Top 50 Cutest Anime Boys You Can Definitely Crush On




Updated on: 02/09/2022

Some cute anime boys make us melt with one look and then there are cutest anime boys that make us soften. And we definitely can’t resist being like aww… Specifically their cute personalities, adorable loos, and goofy ways. We can’t resist falling in love with these cute anime boys. And there’s a whole range of them, from cute, cold, shy, bad-ass; they can also be hot-tempered, evil. But in spite of that, their personality is balanced by their cuteness.   These cutest anime boys can still make us go KAWAII!!

Following is a list of cutest anime boys that has been made with the help of anime wiki and, mostly based on the two criteria – cute looks, and personality. So just dive in and enjoy…

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   50 Cutest Anime Boys

Ryou Misaki - cutest anime boys50. Ryou Misaki

Alias: Haseo

ANIME: .hack//                                                                                                                         


Haseo’s player, Ryou Misaki is a sophomore student attending a famous private high school. In Haseo character, he has red eyes, shaggy silver hair, an exposed midriff and wears a black leather wardrobe.

Cute Splash

He is a cold and aloof person and is often rude. But his personality gradually changes and becomes more friendly. Although he is aloof, he still cares for his teammates. He sometimes put his life on the line to protect others. His cold demeanor gives him a mysterious look. But looks-wise he’s pretty cutest anime boys.

Claus Valca49. Claus Valca

ANIME: Last Exile                                                                                                                     


He has light brown hair and blue eyes. He is seen wearing a dark brown pilot uniform. While his gloves are much darker than his uniform.

Cute Splash

first and foremost he’s a pretty skilled and awesome vanish pilot. He can outdo even the adult pilot’s record . His face has a sober, satisfied look. He’s so cute with shiny attractive blue eyes. But he’s quite keen on aviation rules. Thus he’s an ethical guy. He’s quite ambitious and bold. When it comes to being a pilot he can be reckless and is a leader. His personality and looks both make him land on the cutest anime boys list. He’s a charming gentleman with skillful pilot skills.

thor klein - cutest anime boys48. Thor Klein

ANIME: Jyu Oh Sei                                                                                                                   


He has silver hair, which makes him stand out, along with his blue-grey eyes. He is seen wearing a black turtleneck sweater with a light blue jacket on top.
Later wears a more stylish red Cape tightened by belts

Cute Splash

He’s under the category handsome but also on cutest anime guys. He’s a bishonen due to his pretty eyes and delicate feature. He is wild and instinctive at start and stylish as he survives. With a pinch of awesome with a splash of badass, It is a deadly combo you can’t stop but fawn upon. He also has big brother instincts for Rai, even though they are the same age. Moreover, he’s quite a fighter and heroic guy. He easily adapts to a new location due to his strong will, courage, and endurance. He’s one the cutest anime boys, who can be considered as a full package. Smart, cute, strong, little selfish and arrogant, with survival instinct. Along with this, he’s has a taste for fashion.

ren kannagi - cutest anime boys47. Ren Kannagi

ANIME-  Stigma of the wind                                                                                                   


Ren has green eyes and creamy blond hair, which are parted off in middle like old school look. Ren is the brother of Kazuma. And is 10 years younger than his brother. Usually, he wears his pink coat over a turtle neck top and jeans and his school uniform.

Cute Splash

Ren is a soft-spoken, humble and kind person. Despite that, he acts as a middle man between his brother and Ayano’s quarrels.  In spite of his soft-spoken nature, he is brave and helpful and always puts his family and friends first.  He often expresses his emotions in childlike expressions around his brother. Whom he adores and wishes that would return to the family. His cute whining and antics around his brother are one of kind. It is hard not to fall for a blond cutie with the middle part and manners.

Jill46. Jill

Anime: Tower of Druaga


He’s of short stature. Mostly he’s seen wearing armor. He has bluish hair and brown eyes.

Cute Splash

Jill just looks cute with his hair spiked in someplace. He just looks like an adorable Pokémon. He’s quite naive but is pretty loyal and compassionate. Although, he’s the protagonist who has big fantasies but isn’t that powerful. He’s often just Putting himself in danger. He’s all mushy and squeaky type character. Even though people betray him he doesn’t hold grudges and has noble nature in that sense. But he’s quite innocent when it comes to the world’s ways.. he often has cute moments and messes things up. But at the same time, he’s inspiring and hardworking. He is a cutest anime boys type.

Alois Trancy - cutest anime boys45. Alois Trancy

Anime- Kuroshitsuji ( black butler )


a teenage boy with icy blue eyes and platinum blond hair Along with a slender figure. Thus he looks naughty and arrogant. His mischievous smile is what makes him stand out.

Cute splash

He has fluctuating emotions along with a sadistic personality. His noble authority, as well as his mysterious demeanor, makes him intriguingly cute. However, even his British charms can’t deny his bizarre temperament. Even though he’s evil in disguise, there’s no reason he can’t be cute. He’s like an adorable villain that keeps you hooked. He’s dangerous, seducing, yet cheerful mix up makes him sweet but devilish. His push and pull tendency towards others also adds a certain charm in his personality.

