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Updated on: 27/11/2023

The thriller webtoon genre never fails to intrigue the audience, for it can portray many sections of plotlines. From psychological to super-natural webtoons, the following thriller all are extreme masterpieces. No doubt, Thriller webtoons lack in numbers, but the stories certainly have quality.

So in case you are looking for thriller webtoons that will pump your adrenaline as you anticipate what’s to come in every consequent chapter, then this is the very spot you need to be. We present you with the list of Top 15 thriller webtoons.

Tales of the Unusual

15. Tales of the Unusual

Status: Complete

Consisting of various thriller tales, this webtoon sure is one of its kind. There are a lot of short stories going on throughout the webtoon. Each story is totally unlike the other as for the plot. However, the one thing that remains constant, and the reason this title is on the list is the thriller’s presence. This webtoon is a good mix of thriller and horror.

As far as how each story goes, it is solely subjective. If you are a fan of open or slightly abrupt endings, then you are sure going to like it. Rating the webtoon as a whole is thus, difficult yet it is definitely worth trying out. The art style is pretty good and actually terror striking because a feeling of mystery and thriller keeps lingering with its presence.

Lavender Jack - Thriller Webtoon

14. Lavender Jack

Status: Ongoing

The thriller part slightly washes in with the drama part, but it is worth putting here. A story like this rarely comes into being. ( For classic style lovers, this sure is a treat. The art style inclines more towards western culture than Asian or Korean. The story is quite intricate. The colors, plain and simple, provides a proper stature to the time this webtoon is set in.

You can find politics and power twists in the stories, which is a refreshing plot to take up. All the characters do proper justice to the story and their own characteristics. This webtoon follows a masked vigilante who exposes many powerful and rich people in the town. It’s a matter of general interest and debate for common people, but the main affiliations of these people can sense a bigger motive. By the ongoing events, the town head who recently came into power asks aback in her time ‘legend’ detective in on the case. Witness the swirling motives and feel the growing anticipation in this thriller webtoon by yourself.

Lalin's Curse - Thriller Webtoon

13. Lalin’s Curse

Status: Ongoing

A boy who believes in all things supernatural, his best friend who gets sick by thinking of ghosts and a town with mysteries. What more do you want from a thriller – drama webtoon? Because literally, everything is in here. David is our main protagonist who, no matter how much judgment he faces, never let go of his belief in supernatural things, be it aliens or human-reptilians (The rhyme caught me off guard too). Felix, his best friend, does his best to keep him level headed while still supporting his claims. However, when evidence comes knocking on David’s door, he surely won’t be hesitating, and this is just the starting.

Set in a fantasy town Lalin this webtoon supports AWE-some art and a beautiful setting. The story really does grab on you as you explore more of this webtoon. The comedy moments, suspicious acts, and frightening glimpses, everything is set at the right point. So plunging into this fantasy – thriller webtoon shouldn’t be something you put off for much longer.

Ghost Wife

12. Ghost Wife

Status: Ongoing

In case you want to read about something which can fill in all the voids of romance and thriller focussing webtoon combination. Yes! This is the option you have. As the female lead witnesses a disturbing image one night, she is encountered by THE ghost. Damon and Liz’s relationship is pure to the core as Damon learns how to socialize, and Liz gets comfortable to her now a totally different lifestyle. This webtoon is still in the question building stage. For a new wind of art and new plotlines curving in, this deserves a space in this list.

Raining Knives - Thriller Webtoon

11. Raining Knives

Status: Ongoing

Not an official series till now, but you can find it under the Canvas section of Webtoon. The plot is genuinely new, and the world is carefully set up to fulfill all the story’s requirements. It is a story about two twins where one ends up killing the other out of teenage frustration. The webtoon is a combination of psychological thriller and supernatural genre. This is a pretty workable and unique combination among the thriller webtoons usually available.

The story focuses on many dynamics, and it’s remarkable how the author manages to pull them together. The art style is good but slightly small for phone readers. All in all, this webtoon is surely worth a read, and it keeps you on the hook throughout.

