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Updated on: 15/07/2023

If you have been watching Demon Slayer then you have probably noticed how it’s growth in popularity is huge with the release of season 1. And we got no one else but Studio Ufotable to thank for that. I’ve read the manga, so I can tell you that they have not only done it justice but brought it on a new level of awesomeness. With rising popularity of Demon Slayer we have been blessed with all sorts of content anime fans deserve. Memes, edits, AMVs, and fan arts for the show are being posted everywhere.

It took me some time, but I have managed to contact these amazing anime artists with various styles. And they have given me their permission to share these amazing Demon Slayer fan arts with you. Some artists were even kind enough to answer a short interview, so you can expect more detail and background on some art pieces. Without further ado lets dive into this list for the best and hottest Demon Slayer fan arts. Check out the artists you like on Instagram for more amazing pieces (links under pictures)

If you are an anime artist and would like to submit a Demon Slayer fan art for this blog post you can contact us via Instagram.

Hottest Demon Slayer Fan Arts

Demon Slayer Fanart by fantom arts

01. Tanjiro and Zenitsu by @fantom.arts

When I first saw this “out of the box” style I fell in love with it. Fantom.arts utilizes art markers and color pencils to create his drawings. (Wish I knew how to draw like that)

He has been drawing for 3 years now since 2016 and has had a significant improvement in art in such a short period of time. We can expect to see more amazing art pieces from this creator. And if you like speed drawings you can check out fantom.arts youtube channel.

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02. Bad Boy Tanjiro by @helloclonion

I’m so glad Helloclonion decided to take up this piece, so far I have been following Helloclonion’s boku no hero academia artworks. And I can say they are one of the best BNHA fan arts that I have ever seen.

I hope Helloclonion dives more into the Demon Slayer franchise and blesses us with some more amazing drawings. Helloclonion has been doodling since childhood before seriously taking up drawing. If you wish to support this artist you can buy Helloclonions prints.

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Demon Slayer fanarts by lukes_sketch

03. Zenitsu and Tanjiro by @lukes_sketch

Lukes Sketch is a self-taught anime artist that has been drawing since childhood but only picked up coloring and brushing techniques 3 years ago. In that time Lukes has polished his skills to bring us fans mesmerizing Demon Slayer fan arts. When talking with Lukes I asked about where his inspiration for the Tanjiro drawing comes from, and this is what he said

I loved this piece in particular because Ufotable did a fantastic job on this particular scene in the anime. And, I loved how the anime portrayed the scene, it gave an important message on significance of bonding and family between Tanjiro and his sister.

-Lukes Sketch

Lukes Sketch also has an art shop on Sidekickart so be sure to check it out.

04. Kanroji and Shinobu by @rafael_sketch

The coloring in Rafael’s drawings really feels joyful and fun. Rafael’s favorite character from Demon Slayer is Mitsuri Kanroji, although I have heard that she might be drawing Kanao next. I cant wait to see more Demon Slayer fan arts from Racheal, and if you share my enthusiasm be sure to hit that follow button on Instagram so you don’t miss out.

05. Kamado Tanjiro by @teyysha 

Despite drawing for almost 5 years now, Teyysha is an artist that does not solely focus on anime but has fallen in love with Demon Slayer and it’s animation. Hopefully, Teyysha will be driven more into the world of anime and bless us with more Demon Slayer fan arts. Considering the fact that she has not done many anime drawings I have asked her what inspired her now.

I was so amazed by Ufotable’s art style, especially this scene in particular. I loved how they used contrasting colors in this fight scene. 


Demon Slayer fanarts by drawinbugeja

06. Pikachu x Zenitsu crossover by @drawinbugeja

What makes drawinbugejas art stand out from the rest is definitely the unique style that he adds to his drawings. And you can’t ignore how cute the Pikachu version of Zenitsu looks like.

07. Zenitsu and Tanjiro by @juri.anime

juri.anime is an artist that has been drawing for over 20 years now, however, Juri has only recently transitioned into drawing digitally and uses an iPad to do the work.  Juri.anime’s favorite anime is Naruto, however, Demon Slayer might be the one that replaces Naruto in the future (you never know).

08. Another Zenitsu and Tanjiro by @yui.s.07

Where is my boy Inosuke? Though I can’t really complain when Tanjiro is such a loveable character and Zenitsu.. well yeah he’s Zenitsu. yui has been drawing for quite some time now and has a great collection of eye-catching anime fan arts.

Demon Slayer fanarts by mejjlano art

09. Lord Muzan and Nezuko by

Muzan looks really badass but where is the fedora? For these drawings, Mejjlano used Copic markers and Copic multi liners. Aside from traditional drawings Mejjlano also does some digital works on her iPad, so be sure to check out her Youtube if you like speed drawings.