Toshiro Hitsugaya44. Tōshirō Hitsugaya

ANIME- BLEACH                                                                                                                 


Tōshirō is short and has the appearance of a kid. With ocean like turquoise eyes and short, spiked, white hair, he tends to draw attention unknowingly. He wears the standard sleeveless captain Haori with a green sash around his shoulders.

Cute Splash

He is serious and mature. Which contrasts his childlike appearance. Furthermore, He hates anything childish. Usually, he is joked about by many due to his height and personality. Despite his serious personality, he has his cute moments, although rare. Along with his serious appearance, he is considered a genius and is the youngest person to become a captain. But his short stature makes him Kawai…

43. Rin Okumura

Anime: Ao No Exorcist


Rin has messy, dark blue hair in the anime that sweeps down on his pale skin and intense blue dreamy eyes.
But in his demon form though, Rin gains two horn-like blue flames floating above his head, long elf-like ears, and red slitted pupil.

Cute splash

Even though he’s the son of Satan, he’s extremely compassionate. His stupid, carefree, impulsive, immature attitude makes us want to just hug him and ruffle his hair. He easily connects people’s feelings with his own heart. Thus with his hot-headed but with a hidden sensitive side, he can charm your way into your heart. And his hairband also look makes him look like a pretty cutest anime boys. He is a whole package. As he can be deadly strong but sensitive and stupid, dependable yet troublesome. Moreover, he is a human and demon all in one package.

Jomy Marcus Shim - cutest anime boys42. Jomy Marcus Shin

ANIME-Towards The Terra                                                                                                  


Jomy has short blond hair and green eyes. His attire is similar to that of blue. But instead of a purple cape, he wears a red cape.

Cute Splash

He was a cheerful and self-confident boy before taking the adult examination. After knowing his origins, he begins to self -doubt, leading to agitation. He usually rejects his identity. But still steps up after Blue appoints him as the new leader. Despite the human race is their enemy, he still hopes that both of them can peacefully co-exist. His hair enclosing his face makes him a cute blond.

Soldier Blue41. Soldier Blue

ANIME-Towards the terra


He has red eyes with greyish blue hair. Despite being very old, his appearance is that of a young man in his 20s.  He wears a gold-colored jacket with gloves and a purple cape.

Cute Splash

He is the first leader of the Mu race. He is a calm, collected leader. And is well respected by the people. Despite being old, he still leads them. After reaching his limit, he appoints Jomy as the new leader. In the end, he gives up his life to protect the people of Mu race. His charisma, strengths, and leadership qualities made him a very popular leader. For one of the cutest anime boys, he’s quite sober but graced with a cute face mixed with hot traits.

40. Edward Elric

Aliases: Fullmetal Alchemist
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist


Edward is small for his age, standing at only 149 cm (4’11”). He has long blonde hair usually done in a braid. Along with this, he shares the same golden color in his iris. Furthermore, he can be seen wearing a black robe and clothes during most of the series. Due to the use of forbidden alchemy, he lost his left leg and right arm. As a result of this, his arm and leg are made of full steel automail prosthetics Which are custom-crafted.

Cute Splash

At the surface, Edward appears as a childish immature brat. Along with his cynical sarcasm, lashful ways and strong-willed and stubborn nature he seems like a perfect teenager. He is like a loose cannon and his antics make him adorable as hell. But he is highly protective of people he considers his family and friends. His hate for milk and pretense to seem tall makes us feel him. Besides who doesn’t have a thing for blonde cutest anime boys.

Juuzou Suzuya - cutest anime boys39 Juuzou Suzuya

ANIME: Tokyo Ghoul                                                                                                                 


He is a young man with an androgynous appearance. With pale skin and shoulder-length, white hair. He wears red hairpins, which form Roman numeral thirteen, keeping his bangs back.

Cute Splash

He is emotionally stunted due to Big Madams treatment. Due to this, he can no longer feel fear, pain, nor does he have any morals. Despite his childish and playful demeanor, he is ruthless and shows no hesitation in killing someone. In spite of thinking he has no emotions, he matured considerably and now shows more emotions. His self – stitching, is a form of body modification which sets him apart from others. Despite this, he is still the cutest anime boys and his personality is a plus.

38. Yuno

ANIME: Black Clover                                                                                                                 


He is of average height. With lean built, amber eyes and messy black hair. He wears a black shirt with a high collar and long sleeves. With below knee length brown pants, a pair of brown belts and boots.

Cute Splash

He has a calm and emotionless demeanor. Furthermore, he only speaks when needed. Which often is misinterpreted by others.  Consequently, in childhood, he was a cry-baby. Although it changed after Asta stood up for him against bullies. With his silent charms and good looks, he has cemented his position in the hearts of the viewers. His demeanor is one of his cute points. He introvert, selfish but a cutest anime boys.

