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Updated on: 02/09/2022

Tower of God, is a webtoon, created by SUI in 2010 and is now available for free in LINE webtoon and Naver. The extremely popular webtoon is currently having over 4.5 billion views online and is gaining more popularity consistently. Its unique storyline, characters, and world creation have hooked many enthusiasts and hobby-readers alike. However, this webtoon, which is being updated every Monday, leaves you wanted and longing more all the other six days of the week. Fret not! We have compiled a list of other webtoons, just like the Tower of God, to sate your hunger.

Webtoons like Tower of God

top Manhwa

20. Kubera

The manhua Kubera is a fantasy, mystery genre gem in the middle of all other webtoons. The comic style of the webtoon is extravagant and elegant with full colors. Kubera, the sixteen-year-old girl, named after a god, emerges as the main character seamlessly to get her revenge. The two dimensions and its world-building is intricate and interwoven with perfection and ease. The side-character Asha has an entertaining and profound character, which makes you instantly like them. The webtoon has a dark and enticing feel to them, which keeps you guessing all the time. However, this manhwa has a romantic element to it, unlike the Tower of God. Kubera is one of a kind in webtoons like Tower of God and is highly recommended.

Black Haze - webtoons like Tower of God

19. Black Haze

Black Haze follows a magician rood who is sent on a mission to a school to protect a famous person’s son. Little did he know the bullied son and his school is not what he expects it to be. This comic is a great fantasy, action, and comedy webtoon with consistent plot growth. The elements of the supernatural give the plot an exciting aura. Continually growing and progressing plot keeps the readers engaging and entirely on edge throughout the many episodes. The art style dramatically improves as the story progresses more. Even though the characters are somewhat typical and clichéd, the story still gives quality content and satisfaction of reading. Black Haze is, though not one of the best, is genuinely a great read among the webtoons that are like Tower of God.

top Manhwa

18. The Breaker

The breaker is a manhwa with a school and martial arts background. The plot is similar to the developments of main characters, unlike other webtoons that are similar to Tower Of God. The storyline focuses on an average school kid, who gets bullied, and his English teacher, who hides a great secret. The hidden martial arts world and its seemingly perfect integration into the plot make it easy to read and dive in. The art form in this webtoon is excellent and engaging. The romance also plays a significant role in the development of the characters and their plot in the comic. The character arch of the main character is gradual and slow at pace. The two seasons in the manhwa are finely written and well-loved by many.

The Gamer

17. The Gamer

The gamer, as the name suggests, is a fantasy adventure webtoon with lots of gaming and gamer techniques going on. The gamer progresses when the RPG character suddenly gets superimposed in the real world. The protagonist, Jee Han, finds out that from the small household tasks to the more significant missions of killing monsters gain him points. He soon finds out there are other players too, and the storyline takes an interesting twist here. The gamer has well-defined and great artwork, which is more similar than other webtoons that are like the Tower of God. However, unlike the Tower of God, this manhwa has a lot more humorous elements set into the plot like gems. The development of the main characters in the webtoon is on point. It is a must-watch if you liked the game-oriented plot in the Tower of God.

one piece

16. One Piece

This manga One Piece is a pirate-themed webtoon with already released animated adaptation. The manga follows the boy Monkey D. Luffy who sets out on the adventure to retrieve the infamous treasure, the One Piece. The treasure which was revealed to be in the troublesome seas by the famous pirate before his execution is hard to attain. He gathers a crew and great storyline as he adventures along the waters. Will Luffy, with his rubber powers, get what he voyages for? Read the manga to know! The amazing plotline and unique art style will keep you hooked on till the end. The world-building is intricate and well defined as in the webtoons that are like the Tower of God. The vast story and indulging characters give off a charming effect and maintain the pace effortlessly well. On a single note, it’s one good piece.

dorohedoro - best horror manga

15. Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro is one of the classic gems that are hidden in the mountain of webtoons. The webtoon blends horror, mystery, and adventure very well and gives out an excellent comic. The art style and world-building are authentic. The dark humor and the purged world gives off a vibe similar to the Tower of God but are unique in its sense. The main character and the antagonist both have a detailed background development making the characters equally likable. This surprisingly well written and carried out manga will most certainly captivate the readers on all wakes alike. With nil romance in the comic, it solely focuses on the plot and its progression alone. Dorohedoro is a must-read to all the manga lovers and enthusiasts, especially if you like the Tower of God. 

Made in Abyss

14. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss is a dark and tragic fantasy manga with fantastic depth and art style. The manga has a consistent flow to it that keeps the readers hooked. It has a deep plot with many adventures laid in such a way that it highlights the characters with ease. The plot revolves around a child named Rico, an orphan with great ambition. She stumbles upon a boy who turns out to be a robot. Together they journey into the cave of Abyss to become a cave rider. This manga is undoubtedly well-executed. It has elements of darkness and bright, beautifully incorporated into the plot and art. Even though the manga is almost like sci-fi, it perfectly resonates with the essence that the Tower of god emits. It’s heavily recommended by many of the manga readers and is dear to all who read it.

