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Updated on: 01/09/2022

Cultivation manhua, aka Xianxia, the characters forming Xianxia are xian (仙) and Xia (侠). Xian means immortal, not in the sense of immortality, but the sense of the transcendent being from Chinese mythology and other Chinese Traditional elements.

So Cultivation manhua is mostly based on cultivating their skills and be the best among their peers. If they don’t want to be ridiculed, bullied, or ignored, they have to work hard to prove to them that you can grow and be better. 

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Best 20  Cultivation Manhua

20. Star Martial God Technique

Genre Adventure/ Martial Arts/ Action/ Romance/ Fantasy/ Shounen/ Drama

A legend said that in the whole world there are twelve paths to climb Tower of God, conquering them will give one immortality. However, these paths in the Tower of God are too long without end. In ancient times there were many types of martial art. The world underwent terrible changes, and only three martial art techniques were left: Flame, Dragon, and Star martial art. Many of the generation experts of these three martial arts are trying to find the way of immortality. A star martial art practitioner on his journey of a lifetime plans to become the Highest God.

Battle through the heavens - best cultivation manhua19. Battle Through the Heavens

GenreFantasy/ Martial Arts/ Action/ Comedy/ Romance/ Harem/ Adventure/ Shounen/ Drama

In a land where there is no magic, a land where the strongest make the rules and weak have to obey. A land alluring treasure and beauty, yet also filled with unforeseen danger. Once extraordinary and powerful, Xiao Yan mysteriously lost everything there years ago. He lost his power, his reputation, and his promise to his mother.

The Heavens List18. The Heaven’s List

Genre– Adventure/ Martial Arts/ Supernatural/ Comedy/ Romance/ Fantasy/ Shounen/ Drama/ Action

Every teenager’s dream is to have their names on “The Spiritual Road’s List”, but only those who are geniuses could make it there. Jiang Yi Nian is a low-level Chi sect disciple, no difference in his aspiration, but no matter how much he tries, he never has any progression in the cultivation. For some time, Jiang Yi Nian’s teacher told him to cover his left arm with bandages without giving any justification. But after the tragedy on the Chi sect, Jiang discovers the sect hidden behind his bandaged hand and his powers.

With his new powers, he now seeks to avenge his master’s death by ending the Demonic Spirit Clan. Furthermore, he is on the way to the spiritual road, to cultivate his powers and become stronger.

Eternal Reverence - Best cultivation manhua17. Eternal Reverence

Genre– Action/ Adventure/ Xianxia/ Based on a Novel

Li Fu Chen, once called a genius, has hit rock bottom, losing all of his talents. Living as a wastrel and being humiliated by being called trash. Beaten by those who were once his inferiors, life got worse when his engagement was also annulled. Once standing at the cliff, he said, “If one day, I can pierce the cloud with one punch”, suddenly a ray of light from the sky restored his talent and life. He is now on the way to become the most powerful cultivator with extraordinary skills.

Eternal Reverence is an ongoing long cultivation manhua since 2016. The manhua itself is pretty fast than the novel itself. When you try to catch up on one scene, the other will pop up. So, if you like pretty fast storylines and massive action, this is the best cultivation manhua you can try once.

Chaotic Lof World - Best Cultivation Manhua16. Chaotic Lof World

Genre-Action/ Adventure/ Fantasy/ Martial Arts

In the space between the earth and the heaven, there is a place known as the great, Luofu World. It went into a deadly war with the Evil demon king, and with that, half of the world was destroyed. Ten thousand years later, the Wen Jian Sect leader who defeated the demon king is reincarnated as Lin Fei. Furthermore, he turns out to be the twelve peaks of the Wen Jian Sect, and he is one of the enlighten jade peak’s elite disciples. The story follows Lin Fei as he explores the new Loufu world piecing together what had happened after the war.

This wuxia manhua it’s a bit funny even though it’s not even in the comedy genre. But it seems fine the artwork of this wuxia manhua isn’t so bad nor good but better with colors and backgrounds. This manhua is sure to be enjoyed if you like adventure stories.

Master of Gu15. Master of Gu

Genre– Action/ Fantasy/ Martial Arts/ Time Travel/ Based on a Novel

The demonic Fang Yuan possesses the Spring Autumn Cicada, a Gu that lets him leap through time. Fang Yuan use the Gu and born into 500 years into the past, where he started to be called a genius child. That what everyone thought of, but later in the awakening ceremony, everything changed. He turns out to be a normal boy. But things changed when he found out about his Spring Autumn Cicada Gu that it’s still there. With the knowledge of his past life experiences and skills, he will not stop to achieve his goals. In a cruel world where people cultivate using Gu (magical creatures of the world), Fang Yuan must rise above all with his power.