Zeref Dragneel37. Zeref Dragneel

ANIME: Fairy Tail                                                                                                                   


Despite being 400 yrs old, he looks quite young and drool-worthy. He wears a black robe and a large white toga. He has a deadly combo of black hair and eyes.

Cute Splash

He’s like a mysterious, evil, deadly yet alluring character. Frankly, I just wanna hug him and pull his cheeks but he has this aura saying,’ Don’t you dare come near me’. His life is kinda tragic and that makes it harder for us not to get attached to his cuteness. His rather confusing conflicting bipolar personality is pretty cranky. Seeing him it’s like ” he doesn’t look evil at all face ” but at the same time he has this twisted dark aloof personality, and being the strongest wizard makes him more charming in an evil way. He may have a vindictive hateful ruthless way and conflicted emotions. Nevertheless, he makes you melt and that’s when you realize he’s just a lonely soul.

Ciel Phantomhive36. Ciel Phantomhive

ANIME: Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)                                                                                        


 He is short for a thirteen-year boy. He has a lean physique and bluish-black hair, along with rich deep blue eyes. Moreover, he has a black eye -patch to cover his right eye.  Typically he is dressed in clothes which show his noble standing and an eyepatch on his right eyes to hide his Faustian contract with Sebastian.

Cute Splash

Although he is arrogant and shrewd, he has the aura of a nobleman. Despite, presenting himself as a solemn and mature person, he is often childish at times. Along with his competitive spirit, his stubbornness, he has a cute side of him. We love him for his badass, fuck all personality and strong will. As instead of crying he chose to avenge his despair at any cost even if it meant selling his soul to a demon. He makes us fall in love with evil justice and masks it all with his cuteness. Before you know it, you have already fallen into his charms.

Ryoma Echizen - cutest anime boys35. Ryoma Echizen

ANIME- Prince of Tennis                                                                                                               


Although he is shorter than his teammates, he is of similar height to all his classmates. He has hazel eyes and green-tinted lack hair. His signature item is his hat and he’s never seen without it. He is mostly seen wearing his club’s and also school uniform.

Cute Splash

He has a habit of forgetting people and along with his cocky and arrogant attitude. he often tends to annoy people. His eyes are sharply shaped and big which adds to his cheeky look. Therefore, it gives him a confident, yet childish persona. With his hard-working attitude, coupled with a cocky persona, it makes you go, damn that boy is cute blended with badass. He’s quite the competitive guy. Just being the best around is what adds to his cute mix more. His cheeky moments and sassy mouth are one of his charming points.

Aladdin34. Aladdin

ANIME-Magi-The Labyrinth Of Magic                                                                              


He has a short, small figure. With medium-long blue hair, and bangs that stop at his eyes. Usually, he wears a small open vest with bandages around his chest, along with puffy white Arabian pants with no shoes.

Cute Splash

He has a cheerful and kind personality. But has a naive outlook about life. However, he is wise beyond his age. His gluttonous personality appears when he tends to see free food. With his cheerful and fun-loving personality, he has easily seized the hearts of many. He loves to go on to adventures, to explore and learn new things on his own. He’s very clever and bright for his age. He’s one of the cutest anime boys though.

Simon - Cutest Anime Boys33. Simon

ANIME-Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann                                                                                  


His most notable physical trait is his wild dark blue hair. But was shorter than most of his peers. He has lightly tanned face, which makes him look younger.

Cute Splash

He is an unassuming, short boy, who grows up to be a well-respected leader towards the end of the series. Despite being shy and introvert, he later becomes a beacon of hope for all humankind. He is polite, humble, compassionate and brave. Furthermore, his cute face and short height don’t dampen his handsomeness. Boy with manners and cute looks knows when to push the cute buzzer. Thus he deserves to be on the cutest anime boys list.

Yuki Sohma32. Yuki Sohma

ANIME- Fruits Basket


He has dark grey eyes, with dark grey hair. His hair is styled in a front fringe.  Along with that, his left side is longer than his fringe. He often wears collared or tight-fitting clothes.

Cute Splash

He has a reserved personality. Due to his low self-esteem, he often feels isolated. He is talented in everything and has a calm and collected attitude. His personality and demeanor along with his somewhat girly face show a lot of charm and cuteness. His bluntness and no-nonsense personality often appear around people he considers friends.  He’s a closed-off boy with the gift of cuteness as his charm.

Teito Klein - cutest anime boys31. Teito Klein

Anime: 07 ghost


Teito wears a black suit with gold lining. Along with bright green eyes has short brown hair. later, He has also been seen wearing Bishop robes after joining the church.

Cute Splash

For part of the series, Teito stays as a closed-off cold person but he sure has his childish compassionate side. Along with his emotional outburst on being called shortie.. his emerald big green eyes having the rebellious tint are so cute. Furthermore, his small round face makes him childlike. His cuteness is moreover magnified by his kind and innocent personality. He ‘s unable to ignore anyone’s suffering. He’s just such an adorable cutest anime boys. I prefer his cute looks and straight forward compassionate personality. Usually, his cute little banters and sarcastic comments with Frau, are his best cute moments.

