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Updated on: 19/01/2022

The KDrama She Was Pretty hooked us so much because it had a core concept of lost love, which reunites again, which connects with the masses. And again, as with many other KDramas, the concept is cliche, but there’s something about KDramas that makes you want to watch more and more. Which is exactly the case with She Was Pretty.

Now, how can you stop watching something as magical as She Was Pretty but unfortunately, you have to for the series lasts for a total of 16 episodes only. And what after that? So, to answer that, we have compiled a list of 15+ KDramas similar to She Was Pretty, which you can watch if you’re a fan of the show itself. Continue with the list, and if you happen to like it, please share it with your friends.

15+ KDrama Similar to She Was Pretty

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22. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Storyline: After years of being bullied for her appearance, Kang Mi-Rae opts to get plastic surgery. Initially, her worries fade away, but as soon as she joins her university, the tag of being the “pretty girl” keeps getting heavier for her to bear. Her self-esteem hits a new low as many start calling her the “Gangnam plastic surgery monster.” Amidst all this, she gets closer to her classmate  Do Kyung-Seok, who also used to be her schoolmate.

Similarity: This Kdrama comes close to the theme of She Was Pretty. Both are Romantic Comedies in which the female protagonists are going through some changes and struggling to accept their new reality.

21. True Beauty

Storyline: True Beauty is one of the ongoing series of this season. Adapting the same name’s webtoon follows the life of a high school girl Im Ju Kyung, who’s constantly bullied for her appearance. To make things better, she uses the internet and makeup to transform herself completely. On being transferred to a new high school, she gains a lot of fame, and the students start calling her “Goddess.” Despite all that, her internalized low self-esteem and the insecurity that her true face might be revealed to her peers keep haunting her. Her fears come to life as her former classmate Lee Su-Ho recognizes her.

Similarity: Although there’s a difference as Hye-Jin becomes unattractive while Ju-Kyung learns how to use make-up to her advantage, both dramas leave lessons around beauty being internal. Another similar factor is that both Kdramas result in crossed connections, as one develops a love triangle while She Was Pretty induces Second Lead Syndrome.

20. Get Karl! Oh Soo-Jung

Storyline: Based on a real-life story, this Rom-Com Kdrama spices things up with a little revenge. Oh, Soo-Jung was that girl whose charms worked on everyone. Eventually, her falling apart family changes her attitude towards everything. Being critical of every boy around her, she finally dates an Ivy League law student named Go Man-Soo, not necessarily a handsome guy. This relationship comes to an end as Soo-Jung breaks up with Man-Soo after he fails his exam. Few years down the line, the tables turn on the two. Soo-Jung’s no longer the center of attraction, and Man-Soo comes back from the States having earned his reputation as a pro-golfer by the name Karl Go. He then devises a plan to get his revenge. Everything goes sideways when they start seeing each other in a different light during this process.

Similarity: This Korean drama is similar to She Was Pretty because both follow the same trajectory of lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers. Additionally, in both the series, the protagonists experience a reversal of fate, which eventually messes up their equations with each other. 

19. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Storyline: This is one of the most famous names among first-time Kdrama watchers. As the title suggests, this very question troubles Lee Young-Joon, the vice-chairman of a well-established firm, as his 9-year-old resourceful secretary Kim Mi-so decides to resign from her post. Henceforth, Young-Joon plans to do anything in his reach to make Mi-So change her decision. However, as Young-Joon gets down to it, Mi-So’s already determined to change things around her. The two are yet to find out the things they share in common.

Similarity: The most evident similarity shared by both Kdramas is that they’re both led by Park Seo-Joon as the male protagonist playing the role of a boss. Moreover, just like She Was Pretty, this Kdrama too is an Office-based Romantic Comedy.

18. The Secret Life of my Secretary

Storyline: The Manager of a mobile company suffers a blow as one day he fails to recognize the people around him due to a disorder. However, he succeeds in recognizing his secretary, whom he had fired previously. As can be guessed from thereon, this turn of events makes him realize his secretary’s importance.

Similarity: This Korean drama is similar to She Was Pretty as again both are Office Romantic Comedies in which we often see a cold boss clashing with his subordinate. Obviously, this dynamic translates into both pairs falling for each other eventually. Plus, in both series, the female protagonists go through a makeover.

More than Friends- KDramas Similar to She Was Pretty

17. More Than Friends

Storyline: In the past, Kyung Woo Yeon and Lee Soo used to be good friends who started feeling a little more for each other without revealing it to the other. Their mutual feelings are traced back a decade later while they’re both leading their career-driven lives. Surprisingly, similar circumstances hold them back from confessing yet again.