10. Kanroji and Tanjiro by @flipdraw92

What a strange coincidence, it would seem that everyone is in love with the love hashira Kanroji. flipdraw combines ink pens with colored pencils to create his drawings. Although his colorized work is really great, I am definitely in love with his black and white drawings. They definitely give off that manga vibe, who knows, maybe one-day flipdraws surprises us with his own manga. (I’d definitely read it)

Demon slayer fanarts by yozora pencil

11. Shinobu and Nezuko by @yozorapencil

An artist that has been sticking to the traditions. While only using a pencil, Yozora has been bringing some astounding drawings for all anime fans. He also has a wide variety of Demon Slayer fan arts so be sure to check him out.

Demon Slayer fanarts by shionart_

12.  Sabito and Zenitsu by @shionart_

The coloring in these drawings is really eye candy. Shionart_ has used faber castell classic colour pencils for these works. We finally have someone bringing us a fan art of Sabito. I hope we can see more side characters fan arts in the future.

Demon Slayer fanarts by alex_blasi_art

13. Rui and Tanjiro by @alex_blasi_art

Alex has been drawing for 15 years now switching between anime/manga drawings and portraits. This artist does not limit himself to one style as he tries to mix in everything and anything that he currently has at his disposal. When asked about what his inspiration for drawing Demon Slayer fan arts is Alex said:

I love Demon Slayer. It’s absolutely one of my favorite anime ever. The style of the drawings is amazing, the character design is really fascinating and the soundtracks are inspiring. This was more than enough to motivate me to start doing Demon Slayer fan arts.


14. Tomioka and Kanroji by @sketchcris89

Despite not having friends and being unpopular, Tomioka has really won the hearts of anime artists. Aside from these sketchcris has also done many other Demon Slayer fan arts that look as good if not better than these (depending on personal taste).

15. Tanjiro and the gang by @baby8stef

I love the colorful and fun vibe these drawings give off. Stef uses color layering, mix media art and burnishing to create his drawings. And he has recently published a stunning Senku (Dr.Stone) x Demon Slayer crossover drawing. You should definitely check it out.

16. Muichiro and Tomioka (meme version) by @tsumu.shii

Aside from doing creative art tsumu.shii also likes to make funny redraws based on poor Tomioka san. The first piece was inspired through a suggestion from a friend and it ended up being awesome. A detail you might have missed in the first picture, the reflection Muichiro is gazing at is his twin brother.

Demon Slayer fanarts by

17. Tomioka and Rui/Tanjiro by

Bunny has been drawing seriously for 2 years now, he uses normal and coloring pencils to do the drawings. Besides Demon Slayer fan arts Bunny also majorly does Boku no Hero academia fan arts since it’s his favorite anime. Let’s hope Demon Slayer changes his opinion so we can see more amazing content.

Demon Slayer fanarts by aruaru art

18. Tanjiro and gang close-ups by

Of course, Zenitsu would be the only one sleeping. Aruaru has been drawing since he was 12, and the technique used for most of his drawings is simple pencil colors.

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19. Tanjiro vs Rui and Nezuko by @icarosan_

Icarosan uses Faber Castell color pencils for his drawings, he has been drawing for 14 years now and has delivered us a great amount of interesting artworks.

20. Nezuko and Muzan by @mangaartfanatic

Finally we see more artworks of Muzan, he’s got the style and looks of an interesting villain, I hope more people draw him. Mangaaartfanatic has much more demon slayer fan arts so be sure to check her out.

21. Nezuko and Tanjiro by

Despite not consistently posting anime artworks, Demon Slayer has captivated lanaluu’s heart and made her draw more fan arts based on it. These two drawings take on a mix of Demon Slayers original style and Lanaluus own personal style.  Lanaluu usually uses a mix of Photoshop CS5, SAI, and Wacom Intuos 5 to create her digital drawings.  She also has a shop of original and fandom accessories so be sure to check it out.

22. Zenitsu and Tanjirou by @kami_sketch

Kami has a lot of great black and white sketches that look amazing, I hope we can one day see them in colorized versions as that would really bring his art to life. These two sketches were inspired by Kami’s passion for Demon Slayer anime adaptation.

Demon Slayer fanarts by palmtreehero

23. Tanjiro by @palmtreehero

Palmtree hero has been drawing seriously for around 3 years now. The artists mainly uses Ipad pro 10 to make these digital drawings. If you likes palmtreehero’s style you can buy prints here.

24. Abstract Tanjiro by

I’ve always been in love with abstract drawings that change the original source and have their own style, and that’s exactly what we can see in shir’s Demon Slayer fan arts.

Demon Slayer fanarts by trcwen

25. Shinobu and Sanemi by @trcwen

We haven’t seen many Demon Slayer fan arts covering other pillars besides Shinobu, Tomioka and Kanroji, hopefully we get more drawings like these focusing on other staff from the series.

26. Zenitsu and Sabito by has been drawing since 2018 (not for a long time) and uses only one black pen. With the way the art is now, I think we can expect to see some great improvement in the upcoming years.

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27. Tanjiro by @shisui_art_

If you are not just a fan of Demon Slayer fan arts but anime art overall, then I highly recommend checking out shisui_art, aside from this quick sketch of Tanjiro, shisui has some really amazing colored pieces of other anime such as Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece.

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