Lavi30. Lavi

ANIME- D.Gray Man                                                                                                                    


He is tall, well-built and has fairly light skin. He has longish, ginger hair and green almond-shaped eyes. His uniform consists of long jackets and tight pants. Along with his bandana and scarves. Usually, his innocence is kept in his pants.

Cute Splash

He has a wide variety of emotions, that range from mischievous to naivety. He is very expressive, but despite that, he can have a very reserved personality. Due to his job as a bookman, he tends to avoid making personal attachments. He has a  weird habit of nicknaming people, which usually tends to be funny. Additionally, with his cheerful and joking personality, he just drills right into your personal space. Despite this, he is very intelligent and insightful. Furthermore, with all of these characteristics, he is a very loveable and one of the cutest anime boys.

Conan Edogawa29. Conan Edogawa

ANIME- Detective Conan                                                                                                                                                                                     


Conan has dark brown hair which mostly hangs downwards just above his blue eyes, but there are also a few strands that stick up at the front and back of his head. His usual outfit consists of a blue blazer with a single button and a pair of shorts, red trainers and white socks, even though he has taken to wearing more casual clothing.

Cute Splash

He is the shrunken form of Shinichi Kudo, who was drugged by a couple of unknown and mysterious guys. Conan is very bubbly, bright and cheerful. Although his brain is that of a 17 yr old, he has to pretend to be a kid, so that no one suspects. He is desperate to hide this secret from everyone, which usually results in hasty actions and is very comedic scenes. Usually when his personality of a 17 yr old sometimes slips out, but he plays it off hysterically. His awkwardness is adorably cute and is fun to watch. But he’s cutest anime boys material.

Haru Yoshida28. Haru Yoshida

ANIME: Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun.                                                                                           


He has messy black hair that almost reaches his shoulder and falls over his face. His eyes are grey. His usual outfit is his school uniform. Which consists of a white dress shirt with a blue tie and grey checked pants with white converse sneakers.

Cute Splash

He is nicknamed “monster” after a violent incident in school by his peers. Therefore, he appears to be an intimidating and violent person. Despite that, he is quite innocent, naive and clueless. He is very intelligent but is socially awkward. But his naivety and awkwardness are his plus points and his blunders make you want to just hide due to second-hand embarrassment. This makes him be on the cutest anime boys even more.

Yuichiro Hyakuya27. Yūichirō Hyakuya

ANIME- Owari no Seraph                                                                                                                


He has medium length black hair and sharp green eyes. As a soldier, he wears the standard uniform provided along with a pair of white gloves.

Cute Splash

Due to his past tragedies, he starts as moody and antisocial. Eventually, he opens himself up but is hot-headed. He always puts family first and tries to protect them from harm. Despite his antisocial character, he has a sense of humor.  His hot-hotheadedness only adds to his cutest anime boys charms.

Allen Walker - cutest anime boys26. Allen Walker

Anime: D-Gray Man


He has a muscular physique and white hair. Consequently, his eyebrows and eyelash are white too. He has an unusual scar on his left side like a pentagram. Besides, he wears a pairing of a white black robe and white gloves mostly. He’s usually seen with Timcanpy.

Cute Splash

Allen’s generous, naive, idealistic and kind. His offbeat thinking that exorcist can be savior even if they are destroyer is what’s touching. He’s quite an optimistic selfish sacrificing lad. And his usual rather calm smiley face is just adorable. And his uniques matching clothing sense just adds to his charms … he’s cute in looks and personality as well. Moreover, he’s quite a foodie. A guy with an enormous appetite is a sure cutest anime boys material.

Hideyoshi Nagachika25. Hideyoshi Nagachika

ANIME- Tokyo ghoul                                                                                                        


He is of average height with short, messy, dirty blond hair, with dark roots, and olive eyes. That alone makes me go damn!! He tends to wear bright colored clothes. Along with his headphones around his neck.

 Cute Splash

Hide has a carefree attitude. Along with his cheerful personality and incredible perceptions, he can figure out things about people. He is outgoing and an extrovert. This makes him the opposite of Kaneki, who is pretty much an introvert.  Therefore, with his bubbly, carefree but serious personality, he has wormed his way into our hearts. Along with his personality and looks, he has become one of the important characters in Tokyo Ghoul. Even though he is human, he is a ray of sunshine in the lives of the ghouls. His perspective and observant personality have allowed him to help out in different situations. He ha a stubborn personality, and will stick to his decisions till the end. It’s one of his endearing traits as a cutest anime boys.

24. Yato

Other names: Yaboku

ANIME- Noragami.                                     


Physically appearing as that of a young adult of around 18 to early ’20s. He has piercing blue eyes and messy dark blue hair.

