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If you are a food enthusiast, then no doubt you are eagerly waiting for Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Cooking. The series is not only aesthetically pleasing with all the mystical creatures and background, but the food is also so picturesque and mouth-watering. Sometimes, it feels like technology hasn’t advanced enough yet, right? Campfire Cooking, as the name states is an isekai anime revolving around food and cooking. The anime is based on a light novel of the same name written by Ren Eguchi; revolving around Mukoudo Tsuyoshi, a normal 27-year-old living in modern-day Japan, who is summoned to a world of magic to fight a mysterious threat.

However, with his useless for combat but useful to survive skill, the Online supermarket, Mukoudo decides to leave the kingdom and lead a comfortable life. With his ability to create delicious food from the modern day, he decides to take up a job as a traveling merchant and entice inhabitants of the new world with delicious but unknown to them food menu. The series is scheduled to be aired in January 2023; so, here are some anime, that you can try while you wait.

Here Are Anime Similar to Campfire Cooking

1. Kakuriyu: Bed and Breakfast

similar to Campfire Cooking

Kakuriyo is another anime similar to Campfire Cooking, that revolves around a person who somehow ends up being summoned into an unfamiliar world, only to survive there by using their modern cooking skills. The series revolves around Aoi Tsubaki, an ordinary girl with the extraordinary power to see Ayakashi. One day, she is wicked away to the other world by a mysterious Ayakashi who claims to be an ogre-God named Oodana, the Master Innkeeper, to pay her grandfather’s debt by marrying him. Not agreeing to that, she decides to pay back the debt by opening an eatery in Oodanna’s Inn.

If you enjoyed watching Campfire cooking, then this is a series that you absolutely must try. Similar to Campfire Cooking, it has a beautiful background, stunning outwardly creatures, supernatural elements, comedy, adventure, and food. What else do you want?

2. Cinderella Chef

Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? Well, probably not the surprise Ye Jiayao received. Similar to Campfire Cooking, it’s also an isekai anime revolving around cooking set in medieval times. The story centers around Ye Jiayao, a young skilled cook who wishes to become a renowned chef one day. But before that could come true, she is transported back in time to imperial china, in the body of Ye Jinxuan. If it wasn’t enough, as soon as she is transported, she is kidnapped for ransom. But, it’s alright, with her wits and sense of humor she makes it.

After the ordeal, she decides to open a restaurant in Huai Song and live an ordinary life. Only if it were that simple. There are many elements you will notice are similar to Campfire Cooking in the series. It’s a simple but hilarious anime with a beautiful art style.

3. Restaurant to Another World

It’s another anime similar to Campfire Cooking, that presents modern-day food to mystical creatures and people from another world. Just instead of being transported to another world, the characters share a place and time with the creatures of the other world. Nekoya is a western restaurant in the shopping district of Tokyo. Nekoya is not only popular among the residents of Tokyo but also among dragons and fairies from another world. On Saturday when the restaurant closes to modern clients, it opens its doors to the inhabitants of the other world.

It’s a fantasy comedy series centered around the pleasure of shared food and time, a concept similar to Campfire Cooking.

4. Isekai Izakaya

Some places make you feel like they are out of the world. And in this case, it sure is. Nobu, a traditional Japanese Bar run by Nobuyuki Yazawa and Shinobu Senke, might seem ordinary but is actually a magical place that connects to another world. Similar to Campfire Cooking, this series also involves cooking, business, making new friends, and coming to know about a new world that is very different from our own. Nobu connects to Aitheria, a medieval city from a parallel universe. But here everyone is welcome to come to enjoy the meals, drink, and share stories.

Isekai Izakaya is not only similar to Campfire Cooking but also has its own charm and a unique story, mixing past and present fabulously, to attract your attention. If you enjoy watching light-hearted anime with unique plotlines then this is a series you absolutely need to try.

5. Encouragement of Climb

Similar to Campfire Cooking, this is also an outdoor series with cooking, traveling, Campfires and mountain camping. Aoi Yukimura is a First-year high school student who used to love climbing mountains but after a playground incident developed a fear of heights. It changes though when Aoi meets her childhood friend Hinata and picks her favorite hobby back up. As she starts enjoying climbing again, she meets new people and makes new friends. So, this is the story of Aoi and her climbing adventures.

If you love the simple adventure and bonding with friends theme in Campfire Cooking, then this is a series you must try. It also teaches the importance and influence of a good friend in one’s life.

6. Legend of the Shield Hero

Shield Hero similar to Campfire Cooking, is also about a person from modern Japan who was summoned into a world as a hero to save it from destruction but has the weakest power in the group and one way or another ends up being kicked out of the palace disrespectfully. However, even with his unfavorable power, he ends up using it for good and makes a lot of friends, and earns the love and respect of people back.

So this, in short, is the story of Naofumi Iwatani, an otaku and a gamer who is summoned to save a world, only to be cursed as a shield hero; with the weakest power. Shield Hero, similar to Campfire Cooking, is an isekai anime, that you can try if you like ‘utilizing the self-potential and ‘finding friends in unexpected people’ concepts.

7. The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Another isekai anime that is similar to Campfire Cooking tells about a protagonist with absurd power, with which he somehow ends up winning people over. The story focuses on Satarou Mikami, a 37-year-old salaryman who suddenly dies by being stabbed. The next time he wakes up, he finds himself in a strange world, in the body of a slime. And after he saves a storm dragon sealed for 300 years and receives the title Rimuru Tempest to provide him divine protection. And that is how he earned the respect of the whole forest.

A beautiful series with an even more beautiful concept and equally stunning art style. If you loved Campfire Cooking, then you might like this series as well.