Similarity: In both these Kdramas, the lead pairs share a past connection and have had feelings for each other since that time. Their situations keep them from getting together. Once again, the second lead helps to actualize the lead pair’s love story, making it similar to She Was Pretty.

Birth of a beauty - KDramas Similar to She Was Pretty

16. Birth of a Beauty

Storyline: Due to psychological shock, Han Tae Hee is suffering from broken heart syndrome. He’s also the heir to a huge company. He decides to change an overweight and unattractive woman named Sa Geum Ran and give her a new identity. All his efforts to change her into an attractive woman and become redefined as Sa Ra are so that he can win back the woman he loves. However, during the transformation process, he falls for Sa Ra.

Similarity: The two dramas have a similar feeling as the male leads who fall in love with the female lead. Similarly, the female leads go through mistreatment when they were ‘ugly.’ You may have doubts about this drama, but you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised if you give it a try. The writer emphasizes the fact that they find their strength in each other. As a result, the romance is brilliant, and the revenge plot is too.

15. Queen of the Ring

Storyline: This fantasy romance drama is set in a society where appearances play an important role. Everyone judges everyone by their looks. A girl somehow finds a magical ring and uses it to transform into the most dateable girl. Mo Nan Hee was never the subject of guys’ interest and attraction. Park Se Gun, on the other hand, is known to be shallow and egotistical as he has good looks and is the most popular guy on campus. After getting the ring, Nan Hee falls for her new looks completely. However, he finds that Nan Hee is nothing like the previous girls he’s dated. She’s socially awkward and violent. Despite all this, he somehow finds himself falling more in love, even after her negative qualities.

Similarity: The main premise of this KDrama is quite similar to She Was Pretty. It’s a cute and heart-warming drama as all the characters develop in their own ways. The acting is just amazing as everyone gave their all in this show.

14. Our Times

Storyline: Lin Zhen Xin gets ridiculed even by the people working below her at work. She decides to listen to an old cassette recording of Andy Lau’s song as she’s dejected. This triggers memories of her high school days. She was just an ordinary schoolgirl who had a crush on the school’s most popular boy, Ouyang Fei Fan. She receives a chain letter that warns her to pass the message on. If she doesn’t, impending doom is waiting for her, according to the letter. As she’s naive, she passes it on to the school’s gangster boss, the most popular girl, and her maths teacher. Using the letter against her, the gangster boss, Tai Yu, manages to make her his errand girl. In exchange for her services, he promises to leave Fei Fan alone.

Similarity: Like She Was Pretty, this KDrama deals with a love story with past connections.

13. Oh My Venus

Storyline: Kim Yeong Ho is a celebrity trainer who mainly works with Hollywood stars. After a scandal with an actress, he’s forced by his family to come back to Korea. Despite being from a wealthy family, he suffered a tragic incident during his childhood days, which caused him to sustain a devastating injury. Now, to overcome his problems, he lives a healthy lifestyle. Kang Joo Eun was the beauty in her school and was nicknamed “Daegu’s Venus.” Currently, she works as a lawyer and has become unhealthy and overweight. To top it all off, her boyfriend of 15 years dumps her. The two meet, and he decides to become her personal trainer. As they work on getting her body transformed, they discover their feelings for each other.  As their relationship gets stronger, they’re able to heal each other’s open wounds and slowly fall in love.

Similarity: Just like in the KDrama She Was Pretty, the female lead transforms from an ugly duckling. Here, it’s got to do more with the weight and health aspect. The female MCs are confident and have a strong will. This helped them make the male leads fall for them.

12. Falling for Innocence

Storyline: Also known as “Falling in Love with Soon Jung,” this drama is about a ruthless man who would do anything to improve his career. However, once he receives a heart transplant from one of his employees’ fiance, everything changes. He finds himself drawn to her for unknown reasons as his personality softens. As a result, everyone involved is absolutely confused. The storyline of this KDrama is quite similar to She Was Pretty, portraying a guy who was a jerk turning into a nice guy eventually. This has a bit of fluffy romance in it.

Similarity: It’s got the perfect balance of comedy, romance, and action. The writers keep the plot fresh with many events happening. Some scenes are so packed with emotions that leave a strong impact. You get attached to the characters pretty fast as you laugh and cry in one episode itself. The character chemistry and humor is just something else, and is an absolutely refreshing drama to watch.