His eyes change depending on the emotions he feels; typically, when he is serious or angry, his pupils become slit, resembling that of a cat’s. Yato is often seen wearing a navy tracksuit that has a small golden crown on the right side, and a pair of brown leather boots. A recognizable feature of his is a faded blue scarf.

Cute Splash

His nonchalant way of going through life is what makes him super adorable. He seems to be in his little bubble. Yato can be mischievous, crude, and unpredictable in his behavior. He reminds us of a goofy teenage hunk. He always seems so full of himself but can be rather childish and gullible at times. His antics only enhance his fun-loving personality. This makes him the cutest anime boys.

Killua Zoldyck - cutest anime boys23. Killua Zoldyck

ANIME-  HUNTERXHUNTER                                                                                                


He has spikey silver hair. Along with very pale skin and blue eyes. Killua is fairly lean, but becomes more muscular and toned afterward. Typically, he wears baggy clothes. Which consists of long-sleeved and dark colored shirts. His eyes often change depending on his mood.

Cute Splash

Killua’s personality is similar to Gon. He is cheeky, cheerful, and full of mysterious ideas. However, he is often rude to others, mostly strangers. Yet he has sweet tooth. For instance, he once spent almost spent 200 million on snacks. with his cheeky, cheerful and gluttonous personality, he quickly takes a place in our hearts. At the same time, his ruthlessness and killing aptitude, makes you wonder how he can be cute and hot at the same time. His personality is both carefree and mature at the same time. What’s cuter than a foodie with a killer attitude. He’s quite a choice for the cutest anime boys list.

Yogi - cutest anime boys22.Yogi

ANIME: Karneval                                                                                                                          


He is a tall young man with messy gold hair and violet eyes.  His alter ego emerges when he removes a white allergy patch on his left cheek. Usually, he’s seen wearing a long-sleeved yellow shirt with two red stripes. Along with green cargo pants and long brown boots.

Cute Splash

 Interestingly he has quite an eccentric p, flashy personality. Even though he’s an adult he tends to act like a child. Moreover, he’s overly emotional. Peculiarly, he has a Moe thing for Gareki. He has a weird fetish for Nyanperona.  He seems like an over-excited person regarding life. Despite him being tall, his personality makes him cute as hell. He’s all mushy, goofy, over the top character. It’s like he’s all quirky and weird and splashy overly filled person who is just too excited for his good. Totally the cutest anime boys material.

Oz Vessalius21. Oz Vessalius

ANIME:  Pandora Hearts                                                                                                


Initially, Oz appeared simply as a pair of rabbit dolls completely black in color with tiny beaded red eyes, a small stitched mouth, and a large bow on his chests. For the majority of the series, however, Oz appears identical to Jack when he was fifteen. He has emerald green eyes and golden blonde hair. Oz often wears a white dress shirt, a gray vest, and a black-tie, shorts, socks, shoes, and overcoat.

Cute Splash

In his early life, Oz had no feelings whatsoever. He merely watched the world around him through the doll that Lacie had brought back to Earth with her. Oz’s sense of self-awareness finally formed after Alice gave him his name. He is often mischievous and likes to prank others. Although he keeps his real feelings under wrap. He cares deeply for his friends and will often put his life on the line for others. His mischievousness and fun-loving personality are just a bonus along with his looks. Thus he has a spot amongst cutest anime boys.

Yashiro Isana - cutest anime boys20. Yashiro Isana

Anime: K Project                                                                                                                              


He is thin, with short messy white hair. And amber-colored eyes. After unofficially enrolling in Ashinaka High School, he wears the school uniform. Which consists of a long-sleeved white shirt along with a ribbon, and a high collar jacket on top.

Cute Splash

He just wanders around like an invulnerable lost soul with his cute stylish parasol. He’s a laid back, free-spirited guy. Moreover, he’s quite charismatic as well as intelligent. He’s innocently kawaii. There’s this smooth edge to his personality ….. Surprisingly, his manners are pretty A class. He’s even respectful to a robot. Cutest anime boys crush initiated already. He’s like a cheeky, happy-go-lucky teenager. But he has developed as a trickster and is a quick thinker which lets him escape deadly situations. There’s no denying his carefree charm and cute looks, especially his trademark umbrella.

19. Shino Inuzuka

ANIME: Hakkenden: Tōhō Hakken Ibun                                                                        


He has short purple ruffled hair, with green-gold eyes. His main attire consists of knee-high black boots, three-quarter black cargo pants, and a t-shirt. He bears a peony birthmark on his upper right arm.

Cute Splash

He’s a Bishōnen character. With those delicate features, it’s hard to not be attracted to him. He’s often referred to as ‘doll’. He’s very childish and rash. Often he has bouts of emotional Bursts. He’s naive and ignorant of the world.  Although, he’s scared of insects and often clings to Sosuke in fear, He is a keen lover of nature.  Even though he appears optimistic, cheerful, he often thinks about deep stuff. He may seem timid and weak, but fights hards for things he cares about. He’s so adorable in a kimono. He’s a total extrovert… Plus his pretty features makes him even more alluring. His personality makes others want to protect him from ever getting hurt.