Seeking the Flying Sword Path14. Seeking the Flying Sword Path

Genre-Action/Adventure/ Fantasy/ Romance/ Martial Arts/ Based on a Novel

A world where fox spirits, river gods, powerful demons, and cultivators live, who seeks the secrets to longevity. When cultivator opens their True Drama Eye, they will be able to see the things that not all can see the hidden demons and spirits. If a cultivator refines a flying sword, they can strike down their enemies from hundreds of leagues away. Young Master Qin Yun of the Qin Family is a talented young cultivator. Cultivators seek after the secrets to longevity and power, and Qin Yun has ambitions to be the top.

Seeking the flying sword path is written by I eat tomatoes, which is a common writer on cultivation manhua. Most of his work is cultivation based, so this story wouldn’t be much unique if you have read some of his work. But the story is promising to its genre so that won’t be that disappointing.

Ex Strongest Swordsman Long For Magic In Different World13. Ex Strongest Swordsman Long For Magic In Different World

GenreIsekai/ Fantasy/ Adventure/ Action/ Comedy/ Martial Arts/ Romance/ Harem/ Shounen

The story of this manhua starts exactly as it is in the title an “Ex strong swordsman long for magic in a different world”. The strongest swordsman made a careless wish before he dies, that was to forego his pursuit of magic. He reincarnated into a 6-year-old Souma, an earnest to learn magic despite his inept capability for skill. However, he was getting ready for the skilled appraisal, which will determine his magical skills. Unfortunately, it turns out in this world, and his skill level was determined to be “zero”. With the determination of his past self, Souma nonetheless trains to learn magic, with his tutor Camilla. Souma attempts to defy expectations and put his ex-swordsman prowess to use.

The story is the basic cultivation manhua genre which is hard to make “unique”, the author portrays human emotions and mentality during the medieval era well. The style is somewhat boring, but maybe because it is colorless, but the story is surely interesting.

Lord Xue Ying12. Lord Xue Ying

GenreFantasy/ Adventure/ Action/ Martial Arts/ Seinen

Lord Xue Ying he known as an unremarkable cultivator in the Tranquil Sun province of the empire, not everyone knows that he is a young and agile teen. It is also the home of the Dong Bo clan, the clan of our protagonist. His father was a commoner who turned noble, his mother a noblewoman who abandoned her clan for love, and his brother, an innocent toddler. But the peaceful world of Xue Ying had changed when his parents left him, and his toddler brother alone, the only way left for him is to become the most powerful. Later with his brother Qing Shi and loyal companions, Xue Ying travels through the world doing good deeds. A wild adventure to become a transcendent knight and save his parents.

Lord Xue Ying is a great cultivation manhua, it’s very different from the usual stories that the author writes. The character’s build-up is spectacular, and even the storyline is realistic. Moreover, the MC isn’t overpowered. He falls but rises and sometimes seems like he won’t rise again, that’s what a are the remarks of the strong protagonist.

Chaotic Sword God11. Chaotic Sword God

GenreFantasy/ Martial Arts/ Action/ Romance/ Harem/ Adventure

Jian Chen is our protagonist, who is publicly recognized as the number one expert in the Jianghu. His skill with the sword went beyond perfection and was undefeatable in battle, known to be a sword god. After a battle with the exceptional expert Dugu Qiubai who had gone missing over a hundred years ago, Jian Chen succumbed to his injuries and died. After the death, the Jian Chen spirit was transmigrated into a different world in the land of Tian Yuan.  Though with skills from his past life, Jian is deemed unable to cultivate the powerful “Saint Force”. Belonging to the venerable Changyang Clan, the weak Jian is motivated to prove his tormentors wrong. Now, he would tread on a completely different path of the art of the sword to become the sword god of his generation.

Chaotic Sword God It’s just an enjoyable story. It’s a classic of the genre. If you don’t like this, then you just don’t like the genre. Even though in sub-genre it says it’s a romantic genre, you can barely see any romance in fact zero romance in the starting at least. Unlike other protagonists in other stories, Jian Chen goes through trials and tribulations, and he does not have an easy time growing stronger.

The Great Ruler - Best Cultivation Manhua10. The Great Ruler

GenreAdventure/ Martial Arts/ Action/ Supernatural/ Comedy/ Romance/ Fantasy/ Shounen/ Drama

In the Great Thousand World, only those that possess absolute strength are considered valuable. Mu Chen is the principal protagonist of The Great Ruler. Mu Chen was born in one of the nine territories of Northern Read. His father, Mu Feng, is the Territory Lord of Mu Territory. The growth rate is astonishing, and his mother’s identity is mysterious and has a powerful background. His mother, Qing Yanjing, was forced to leave to protect her son and her husband when he was young.