Distant Sky

10. Distant Sky

Status: Complete

This thriller webtoon follows a boy, Hanuel Kang, who wakes up in a no longer recognizable Gangnam. Everything is destroyed, dark, and silent. Then comes the obvious complications as he does not have any recollections about what led him to this state. Unable to understand anything, he ends up finding another survivor, a girl, Heeyol. After this, they partner up and try to juggle up resources to survive and understand the events.

They deal with various problems, from fighting wild animals to other survivors who are no longer surviving the way ‘humans’ should and their own brain. This thriller webtoon is extremely dark and has an abstract concept if we look at the whole plot at once. Nonetheless, it can be an amazing item in your reading list. The art style is messy, which adds flavor to the struggle and misery of the whole scenario. One of the very deserving titles under the top thriller webtoons list.

S.I.D - Thriller Webtoon

09. S.I.D

Status: Complete

S.I.D is a thriller – supernatural webtoon revolving around Shimon Lee. He is a detective who can see ghosts. He keeps his path away from Shamans until one day, and he ends up on a case that gets him involved with the lives of other Shamans. Shimon’s powers were locked by his grandmother when he was young to lead an ordinary life, but as she dies, his powers start reawakening.

This webtoon is set in a world where supernatural events do exist, but people are not aware of them throughout. All the characters are non-generic, and you can easily sense the characteristics that make them different and unique. The action scenes are also amazing, and it might give you a scare or two while reading. Another worthy read for when you crave anything thrilling.

Third Shift Society

08. The Third Shift Society

Status: Ongoing

In comparison to the usual thriller webtoons, this one is slightly more on the subtle side. There are mysteries and suspense building up, but the general styles give it an upbeat spirit. It is new on the originals in Webtoon Naver. However, I am drawing reference from its previous unofficial version, which the official seems to follow. The starting is slightly abrupt, and in a way, it adds to the positive aspect.

It is a story about a girl struggling with rents and money issues and how she encounters a man with a pumpkin head fighting a skeleton bull-like creature. [ In my defense, I did tell you that it has an abrupt starting]. It is a mixture of thriller and supernatural, which many admire. The art style is stiff, and the colors are pretty calming. After about ten chapters, assuming from the tentative version, the webtoon will start plunging deeper into the plot. This thriller webtoon is new and has a lot of potential, so follow it from the start. It might just end up as one of THE thriller webtoons.

Ghost Teller

07. Ghost Teller

Status: Complete [Season 1]

The art style is simply STUNNING. Okay! Now let’s move further because the art style was worth mentioning in the first line. Somewhere slightly similar to Tales of the Unusual, this webtoon also consists of short stories, but they are in the same world, and there is still continuity. This thriller-horror webtoon consists of scary tales told by ghosts themselves and hence the name, Ghost Teller.

The stories are straight from hell. You will be questioning humanity’s existence after every ending because, well, humans are more ruthless than ghosts. The author carries the webtoon with utmost sincerity because you can feel the passion on every panel. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to read a chilling – thrilling story.

HIVE - Thriller Webtoon

06. Hive

Status: Complete

Set in a post-apocalyptic universe, this story is weirdly unique. This is not an apocalypse that you theorize about because it includes the infestation of bees like insects. Simply bees and such bugs. Throughout, there are gigantic and brilliant bugs. They are and at no point, shown as a subtle aspect but rather in full graphics. So I’d like to ask you to steer clear if you have any such phobia because it simply is enough to trigger it. The story basically follows a simple man who works at an office, his family, and a shady secretary. Further, in this thriller webtoon, more characters are brought in and define the story in more ways.

Half of the time, while you read this webtoon, you might ask yourself why you are doing this considering the graphic art, but it was worth it for me. I have some issues with the ending, but other aspects, from character development to plotting, are well taken care of. Specifically, the storytelling is done really well. Hence, even if you want to leave, you can’t bring yourself to do that because there is no going out once in. A polite warning that this story tortures you is related to relationships it follows, plot twists, or character development. I am still hoping for a spin-off to help with the ending sometime in the future.