Natsume Hyuuga - cutest anime boys18. Natsume Hyūga

ANIME: Gakuen Alice                                                                                                              


 He has short raven black hair, and brown eyes (red in the manga). He has Alice restricting devices on his ears. Along with that, he has a mask that he wears sometimes to restrict it more. he wears the standard uniform for elementary students. Which consists of a black long-sleeved vest, red plaid shorts, and knee-high boots.

Cute Splash

On the surface, he’s a detached, rebellious, bad boy. But when you get to know him there’s no denying his cute side. He’s Moe for Mikan. Although outrageous, crude, and sarcastic, no doubt he is a genius. He’s quite strong compared to others his age. Who won’t melt for his cute antics when he’s possessive and protective over Mikan. He acts like a moody teenager. Under his cold angry facade is a child longing for hope. If that’s not cute enough then get a reality check. Because black eyes, sassy looks on short guys who are in love, are the definition of cutest anime boys.

Yukine - cutest anime boys17. Yukine

Anime: Noragami
Other names – Yuki, Setsu, sekki


he has blond hair and sparkling reddish-orange eye. He’s a teenager with short, messy hair. He usually wears Normal modern-day teenage clothes. Besides, he usually has a cap as his trademark.

Cute Splash

He’s quite sensitive when teased about his height. Also, he’s had several emotional outbursts. He also acts like a moody teenager, being all cynical and sassy. He’s often keeping Yato in check but gets sulky when scolded. Looks pretty cute with a sulky face. Being a teenager, he’s prone to insecurity and jealousy. It’s easy to be charmed by his cute looks and upbeat full of energy antics. I can pretty much connect to him as a teenage kid. Thus I want him on this cutest anime boys list.

Zazie Winters16. Zazie Winters

ANIME:  Tegami Bachi                                                                                                              


He has black hair and hazel-brown eyes. Additionally, his pupils are like that of a cat, with slits. He wears the standard Letter Bee uniform with his cap backward. A tuft of hair sticks out from under his cap. He is much shorter than other characters, except Lag. He has a feline appearance, as his canines are much sharper and stick out more.

Cute Splash

At first glance, he may act like he doesn’t care but the more I watch him, the more I fall in love with his character. He’s the short and bitchy type of person. Moreover, he comes off as rude, sarcastic and annoyed. Furthermore, he’s portrayed as a jerk and badass. When coupled together, it all makes him look adorable and feisty at the same time. His nonchalant way is quite attractive and cute due to his height. Despite that, he’s strong-willed, determined and has quite a fetish and weird compassion for cats. What’s cute is that he blushes when he’s complimented. Even though he acts all high and mighty, he gives in to the people who care about him. That’s what makes him a strong but one 0f the cutest anime boys.

15. Kou Tanaka

ANIME- Ao Haru Ride                                                                                                             


He is a young man with fluffy black hair and sharp brown eyes. he is anemic and therefore is losing weight.

Cute Splash

When he was younger, he was more outgoing and kind. But due to circumstances, his personality changed. He, therefore, became rude and sarcastic. Even with his harsh and pessimistic views, he is still overall a kind person. Around his friends, he often opens up and is more sociable. With his cute laugh, which lights up his face, he also lights up our hearts. Overall he’s a cutie with hidden personality. His adorable face covered with bangs easily lands him on a cutest anime boys list.

Shou Kurusu - cutest anime boys14. Shou Kurusu

Anime: Uta – no Prince Sama


he’s cute and short with blond hair. His trademarks are black nail paint and red hairpins and pierced ears. Moreover, he slays a hat look always to make him look taller.

Cute Splash

He’s an easygoing, YOLO, clumsy and amiable type of guy. Furthermore, he is upbeat with whole lotta energy. He’s just a cheerful, lively, hot-headed, eccentric; with childlike cuteness wrapped in human form. His antics and defensive self just make us feel his cuteness …he’s just a smooth guy with killer adorable levels in both his looks and personality. He’s his person even with illness and a low survival rate. No one cannot get attached to his positive vibes and fashionista style. He’s just one of the cutest anime boys in so many ways.

13. Mikaela Hyakuya

ANIME-Owari no Seraph                                                                                                          


He has short blond hair which grows long after he turns into a vampire. Along with his hair and blue eyes, he appears to be a foreigner. After drinking human blood, his eyes turn red. He wears the standard uniform of vampire soldiers.

Cute Splash

As a human, he was kind and had an upbeat personality. Although he is willing to do anything to help his friends survive. Even going as far as to become a blood donor to a vampire. After he turns into a vampire, he loathes himself along with both humans and vampires. His personality changes drastically and has darker emotions as compared to when he was a child. Despite that, he still cares about people he considers his family and is willing to do anything to protect them. His passion, compassion and arrogant traits only make him cuter. But his billion dollar smile is the most charming point. The human turned vampire makes a cutest anime boys.

