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Updated on: 02/09/2022


Everyone loves a good romance movie. On a gloomy day or when you just want to believe that true love exists in this world, somehow or other you would always find yourself delving into the world of these timeless romance movies.

Of course, there are many 21st century movies which are record-breaking. But we all can agree on this that true masterpieces were really from the old times.

So we present to you the list of top 20 romance movies that everyone can enjoy.

casablanca20. Casablanca

The story is set in Casablanca, Morocco during the early stages of world war 2. It follows the life of an American expatriate named Rick Blaine who owns a Nightclub in Casablanca. His club is visited by many including Vichy French, German officials, and refugees who are desperate to escape from this conflicted place. Ugarte, the petty crook one day, entrust Rick with the two priceless Letter of Transit. But before Ugarte could sell them in Rick’s club he is killed by the local police.

Then Rick’s reason for bitterness, his former lover Ilsa Lund and her husband shows up at his club. Moreover, they need the Letter of transit to go to America to continue Victor Laszlo, Ilsa’s husband work. Will Rick be able to learn to live again instead of hiding from his lost love? Will he help Ilsa and Victor escape?

An all-time classic movie which was produced in the Black-White concept. But it has still managed to encompass such huge popularity unparallel to any other. Simply a timeless beauty, with a superb cast, exceptional director and such memorable dialogues you can’t get over this masterpiece that easily.

before sunrise - best romance movies19. Before Sunrise

In the year of 1994, one day on a train from Budapest to Vienna, two strangers, Jesse and Céline meet and become familiar with each other. Sensing a connection and want to stay together with a little longer, Jesse convinces Céline to get off with him in Vienna. Jesse has to leave the next early morning. So they just decided to roam around the landmarks of Vienna instead of renting a room for the night.

As they continue to tour around the city, they begin to talk more openly with each other and also felt a romantic connection. And as all good times come to an end, their time to depart also comes near. Even though they know they might never meet each other again, the attraction knows no limit. The next day, as Céline was boarding her train, the couple decides to not exchange any contact information. Instead, they decide to meet at the same place in six months.

‘Before Sunrise’ is one of the greatest romance movies of all times.  It’s funny, beautiful, romantic, emotional, and with such an amazing cast and director, you are sure to become mesmerized by this movie.

singing in the rian

18. Singing in the rain

Taking place during the rise of the ‘talking pictures’ in Hollywood. We will meet Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont as the most famous stars and on-screen couples in the silent films era. But with the advent of the ‘Talkies’ their stardom in crisis.

Therefore, their studio, Monumental Pictures decided to also venture in it. They are set on producing Talking pictures film even a musical at that. Although Don has a perfect voice to star in it, Lina with her shrill voice becomes a huge issue for them.

Their savior arrives in the form of Kathy Selden with an angelic voice. Moreover,  she is also the one who Don has just started to secretly date. Will their new musical film be able to become a hit with the masses? Will Kathy get the credit she deserves?

A classical Hollywood musical that won the hearts of many fans. So, if you are looking for a film to make you laugh, songs that can get stuck in your head coupled with an exceptional story from the old classical times then you have found it!! I would highly recommend Singing In The Rain.

annie hall - best romance movies17. Annie Hall

Comedian and a two times divorcee Alvy Singer reflect upon his failed relationship with a struggling nightclub singer Anne Hall.

For his Neurotic problem, he has taken therapy for 15 years so that he could make his relationship work with Anne. However, will he still be able to overcome his reviewing habit of facets in his relations and have his happy ever after with Anne? The trial and tribulations of this modern romance highlight the comedy, emotion, and sadness the two go through.

This is a very skillfully crafted film with equally witty characters. The humorous scenes plus those funny imaginary cartoons are sure to make you all laugh till you fall off your chair.

the philadelphia story16. The Philadelphia Story

Tracy Lord is the elder daughter of a wealthy Philadelphia Main Line socialite family. She was married to C.K Dexter Haven, however, after 2 years she divorced him. Because she had enough of his extreme drinking habits. Moreover, she desires to have perfection in everything and he had many flaws.  Now, she is about to marry a very successful businessman, George Kittredge and the ceremony is to take place at the Lord mansion.

But before the wedding with the arrival of three unexpected guests, the story takes a surprisingly interesting twist. Dexter shows up with the two friends of Tracy’s absent brother, Mike and Liz Imbrie while hiding about the fact that they are reporters. Although Tracy wanted to refuse their stay she couldn’t because he threatened her with an innuendo-laden article about her father Seth’s affair with a dancer. After the various unexpected situations, the day before the wedding Tracy finds herself torn between Mike, Dexter, and George.

