How well do you remember Demon Slayer Trivia - Season 1

How well do you remember Demon Slayer Trivia (Season 1)?




Kimetsu no Yaiba or Demon Slayer is all the hype now, in the anime world! As you are waiting for season 2, you can pass some time by solving these quizzes. Test your knowledge and memory! Do you believe you remember everything from season 1 or do you need to rewatch it?

Note: On some older mobile devices or with bad internet connections, this quiz might take up to 10 seconds to load. If the quiz is not loading for you on the first try, please refresh the page and try again.

Tell us in the comments if this quiz was too easy or too hard. Were there too many questions or are you ready to take on bigger challenges!

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  2. Nice quiz

  3. This is a false quiz, as shown in the manga kokoshibou (upper moon 1 ) turns Kaigaku into a demon, so no. Muzan is not the only one who can turn people into demons. Unless you mean Muzan was the only one shown in the anime, or Muzan blood is the only thing that can turn humans into demons

  4. No offense, but some of these answers were actually incorrect. Demons can kill other demons, like how Rui killed one of the sister spider demons and sometimes Muzan kills some of the demons, like he killed of all of the lower ranks except for Enmu. Also, demon slayers have crows, kasugai crows, not ravens.

  5. Demons can kill other demons lmfao

  6. Great

  7. k

  8. this wasn’t very accurate for some of these questions the answers are wrong if u got these from the wiki not very reliable get the answers from the anime, movie,and manga

  9. Demons can kill another demon, for instance Muzan can
    Also Muzan isn’t the only one who can turn someone into a demon
    Miss Tamayo can aswell

    • Also the spider guy can

  10. Hello, I just wanted to tell you that there were some mistakes in this quiz. All of the Demon Slayers, except for Inosuke and Zenitsu, received a crow. Not a raven. And Zenitsu uses the Thunder Breathing Tequnique. Lightning Breathing does not exist. Please check all of your facts. Thank you.

    • Thank you for pointing it out, we will double-check the facts the author has used

  11. That demon lady with the flower powers turned that boy into a demon though so muzins not the only one

    • Well, I guess you are sort of right that Tamayo turned Yushiro into a demon, but that was sort of a special case and it took her 200 years.

  12. Asome stuf there

  13. I loved it