Tencent Premiers Donghua Tsureihime (Psychic Princess) On Japanese Streaming Services




Updated on: 21/12/2019


Tencent, the Chinese production company has been continuously releasing many of the manhua from its online comic server as an anime series. Recently they announced Tsureihime (Psychic Princess) on the list for Japan. The announcement came out pretty unexpectedly. Tsureihime is a classical romance donghua with a genuine comical aspect to it.

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Tsureihime (Psychic Princess) Key Visual & PV

Tsureihime (Psychic Princess)


This donghua is 16 episodes long. Last year it was released as ‘Tong Ling Fei’ (Psychic Princess) on Chinese platforms. The story focuses on a strong woman lead, Qian Yunxi. She is the cheerful daughter of the prime minister. Qian Yunxi has always had some sort of special activities that lead her to get termed as ‘abnormal’. Thus causing her dismissal to Mt. Lin Yun. However, as she turns 16 years old. She is eventually led to marry into the royal Ye household in place of her sister.

The donghua, Tsureihime also features the male lead, Ye Youming who according to the rumors amongst the people is a strange, cold and cruel person. Youming becomes cold after the death of his mother and has strained views towards the government ever since. The whole donghua takes the story of Yunxi and Youming further. While Youming’s brother starts developing feelings for Yunxi. The whole plot of the Psychic Princess shares the gradual formation of feelings amongst the leads. All this while the supernatural aspect keeps the plot intact and fresh.

Psychic Princess was very well received by the audience and many speculate its second season. Consequently, this news brings a lot of focus back to the donghua and its popularity. The main theme song also is an aspect that brings the attention of many of the anime fans to Tsureihime because of its unusual vibes. The song often becomes the main discussion topic when discussing this anime. Now that Japanese fans also have access to this we can expect the possibility of Season 2 rising.

The donghua, Tsureihime is now available in Chinese with Japanese subtitles. You can access it for sale on DMM, GYAO! STORE and many such platforms.

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