Strong woman do bong soon - KDramas Similar to She Was Pretty

11. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Storyline: Do Bong Soon is from a line of super-strong women. She can easily throw people into the air if she wanted to. She’s been trying her best to be normal and use her power extremely less. While crushing on her friend from high school, she realizes that she’s losing control of her powers. Now, she works as a bodyguard of a CEO. A budding romance develops between the two, but it’s not just that. A thriller element is thrown into the mix as women are disappearing and being kidnapped. The police investigation unit includes Bong Soon’s crush, who has a hard time finding clues. Bong Soon vows to find the criminal after getting involved with the case.

Similarity: Both Kdramas delve into love triangles and leave us feeling sore for the second male lead. Adding on, both lead pairs experience the enemies-to-lovers arc in an Office space with independent female protagonists.

Weightlifting Fairy- KDramas Similar to She Was Pretty

10. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Storyline: This coming-of-age story revolves around the lives of two athletes coming from different backgrounds. Both of them learn the new things coming their way and deal with painful heartbreaks along the way. It seems as if the story might lead to another typical love triangle, but then it shifts gears. Kim Bok-Joo and  Jung Joon-Hyung chase their dreams while finding love in each other. The Rom-Com gives each character ample time to shine and tries to showcase that everyone deals with their own burden, so supporting each other can go a long way than expected. 

Similarity: This Kdrama is similar to She Was Pretty as in both series, the lead pairs bicker a lot before finally realizing their feelings for each other. Moreover, a connection from the past again ties up the lives of the protagonists.

Marriage, Not Dating

09. Marriage, Not Dating

Storyline: Gong Ki Tae is a successful and wealthy plastic surgeon. He’s a single man who does not have any plans to find a wife. He believes that his life is planned perfectly, and his life as a single man is the only option he can accept. However, his family insists that he marries soon. To get some peace from his parents and the persistent string of marriage prospects and blind dates, he brings Joo Jang Mi home. He does this on purpose because he’s certain they’d never approve of her being his girlfriend.

Similarity: I know what you might be thinking. The plots are completely different from each other. But trust me, they do give off a similar vibe. Both dramas are rom-com, where the male eventually falls for the female lead after initial disapproval. The female leads are of lower status in comparison to the men and have a peculiar personality. Though they’re eccentric and over the top, they manage to capture the male MCs’ attention. Due to this, the characters’ chemistry in both dramas is exceptional.

08. Witch’s Romance

Storyline: An enthusiastic reporter at the age of thirty-nine, Ban Ji Yeon is a single woman who cares a lot about her work. So much so that she’s even gained a nickname at work – “witch.” Due to her boyfriend’s experience disappearing before the wedding, she doesn’t have faith in true love anymore. Yoon Dong Ha is a young man who runs a small business with his friend. Although he may look like a cheerful guy, he lost his girlfriend to a car accident. When these two characters finally meet, sparks fly despite the age difference. They find that they actually have a lot more in common than they thought, including their broken and scarred hearts.

Similarity: Park Seo Joon is in both dramas, and his character’s personality in both is pretty similar – hilarious and childish but in a good way. Other than this, the MCs work in an office and a romantic relationship between the boss and employee blossoms. This KDrama is fast-paced, just like She Was Pretty, and is guaranteed to make you laugh a lot.

07. The Undateables

Storyline: This show explores the story of a charming and good-looking guy and a former athlete. The guy is an expert in romance and love theories but is not interested in actually falling in love himself. On the other hand, the former athlete decides to become a relationship counselor after giving up her love due to reality. The drama displays how they find a balance between theory and practicality of love while learning from each other.

Similarity: The same actress is present in both dramas, and the stories are quite similar. The female MCs are bubbly and a tad bit naive but full of energy. The women have trouble finding a job, and then when they finally do, they meet a man. Both stories explore past events that made the MCs who they truly are today. We can see character developments and the importance of the relationships forming. They give out a similar feeling as well.

My Lovely Sam Soon

06. My Lovely Sam Soon

Storyline: With commendable talent in making pastries, Kim Sam Soon is a lovely baker. She catches her boyfriend cheating on her and breaks up with him on Christmas Eve. That same night, she accidentally meets Hyun Jin Hun in the men’s restroom. As it so happens, Jin Hun has a job for her. His new restaurant Bon Appetit requires a baker, and Sam Soon is currently unemployed. She is soon hired as the restaurant’s chief baker while the two fight like an old married couple.

Similarity: This fluffy, feel-good rom-com features characters that are not the cookie-cutter type of leads. This is in line with the concept of the KDrama She Was Pretty. The female lead practically steals the show with her sassy comebacks. While she’s relentless, deep down, she yearns for love.  The subtleties in the writing and acting bring the drama up a notch despite the generic storyline. The soundtrack is stellar.

