Top 50 Best Romance Manga That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Romance manga is the genre that can make your heart flutter, and sometimes you would even blush or squeal in excitement when you come across sweet happenings between couples. We all wonder, does true love also exist in today’s world? Reality is bitter and to escape it, and we like to turn toward the fantasy world of fiction. These Romance manga are like an oasis to our lonely heart.

So we have decided to make a top 50 list of best romance manga which can surely make your heartbeat and let you experience the beautiful feeling that is love.

45 Best Romance Comedy Anime That You Should Watch

50 Best Romance Manga

50. AAA

Score: 7.37/10

Ogata Aoi is the president in student council in AAA, one of the best middle school in the country. Although she only enrolled here because she wanted to meet her first love. However, surprisingly, one day she found that her first love is the delinquent in CCC, the lowest level school. Though she still doesn’t know if he really is the one who she fell in love with years ago.

The manga has a simple plot, but there are also few twists mixed in. With cute romance, sound art, and funny moments, you will surely enjoy it.

49. Sailor Moon

Score: 8.28/10

The story focuses on Tsukino Usagi, a 14 years old middle schooler. She seems to be an ordinary student who is quite a klutz and crybaby. However, no one knows that her pure form is not of a student but a warrior of Justice, Sailor Moon. To vanquish all the evil beings threatening the peace of the earth, Sailor Moon and her team of warriors are always equipped with determination.

It is an eternal classical shoujo romance manga that should be read by all. The manga story often deviates to the dark side, whereas its adapted anime focuses more on the light side. However, it is also equally balanced by various comedic moments.

48. Inuyasha

Score: 7.85/10

Kagome Higurashi is a normal high school student who lives on the grounds of her family’s Shinto shrine. One day, she was trying to look for her cat near the old enshrined bone eaters well. Suddenly a centipede demon appears out of nowhere and drags her inside the well. However, instead of hitting the bottom, she finds herself transported to 500 years ago in the past during Japan’s Sengoku period.

With the plot playing out to be quite appealing is sure to make you all feel excited while reading it. You also come across various unique characters, the historical Sengoku period setting, and the romance scenes which are sweet, sad, and comic at the same time.

47. Akagami no Shirayuki

Score: 8.36/10

Unwilling to become the concubine of the prince of Tanbarun, Shirayuki cuts her beautiful red hairs and flees from the kingdom. Moreover, to hide from the prince, she ends up taking refuge in a dense forest. This leads to the fated meeting between Shirayuki and the prince of Clarines, Zen Wistaria. Follow them on their journey as they work hard together to realize their respective dreams, despite their difference in status.

Here we have a romance manga which is truly a hidden Gem.  The main protagonists have great romantic chemistry and a well-paced relationship. The art style is also elegant, which nicely compliments with its storyline.

46. Saruyama

Score: 7.69/10

Haruna Aizawa is the daughter of a politician who has been disgraced in a scandal. Because of that, she had to transfer to a new school. After having experienced school life, she thinks that her next school will also be like a monkey mountain. Where the students form groups, get into fights, and then later makeup. Moreover, she even meets a boy who is like a cute little monkey.

If you are looking for a romance manga which can make you laugh until tears come out, then this is it. It has a decent story plot, good character development, and numerous comedy moments.

45. Cardcaptor Sakura

Score: 8.48/10

Life of Sakura Kinomoto changes forever as she accidentally finds a book containing magical cards. Unexpectedly, all the cards scatter around the town after she curiously opens the book. Now, chosen as a master of those very cards, she is entrusted with the responsibility to find them all before they bring trouble in her town.

One of the most popular magical girl manga and can be described with only one word: Beautiful. Expressive artwork, great character development, and such endearing couple are sure to make you all enjoy it very much.

44. Nodame Cantabile

Score: 8.49/10

Shinichi Chiaki is a musical genius and perfectionist who aspires to be able to play among the elites in Europe. As fate would have it, Chiaki happens to meet with a very eccentric girl called Noda Megumi aka. Nodame. Follow the musical story of this cute couple as they fall in love and develop their relationship while also working hard to make their dreams come true.