Yoichi Saotome12. Yoichi Saotome

ANIME:  Owari no Seraph                                                                                                         


He is of average height, with medium length brown hair with large, dark green eyes. He wears the standard JIDA uniform which consists of a long-sleeved black coat along with uniform trousers and black boots. Along with a cap and cap.

Cute Splash

He is optimistic and kind which gives him a sweet personality. Usually, he is the peacemaker between his squad but usually ends up in the middle of the conflict. He is very timid, but as time passes, he grows more confident. His timid and sweet personality is one of a kind and it just makes you wish to wrap him in a blanket and hide him. Say no more this is all that’s needed to be a cutest anime boys.

Mitsukuni11. Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka

ANIME: Ouran High School Host Club                                                                                   


He has a boyish face and is extremely short. He has short honey-blond hair. Usually, he wears his school uniform. Typically he is seen carrying his stuffed bunny, Usa-Chan, by his side.

Cute Splash

His childlike and cute face attracts everyone. Along with his sweet tooth, he likes cute things too.  He has an innocent approach in life but is extremely smart and clever. His kindness, compassion, sensitivity make him a great host. in addition to these traits, his baby face allows him to attract anyone. He uses his adorableness as his charm point and uses it to gain more business for the host club. He’s already selling his cuteness. His character is like, “I’m cute and I know it, so I better flaunt it”. He surely deserves a mention in a cutest anime boys list.

Luca Nogi - cutest anime boys10. Luca Nogi

Anime: Gakuen Alice


He has blond hair which parts in the middle due to being half French, with light blue eyes. His uniform consists of a black jacket, and a white collar with a red bow tie.

Cute Splash

Blondie with a middle part hair and mixed-blood are usually qualified for cute ..he carries around a rabbit which only adds to his cuteness. With a gentle soft soul and an animal type Alice. Warm, pleasant, quiet, shy and polite, Luca is quite a charismatic gentleman, chivalric even. But he’s quite meek and timid and has low self-esteem. In spite of this, he’s loyal and compassionate and self-sacrificing. He’s super cute anime boy when he blushes, whenever a girl approaches him. His vulnerability yet boldness, when needed, is quite charming. He’s the kid like a cute child but is mature, caring and responsible too.

nagisa hazuki - cutest anime boys9. Nagisa Hazuki

ANIME– Free!                                                                                                                                


Nagisa is of average built, with wavy,honey-blond hair. Along with magenta-colored eyes. He usually wears his school uniform. Which consists of light brown trousers, a white shirt along with necktie, blazer and black shoes.

Cute Splash

He is cheerful and straightforward. Besides, he is very opinionated and usually speaks his mind. He is often childish at times. With his enthusiastic and rebellious personality, he has easily captured the hearts of the viewers. Along with his childish manners and lack of inhibitions, he is easily one of the most liked characters in Free!. He is just the guy for the top 10 in cutest anime boys list.

8. Ilyusha Krat

ANIME: 07 ghost                                                                                                                           

Alias: Labrador                                                                                                                       


He has a boyish and youthful face, with a sleepy look due to his eyes. They are dark purple. His hair is pale purple and is wavy, messy with a fringe just above his eyes. His bishop attire consists of a dark blue cassock, with a veil that covers his face.

Cute Splash

Labrador’s got one hell of a smile that can make a heart go oh la la. He’s like a gentle, sweet angel who is rather interested in gardening and medicinal herbs. He seems rather passive, in his world guy. Labrador is portrayed as a wise and foreseeing guy. He has the poise of a noble aristocrat and manners of a gentleman. He is one of the cutest anime boys in his solemn way. Can’t stop the heart from saying ‘ what a sober and cute darling ‘.

Tetsuya Kuroko7. Tetsuya Kuroko

ANIME- Kuroko no Basuke                                                                                                   


He is of small built considering he’s a basketball player. on the contrary, he has light blue hair along with matching blue eyes. He has an unusually blank face with limited expressions.  His usual attire is his Seirin jersey which consists of white, black and red colors, during matches. He wears his school uniform when he is not playing.

Cute Splash

Kuroko has a deadpan and straight forward personality. Along with that, he doesn’t express many emotions. Mostly anger is prominent when he becomes furious. He is hardworking and dedicated. Furthermore, he tends to put his team’s needs above his own. He has an unnoticeable presence, which allows him to go unnoticed which allows him to pass and steal the ball easily. His cuteness is often shown especially when he is in the presence of animals, for example with- Tetsuya#2. Even though he doesn’t have a presence, which miraculously is his special ability, he has a huge influence on his team and viewers. Though he appears as the meek shadowed anime character he wins over our hearts easily without our knowledge.

