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Updated on: 25/01/2024


Futekiya is a BL manga reading website and has been continuously growing since last year. Futekiya library is a convenient and straightforward online manga subscription service for officially licensed Boysʼ Love manga. It has recently announced its new BL manga online subscription service priced at 6.99 USD / month. Futekiya specifically focuses on a reader-author relationship where readers can support authors.

Readers need to subscribe to Futekiya with a monthly amount of $6.99 and they can have full access to Futekiya. Readers can find the rapidly growing amount of titles concerning BL present on the website. It is also going to update many BL manga titles from Shodensha.

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This isn’t the end, additionally, Futekiya also put up 21 new BL manga titles (unique without taking their respective volumes in count) on the website. We are going to present you with the list and synopsis of these titles along with release dates. Futekiya declared its license on the event of Yaoi Day, 1st of August.

Futekiya: BL Manga Lovers Titles

Futikeya - BL Manga - Crazy Fruits1. Crazy Fruits (Rakka)

Author: Akabeko

Release Date: September 30, 2019

Synopsis- The story follows Ringo who is number one ranking call boy. Then things turn around as one obsessive client scars his face concerning circumstances. Now, how much can a ‘damaged good’ loose? The story essentially involves Ringo’s struggles. (leankitchenco.com) If you do not like the main character continuously suffering it might be slightly disappointing for you.

Young Bad Education - BL Manga2. Young Bad Education

Author: Dayoo

Release Date: September 30, 2019

Synopsis- Mizusawa is a top high school student with entrancing looks. His homeroom teacher, Takatsu (37 years old) drunk, ends up kissing him. The moment involves Takatsu confessing about his love for Mizusawa since the very first day. It is the first time that Mizusawa took an interest in him. Hence, in the following days, Mizusawa tries to get closer to Takatsu now that his secret is out meets with continuous disappointments. Takatsu does his best to avoid Mizusawa at all places and is always taken aback. However, Mizusawa finds out that Takatsu has gone to a marriage interview which fuels the desires of Mizusawa towards Takatsu.

Young Good Boyfriend - Futikeya3. Young Good Boyfriend

Author: Dayoo

Release Date: November 25, 2019

Synopsis- This is the second volume of the BL manga Young Bad Education following its lead as a relationship of Mizusawa and Takatsu goes further along with many complications.

A lotus in the mud - Deichuu no Hasu4. A Lotus in the Mud (Deichuu no Hasu)

Author: Tamekou

Release Date: October 1, 2019

Synopsis- Akio’s parents die when he was young and his elder brother raises him. Consequently, Akio witnesses his brother having sex with other men for money. Akio is pretending to be the perfect little brother though his lust for his brother keeps on increasing. Things are not always as they seem. NOTE: The story involves incest between two brothers and other themes like sexual harassment.

The Beautiful Greenness - Futikeya5. The Beautiful Greenness [Vol. 2 and 3]

Author: Miecohouse

Release Date: October 2, 2019

Synopsis- Taro, the main protagonist is a socially awkward man who is 31 years old. He leads an unhealthy lifestyle and has no drive in his life, even for cooking his meals. Things change when he meets Haruki, his neighbor who looks like a model and is extremely friendly. Additionally, when Haruki realizes the lifestyle choices of Taro forces him to buy vegetables and ends up encountering Taro in a public bath place. Things continue to catch fire as one-day Taro and Haruki end up extremely drunk and spends the night together. This reveals Taro’s masochistic tendencies in front of Haruki. Now, as Haruki takes care of Taro’s food and pampers him; he is falling for Taro more every day. A great BL manga for the fans. Release Date for Volume.2 is November 13, 2019

Boys Love - BL Manga6. Boys Love! [Volume 1,2 and 3]

Author: Miecohouse Matsumoto

Release Date: October 2, 2019

Synopsis- It is a BL manga bout three boys in love. The story follows their cute but erotic relationships with each other. Release Date for Volume 2 is November 13, 2019, and Volume 3 is December 18, 2019.

The Love Of Calendula7. The Love of Calendula (Fuyu Shirazu no Koi)

Author: Hiroko Natsuno

Release Date: October 3, 2019

Synopsis- This BL manga follows the love story of two cousin brothers and their unrequited love story. The closest one is also the farthest.

Sneaky Red - Futikeya8. Sneaky Red 2

Author: Thanat

Release Date: October 3, 2019

Synopsis- Misaki’s life recently has been taking quite an odd turn. Going to work was never one of his favorite things to do and now it has become even more difficult. No, it isn’t because he hates his job quite literally but because a brash college student regularly brushes up his face. Kushiro, the college student doesn’t simply punch him one and leave but keeps punching him. This leaves Misaki unable to show his face at work. Though, somewhere Misaki realizes that he might just like it this way. These bullying sessions shouldn’t rouse the inner masochism in Misaki, right? NOTE: The story consists of themes like sadism, abuse, domestic violence and so on. Find out the story on Futekiya.

shinjuku lucky hole - BL manga9. Shinjuku Lucky Hole 2

Author: Haruko Kumota

Release Date: October 4, 2019

Synopsis- Shinjuku Lucky Hole is a BL manga that follows the lives of adult love stories. These all spanning over a dozen years of heartbreak and yearning. Kumi, a high-school student, and his life completely turn around when his debt-ridden father suddenly meets an untimely death. He starts like a porn star after the debt collector throws him under the care of Sakuma, a trainer of adult video talent.