Nodame Cantabile is a popular musical romance manga. You will absolutely love the adorable relationship between our two main protagonists. The plot and characters are good but what really makes this series amazing is the passion it shows, which makes it really enjoyable.

43. Ookami to Koushinryou

Score: 8.44/10

Kraft Lawrence is a young traveling merchant with only a carthorse as his companion. But it all changes soon when he surprisingly encounters a harvest Goddess in a guise of a beautiful young wolf girl. Follow a Wisewolf girl and a clever merchant in their journey while they aim for business and riches and travel towards the Northern Lands, Wisewolf girl’s homeland.

This is one of the underrated romance manga, the worth of which has only been perceived by few. With witty dialogues, great storyline, amazing characters, and uniqueness, it is able to aptly capture one’s interest.

42. Strobe edge

Score: 8.16/10

Ninako experienced her first love when she somehow comes across Ren while riding a train one day. She is now determined to make him fall in love with her, but there is a problem. He happens to be in a long term relationship with a girl named Mayuka. Will Ninako be able to make him fall in love with her or will this one-sided love break her as it did with other girls?

Basically this a love war story, tangled and clashing emotions, unrequited love, accepting changes. But if unrequited love is too painful then isn’t it better to move on? You are sure to ask this question once a while reading this manga. This is a high school romance on a more realistic level.

41. Inari Kon Kon

Score: 7.89/10

Fushimi Inari has a hopeless crush on her classmate Tanbabashi. However, somehow, she ends up humiliating him in front of the whole class. Depressed that he now may never accept her feelings, she starts sulking around. Suddenly, she was summoned by Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami, a fox goddess. Moreover, the fox Goddess grants her one wish in return of saving a young fox spirit. And without pondering on it, she blurts out that she wants to be Sumizome, the crush of Tanbabashi.

Inari Kon Kon is a really enjoyable manga. It is a simple and fluffy romance story coupled with cute comedy moments.  Also, the artwork is very clean and nice, and the great point is that you will not get bored while reading it.

40. Aku No Hano

Score: 8.20/10

The story follows the life of Kasuga Takao, who is an introvert and only likes to indulge in his hobby of reading books. However, in his heart, he hides special feelings for a girl at his school, Saeki Nanako. One day, he forgets his book in his class. After he goes back to retrieve it, he finds not only his book but also Saeki’s gym uniform. On impulse, he ends up stealing it. Unfortunately for him, though, a quite and creepy girl of his class witnessed him in his act. And now she wants to blackmail and manipulate him.

The power of Aku No Hano lies in its unique creativity. The story progress at a steady pace as the characters develop with their experiences. With the plot’s unusual events, comprehension of literature, and an ambiguous but satisfying ending, you will become very interested in it.

39. Hana to Akuma

Score: 8.43/10

Fourteen years ago, Vivi, the demon decided to come to the human realm. Unexpectedly, he comes across an abandoned baby, and on a whim, he starts raising her. But what he didn’t expect were his feelings after she grew up. But is the relationship between a human and a demon really possible?

Hana to Akuma is full of sweet moments between Vivi and Hana. You will also get to witness some really witty remarks by Vivi which are quite hilarious and enjoyable. So if you are an avid shoujo and romance genre fan, then I would recommend this.

38. Hirunaka no Ryuusei

Score: 8.36/10

Suzume Yosano is a country girl who has to move to her uncle’s place in Tokyo due to her father’s transfer. However, after arriving in Tokyo, she gets lost in this big city. Wandering around, she bumps into a mysterious man who he ends up taking her to her uncle’s place. She thought it would be their last encounter, but fate has some other plans for her. As she later founds out that he is her Homeroom teacher.

Although it’s a typical shoujo story, it has its own special aspects. The manga takes more of a realistic take and has interesting characters that are quite multi-faceted with decent development.