Keiichi Shimizu - cutest anime boys6. Keiichi Shimizu

ANIME: La Corda d’Oro


He has slightly long, curly blonde hair, with blue eyes. He is often have seen wearing the school uniform. But during the concourse, he changes into formal wear.

Cute Splash

He’s a cello prodigy and sleepy bishonen all in one. He’s a guy who is in his world of music. Moreover, he just eats, sleep, wakes up, plays the cello and the repeat. He had a passive personality with a dazy look. What’s not to swoon over, his blond curly hair and cute adorable face. I mean, just look at those drowsy eyes. He’s just like an adorable puppy. And when he smiles, swear to god he’ll charm you to heaven and back. On top of it all, he’s quite a chivalric gentleman. Who can turn a blind eye to obvious cuteness just pouring out from all over him? He’s just like a cute fluffy toy.

Hinata Shoyo5. Hinata Shoyo

ANIME-  Haikyuu!!                                                                                                                         


He has a small built with unruly orange hair and brown eyes. Hinata is often mistaken for a junior high school student due to his thin built and short stature. Typically the dresses in his Karasuno school uniform. While playing matches, he wears a navy blue jersey and corresponding shorts.

Cute Splash

He is endearing and cheerful with an energetic personality. He is a cute goofball with a serious personality when it comes to volleyball. His personality makes it easy for him to befriend anyone. Although he gets scared easily and hides behind his teammates, he overcomes the fear easily. Along with his goofy personality, he is cheerful and a ray of sunshine most of the time. This, in particular, makes him a cutest anime boys. While his personality only enhances his cuteness.

Tadase Hotori - cutest anime boys4. Tadase Hotori

ANIME: Shugo Chara                                                                                                               


Tadase has short blond hair with a thin ahoge. His eyes are a mixture of red-violet, giving them a mahogany appearance. He wears the standard uniform of Seiyo Academy.

Cute Splash

Tadase isn’t the typical cute anime boy. Rather he has a split personality, which makes him quite intriguing. His usual personality is cute, timid, lacking self-esteem boy. Though he pretends to be confident in front of others. The usual good guy character portrayal. Though he’s quite popular and sought after by many girls. No denial there. He gets lots of proposals, even in the 1st episode also… He’s very kind and can’t reject any girl directly. Opposite to this, his true personality is, however, is a tyrannical maniac who wants to control the world. His contrasting personalities make him appear mysterious, charming and cute anime boy which leaves us more hooked.

Nai Muhinyi3. Nai Muhinyi

ANIME: Karneval                                                                                                                      


He is a small thin boy with a rounded face, large scarlet eyes, and pale features.  He has short white hair which has two spikes in the back. Additionally, two of his hair spikes which stick out from above his hair are lavender.

Cute Splash

He appears to have a quite confused, timid and has a laid back personality. But he can be bold and brave in his actions. Even though he’s not exactly human, it doesn’t mean he can’t compete with cute guys. He’s adorable innocent and animal-like. He just has this pureness oozing out of him. He’s rather lively, loyal and compassionate. Also, one just can’t resist petting his hair and playing with him. He’s like a cute kid that needs to be taken care of. And when he stares with his large scarlet eyes it’s so damn adorable. He deserves this spot on the cutest anime boys list.

Momiji Sohma02. Momiji Sohma

Anime: Fruits Basket


He has blond hair and brown eyes. Which he inherited from his mother and father respectively. He is a German-Japanese. He usually wears childish, lacy and ruffly clothing. along with his school uniform, which he is seen wearing usually.

Cute splash

He is always bubbly, cheerful, and fun. Although he comes from a rich family, he doesn’t show off. He can make friends easily, and a lot of girls fall for his cute looks. Although he is cheerful, he hides a somber side. This is due to his curse as a member of the twelve zodiacs. But he doesn’t let it hinder his bright personality and makes friends easily. Being cross-breed already gives him an advantage, on top he has a quirky personality. He’s totally kawaii approved. Heads up to his cuteness.

Lag Seeing - Cutest anime boys01. Lag Seeing

Anime: Letter Bee or Tegami Bachi


He’s short and chubby. On top, he has ghost-white hair. Interestingly he has purple iris for one eye. But the left eye is of red spirit amber containing spirit insect. Usually, his left eye is covered with his hair. He wears a letter bee uniform

Cute splash

He’s an ideal cute anime boy. Typically a polite, amiable, formal, gentle and kind. He’s typically goody two shoes. He also cries a lot and can be called crybaby. But his personality is so adorable like a cute teddy. It makes me wanna smother him with love. With a heart of gold. He’s like a charming delightful ball of cuteness. His whole demeanor and looks just screams cuteness overload.

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This is the end of my cutest anime boys list. It’s definitely hard to pick a few as there are so many of them. But I’ve chosen the above according to my preference of cute boys who steal your heart and also those who make it melt. These cute guys just make you fall in love with their charming personality, Adorable looks, playful antics and innocent as well as pure hearts. Lastly, their cuteness can’t be rated guys, all of them are cute in their own unique way.

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