A tremendous comedy film which brings together three screen legends at the peak of their careers. And with the well-rounded story, you would just want to sit back and fully enjoy this romantic comedy at its most sublime.

when harry met sally - best romance movies15. When Harry met Sally

The film opens with the two strangers, both newly graduated from the University of Chicago. They share the car ride together from Chicago to New York and eventually starts to discuss various aspects of life. They were cordial with each other at first. But Harry’s conviction that man and women can never be just friends as the sex part always gets in between, made them part on unfriendly terms.

We are then shown transits through the film as fate works its magic and they happened to meet time and time again. At their third meeting, Sally has broken up with her boyfriend and Harry is a divorcee and now they both want to find a friend of the opposite sex. This sets the stage for the beginning of a beautiful friendship but would it last long after they start falling for each other?

The movie is pure joy and purely amazing acting skills of the cast with good laughs and tears. It has characters with great chemistry and they have perfectly executed this witty quirky romantic comedy.  A romantic movie which is surely worth a watch.

nothing hill14. Notting Hill

William Thacker is an ordinary bookstore owner living in Notting Hill, London. Little did he know that his simple life is soon going to change. One day, the world’s most beautiful woman and best actress, Anna visit his store to buy a book.

He thought after this moment he will never see her again. However, when he went out to buy a drink, he stumbled upon her and somehow end up spilling his drink on her blouse. Since his house was near, he offered her to freshen up there. After Anna cleaned up and was going to get her bag, she impulsively thanked him with a kiss.

After this day, fate brought them together many times and soon they became friends with a possibility of romance blooming between them. But with the both living in two different worlds, can their relationship work? And with Anna always being in the scrutiny of the hungry Press, loving the world’s most popular actress is not gonna be easy for our bookstore owner William.

Notting Hill is simply a cute and lovely romance movie. It tells us that there is no boundary for love. The status, wealth doesn’t matter in front of love. With absorbing, storyline and performance by the casts made the film quite enjoyable to watch.

love actually - best romance movies13. Love actually

Love actually is set five weeks before Christmas almost entirely in London, England where we will follow through various related and interrelated stories of many individuals falling in Love or lacking love.


  1. A newly appointed prime minister David enters his office and falls in love with his personal assistant Natalie.
  2. The prime minister’s sister Karen slowly grows aware of her husband Harry’s flirtation with an office worker named Mia.
  3. The Karen’s friend Daniel is a widowed writer is asked for advice from his 11 years old son so that he can get the attention of his crush.
  4. Another writer named Jamie after catching his girlfriend cheating on him flies away to France to write his novel and end up falling in love with a non-English speaking Portuguese maid Aurelia.
  5. Harry’s American secretary Sarah is in love with her office co-worker Karl but her personal family problems come in between of her pursuit.

And some more stories. In the end, all of the characters end up at the Heathrow airport and we are able to understand the connection between all of them with a bit more clarity.

A great Christmas time movie that teaches us how to deal with love, anger, and prosperity.  From angst to comedy, from romance to infidelity this movie has everything in one great 2 hours show. A great romance movie for the holidays.

titanic12. Titanic

A tragic but beautiful love story, retold by the 101 years old Rose Calvert to her grandchildren as she reminisces about her life set on April 10th, 1912 in a ship called Titanic. This story starts four days before the Titanic sank in the depth of the Atlantic ocean. Young Aristrocat Rose with her mother and her rich Fiance aboard Titanic to travel to Philadephia. There she meets Jack Dawson, a talented but poor artist who saved her before she could commit suicide.

When no one heard her plea for help while she was feeling stuffed inside with her mother’s decision to marry her against her will. It is Jack who comes to her rescue. After that,  he took her around the ship for the expedition and they had a great time as he showed her what freedom is. Rose started to feel an emotional connection with Jack and told him to draw a nude sketch of her. After her family finds out about this, they forcibly separated both of them and locked Jack up. A few hours later, an iceberg struck the ship, filling the passengers with terror.

Will this disaster ends up taking the lives of all the peoples onboard or will they be rescued? And what about Rose and Jack, will their love story ever see the light of the next day?