37. Watashi Ni xxxii Shinasai

Score: 7.64/10

Unknown to her classmates, Yukina Himura is a popular cell phone novelist Yupina. Due to her inexperience with love, her rating seems to plummet in these recent days. Therefore, she decides to incorporate the ‘mission of love.’ Moreover, she finds the perfect helper in the form of student council president Shigure Kitame. And she is able to manipulate him to act according to her wishes after she accidentally comes across his secret notebook of confessions by girls.

The manga has a great start with many cute moments. The art style is beautiful; the story though typical, is enjoyable too. Although some might get a little disappointed in the midway, it has a good ending so no worries.

36. Anonymous Noise

Score: 7.83/10

Nino Arisugawa promised Momo Sakaki that if they ever get separated, they will use their songs to find each other. And after some time he moved away without notice. Feeling quite depressed, she started wearing a mask. Awhile later, she has an encounter with a boy named Yuzu, and she fell in love with his music. Though one day, after hanging with him every Wednesday he also stopped coming. Years later, destiny brought them together as the three enrolled in the same high school, and thus begins a complicated love triangle.

Maybe you might not get hooked from the typical shoujo summary of this manga. But you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the manga is entirely different from what you thought it to be. With an unpredictable plotline, beautiful art style, and unique characters, you can fully expect to get attached to it.

35. Ao Haru Ride

Score: 8.29/10

Futaba Yoshioka is quite a pretty girl and easily attracted the attention of the boys. However, she was shunned by girls in middle school because of it. Therefore,  she decided to tone down and become indifferent toward boys in high school. Coincidently, she met her first love who had disappeared in the past, Kou Mabuchi in the very high school. But when she seeks him out one day, she found that he seems to have drastically changed from how he used to be.

Though this manga has a typical story, you will still find it exciting and enjoyable.  It has an appealing artwork, and its first few chapters are entirely worth a read.

34. Koukou Debut

Score: 8.23/10

Haruna Nagashima used to be a sporty girl in middle school. But after her debut in high school, she decided that she also wants to find a boyfriend and fall in love like other girls. However, there is one small problem. She is completely ignorant when it comes to fashion and attracting the attention of boys. Can a chance encounter with You Komiyama solve all her problems? With his training, can she also become attractive and find a boyfriend?

The manga is quite lighthearted and has an absolute freshness in it, which makes it very enjoyable. The story can make you laugh and leave you with a warm feeling after you’re done reading it.

33. Kodomo no Omocha

Score: 8.37/10

The plot focuses on Sana Kurata, a child actress, and her relationship with Akito Hayama. They are both students of the same class who met with the wrong impression of each other. After becoming arch-nemesis, they started settling their differences with argument and fight. But as they went through various kinds of hardships together, they slowly started getting closer and became best friends. Moreover, they also seem to have developed deep feelings for each other.

It’s not your typical teenage romance series. It is well-balanced with comedy, romance, and serious moments. The main cast is also terrific, coupled with an art style that goes well with the story.

32.  Watashi Tachi No Shiawase Na Jikan

Score: 8.74/10

Juri Mutou, after suffering through a traumatic event, has tried to kill herself several times. While Juri’s heart was still clouded with her dark past, her aunt Monica, a member of the clergy, one day invited her to visit a convict sentenced to death. Yuu, convict who has been charged with the murder of three peoples and has also attempted suicide. He had enough of Monica trying to salvage him. Therefore, in the next meeting, he wanted her to stop with her act of pity. But instead of her, he encounters Juri. It is a meeting that will change both of their lives.

A romance manga which is quite sophisticated in its themes, characters, and meaningful messages presented in every chapter. So if you would like to read a dark theme romance story, then this one is highly recommended.

31. Kamisama Hajimemashita

Score: 8.56/10

The series follows the story of Nanami Momozono who becomes homeless and alone. Because she lost her house after failing to pay for her absentee father’s enormous debt. While she was wallowing in her helplessness, she comes across a dog chasing a man and saves him. After listening to her sorry story, the man offers her to live at his home in gratitude. However, soon she comes to know that this man is a God of a run-down shrine.

