling love, then this series is nothing but a masterpiece. Similar to Goblin Slayer, it’s a dark fantasy with an amazing story plot and interesting characters that will get you engaged in the story from the very start.

14. Orient

In a world dominated by demons, where being a samurai is considered a grace; two friends pledge to become great samurai and slay the demons that have enslaved humanity. Orient is another anime similar to Goblin Slayer. The series is set in a world where demons are considered gods and humans mines rocks for these demons to feast upon, but no one other than these miners know the torture and assault that goes behind in these mines.

Mushashi and Kojirou are two childhood friends to promise to become the best samurai. But with time they drift apart. Kojirou, through belonging to a samurai family, chooses a different path of not becoming a samurai, but Mushashi continues his training. After graduating, they arrive at the mines only to see the true appearance of the demons and their inhuman treatment of the miners. After serving a deadly situation the two decide to embark on a journey to rid humanity of these monsters.

Orient is a fast-paced action-adventure series similar to Goblin Slayer, with dark fantasy elements that will keep you engaged. If you enjoy the single-minded character living with the only purpose to end the demons, then you are sure to like the characters of this series as well.

15. Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Another anime, with light-hearted and cutesy visuals but with a dark and upsetting story plot, similar to Goblin Slayer. The series revolves around a group of middle schoolers who are members of the School’s Hero Club and somehow end up becoming true heroes and realizing what it entails.

Yuuna Yuki, with three other girls, forms the Hero Club of her school and tries to help people as much as they can. One day, they receive a weird invitation to save the world by becoming magical girls and fight the evil forces called Vertexes trying to destroy the world. Wanting to save the world, they agree and get transferred to a beautiful fantasy world infested with monsters, that they now have to fight. Trying to fulfill their new responsibilities, they come to realize the dark reality behind their power and duty.

If you enjoy watching Mahou shojo anime series, but are looking for an anime with a darker and deeper theme similar to Goblin Slayer, then this series might fit your series. It is a fabulous mix of slight-learned and heavy moments, that will keep you engaged and going for more.

16. Land of Lustrous

Similar to Goblin Slayer, Land of Lustrous is another dark fantasy series. It is one of the most amazing series with a unique plot and beautiful animation, world-building, and characters. The anime is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have gone extinct, unable to survive the toxic environment. And instead of them, a new species called Lustrous has arisen that is made of crystals instead of flesh.

Every Lustrous has a specific role in order to fight Lunarians, a being who captures and kills them to use their body parts as decoration. Pho is the younger gem and can not take the fight against the Lunarians. To not have her feeling left out she is given the task to compile an encyclopedia of their natural history. On her quest for knowledge, she meets Cinnabar, a poisonous gem who lives in isolation. Saddened by her loneliness, Pho decides to take Cinnabar on the journey with her.

If you enjoy watching adventure fantasy series with dark themes and brutal violence, similar to Goblin Slayer, then this is a series you must try.

17. Rise of the Shield Hero

Do you also believe that offense is the best defense? Usually, people who choose defense over offense are considered weak. But is it really so? Naofumi Iwatani in The Shield Hero will show you how untrue that is. Similar to Goblin Slayer, this anime is also an action fantasy with dark elements.

 Noafumi is an otaku, who gets transferred to a parallel world, after being summoned by a book he finds in a library. He soon finds out that he is one of the four heroes, summoned to save this world from its prophetic end. Although the weakest in the team with a defense shield instead of a weapon, he’s still happy to go on an adventure and save the world. But it all changes when he is betrayed and discriminated against for his weak offensive skills. Left with nothing but his shield, he decides to go on his own journey to strengthen his abilities and reputation.

Similar to Goblin Slayer, this series also doesn’t shy away from presenting the dark side of fantasy and society alike. This series will not only keep you entertained but also teach you that what others may consider a weakness may very well be a strength for you. And as long as you don’t give in, you can always rise back up.

18. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown is another dark fantasy similar to Goblin Slayer, just instead of the medieval time, it is set in a futuristic setting. It’s a science fiction anime in a post-apocalyptic world with a unique story plot and interesting characters.

Last Christmas is a mysterious virus, after the outbreak of which the world has dipped into chaos. To maintain a semblance of peace and order in this post-apocalyptic world, the UN has taken control over japan through its organization GHQ. To restore Japan’s independence and fight the GHQ, a resistance force called, Funeral Parlor has arisen. Shu Ouma is an ordinary high school student with an extraordinary power to extract weapons called Void from other people but has nothing to do with either party. However, it all changes when one day he meets his idol Yuzuriha Inori, a member of the Funeral Parlor, and gives her shelter.

Although the background and the world-building are different, the basic theme and vibes of the series are still similar to Goblin Slayer. Similar to Goblin Slayer, this series is also filled with violence, gore, and the darker side of society and power. If you believe in the power of music, then this is an anime you absolutely must watch.

19. Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World

You must have heard the popular saying, History repeats itself. But it’s due to the similarity in events and actions extracting similar consequences and not because of time repeating itself. But here in this series, this is how history repeats itself for Subaru. Re: Zero is another dark psychological fantasy series with disturbing violence and bloodshed similar to Goblin Slayer.

Subaru is a normal teenager whose life changes when after returning from a convenience store, he is study transferred to another world. Where, as soon as he arrives, he’s mugged and beaten to bits. And this is how he meets Satella, a mysterious girl following the thieves of her insignia. But his trouble doesn’t end there, as they soon are attacked by a mysterious force and killed. But much to Subaru’s surprise he wakes up again and is somehow traveling back in time to again being beaten by the thugs and meet Satelia. Now the question is, can he change his fate this time around and solve the mystery revolving around his world-hopping?

Similar to Golbin Slayer, this series is also produced by White Fox revolving around violence and gore. So, if you enjoyed watching Goblin Slayer, you might want to check out this one too. 

20. Granblue Fantasy

Granblue is another anime series similar to Goblin Slayer revolving around an adventure team and their teamwork in a fantasy world. The series is set in a fantasy world where people live on islands floating in the clouds, in a historical setting.

Gran is a young swordsman living with his companion Vyrn, a talking lizard on the island of Zinkenstill. One day they come across Lyria, an escapee from the Estre Empire, a military superpower that is trying to rule over the world, being pursued by the empire soldiers. Deciding to help her escape, he starts fighting the empire soldier and is then joined by Katalina, a lieutenant helping Lyria. Due to an unexpected turn of events, his life force is split with Lyria, disabling him to separate from her. Now, the only option he has is to stay with her and join Lyria on her journey and maybe find his father on the way.

If you are looking for an adventure fantasy anime similar to Goblin Slayer but with a toned downed violence, then this series will appease you. The series is a good mix of action, comedy, adventure, drama, and romance.

So, here are 20 anime similar to Goblin Slayer. All these series similar to Goblin Slayer revolve around the genre of dark fantasy with violence, gore, action, and adventure theme. Have you watched any of these fantasy series from this list of anime similar to Goblin Slayer? Do comment below and let us know which of the anime series in this list of Top 20 Fantasy Anime Similar to Goblin Slayer you enjoyed the most.

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