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Updated on: 08/01/2023

It is best to start off by explaining what Displate is and why am I so eager to introduce you to them!

So, who is Displate? Or better said, what is Displate?

Well, simply explained, it is a metal poster. But, if you let me explain it with more passionate words, it is “one-of-a-kind” metal poster depicting anything you ever wished to see on your wall. Let it be sports, anime, classical paintings, art nouveau, or maybe even something from new artists, you can find it on Displate.

Anything that comes to your mind, there is a big chance you will find it on their page. As I said earlier, they create posters out of metal, which is, if you ask me, A+ in my book. These posters are sturdy and pleasant to the eye and they come in three different sizes – M, L, and XL!

Of course, various sites offer to create posters for you, even frame them, but Displate differentiates from other sites because these posters are metal, and most importantly, you do not need to use nails to hang your posters on the wall.

The metal posters are mounted with a magnet or a couple of them if the picture is bigger.

For me, it was hard to choose when the collection is so big and it only grows bigger by the day. Displate posters are perfect to start your collection and there is literally everything for everyone.

Like I said, the poster comes in three sizes: M (17.7″ / 12.6″), L (26.6″ / 18.9″), and XL (35.4″ / 25.2″). With the size, you can choose matte or gloss effect and they will even frame it for you if you choose that option, with a couple of frames for you to choose from.

How I dare praise them? Well, they gave me one metal poster of my choosing, and here is my review from the moment I unpacked it till the moment I see the final product that awaited me inside. And I tried to be as ruthless as possible with my review, believe me!

So, let’s get going now.

Displate - Who says a small poster can't start a big collection
Displate – Who says a small poster can’t start a big collection

The upper picture shows how the poster was packed. The entire package arrived in additional white plastic covering, but you gotta forgive my eagerness to open the package and see the ordered picture, resulting in me not taking the picture with the plastic covering. But that is not important now.

Displate – Who says a small poster can’t start a big collection

Once I opened the outer layer of the packaging, I found my poster in another packing (with the title: WHO SAYS A SMALL POSTER CAN’T START A BIG COLLECTION?) and a couple of stickers, and a flyer. Displate also offered some details about themselves on the packing which only raised my desire to see the poster as soon as possible. They took their job really seriously!

Displate – Who says a small poster can’t start a big collection

So finally, I took the Displate poster out of the packaging and unveiled it. As you can see in the picture, I chose the Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Cinematic Universe since she is one of my favorite characters in the MCU and I find her powers the most impressive among other characters.

If you can tell by the picture, the very poster of the Scarlet Witch is covered with plastic covering, so I can say that Displate really cares about delivering their products in perfect condition to their customers. Packaging after packaging after packaging.

Displate – Who says a small poster can’t start a big collection

Now comes the big question. What did I receive with my Displate metal poster of my choosing? Let me put it in a bullet list:

  • One metal poster
  • Three stickers
  • Two magnetic tiles
  • A flyer
  • Assembly guide
  • One cleaning wipe

I must say, Displate thought of everything. And I do mean everything. From keeping the poster safe to the place of destination, to giving you a visual assembly guide and magnetic tiles on which you will place your brand new poster.

Not only that, but they offer so much more in their Displate Club. For example free shipping, early access to limited editions, permanent discounts, storage sleeves and so much more…

Displate - Who says a small poster can't start a big collection
Displate – Who says a small poster can’t start a big collection

And finally, at the very end, the Displate metal poster is free from all the packaging and ready to be placed on a wall. That part I will not give you since I am in the middle of redecorating my house. And I need a lot of time to think of a perfect place for this beauty!

My hope lies with the fact that I managed to show you what Displate really is and created a small flame of interest in your heart. What is my overall opinion of Displate? I, honestly, and I really do mean honestly have only positive things to say about them. Nothing negative comes to mind and I usually always try to find positive and negative sides to everything I review, because nothing is perfect. Or maybe I just know little about the world and there are perfect things?

I will end it with another positive remark – they state on their official page that for every metal poster sold, they plant one baby tree! I truly hope this is true because imagine just what difference you can make by buying one poster! They state on their website that as of august, 2022, they planted over 17,054,854 trees!

And the number only keeps growing!

Tell me what you think of Displate, have you ever ordered from their site? Are your experiences positive or negative? I am seriously considering ordering a couple of posters from them!

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