One of the most romantic, touching, and emotional movies of all the time. It is timeless, truly a masterpiece the hype for which can never end. With memorable characters, great songs, and depicting a real-life tragedy story, it is a must-watch movie.

amelie11. Amelie

This Hollywood movie is set in Montmartre and follows the story of a young woman named Amele. Since she was born, she has been raised alone and homeschooled by her eccentric parents who mistakenly believes that she has heart disease. Years later, she has moved to Montmartre and now works in a cafe called Deux Moulins. However, even though she works as a waitress, she is still quite shy and only likes to find solace in her fantastical world, always dreaming of love and beauty.

One day, she finds a lost treasure belonging to the former occupant of her apartment. And made up her mind to return it to that resident somehow. The events took a positive turn and she is successfully able to return it back.

Moreover, witnessing the happiness that swells on the owner’s face makes her want to spread peace in other’s life as well. And thus, this ultimately becomes her life mission.
While she is always helping others, will she ever be able to find her own happiness?

With the beautiful scenarios of continental Europe, the characters to make you feel emotionally connected, soundtracks that will stay with you forever, Amele is all set to make you charmed and delve deeper into its magical world. So to those who haven’t watched it yet, It is really worthwhile and highly recommended.

the notebook - best romance movies10. The Notebook

In a nursing home, an old man Duke is reading a story from a notebook to Mrs. Hamilton, an old woman who has dementia. He is retelling a story of two young lovers who met at a carnival in Seabrook. They both are from a different social cast with a huge gap between their wealth. While Allie Hamilton is from a rich class, Noah Calhoun is a local worker from the lower class. Though, they didn’t mind this gap alas, Allie’s family didn’t think the same way.

Her mother disapproved of their relationship and took her away. And they got separated from each other for many years to come. Soon enough, the world war II starts and Noah enlists in the army to fight whereas Allie is now an army nurse. She meets an injured captain Lon Hammond.

Somehow they started going out and she thought she could forget Noah. But fate had something else in store for her. She saw an article about Noah with a renovated old house that they both promised to live together in long ago. Can these two fated lovers get together at last after Allie witnesses his deep love for her?

If you are looking for a movie that can make you get emotional and tear up then this is for you. A really enjoyable romance movie, enough though it’s filled with cliche moments, in the end, romantics just won’t care.

brief encounter09. Brief Encounter

When Laura Jesson and Dr. Alec Harvey meet by chance in a cafe at the Railway Station, little did they know that this small encounter will lead to them falling in love?
They met a few times over coincidently, and soon enough become well acquainted with each other. At first, they just hang out every Thursday like friends but later they realized that their feelings go deeper than that. However, can they ever have a future together as they are both married and with children? or will they just treat it as a past and move on with their lives?

A 1940’s British film with overflowing creative talent showcasing wonderful characters and beautiful story. With those old pure accents and great acting by casts, you will really fall in love with this classic romance movie.
eternal sunshine - best romance movies

08. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

On the Valentine day, two strangers, Clementine, and Joel on an impulse decision to head to Montauk and coincidentally end up meeting. Both felt attraction toward each other and slowly fell in love. But little do they know that this attraction, this relationship has already existed long before they forgot about each other.

They were a long-time couple in the past. However, due to certain issues, they were not able to make their relationship work. After they broke up though, to cope with the painful memories of their relation, Clementine decided to undergo a procedure to erase him from her memories. Joel was heartbroken by seeing her go to such extents also decided to do the same.

Will they be able to make their relationship work as fate brought them together again? Or will they recover their memory and become separated?


You can erase someone from your mind but not from your heart. A beautiful concept illustrated in this fabulous romance movie. It can be quite thought-provoking, emotional and intelligent which makes it worthy pick.

the apartment07. The Apartment

C.C. “Bud” Baxter has been working at an insurance company for nearly 4 years now. Moreover, he is quite shrewd when it comes to advancing his career. And for that, he has discovered a quick way to climb the corporate ladder. It is by lending his Upper west side apartment to his four executives to use for their extramarital affairs. Soon enough his cold-hearted director gets to know about this. And therefore, calls Baxter to his office.

Later Bud learns that the director didn’t just call him solely for the promotion but because he also wants to book his apartment for his own trysts. However, it all gets complicated for Baxter. As when the very woman of his affections turns out to be the girlfriend of his already married director.

A delightful slice of life comedy with excellent writing, exceptional casts, and simple old fashioned charm. So if you are looking for a movie with a good and hearty laugh and scenes that will tug at your heartstrings then ‘The Apartment’ is for you.

pretty woman - best romance movies06. Pretty Woman

Edward is a rich and ruthless businessman who specializes in taking over financially unstable companies and then selling them off piece by piece. This made his girlfriend break up from him as he only acknowledges her when in the time of need. Now he needs to find someone else who can accompany him on his business trip to Los Angeles.