Although this is a reverse harem manga, the romance genre is more potent in it. The comedic and cute antics of the main couple Nanami and Tomoe is what makes this manga series more enjoyable. Moreover, with all the powerful demons and the ancient Japanese methodology mixed in, it makes up for a very interesting read.

30. Suki tte ii na yo

Score: 8/10

Mei Tachibana has once been betrayed by her so-called friends in elementary school. Since then, she decided that she has no need for friends in her life. But one day she accidentally kicks the most popular boy in her school. And the surprising thing is that he is not even angry. Instead, he now wants to become friends with her.

It is a shoujo romance but with a unique theme. The development in the manga until the very end has been illustrated impressively.  The art style, the characters have also helped to greatly differentiate it with other manga.


29. Hibi Chou Chou

Score: 7.70/10

The plot focuses on the life of Suiren Shibazaki, a girl with extremely captivating looks. In elementary school, all the boys used to always flock around her. So she decided to change to an all-girl school later on. But still, because of her cute looks, she was smothered by her classmate’s coddling. Due to all this attention, she ends up having an introvert personality. However, after enrolling in a co-ed high school, she somehow becomes interested in a popular karate boy who also has a soft-spoken nature.

It is a simple story illustrating a pure romance between two soft-spoken youth. Although there are still those typical shoujo troubles such as love triangle, a bit slow-paced, etc. But if you are reading for some cute romance, then this romance manga is good for you.

28. Toradora

Score: 8.11/10

Takasu Ryuuji always had bad luck when it comes to making friends or having a girlfriend. Moreover, it was just because of his fierce looks, which makes him look like a delinquent. However, his luck seems to be turning for better on the first day of his second year in high school. As he gets to sit between his only friend, Yuusaku and also the girl he has been crushing on for so long now, Kushieda Minori. However, his happiness was short-lived as he unwittingly crosses path with the most feared girl in school, Aisaka Taiga.

It’s a romance manga that is able to make you laugh with the comedic antics of the characters. With a quirkiness in the plot, fluid art style, decent pacing ‘Toradora’ is sure to make you have an enjoyable time.

27. Last game

Score: 8.32/10

Naoto Yanagi is the handsome heir to the Yanagi conglomerate and best at everything be it athletic or academic. However, during his school days, he had always been surpassed by an ordinary looking girl called Mikoto Kujou.  Now in college, they both cross each other’s path again. Naoto decides to play one last game with her. That is if he can make Mikoto fall in love with him and dump her afterward, then it will be his win. However, soon, he finds himself falling in love with her.

There are little to no cringy dramatic moments in this manga. There is also the right balance between comedy and romance that makes it very enjoyable to read.

26. Hana Yori Dango

Score: 8.12/10

Tsukushi Makino enrolls in Eiktoku High School. It a school for the high society where she really didn’t want to go if not for her parent’s insistence.  Now she only wants to spend her time there remaining unnoticed. But it all changes one day when her only friend in the school accidentally incurs the rath of the F4- a gang of four super rich students.

When Makino tries to save her, she ends up becoming the enemy of F4. Makino, with her not-backing-down attitude, retorts well against them and subsequently befriends the F4.

Hana Yori Dango or ‘Boys Over Flower’ is has been a very popular manga since its release. You will get to experience a wide range of emotions throughout the series. With a strong protagonist and four handsome bishounen, you are in for quite a sweet treat if you are to check this romance series out.

25. Love so life

Score: 8.41/10

The plot follows the life of a young high schooler, Shiharu. She lives in an orphanage and absolutely adores kids. While working in a daycare one day she met a handsome man, the father of the twins in her center. Moreover, he offers her to become the babysitter of his kids as they both seem extremely attached to her. Shiharu accepts and started taking care of the twins while he was away working. But soon she finds herself falling deeply in love with her makeshift family.

With two adorable babies and a family theme romance manga, it is sure to make one squeal in happiness and become addicted to it. With simple but cute artwork, innocent and pure characters, you wouldn’t ever feel like dropping it or becoming bored with it.