Battle Angel Alita

13. Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita is a one-of-a-kind manga with a female cyborg as the main character lead. This webtoon follows her in the dystopian world while she saves the innocents. Her journey to self-discovery and wanting to know her pasts are awe-inspiring. The storyline and the progression of the character’s development go hand in hand. Battle Angel Alita, even though it is a female-centered manga, does not fall short on respecting its characters. The plot does not sexualize the female characters in the slightest and is borderline feministic. The strong main characters are hard to come by, and this webtoon effortlessly serves it just right. The leads are realistic and have the correct amount of luck and power for them to be believable and relatable. This webtoon, like the Tower of God, has an immense sense of powerfully developed world and plot, which progresses gradually.

Strange and Beautiful - webtoons like Tower of God

12. Strange and Beautiful

This manhwa, Strange and Beautiful, is about the goblin’s wife and the mystery revolving around her appearances. It is ultimately a mystery fantasy webtoon with full coloring and an amazing plotline. The art style of this manhwa is exceptionally detailed and showcases the story efficiently. Following the naïve and innocent characters, the plot progresses to their development as a strong lead. Its world is beautifully developed and very immersive. This webtoon, like the Tower of God, has an exciting sequence of adventures. The manhwa revolves around the leads gaining and losing friends, maturing and blooming into a wonderfully energetic individual. Strange and Beautiful, is an excellent webtoon, with its plot beautifully written and developed. It has just the right amount of mystery, romance, and fantasy elements to it. This webtoon is a must-read if you like the character development and immense world-building in the Tower of God.

Real Account

11. Real Account

The Real Account can be considered as a new-age fantasy, revolving around the users of social media and their fickle nature. This manga follows the lead Ataru, a student, obsessed with a social media platform called real account. Here he quickly becomes popular and gains many followers. The plot soon takes a turn when it ropes in 10,000 users and traps them in the game where they have to solve the mystery to get to the real world. Although this manga is of the digital media gaming genre, its play-or-die theme is exceptionally similar to the Tower of God. The webtoon, like the Tower of God, has well-developed gaming/ mission completion tasks to progress to the end of the plot. The win or die element in this manga is enticing and keeps the readers on edge throughout the storyline.

Tower into the clouds

10. Tower into the clouds

Tower into the clouds is by far the most similar to the Tower of God, the webtoon. This manhwa follows the main lead Mao Li, who decides to ascend the Tower after accidentally stumbling across it. Each level has different tasks and missions to complete before progressing to the next floor. The character must pass the level before they are qualified to get to the further floors. The manhwa is lighthearted and has more humorous elements to it than the Tower of God. Mao Li’s competitive nature pushes him to climb as high as possible just for the sake of it, unlike the play or die situation in Tower of God. This webtoon is most like the Tower Of God in terms of structural development, world-building, and plot progress points. If you dearly like Tower of God, then this one is a must-read. 


09. Veritas

Veritas is a great spin-off to the breaker but with a less intricate plot. It follows the journey of Gangryong, a sole student of a master Youcheon. He now has to go to a school to fight where his opponents have superpowers. This extreme action and adventure sequence are very similar to that of the Tower of God. The growth of the main character, in terms of their character and strength, is seen clearly using great artwork. The female antagonist is pretty awesome with her high intelligence and fight sequences. The ending gives a sense of satisfaction to all kinds of readers regardless. Even though the sequel for the manhwa is dropped, these ten volumes certainly make up for it. This webtoon like Tower of God certainly gives you a vibe of the adventurous and on-edge theme.

City of the Dead Sorcerer - webtoons similar to Tower of God
Art by – Twai

08. City of the Dead Sorcerer

The City of Dead Sorcerer is a new age fantasy manhwa. Detective Kim is in-charge of capturing a murderer. The story unravels in 2014, where a new element “mana” is found. It has the power to give immense energy. Soon there is a time jump to a world where magic is digitalized but extremely privatized too. In that world, a character rises who can freely use magic in a way that should not be possible. He kills off seemingly bad guys and becomes an antagonist/protagonist. Join detective Kim in his quest to find this crimson robe character. The webtoon is extremely similar to the art style and progression of the Tower of God. This webtoon like Tower of God has intricate world-building and amazing character arch as the plot progresses. Many enthusiasts find this manhwa particularly interesting and fun to read.

imawa no kuni no alice - best horror manga

07. Imawa no Kuni no Alice

This action fantasy manga Imawa no Kuni no Alice is extremely dark and horror filed. The main character Alice Ryouhei is a soon-to-be graduating high school student. He suddenly wakes up in another dimension with his friends. He later finds out that to get back, they have to play games and win missions. This webtoon heavily emphasizes on the many developments in the storyline and its effects on the characters. The play or die element gives a very familiar feel if you liked the Tower of god webtoon for its adventures. The art style and way it carries the plot is seemingly unique in its way. The intricate and immensely creative games that both the webtoons have are worth the read on its own. This webtoon, like the Tower of God, does not hold back on putting the best feet forward.