Seed - Thriller Webtoon

05. Seed

Status: Ongoing

A combination of science-fiction and thriller. This is a very promising webtoon with a unique genre switch. Throughout season one, the plot kept getting intense and joining in links. The anticipation for season two is extremely high. The story follows a girl, Emma, who finds herself solace with her phone in this future tech-savvy world. She unknowingly encounters an AI while having a look around on the internet, which calls itself Terry. Next follows events that are mysterious and characters who leave you with a dicey perception. As you decide whether to like Turry or be afraid of it, you will find the plot raising its stocks exponentially.

The story follows a great web of interconnections, and the work put into the planning of the plot is evident. Season one has been wrapped up, and now we readers are waiting for it to come back. So before season two kick starts, catch up! Above all else, the art style is amazing and to the point, with science fiction interfering in the scenes.

Purple Hyacinth

04. Purple Hyacinth

Status: Ongoing

An officer who can detect lies and an assassin who has never been caught and the inescapable fate. Drama and thriller are bound to happen in this webtoon. The authors put a lot of hard work into this webtoon, and it evidently shows throughout. Amidst the tense environment, there are facial expressions and comedy moments that keep you enjoying. Lauren Sinclair, the officer with an ability to detect lies, is hell-bent on solving decade long mystery. Things really go down when you know that people are lying, but you don’t have proof to put them behind bars.

Purple Hyacinth is the best assassin working for an organization that aims at royals and is the reason for Lauren’s traumas. What will Lauren do if she is given a chance to join hands with the Purple Hyacinth himself? The mysterious presence of almost all the characters makes sure that you never miss that presence of thriller.

Sweet Home

03. Sweet Home

Status: Ongoing

Authors of this webtoon are simply the rulers of the thriller genre. Keep scrolling as the number one title is also from the same author. This webtoon works on a plot where a boy just lost his family and moved to a new apartment. Apparently, the priorities he set for himself are all morally wrong. One can sense the dark theme playing as we see him moving further in his life. Just ten episodes in, and mysteries start lining up. Though what you see in the first chapters will soon conclude to something you never expect.

The story is a bit of a drag in the starting. You have to really pay attention to understand the various dynamics. Following thriller webtoons, it is not unlikely that you usually need to pay great attention. As the questions keep arising, there are a lot of theories that you can make as the author is amazing with forecasting and hints. The art style goes well with the plotting and complements it.

My Deepest Secret - Season 2 - Thriller Webtoon

02. My Deepest Secret

Status: Ongoing

This is a psychological thriller webtoon. The plot is still not very clear because the series is new on Webtoon Naver. The plot’s depth is clear, and one can easily note the tone it is set in. I like that the first three episodes are enough for someone to realize what the story has to offer. The art style is clean and crisp. A good thriller must have proper

The webtoon is about Emma, a high school student, her boyfriend, Elios, and her batchmate, Yohan. The three have quite different personalities, but in a broader sense, all are somewhere having secrets. Emma works part-time at a coffee shop, and that’s the place where she meets Elios, the perfect boyfriend. Though there is a lot behind this perfect set-up, Yohan is the best part to fuel the theories and thriller. With every episode, this thriller webtoon is plotting mysteries, and we receive hints to the darker side of the plot. The story keeps getting interesting.

01. Bastard

Status: Complete

A thriller webtoon that deserves the number one position with all its might. Rather than involving supernatural elements, the story functions solely on real-life and psychology. Character development is on point, and nowhere does it miss a single plot thread. Bastard, a webtoon with just 90+ chapters, compromises an extremely well-woven storyline. There are no plot holes, no unnecessary characters, or deviation from the main plot. A thriller webtoon you can never afford to miss and when it comes from someone who spent binging it the whole night before finals; Believe them. PS: I don’t encourage you to binge it a day before your exam.

Talking about the art style, it is quite a vintage set with brownish hue washing over all other colors. This gives in to the thriller genre even more. The art is good, and the eyes are always expressive. The emotions and expressions go extremely well together. The best thriller webtoon out there right now. Definitely deserving of the first position in our list consisting of the top 15 thriller webtoons.

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Know of any more webtoons that left you with a buzzing head and anticipation like none other? Tell us about it down in the comment section.

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