24. Taiyou No Le

Score: 8.37/10

Mao Motomiya is a high schooler who is living with her father after her mother abandoned them. However, soon, her father also remarried, and now she feels like she doesn’t have a place where she belongs. One night, she was found by her childhood friend Hiro Nakamura while she was feeling miserable and eating alone near the shrine. After he somehow comes to know of her situation, he suggests that she move in with him. She was reluctant at first and stayed for only one night. But the next day with her father’s uncaring dismissal made her accept his offer.

If you are looking for a sweet romance manga, then this fits your need perfectly. It has lighthearted romance, with enough drama and comedy, which makes it quite enjoyable to read.

23. The water dragon’s bride

Score: 8.05/10

While strolling around the garden, Asahi unexpectedly gets sucked in by the small pond. Moreover, after waking up, she finds herself in a world that seems like ancient Japan. Feeling helpless and nowhere to go in this strange place, soon she was taken in by a very powerful clan. However, their intention for doing so was not that kind as Asahi thought. She had been chosen by them to become the necessary sacrifice needed to be made to the Water God. Now at the mercy of the cold and indifferent God, will Asahi be able to survive?

It’s not just your typical another ‘girl who crosses over into another world’ manga. With exceptional execution of the plot, it would always keep you on the edge of your seat, anticipating what’s going to happen next. It also has incredible artwork and great character development.

22. Faster than a kiss

Score: 8.05/10

The story is about a girl named Fumino after she lost her parents. And now with her little brother, she has to hop from one relative to another. Getting tired from all scourge of her relatives, she finally decides quits her school and work to support her brother on her own. However, she now has no place to live and was dejectedly sitting in the park with her brother. Surprisingly she was found by her homeroom teacher. And he unexpectedly proposes to marry her and supporting them both.

This romance manga presents the concept of forbidden love between teacher-student. There are many sweet moments in this manga, so it’s really enjoyable to read. It is a good manga to pick, but that is only if you are okay with this type of concept.

21. Absolute Boyfriend

Score: 7.79/10

Riiko Izawa has been rejected by many handsome but unattainable guys. Feeling dejected by her failures, she decides to sign up for a free trial of mysterious Nightly Lover ‘Figure’. The very next day, she is woken by the bell and what greets her behind the door is a naked figure of a dazzling guy. Moreover, he wants to be her boyfriend. Though she is confused by all these, with his cute and attentive actions, he absolutely captures her heart. But what will Riiko do when the time comes to return him back after the free trial ends?

If you are a girl and looking for a manga which has a perfect boyfriend material, then you have found it. A boyfriend to cater your every need, to be attentive to only you, and who never let you down. Although he is a robot, you can’t help but feel attracted to him.

20. Akatsuki No Yona

Score: 8.88 /10

This coming-of-age series follows the story of Princess Yona. She is your typical princess whose only worries are if the color of hair suits her or if she can marry her crush. But all this soon comes to change with the betrayal from her cousin, Su-won and with the murder of her father, the emperor. She escapes the palace with Son Hak, her bodyguard and childhood friend as her sole companion, and thus begins her long adventurous journey. Follow Yona as she strives to save the kingdom from its adverse conditions and reclaim her right to the throne.

Yona is one such protagonist whom you will absolutely adore as she transforms from a spoiled princess to a strong woman. And with the presence of other attractive male characters and such intrigue plot,  you are really in for a treat.

19. Beauty Pop

Score: 8.20/10

Kiri Koshiba is a talented hairstylist, but she doesn’t want to use her skill for gaining fame and riches. This was in complete contrast with three popular boys in her school. They are a part of ‘Scissors Project’ in which girls are randomly chosen and given an attractive makeover. They have big ambitions and are quite determined to become the best makeover team in Japan. Moreover, even if Kiri at first tried to avoid them, will she really be able to ignore beauty’s call?

Beauty Pop has a nice plot, and it also has plenty of comedic moments enough to make you all enjoy it until the end. The art may be simple but very consistent with the story. So overall, if you like rom-com manga, then you will definitely like this romance manga.