While he was cluelessly driving there, he accidentally ends up on Hollywood Boulevard in the city’s red light district and encounters prostitute Vivian Ward. After he took a liking to her, he decides to hire her for a week as his escort at social parties and Polo matches. Romantic comedy and complications ensue.

A great take on the modern romance comedy made the ‘Pretty Woman’ as one of the top-grossing movies of all times. Acute modernized Cinderella Story with the protagonists being in perfect chemistry.

gone with the wind05. Gone with the wind

It is an epic tale of a beautiful woman named Scarlett O’Hara during the American Civil war and reconstruction period. Before the war started, the life of Scarlett was of a young lady who dreamed of one day marrying her secret crush. However, her life completely changed as she confessed to Ashely who was about to marry his cousin and get rejected. Soon the Civil war began and all the men went on to fight the long war.

With the time playing its cruel games several tragedies have befallen on the now weary Scarlett from losing her family and land to becoming divorced two times but still, her heart desires to be together with Ashely.

With the entrance of the dashing Rhett Butler, will she be able to start her life anew or will she still hopelessly hang up on her doomed relationship with Ashely? Will she lose her only chance for a happy ending?

One of the most epic and timeless classic romance movies of all time. Even with its four-hour timing, it has perfectly managed to captivate everyone with its exceptional script, memorable characters, and intense emotions. And also depicting the life of a human after we go through the devastating times of war.

the shape of water04. The shape of the water

In 1962 Baltimore when the US is still in the peak of the space race and Cold War, Elisa is a mute and isolated American woman who works in a secret US government Facility.

Her life is quite monotonous and has only two friends to whom she communicates with the sign language.
One day, her life changed forever when the government brings in a strange humanoid amphibious creature for the space experiment. Somehow, she ends up meeting it unexpectedly and felt herself getting attracted to it. Although the creature was wary of her at first after spending time with her later, it slowly grew closer to her as well.

A movie that depicts the love between two different beings in a magical and unique way. With strong visuals, touching scenes, superb casts and a great ending, this romance has completely won over our hearts. This movie has managed to entice everyone with its classical movie feels like those from the old times.

500 days of summer - best romance movies03. 500 days of summer

Tom is an aspiring architect who earns his living as a greeting card writer in L.A. upon encountering his boss’s new assistant, Summer he finds out that they have a lot in common and slowly falls in love with her.

Although Summer doesn’t believe in love Tom still believes that they both are made for each other. And so he summons all his might to pursue Summer and convince her that love is real. however, will he be able to accomplish his life goal? Or will they end up finding their real soulmates along the way?

This is an offbeat romantic comedy movie with a perfect cast and their strong acting. It also has a very catchy storyline while simultaneously being serious and light.

the holyday02. The holiday

In Los Angeles, Amanda is a movie trailer maker and just caught her unfaithful and cheater boyfriend in an affair. Iris who lives in London is a wedding column writer in a newspaper but soon her life turns upside down when she learns that Jasper her unrequited love is about to marry someone else.

Two women after being heartbroken by their love lives are quite distraught and impulsively decides to go on a holiday. They find an online Home exchange website and pick each other’s places for a swap. Shortly after arriving at their respective destinations, both women find the last thing either wants or expects: a new romance.

‘The holiday’ is a seasonal and sweet romance movie coupled with some hilarious scenes which are sure to make you laugh. It is a chick flick and if you are feeling bored or have free time, you can pick it up to enjoy your time.

the princess bride01. The princess bride

An elderly man is reading a book called “The Princess Bride” to his currently sick and bedridden grandson. This story apparently has been passed down through generation of their family. The fable starts with the young farm girl Buttercup, who suddenly becomes the princess bride of the Prince Humperdinck of Florian.

However, she doesn’t love him and still laments the death of her one true love, Westley, five years ago.
He used to be her helping hand in the farms but one day when he went to the sea, he was supposedly killed by the pirates.

But what will happen when he, who was supposed to be already dead makes an appearance in front of Buttercup again? Will they be able to escape from the evil clutches of the Prince and be reunited once again? And the most important question is: will grandpa be able to finish his story without much of the kissing scenes that his grandson seems to dislike?

With sword fights, monsters, prince & princess, and pirates, the stage is set for an exciting and thrilling movie. It has comedy, romance, and action coupled with memorable characters, good storytelling, and a timeless base of fans.

With this last magical movie, I conclude my romance movies list. So which of the movies do you like?  Have you watched any of the movies from the list? Please do comment down below.


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