The Vacation In Love - Best BL manga10. The Vacation in Love (Yuge to Yuuwaku no Vacances)

Author: Sumako Kari

Release Date: October 4, 2019

Synopsis- The English version of the synopsis is not available yet. Keep following for further updates.

Boku no Sex Star - Futikeya11. You’re My Sex Star (Boku no Sex Star)

Author: Tamekou

Release Date: October 8, 2019

Synopsis- It is a romance-drama BL manga series focussing typically on the school life of two boys. The manga follows themes such as the porn industry, student relationships, etc.

kakkoku no yume12. The Dream of the Cuckoos (Kakkou no Yume)

Author: Tamekou

Release Date: November 21, 2019

Synopsis- A drama story about Natsuka, his best friends and his sex-friend. Natsuka has been in love with his best friend, Hakushima for four years without any gain. Though not wanting to stain his best friend and their friendship he never confesses. To divert his feelings from Hakushima, Natsuka embraces his sex-friend Seno as a substitute. One day Seno ends up running over Hakushima while on his motorcycle and this leaves Hakushima unconscious. Later Seno wakes up saying ‘I am Hakushima’. Natsu comes up with the idea of embracing his sex-friend who now has Hakushima’s soul inside. Is it the body or the soul you love? A body swap love triangle between three boys.

Asterisk13. Asterisk

Author: Shino Torino

Release Date: November 11, 2019

Synopsis- A slight cliché but pure BL manga about a tutor and student. Sawa, a private tutor has feelings for his student Nitou Nanao. With his resolve to loving Nanao until he leaves for studies abroad, Sawa continues to hide his feelings. One day Nanao tells Sawa that he wants to have sex with him and proposes his desire. Sawa, not being able to refuse to lead them to delve into an unusual relationship.


14. Aki-chan is a Super Erotic Madonna (Aki-chan wa Suki de Mashou Nanja Nai)

Author: Sakadachi Kabano

Release Date: November 15, 2019

Synopsis- The English version of the synopsis is not available yet. Keep following for further updates.

Can He Get A Lover In The Sex Shop15. Can He Get a Lover in a Sex Trade Shop? (Fuzoku-ten de Kareshi wa Dekiruka)

Author: Sakadachi Kabano

Release Date: November 15, 2019

Synopsis- The English version of the synopsis is not available yet. Keep following for further updates.

He Has Never XXX - Best BL Manga16. He has Never XXX (Kare ha Otoko to Shita Koto Nai.)

Author: Yoko Miyako

Release Date: December 24, 2019

Synopsis- Akiko Misono is a 32 years old woman who has been dateless for the past eight years. Consequently, being lonely for so long, she is getting desperate and so she decides to go on a marriage interview set by her aunt. The marriage prospect turns out to be her old classmate from middle school, Takanobu Ichihara. He is handsome and is doing a good job now. The interview though seems disappointing to her and she feels that he is going to reject her surely. Takanobu in contrast to her thinking invites her out on a date.

However, at the end of the date, Takanobu reveals a big secret in front of Akiko. He has never been with a woman before. Thus begins the journey where both the protagonists try to confront and overcome their insecurities. A great new title with regards to BL coming up on Futekiya.

Shirusareshi Ai - Futikeya17. Shirusareshi Ai

Author: Thanat

Release Date: January 10, 2020

Synopsis- The English version of the synopsis is not available yet. Keep following for further updates.

Kawabatamachi Yorozu Kientan18. Kawabatamachi Yorozu Kientan

Author: Shino Shinomiya

Release Date: January 22, 2020

Synopsis- The English version of the synopsis is not available yet. Keep following for further updates.

Tsumasaki ni Hii - Futikeya19. Tsumasaki ni Hi

Author: Yukio Yanagisawa

Release Date: January 28, 2020

Synopsis- The English version of the synopsis is not available yet. Keep following for further updates.

Kokoro wo Korosu Houhou - BL Manga20. Kokoro wo Korosu Houhou [Volume 1 to 4]

Author: Kashio

Release Date: January 30, 2020

Synopsis- Another BL manga involving brother (step-brothers more specifically). The stepbrothers, namely, Haruki and Hikaru. While the older brother tries his bent to deepen the bond with his new brother. However, The younger brother is dealing with something different. The younger brother develops feelings for his elder brother leading down a dark relationship. The manga follows the twisted journey of these brothers.

Release dates for Volumes are as- Volume 2: March 5, 2020, Volume 3: April 9, 2020, and Volume 4: May 21, 2020.

Ikenai Koto wo Shitekure - Futikeya21. Ikenai Koto wo Shitekure

Author: Chiyoko Sono

Release Date: February 21, 2020

Synopsis- The English version of the synopsis is not available yet. Keep following for further updates.

Hence, we come to an end of the 21 BL manga list. The release date of some of the manga might change due to the schedule change in the future. Enjoy reading these titles at Futekiya.

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