Every three years, a spiritual road trial is conducted to recruit talents into five great academies. He is the only person in Northern Spiritual Academy who enters the Spiritual Road, but he was expelled from the spiritual path after one year because of the bloodbath he caused in Spiritual Road. Therefore, he was called “Blood Calamity”. In Spiritual Road, he met with Luo Li and saved Luo Li’s life. They fell in love with each other. They agreed to enter the Northern Heavens Academy. In Northern Spiritual Academy, in academy competition, he defeats Liu Yang.

Martial Movement Upheaval09. Martial Movement Upheaval

GenreFantasy/ Martial Arts/ Action/ Harem/ Adventure/ Shounen

This is Lin Dong’s story at the peak of Martial Arts. He will break the heavens and shake the universe. Ling Dong is a boy who is being ridiculed because his father was easily defeated. He is in the journey of Self-cultivation, one requires control of Ying and Yang, Good Fortune, to reach for Nirvana, mastery over life and death, power over Reincarnation. After finding a mysterious talisman in his secret spring, his martial arts became stronger. An action-packed martial arts story of self-cultivation that will lead Lin Dong to be stronger.

This manhua is typical cultivation manhua, where the main protagonist is weak and bullied. But later in the story, he becomes overpowered through cultivation.

Note: There is a Live-Action Drama based on Wu Dong Qian Kun, aka Martial Movement Upheaval. Also, there is a side story of martial movement upheaval, side story named Ice Spirit Tribe.

Strongest Abandoned Son - Best Cultivation Manhua08. Strongest Abandoned Son

Genre-Action/ Fantasy/ Martial Arts/ Based on a Novel

The story started when Ye Mo woke up in an unfamiliar world, and he found that everything around him seems to be changed. His beautiful master disappeared; he becomes the abandoned son by a family. Even more, he becomes the object of being humiliated by a woman standing on the podium with his love letter. But these were not important at all. The most important thing was that he remembered another terrible thing that didn’t belong to him.

In any event, the story is about the protagonist who is trying to cultivate and regain his strength in this ordinary world. This is very unusual Cultivation manhua, and unlike other novels, Ye Mo does have a hard time getting money and was scrapping by living day today. Though the various sub-plots meant he would make rich and influential people indebted to him.

The Gateway of Revolution - Best Cultivation Manhua07. The Gateway of Revolution

Genre-Action/ Adventure/ Fantasy/ Reincarnation/ Based on a Novel

The main protagonist is Feng Zheng, the Minister of justice in the Da Yi Dynasty hated evil, and betrayed by his ruler and died in battle. Surrounded and attacked from all sides by his enemies, Fang Zheng died on Cang Luan mountain. He was reborn in the body of a boy named An Zheng and planned to fight all evil with this new body. But his soul would resurrect as a weak child, along with the memories of his past life. His passionate desire for justice and his belief in punishing evil with evil. Fang Zheng will strike down those in his path without mercy until he becomes the most revered and respected on both heaven and earth. Together with his friend Shou Shou, he gathers more allies to reach his righteous goals

My Apprentice - Game over Again - 我家 徒弟 又 挂06. My Apprentice: Game Over Again!

Genre– Fantasy/ Romance/ Apprenticeship/ Based on a Novel/ Reincarnation

Zhu Yao is a 24-year-old worker in the PC game industry, travels back in time. Once she when to decennial test in Qiuguschool with a kid and accidentally took part in the selection and turn out she has rare spiritual energy. Revered as the most powerful person in cultivation, Grand Master Yu Yan eventually take her as his apprentice after waiting for over 16,000 years.

Marked for Failure -05. Marked for Failure, the World’s Strongest Sage

GenreHarem/ Martial Arts/Action/ Comedy/ Romance/ School Life/ Adventure/ Fantasy/ Magic/ Shounen/ Drama

There is a world, it says that there was someone who excelled in magic combat, people called him “Sage”. Seeking the strongest combat art, he devoted himself to research every magic and combat arts in existence. And the conclusion he arrived at was very cruel, “My body is not fit for magic combat”, born with a mark which was meant for the weak. Despite that mark, he was still able to develop his abilities to the max, still weak, but he didn’t give up yet. He sealed his soul with magic art and was reborn in a far-off future. And the magic theory in the completely changed world he saw there was of unbelievably low level.