18. Vampire Knight

Score: 7.63/10

Yuki Cross is the adopted daughter of the Cross Academy’s chairman and also a part of Day Class. As she is the prefect of the Day class, it is her and Zero Kiryuu’s responsibility to keep the students of their class in order and not wander onto the grounds of Night Class. The students of Night Class are considered as Elites and have extremely bewitching looks. But nobody from the day class except Yuki and Zero knows their secret, and that is they are actually the mythical Vampires.

If you are looking for a vampire romance manga, then I would recommend this one. It’s not the perfect romance manga and also have shortcomings. However, the ending didn’t disappoint me even if it was not a truly happy ending.

17. L-DK

Score: 7.72/10

The story follows Aoi Nishimori, who is a high school student. She lives alone in her own apartment. Later she finds out that someone has moved in next door to her. And surprisingly he is the most popular guy in her school, Shusei Kugayama. What follows afterward are some crazy happenings which resulted in the two neighbors to live together under the same roof. Moreover, they both are indifferent toward for some different reasons. Is it possible for them to peacefully co-exist together?

A romance manga, although it has many cliches, you are still able to enjoy it. There are many cute moments, with drama in later chapters, and the art style is also decent enough.

16. Tonari Kaibutsu-Kun

Score: 8.28/10

Mizutani Shizuku is a studious student who only cares about her grades. However, her life changed forever after she met Yoshida Haru. He is a troublemaker student who often skips school. So one day Mizutani had to deliver him the class notes as she was asked by the teacher. But somehow once they met, Haru is convinced that they are friends. And soon enough because of his naive nature, he ends up confessing his love to her. Will Mizutani be able to handle his spontaneous actions?

It is a romance manga with a fresh new perspective, which is quite interesting to read. It is great, fun, and unique in its own way. And the cute antics of the characters will make you fall in love with them.

15. Ranma 1/2

Score: 8.0/10

‘Spring of drowned girl’ is a place highly recommended for the martial artists to visit to hone their skills. However, unknown by most, the spring is a cursed one. And a teenage martial artist Ranma ends up becoming a victim of this curse amongst the many others. From then on, he will unexpectedly turn into a girl whenever cold water is splashed on him. But this does not deter his father from engaging him to the daughter of his old friend.

This manga consists of a combination of related short stories that are quite humorous to read. And if you are looking for a martial arts plus comedy genre then this manga with subtle romance is really quite enjoyable and a good pick.

14. The one

Score: 8.32/10

Cane Lele was a child of popular models. One day, while traveling back home from their work, they were killed in a plane crash. From then on, Cane started hating the fashion industry. She decided to never set foot in it. But after seeing the photo shoot of Angus Lanson, the American model she began to slowly appreciate modeling as a unique art form. Therefore, when the chance to meet Angus knocked on her door, she quickly took it with great delight. Little did she know that accompanying Angus secretly was his twin brother, and a meeting with him would forever change her life.

It is a showbiz romance manhwa. Even though the ending might have been rushed a bit, it still can be considered a great story. With its beautiful art style, good character development, and an interesting plot, you will definitely find it enjoyable.

13. Cat Street

Score: 8.35/10

The story centers around Keito Aoyama. She was a famous child actor, but due to a childhood incident, she retired from the world of showbiz. Now years later, Keito is 16 years old and lives on without any purpose.  However, one day a meeting with a stranger changes all that. The stranger leads her to El Liston, a high school for a student like her who don’t know their purpose in life. With the help of her childhood friend, her school friends, will she be able to come out of her trauma from years ago?

Cat Street is a manga where you will never be greeted with any dull moments. Each chapter will leave you wanting more. It also has characters with distinctive looks, unique personalities, and purpose. So overall, it has a very deep story and would surely catch the reader’s interest.

12. Relife

Score: 8.69/10

Arata Kaizaki has been burdened by the heavy responsibility of an adult. Like most of us, he wants to go back to his childhood days and make the right choices. Though we all know we can never relive the past again. However, this dream might become a possibility for the 27 years old Arata.