8. Pan de Peace

It’s another level of bliss to have friends who share the same taste in food as you do, isn’t it? No doubt, similar to Campfire Cooking, this series also revolves around food and the pleasure of sharing it with friends. The story revolves around a friend group of four girls who are united by their love for bread. Minami Tani, whose day starts and ends with bread, meets 3 more girls who are enthusiasts of baked goods in their own unique way and forms a unique bond with them.

Life for them is simple, just eat, talk, plan the next meal and get excited about more baked goods. Similar to Campfire Cooking, it’s also a light-hearted series that you can enjoy in one sitting; preferably with a bunch of baked goods of your own.

9. Food Wars

Food Wars, similar to Campfire Cooking revolves around food and well, cooking. Just instead of outdoor, the whole series is based in a Culinary School setting. Soma Yukihira, the son of a restaurant owner and an experimental chef, decides to join Japan’s best culinary school when he comes to know that the restaurant might have to close in a few years. Soma takes it upon himself to learn to cook better and run the restaurant, where he practically grew up while experimenting with his bizarre but usually delicious dishes.

If you enjoyed watching the variety of food in Campfire Cooking, you will love this series then. Who knows, you might even learn a few dishes yourself.

10. Laid Back Camp

What is your idea of a perfect getaway on your day off? Do you enjoy spending time with your friends or going on solo trips? Rin Shima likes to go on solo camping on the base of Mount Fuji. On one such trip, she finds an unexpected company with a lost Nadeshiko Kagamihara. Though reluctant in the beginning, Rin soon finds herself enjoying Nadeahiko’s company. And even after parting, the two girls ponder the idea of another camping trip together.

Similar to Campfire Cooking, it also centers around enjoying food with the pleasant company of friends around a campfire. It’s another simple but entertaining anime that you can watch to relax after a busy day.

11. Sword Art Online

At first glance, you might wonder how it is similar to Campfire Cooking, but as you go on with the series you notice that it shares a lot of genres with Campfire Cooking. The story is about a video game enthusiast Kirito, who while trying a new VR gets trapped in a game along with all the other players. Now the only way to come back to the real world is to clear all the levels and stay alive. Soon he meets people who he can rely on in a VR world, where death is not a mere concept and loneliness is as deadly as any other monster.

SAO is a lot darker, but there are a lot more elements similar to Campfire Cooking in it. If you are looking for a series similar to Campfire Cooking, with beautiful characters, aesthetic background, different food, and gorgeous creatures.

12. Princess Connect: Re Dive

It’s another anime similar to Campfire Cooking, with a beautiful art style and light-hearted story with a good mix of comedy, fantasy, and delicious-looking food to go with. The story centers around Yuuki, a teenage boy who has no memory before he wakes up after falling from the sky( who would?). Much to his luck, an elf finds him and Introduces herself as Kokkorro, his guide in the new world. After learning about his new world, the two sets on a journey to the nearest guild to take up a job and earn money.

Yuuki meets two more unique girls, and the four set on an adventure to explore the world and finish their jobs. Princess Connect is a light-hearted adventure series similar to Campfire Cooking, that you can watch and relax after a hectic day.

13. Kaichou wa Maid Sama

Although this series has no element similar to Campfire Cooking, the maid protagonist, Takumi Usui, is going to remind you of Tsuyoshi, every time he cooks. Similar to Campfire Cooking, it’s a light-hearted series that incorporates cooking and food as one of its main themes. Whether it be Takumi’s amazing cooking skills or Misaki’s lack thereof, Souta’s love of breadsticks or the Maid Cafe’s menu, delicious and gorgeous food is everywhere.

Misaki Ayuzawa, the new Student Council President in the previous all-boys high school is good at anything you name ( as long as you don’t name cooking) and runs the boys-dominated school with an iron grip. Her hatred for men is not exactly a secret but her job at the maid cafe is. And now she has to protect that secret after Takumi Usui, the heartthrob of the school accidentally comes across her work.

14. The Ancient Magus’ Wife

similar to campfire cooking

A new change in life can be unexpected and hard but not necessarily always unpleasant. Chise Hitori, an orphan finds that out when she decides to be auctioned and is brought by a mysterious magus. After being brought to her new house, she realizes that life might not be as scary and bad, as she expected. Now, she is the Magus’ wife and his apprentice, surrounded by strange but beautiful creatures. This is the story of Chisa’s adventure in a new world as the Ancient Magus’ apprentice and wife.

Similar to Campfire Cooking, it’s a beautiful story with beautiful world-building and amazing creatures. If the mythical and non-human creatures attracted you to Campfire Cooking, then you will probably like this series as well.

15. The Devil is a Part-Timer

Do you also think, all a Devil king is capable of is causing chaos and ordering people around? Then you are up for a fun ride. Similar to Campfire Cooking, it’s an isekai anime revolving around food and fun in a new world. The story depicts the tale of the Demon King Satan, who while trying to conquer the land of Ente Isla, is ambushed by the hero Emilia and forced to retreat through a portal. Which landed him and his general, Alsoel, in modern-day Tokyo.

Now, to sustain himself in this new world, he has to work as a part-timer in a fast food chain and much to his misfortune along with his enemy Emilia. It goes as well as you can imagine. Be ready for the shenanigans following the demon king trying to blend in the human world. Similar to Campfire Cooking, this series is also going to get you hooked up to it in no time.

So, these are some delicious anime series similar to Campfire Cooking, that you can enjoy while waiting for Campfire Cooking to be aired. All the series in the above list share theme or genres with Campfire Cooking, such as Cooking, isekai, fantasy, and comedy. So, enjoy watching; and do let us know which one of these series you loved the most.
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