05. Go Ho’s Starry Night

Storyline: This web drama is a Chinese-South Korean collaboration. Go Ho goes through the struggles of modern-day women at the age of twenty-nine. To be specific, the struggles of succeeding in work in the 21st century while also working on romance. As an advertisement contractor, she works hard so that her career can be successful. Due to her bad luck in the romance department, love has always been an afterthought.

Similarity: However, after an old love shows up as her new boss, it seems like every man is suddenly interested in her. Will she be able to make the right choices for her love life? She Was Pretty, and this KDrama is a similar rom-com set in the office. The concept of a mean boss and a quirky yet lovable female lead is consistent in both. It’s an enjoyable watch for all. The cute and fresh series is totally binge-worthy and does not drag on at all.

KDramas Similar to She Was Pretty

04. Marry Him If You Dare

Storyline: Na Mi Rae travels back in time to meet her past self and give her some advice. She wants to prevent her 32-year-old version from marrying Kim Shin, a news anchor. Due to this, she changes her life and chooses a different path that enables her to do what she really wants to do. This drama is set in the world of T.V. broadcasting and shows people’s relationships in a broadcasting station.

Similarity: The female roles in both dramas have extremely similar characteristics. Both leads have messy hair and messy lives. They constantly get ridiculed by others. Due to this, it’s hard for them to be building their careers. Along with this, they have a crush on their superiors at work. After a lot of hardships, they make a change in the way you look.

Now, coming to the male leads. They’re fierce superiors who act cold towards the female MC but eventually soften up and like them. Even the plots are quite similar, as both of them include a connection to the past. So, if you’re a fan of She Was Pretty, then this KDrama can be your pick.

Oh My Ghost - KDramas Similar to She Was Pretty

03. Oh My Ghost

Storyline: Bong Sun is a young woman who gets possessed by a virgin’s soul who has a thirst for lust. Due to her social anxiety, she doesn’t even have friends. She works as an assistant at a restaurant but mostly gets yelled at. She has been able to see ghosts occasionally since she was a child due to her shaman grandmother. But now she even gets possessed by the lewd ghost. Sun Woo is an arrogant star chef, nevertheless, Bong Sun secretly has a crush on him even though he never really cared to notice her as he’s still not over an old love. However, Bong Sun starts acting differently one day, shedding her dusty personality. This way, she ends up being on Sun Woo’s mind constantly.

Similarity: The pairing of an arrogant boss and his timid assistant is a common link between both shows. The circumstance they are in conspire to bring them closer and eventually make them fall in love. This is how the Korean drama is similar to She Was Pretty.

KDramas Similar to She Was Pretty

02. Miss No Good

Storyline: Jiang Xiao Hua is a woman with a terrible sense of fashion who runs her family’s running an accessories store. Jia Si Le, the “fatty,” returns from Japan to surprise everyone with his renewed and lean body. When he asks Xiao Hua out on a date, he remarks on her style by calling it a ‘Christmas tree.’ Taking offense to this, Xiao Hua seeks help to change her lame style.

While sharing a cab with a man named Tang Men, she learns that he’s a stylist. When he drops his expensive and rare pair of scissors, she uses it to threaten him to help her. Initially, he disagreed, but he finally caves in. Meanwhile, Jiang Mi is supposed to become the fiancee of Jia Si Le.  After finding out that he’s in love with Xiao Hua, she’s furious. She decides to use Tang Men in her plan, where she gets closer with Si Le while Tang Men distracts Xiao Hua.  As Tang Men gets closer and closer to Xiao Hua, she begins to question whom she really loves. Is it Tang Men or Jia Si Le?

Similarity: What makes this KDrama similar to She Was Pretty is that it develops a love triangle which again puts the female protagonist’s appearance as a pressing matter. With all the brewing emotions, we see some character development as a result.

Lucky Romance - KDramas Similar to She Was Pretty

01. Lucky Romance

Storyline: Bo Nee meets a man who wholeheartedly believes in maths and science, whereas she believes in superstitions and matters of the same.  According to her fortune teller, she has to find a man who happens to be born in the same year as the Tiger year. Soon after this, she encounters a man who has never dated a woman and doesn’t show any interest in doing so in the future. 

Similarity: This love story explores this unexpected couple that tries to understand each other’s outlooks on life. The pair overcomes differing beliefs and proves that destiny is not written in advance. Ryu Jun Yeol stars in this drama and is absolutely full of charms. Actress Hwang Jung Eum is also stunning, and honestly, it’s because of her that this KDrama is like She Was Pretty. The love story is the kind that gives you butterflies in your stomach, and it’s definitely one that we strongly recommend.

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