One day while returning home from his part-time job, Arata is approached by an employee of Relife research institute. And he is offered to take part in the project where the candidate’s physique will be reverted back to their younger self. All he has to do is to enroll in a high school and live as a student for one year. But Arata, who now has the mentality of an adult, will he be able to go along with the plan?

A highly recommended manga that has love, friendship, and makes us think about our life.

11. Lovely Complex

Score: 8.46/10

Risa, who is much taller than an average girl and Otani, who is much shorter than an average boy both are the titled comedy duo of their class. Soon they find themselves in the same predicament where their crushes fall in love with each other. Heartbroken by this, they decide to form a team and enter this war of love while encouraging each other. However, in the process of all this, Risa slowly felt her feelings become deeper for Otani. But will she be able to confess to the oblivious Otani?

A character-driven series that can surely make you greatly interested in its unique world. There are lots of moments in the manga where you would want to laugh out loud or happily sigh with how adorable the two main characters are.

10. Bakuman

Score: 8.48/10

High school student Moritaka Mashiro is a talented artist but is still uncertain about his future. One day, Akito Takagi, an aspiring writer happens to come across Mashiro’s drawings in class. And decides to invites Mashiro to create a manga together. Though he was still hesitant at first. But after he got to know that his crush, Miho Azuki wants to be a voice actress, he becomes determined to make a manga and get it adapted into an anime in which she can star in. But with their path laden with many difficulties, will they be able to realize their dreams?

The path to successful manga, novel, or artwork is not easy, and this manga perfectly illustrates that. It has a decent plotline, which makes us understand the difficulties faced by a mangaka. If you want to glimpse in the world of mangaka, then this manga is the perfect way for that.

9. Kimi no Todoke

Score: 8.31/10

Kuronuma Sawako has an uncanny resemblance to the ghost in the ‘The Ring.’  And that so with her silent and timid nature, others easily mistake her for a scary individual.  However, it is drastically different from her real personality. All she wants is to make friends and live a normal life. Therefore, this resulted in her becoming attracted to Kazehaya Shouta, who is popular among others. Coupled with his cherry and positive personality, she started admiring him. And when he talked with her one day, she thought she might finally gain her very first friend.

Some people are easily misunderstood as they don’t speak much or are introvert. But it doesn’t mean they don’t wanna make friends, and it’s just they don’t know how to initiate. This manga perfectly portrays the struggle of those individuals. A very heartfelt and sweet story that will make you have a very enjoyable time reading.

8. Ouran High School Host Club

Score: 8.58/10

Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student studying at the Ouran Academy, an elite academy for the students of high pedigree. One day as she was looking for a quiet place to study she stumbles upon the abandoned Third music room, where a group of six male students hosts’ gather to entertain female “clients” with sweets and tea. While she was trying to escape from the room, she accidentally breaks an 8 million yen vase. Now, she has to do menial work for the host club to pay off for the broken vase. Mistaken as a boy, the club members select her as a new host.

The brilliance of this manga lies in the journey that the author takes you on to find out. As you progress with the plotline, you will really be moved emotionally by how the mangaka has illustrated the romance between the various characters.

7. Nisekoi

Score: 7.70/10

Raku is a high school student and a sole heir to an intimidating Yakuza family. Due to the promise from 10 years ago, he has been looking for a fated person who holds the key to his heart. Now years later, he is living like a typical teenager while also crushing on a girl named Onodera.
However, his ordinary school days soon come to an end as he is forced into a relationship with the rival gang leader’s daughter, Chitoge Kirisaki, to bring peace between the families.

If you read the starting chapters of the manga, you will be really hooked in its plotline. However, as it starts progressing into more chapters after, like 100+,  you will find that the story has become repetitive. But still, the starting chapters and even the ending are good enough to read if you do pick up this manga.

