Manhwa similar to Sunggi's Study Group

10 Manhwa similar to Sunggi’s Study Group




Updated on: 01/09/2022

Your search for manhwa similar to Sunggi’s Study group, comes to an end here. Sunggi’s Study Group is about a bunch of students who have gathered for group studies. Sunggi, a rookie who just joined a study group, is in hope of gaining knowledge for his exam preparations. But what he really gets into is beyond his imagination. The following recommendations have been taken from Anime planet. Enjoy!

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Manhwa similar to Sunggi’s Study Group

10. Midnight Breeze

Drama/ Romance/ Adult Couples/ Borderline H/ Infidelity/ Mature Romance/ Explicit Sex

Midnight breeze is about a woman who performs adultery with her husband’s friend. At first, it was accidentally done but later on, they do it because it pleases them. But little did she know that her husband planned it all so that he can enjoy their moments.

What’s make this Manhwa similar to Sunggi’s study group is that this story starts with friends, and they ended up doing group sexual activities. This manhwa is complete and has forty chapters in total. The visuals are excellent to watch and read.

09. You Me Her

Drama/ Romance/ Adult Couples/ Borderline H/ Full Color/ Mature Romance/ Siblings/ Explicit Sex

Rob wakes up to find his wife having sex with his old friend. After some time while watching them, he realized that she is not his wife but that she was his friend’s wife. He also remembers that he suffers from a syndrome that makes him create memories that never happened in the past.

The most similar thing about Sunggi’s Study Group and “You Me Her” is that the story starts with friends gathering. Even though “You Me Her” is about a guy who meets his old love and starts to create fake memories inside his head, this two manhwa share many similarities.

08. Wife Training

Drama/ Romance/ Adult Couples/ Borderline H/ Mature Romance/ One-Night Stand/ Explicit Sex

This Manhwa is also known as “How To Train Your Wife.” This story takes place in a host club where you will see a guy drugging a girl secretly without her knowing. While she is on drugs, he assaults without her consent. The very next morning, she has a meeting with her fiancé and his family. She has never seen her fiance before except for their childhood pictures. Looking at her fiance’s face, she realized it was the same guy who had forced her to sleep with him.

07. One-Room Hero

Comedy/ Romance/ College/ Mature Romance/ School Life/ Explicit Sex/ Mature Themes

Have you ever lied, and it changed your life drastically in a blink of an eye? That’s what our main protagonist Mingu did. At the starting of his college life, he wanted to change his life as he studied in an all-boys school his whole life. Now it’s his chance to date girls and enjoy life, but he lied under pressure to look cool in front of his friends at the party. From that day onwards, his life starts to change because of the lie, and people consider him a sex beast.

06. He Does a Body Good

Manhwa/ Romance/ Webtoon/ Borderline H/ Playboys/ Supernatural/ Explicit Sex

Go Ho-Sang works at some gadgets shop as a shop assistant. As he is not a very attractive guy, girls don’t show interest in him. But after he brought an electronic mat from his old friend, his luck suddenly struck him with girls. The sudden change in his life seems to be because of that mat. After using that mat, people started feeling pleasure as they touched him and wanted more of him.

He does a body good, also known as Sweet Guy, is a very similar manhwa to Sunggi’s Study Group as they share similar art qualities. Additionally, both the main protagonists share some personality traits.

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05. Our Exchange

Drama/ Manhwa/ Romance/ Webtoon/ Adult Couples/ Borderline H/ Full Color/ Mature Romance/ Explicit Sex

Emily park and Nate Choi are dating and working together under the same company. But their relationship is not going well for some time as Nate doesn’t give Emily time as much as she wants him to do. Once while arguing, their superior caught them and suggested them to join their company’s swap club. He also told them they might get promotions faster in the company if they do well in the club. Emily refused at first, but after Nate convinced her several times, she agreed.

04. Her 4 Incher

Harem/ Manhwa/ Romance/ Webtoon/ Adult Couples/ Borderline H/ Full Color/ Mature Romance/ Explicit Sex

Jin Woo started working in his uncle’s shop, where he has to bring the shoes from a company so that his uncle can fix or polish them. As he started working, he got in an awkward situation happening in the company editor’s room. He saw something that he shouldn’t have seen between the editor and the intern. After that, the Editor catches him hiding inside her desk and tells him to meet her after everyone leaves the office.

Her 4 Incher is a Harem genre similar to manhwa to Sunggi’s Study Group’s genre. You should check this manhwa out. Visuals wouldn’t disappoint you as it is a colored webtoon with beautiful characters.

03. Drug Candy

Drama/ Manhwa/ Romance/ Webtoon/ Adult Couples/ Borderline H/ Full Color/ Infidelity/ Mature Romance/ Psychological/ Explicit Sex

Seunggu has been working in the cosmetic industry for a long time with an image of a perfectionist. The same goes for his married life, which is getting very complicated. At his newly assigned office branch, he encounters a woman whom he couldn’t ignore despite him hating her at first. In no time, he finds her irresistible and desires her even though he doesn’t want to cheat on his wife.

02. Hentai Campus

Comedy/ Manhwa/ Romance/ Webtoon/ Acting/ Adult Industry/ Borderline H/ Full Color/ Playboys/ Showbiz/ Explicit Sex

Jae Hyun has grown up with a dream to become an AV (adult video) idol. But as Korean culture is very different from Japan’s, he had no hope in his dreams. But one day, he got to know that the H university is releasing a new major that is an AV major. Now, even a boy who has no experience can also aspire to be a porn star. Hentai Campus is very similar to Sunggi’s Study Group, as both manhwas share the same university lifestyle. It is a long series with explicit content but is filled with emotions.

01. Hari’s Steamy Boarding House

Comedy/ Harem/ Manhwa/ Boarding House/ Borderline H/ Neighbors/ Explicit Sex

Wonyong was preparing for his college, but he had to earn his college entrance fees. The hottest girl in his school offered him a part-time job at her family’s women-only boarding house. Additionally, the girl who hired him runs away at the end moment because she never wanted to work in that place. But on the first day of his work, he realizes something is weird about the girls in this boarding house.

With this, we come to the end of the list of similar manhwa like Sunggi’s Study group here. Please let us know if you have enjoyed any of this manhwa from the list

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