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Updated on: 02/09/2022


We are back again with an even more interesting list to follow up on the previous ones. This time we will be following the top 30 Catgirls in all of Anime.

Before we jump into the list, I think its important to describe a cat girl first. To put it in the simplest of words Catgirls, also known as Nekos (ネコ, cat in Japanese), is an intelligent species of cat-human hybrids. Catgirls physically resemble humans with feline ears the same color as their hair, slitted pupils, a tail, and a cat-like mouth. Their behavior is almost similar to humans except for one thing. They are a thousand times more kawaii. Yup. kawaii, super kawaii.

Now with organizations like, we can officially own a  domestic Catgirl. Love how far science and technology have come, I am sure Elon would be proud.

Now then we have described what they are, it is time to move on with the final list with a loud NYAAA!!

Top 30 Catgirls Of All Time

Hiroko - Princess Resurrection30. Hiroko

Coming in at number 30, we have Hiroko from Princess Resurrection. Little is known about this Neko but that is enough. She was found homeless by the street and is extremely weak, hence she must be protected.

Jokes aside, she has big eyes and a bell around her neck which gives her a super kawaii look in my opinion.

Taruto - Meow Meow Taruto29. Taruto

At number 29 we have Taruto from an anime called “Magical Meow Meow Taruto”. If the name is not enough to convince you to watch the anime, I’ve got more reasons for you pal. Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto features an entire race of catgirls, who act as pets to their masters. Taruto is the main character of this series.

Taruto is a little cat who has just moved to a new city with her master’s family. She is supposedly the catgirl princess with legendary magical powers but she has no control over her powers. This anime is really good if you are not in the mood for anything serious, also she wears a maid outfit. Neko+maid outfit = mind blown.

Puchiko28. Puchiko

Now at number 28, we have Puchiko from Di Gi Charat. This anime focusses on chibi nekomimis. Yes, every word in that sentence is accurate. It is one of the most kawaii anime that a Neko fan can ever see. Filled with warm-hearted moments, you will find yourself getting pulled towards the Nya nya sound of these catgirls every time you watch an episode.

I thought ending each sentence with a Nya could get boring but that’s not the case with Di Gi Charat.

Dejiko - Di gi charat - catgirls27. Dejiko

Not far from Puchiko, we have Dejiko from Di Gi Charat. This cute green-haired maid outfit wearing chibi Neko will make you smile at the end of each episode. She has a big bell and other qualities which include her usage of “Nyo” at the end of each sentence which makes her worthy of this spot.


Catherine - Gintama - Catgirls26. Catherine

Next up, we have Catherine from the one and only Gintama. She is a master thief and one of the best cat burglar. Catherine was a part of a group of thieves calling themselves Cat’s Punch before she came to Earth.

I’d be careful around her if I were you.

Yoriko Sagisawa25. Yoriko Sagisawa

At 25 we have Yoriko Sagisawa from De Capo. This anime is a twisted tale where a cute girl becomes her cat in a game that grants magical wishes. Yeah, anime, I know. Well if you are fine with all this then you are going to love this super Kawai maid outfit wearing Neko with huge cat ears.

Take it from me, you will want to head pat her.

Nuku Nuku - catgirls24. Nuku Nuku

Coming in at number 25 we have Nuku Nuku from the anime “All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku”. I mean the name of the anime is enough to land it a place on this list. Nuku Nuku can be childish at times and still gives into her feline tendencies but the smile on her face will only make you laugh and fall in love with this character.

She might even get pissed at times and resort to violence but she’s all the prettier when she does that. One of the cooler catgirls in this list.

Natsuki Sasahara23. Natsuki Sasahara

At number 23 we have Natsuki Sasahara from Hyper Police. Before we get started on her let me just tell you this. She is 17.

Natsuki is the daughter of a cat goddess so you can only imagine how good she must be. She has green hair and green eyes giving her an intense kawaii look all the time. To top it all off she’s a very sweet and kind catgirl whose favorite drink happens to be catnip. Yupp. Catnip.

Rin Shaomei - catgirls22. Rin Shaomei

We have Rin Shaomei from Shining coming in at number 22. Let’s just say things are quite BIG with her. She is a Neko antique seller of the beast race and boy oh boy will she leave you wanting more.

Everything from her outfit to her cat ears can be described as highly attractive but be careful, she’s a thief as well. Who knows what she might steal, your money, your card or…. your heart?