6. Orange

Score: 8.49/10

The story follows Naho Takamiya, who unexpectedly receives a letter from herself of 10 years later in the future. At first, she thought it was just a prank being played by someone else. But when the letter mentioned that a transfer student will be enrolling soon and then a student by the name of Kakeru Naruse actually did come, she realized the severity of her situation. The letter continued on about all the regret she has in the future and how it all is related to Kakeru who somehow would not be together with them in the future. Will Naho be able to change the fate even with her future self guiding her on?

With a unique plot, exceptional artwork, and enjoyable characters, you will soon come to love this amazing romance manga. However, this manga is not all happy-go-lucky one, and there is also some tragedy involved in it.

5. Skip Beat

Score: 8.67/10

Kyouko Mogami is a sixteen years old girl who followed her childhood crush to Tokyo so that she could support him in his road to become a top idol. But what she didn’t expect was that he only considers her to be a mere helper and nothing more than that. So she runs away from him and started to plan to beat him in his own game.

However, after getting rejected by the talent company of her choice, she is quite depressed. Her last hope comes in the form of the president of that very company as he decides to give her a second chance. With this, will she be able to enact her revenge?

The not-so-original plot will start to become more interesting as you start reading the series. The art is also quite balanced with the story aside from a few exaggerated scenes. So I highly recommend this series to be on your read list.

4. Dengeki Daisy

Score: 8.45/10

Kurebayashi Teru is now all alone in the world after the death of her brother. However, her brother just before his death gave a cell phone to Teru. He told her to contact ‘Daisy’ if she ever feels lonely and a need to talk to someone. Later to pay off a debt of Kurosaki Tasuka, the rude but handsome Janitor of her school, she now finds herself working for him. But little did she know how closely related both Daisy and Kurosaki are to each other in reality.

A very unpredictable mystery romance manga which will you dying out of curiosity and anticipating suspense. It also has decent artwork and a unique mangaka style that will surely make you very interested.

3. Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Score: 8.45/10

The plot follows Misaki Ayuzawa who is the ‘demon’ student council president of the once-all-boys turned co-ed Seika High School. To protect the girls from the major population of boy students, she has taken it upon herself to keep them all in line. They all think that she is really scary and not girly at all. Little do they all know that Misaki is actually hiding a very embarrassing secret: she works in a maid cafe to support her family. She thought she could hide this secret well. But when one day the most popular guy of the school, Usui Takumi discovers her outside her cafe wearing her maid uniform, she miserably thought that her peacefully school days are over.

One of the best romance manga of all time. It is adorable with sweet romance and funny antics of the characters. So if you want to read about pure love with fantastic characters, then this is for you.

2. Fruits Basket

Score: 8.49/10

Upon losing her mother, 16 years old girl, Tooru now has to move in with her Grandfather. However, as his house was being renovated, she decides to live in a tent. But the other day, her tent met with a disaster. While consumed in depression, she meets the Souma family who was checking their land. When they come to know of her circumstances, they offer her to stay at their home.

While living with them, she soon learns the secret of the Souma family.  With such dark secret, will Tooru’s kindhearted yet resilient nature be able to handle the secret and gain their trust?

The series focuses on character development and the nature of humans. With a lesson to learn in every chapter and a satisfying ending, it’s really worth a read.

 1. Horimiya

Score: 8.55/10

Kyouko Hori is a popular and bright student in her school. However, she doesn’t socialize much with her friends outside school. At home, her parents are always out working, and her younger brother Souta is always in her care. And she wanted to keep this situation a secret from her friends.

Izumi Miyamaru is perceived as a nerdy glass-wearing otaku in his class who doesn’t talk much. But no one knows that outside of school he is a completely different person with piercings and punk-styled fashion. One day coincidentally the two end up meeting because of Souta. And thus began a journey from friendship to being a couple.

Hiromiya has a simple but very enjoyable story. It has a captivating effect on a reader as soon as they start reading. So if you like calm stories, without any agitation, and unnecessary cliches then this romance manga is for you.


With this last exceptional romance manga, I conclude my list. So which romance manga was able to captivate your heart? Do comment down below.

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  1. The Last Game was good! I want something similar to it. The art was also very good and judging from the cover art, most of these don’se seem very modern.

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