If you are a picky reader who likes to analyze the stories, then this manhua is not so for you.

overgeared04.  Overgeared

Genre Action/ Martial Arts/ Harem/ Shounen/ Drama/ Sci-Fi/ Slice of Life/ Webtoons

The main protagonist of this story is very uncommon and realistic, which we don’t see in most webtoons. Shin Young-woo, who had an unfortunate life and stuck carrying on construction sites, “Grid,” that’s what his character is called. He is a new player, and the way he started is surely being a “noob”. That we usually call the newbies, but he reached the limit of being called  Ultimate Noob. Later in the story, he started being called as Overgreared.

Overgeared is an ongoing Korean novel by “Park Saenal “. The novel currently has around 900+ raw chapters. But the webtoon it’s still around 24 chapters, which is the ending of the first season. For the second season, it might take time due to some unfortunate incident with both authors of the webtoon. But still, if you are more interested in the story, you can look forward to the web novel.

I Shall Seal the Heavens03. I Shall Seal the Heavens

GenreFantasy/ Adventure/ Martial Arts/ Supernatural/ Action/ Comedy/ Drama

Meng Hao is our main protagonist of “I shall seal the heavens”, was once a young scholar in Yunjie Country. Who had failed the imperial exams for the third time? He was dragged to join the Reliance Sect of Cultivators by his future beloved, Xu Qing. He begins his new pursuit of refining his chi and skills, eventually impressing his fellow disciple. Soon, Meng Hao’s scholarly passion brings him to new heights as a new talented cultivator. After sometimes Meng Hao acquired the legacy of the League of Demon Sealers becoming the final Ninth Generation Demon Sealer. Meng was on his way to becoming the immortal but  Mountain and Sea Realm were destructed by Allheaven. From that day he chooses to defile himself by starting his path to becoming the Demon

The story of I shall SEal the Heaven surely have a different plot in starting and unusual like another cultivation manhua. Most other novels where the protagonist has some sort of super knowledge of past life or born in a clan and what not. There’s nothing like that in this cultivation manhua, the protagonist is just a normal person and devolves himself in the time being.

Soul Land - Best Manhua Titles02. Soul Land

GenreIsekai/ Fantasy/ Action/Martial Arts/ Romance/ Adventure/ Shounen

 Soul Land I

Tian San spent his entire life in the Tang Outer Sect, dedicated to the creation and mastery of hidden weapons. Once, he stole the secret lore of the Inner Sect to reach the pinnacle of his art. The only way to escape was to jump off from the peak; little did he knew was that he is not going to die. Awakened in the new world, called “Douluo Dalu,” a world where every person has a spirit of their own. Those with powerful spirits can become Spirit Master after training. But Tian San possesses the most useless spirit, the Blue Silver Grass.

Soul Land II

The story is set in a world where there are martial art essence spirits. A young boy ridiculed as a useless child whose name is Hao Yuhao. Pledges himself to become a spirit master after his mother’s death. An epic journey of our protagonist who went zero to hero in his adventure.

Soul Land III

Following the advancement of spirit technology, the humans of the Douluo Continent conquered the ocean and discovered two new continents. After being hunted by spirit masters excessively, the spirit beasts are nearly extinct. After countless years of lying dormant, the King of the Spirit Beasts has awakened in the Great Star Dou Forest. It will lead its remaining clansmen to take vengeance against humanity.

Meanwhile, Wu Lin discoverers that he has massive power; however, it also means lots of troubles. He decided to go to a class that specializes in improving children with special powers. After that, he meets a girl who his family adopted a long time ago, but she turns out to be his soul power.

01. The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

Genre– Action/ Adventure/ BL/ Comedy/ Mystery/ Romance/ Shounen-ai/ Ancient China/ Martial Arts/ Supernatural

Wei Wuxian is the protagonist of the series, whose intelligence and strength lie more in his ability to invent new spiritual techniques and inventions not defined by conventional cultivation methods. He was a former disciple of the Yunmeng Jiang Sect and later created the Demonic Path, thus earning him the title of Yiling Patriarch 

Wei Wuxian was back-stabbed by his dearest shidi and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower him. He was then reincarnated into the body of Mo Xuanyu through a sacrificial ritual. After that, he travels throughout China with Lan Wangji to solve a curious case of a powerful walking corpse and, along the way, manages to clear his name. Furthermore, he begins to fall in love with Lan Wangji and later becomes cultivation partners as he cultivates another golden core.

The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation is one of the greatest Cultivation Manhua with impressive storylines. Despite being BL manhua, it is full of adventures and actions, not to mention the artwork. All the characters are drawn beautifully.

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