Merle - Escaflowne

Credits to the artist – GENZOMAN

21. Merle

Next up, we have Merle from The Vision of Escaflowne. She is a wild-wild catgirl. Merle has short pink hair and daunting blue eyes. She is mischievous and playful and enjoys swiping Hitomi’s things and playing other tricks.

At times her jealousy is super cute and one might even call her a somewhat tsundere but it’s hard to not love such a character.

Chaika - catgirls

Credits to the artists – Hews-HacK

20. Chaika

Coming in at number 20, we have Chaika from Chaika- The Coffin Princess. It is time for the goth girlfriends to shine because our beloved Chaika roams around with a huge coffin by her side. To add to her attributes, she has purple eyes.

If you think that Chaika is just another magic user nekomimi then let me tell you, MAID OUTFIT. She plays one of the more cute catgirls on this list and oh yeah she is sensitive about her eyebrows. Don’t mention them.

Persia - Gate19. Persia

At number 19 we have Persia from Gate. At the end of the day, we all just want a loyal waifu and that’s exactly where Persia comes in. She is extremely playful and mischievous and will get brutal if someone threatens her master. Yes. She is that loyal.

Take it from me, She is all we want plus she has purple hair in a bob cut.

Melwin - catgirls18. Melwin

Next up at number 18, we have Melwin from Cat Planet. What will you do when the FBI is the nekomimi? Come find out. Melwin is the Catian Starship First Officer. She is slimmer and smaller-chested than the other girls and has short blue hair. You were not planning on doing something illegal, were you?

*Neko police sirens in the distance*

Felicia17. Felicia

Coming in at number 17 we have Felicia from Darkstalkers. Oh boy, there a TON of things about her that you might fall for.

She is an energetic and optimistic catgirl who enjoys singing, dancing and making friends with people. She will nice to you as long as you are not looking for trouble because she’s a highly-skilled fighter when need be. Seriously, do not mess with this one.

Alicia Rue16. Alicia Rue

At number 16 we have Alicia Rue from the famed Sword Art Online. This cute bell wearing tailed nekomimi will surely make you scream Kawai. Just to put the cherry on the top she has a petite figure with blond hair. Just like the rest of the characters, Alicia is a gamer as well. I am sure that alone will attract a lot of attention to her.

Shizuka Nekonome - catgirls15. Shizuka Nekonome

Next up at number 15, we have Shizuka Nekonome from Rosario+Vampire. She might be the best fantasy come true for some of us. Shizuka is half nekomimi and half-vampire and also a homeroom teacher. Boy, that’s a ton of things. She’s is genuinely polite and nice and if you want to befriend her, I would suggest offering raw fish. Yup, that is all it takes and oh don’t ever mention how bad she is at hiding her tail or ears. Shizuka might get violent at that.

Nozomi Kiriya14. Nozomi Kiriya

Coming in at number 14 we have Nozomi Kiriya from Mayoi Neko Overrun! She is one of the cutest nekomimis on the list. She is almost a loli and more importantly, she keeps saying “Nya”. Please don’t lewd the loli.

She normally tends to be indifferent and emotionless, but also seems to be airheaded when it comes to matters like being nude. Just saying.

Ichigio Monomiya - catgirls

Credits to the artists – Rakkou art

13. Ichigo Momomiya

At number 13 we have Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Meow Project. She is a sweet catgirl who is ready for anything. Yup, Anything. Ichigo is hyper and if you want to get close to her I suggest you offer her pizza, dry fish or waffles with maple syrup. More to add on to her like-ability she is super protective of her friends.

A keeper this one.

Kuune12. Kuune

At number 12 we have Kuune from Cat Planet Cuties. Seriously how hard is it to choose from an anime named ” Cat Planet Cuties”. Kuune is the Starship Captain of the Catian girls. She is in charge of the contingent responsible for establishing diplomatic relations with Earth’s leaders.

She has Huge things to offer from her side provided you can return her wishes. Kuune is a beautiful nekomimi that a ton of people would not even have the pleasure of meeting.

Ibaraki Douji - catgirls11. Ibaraki Douji

Next up we have Ibaraki Douji from Onigiri. A lot is going on with this catgirl. With most of her body exposed, Ibaraki happens to be an extroverted character who loves drinking alcohol. Some might describe as her happy, curious and even daring but all we know is that she’s got some moves to kill.

Ibaraki won’t let you down if physical appearance is what you crave. Kinda hot!