06. Liar Game

Liar Game is a manga like the Tower of god in terms of its high stake gaming and psychological adventure. The liar game is brilliant and has a realistic view of the overall plotline. The art style of the manga is decent enough. However, this does not pull back the well-thought-out story and its execution. The characters are likable, and their growth fits perfectly as the manga progresses further. The naive main lead and the intelligent and promising supporting characters give the essence of the Tower of God. With exceptional characters and just the right amount of plot twists, this webtoon certainly bags a good readability factor. Its stakes of going bankrupt give the readers a sense of how the modern-day revolves around money and power. This manga is undoubtedly worth a try if you like the play-or-pay factor in the Tower of God.

top Manhwa - best action webtoons

05. Unordinary

Being an ordinary student in an average school with elite students having superpowers is quite dull, to be honest. However, what if there is something utterly unordinary hiding underneath the false façade of an ordinary boy John? This webtoon focuses on the battles that john faces and friends he had to lose to meet his destiny. The webtoon is currently hosted in webtoon for free with updates every Thursday. The art style and the writing is smooth and correctly paced. Significant character arches are valid and consistent throughout the webtoon. Having an immersive world with varied elements of fantasy is one of the factors that will hook us effortlessly. This webtoon like Tower of God focuses on missions and battles which would decide the progress of the main lead. With a good art style, this webtoon is certainly a well-recommended one with quite a good impression.

top Manhwa

04. Dice – the cube that changes everything

This webtoon follows a student who one day gets into a game of dice, which would change his entire perspective. The webtoon is focused entirely on the morality of the characters and how they withstand the tests without losing it. The character development of the leads and the supporting characters are note-worth. This webtoon, like the Tower of God, has a spirited and every challenging aspect. The main characters have the drive to win, and their unique traits perfectly complement the evolving plot. The pretty art style and the way it showcases the plot gives the webtoon a genuinely excellent feel while reading. This webtoon is a favorite for many manga and manhwa enthusiasts for its excellent plot and wonderful characters. Even though the world-building in this webtoon is not very detail-oriented and intricate, it gives a great experience while reading.

The God Of Highschool

03. God Of Highschool

This manhwa Solo Leveling is of the action-fantasy genre with quite good elements of adventure. This webtoon is quite big when compared to other manhwas. However, it can be finished quickly within a few days. The world-building is intricate and detailed with extremely creative thinking. The art is perfect here. It does not overpower the plot but does not shy away from making a good impression, either. The character development in accordance with their power-ups are easy to understand and are novel at times. The believable plot and relatable characters add a charming feature to the manhwa. Even though the webtoon is quite short, it certainly gives the strong characters enough chance to develop with a good foundation. This webtoon like the Tower of god will undoubtedly keep you on edge and hooked up with its great plot, wonderfully developed world, and proper progression. 

02. Solo Leveling

Solo leveling is a manhwa that focuses solely on the development of the main lead Sung Jin-Woo. After “the Gate” opened ten years ago, there is a constant breach and invasion from the monster world. This caused people to evolve into extremely agile and talented individuals who tracked down and captured them, called the hunters. Our lead, who is of the lowest rank of hunting, discovers a hidden secret that would increase his powers enormously. Follow Jin-Woo and his endeavors in powering up to the highest rank of hunters throughout the manhwa. The webtoon, like Tower of God, focuses solely on the winning strategies and mission completion of the lead to progress. The art style of the webtoon is excellent and will grow on you the more you read. Even though the manhwa doesn’t instantly spark interest, it sure ropes you in soon enough.


01. Gosu

The martial-arts-based manhwa is undoubtedly a must-read. The lonely student of a great teacher wants to get his revenge. He soon finds out that his revenge is of no use. This webtoon is full of humorous and quirky situations which comes as fresh air among the actions. Entirely based on the main lead and his development when he faces the outside world. The art style in this webtoon has its charm to it. The slow pacing and unusual twists give the manhwa a comfortable feel. This webtoon, like other webtoons like the Tower of God, has very intricately highlighted the development of the lead and his voyage into the world where he learns about himself and others. The talented disciple, who seeks out justice for his master’s death meets with many struggles and hurdles along the way. 

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