Ao Nanami10. Ao Nanami

Coming in at number 10 we have Ao Nanami from Yozakura Quartet. Are you into short girls and blue hair? Look no further! Ao Nanami will fulfill those needs. Ao Nanami is one of the most fun characters on this list and she barely ever disappoints.

Just be careful though, she can read minds. You wouldn’t do anything lewd, will you?

Eris - catgirls09. Eris

At number 9 we have Eris from Cat Planet Cuties. Seriously the name of the anime should be reason enough to attract all the anime cat lovers out there.

Eris happens to be 16. A warning has been issued.

Even after being one of the younger catgirls on this list, Eris has a LOT to show for. The cutest catgirl on this list. Seriously though, HUGE things here.

Cyan - catgirls

Image is taken from Pixiv

08. Cyan Hijirikawa

At number 8 we have Cyan Hijirikawa from Show by Rock. She is one of the main characters of the series and let me tell you, she is incredible Kawai. To add on to her accolades, she happens to be a gothic Lolita.

Yup, all your fantasies just came true at once. Hard to believe right, yeah.

On the top of her head, she is wearing a white frilly cloth reminiscent of a maid hat. She has a black cat tail and a pair of ears. Worthy of number 8 in a catgirls list.

Koneko Toujou07. Koneko Toujou

Coming in hot at number 7 we have Koneko Toujou from the famed High school DxD. You already know what it means if this anime is on the list. This chibi Neko can look much younger than her actual age.

Koneko is one of the main protagonists of the show and can be a lot to handle at times. She has shown to be cold and emotionless and can be rude at times.

In her Shirone mode, she appears to be older than her usual self and dare I say grows pretty well. If you know what I mean considering it is High School DxD.

Leone - Akame ga Kill06. Leone

Next up we have Leone from Akame ga kill at number 6. Leone can be a handful for some. She is deceitful and highly energetic. Don’t let her physical body get you drooling because she happens to be one of the best assassins in the guild.

Leone pledges her loyalty to the guild and will not let anyone come in between them.

She has short blonde hair with two long tufts that frame the sides of her head and golden eyes. She wears a revealing outfit with a black tube top, detachable sleeves, pants, boots and a scarf around her neck.

Blair05. Blair

At number 5 we have Blair from the anime Soul Eater. Blair has an amazing personality, she is very understanding and even shows kindness towards others. She loves flirting with souls for some harmless fun.

In her human form, she turns into a young tall woman with alluring features. Seriously it’s hard to wrong with these catgirls. They’re all so perfect and Blair doesn’t disappoint at all.

Kirara Bernstein - Catgirls04. Kirara Bernstein

Coming in at number 4 we have Kirara Bernstein from Gj-bu. This Neko doesn’t even come from Japan, yet her Kawai habits will leave you asking for more.

Go Canadian catgirls!

She has blond hair and blue eyes, like who doesn’t want that.

Himari Noihara03. Himari Noihara

Up next in the top 3 we have Himari Noihara from Omamori Himari. Himari is the prettiest anime catgirl you can ever see. She is incredibly loyal to her young master. Even to the point where she is seductive almost.

Pretty cool right.

Yeah just don’t hurt her master because she will kill you without a second thought. Otherwise, she is quite friendly.

Milliana02. Milliana

At number 2 we have Milliana from Fairy Tail. Milliana happens to be Erza’s hot childhood friend.Millianna is a very cheerful, peppy person. She has a great love for cats and refuses to see them harmed in any way. She also tries to mimic a cat, from dressing up like one to meowing.

Her attire consists of a purple hooded cape, long black-and-purple striped leggings, evening gloves, tight and small black briefs with a belt and boots.

Catgirls are seriously taking over the world.

Tsumiki Minawa01. Tsumiki Miniwa

Coming in at the top we have Tsumiki Miniwa from Acchi Kocchi. She is the cutest catgirl on this list. Don’t let her chibi stature fool you, she is known to be hyper-aggressive to the point of violence. She is also very short-tempered.

Don’t mess with her.

Tsumiki has floor-length blue hair tied in a very low ponytail with a white scrunchie and purple eyes. Nothing gets close to her Kawai’s face. You can’t resist her charm

This has been my list for the top 30 catgirls from anime that you will fall for. Catgirls are always going to be an interesting topic for anime fans. It was hard to rate such cute nekos but someone had to do it. Hope you liked it! Comment your favorite choices below.

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