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Updated on: 24/09/2023

As a Cartoon fan, we love the show in different aspects like Script, Characters, Sketching, Animation, etc. Also, some shows get their popularity based on a specific Character. While some shows get recognition due to their speaking style, Character personality, and bonding with others. So, today we will discuss the best top-rated Cartoon pets from animated shows and series. Most shows have Pet animals like Cat, Dog, Horse, etc. in their shows. A lot of Cartoon pets touch the heart of the audience throughout the globe.

Top Cartoon Pets

There are plenty of shows with a dog as a pet animal. As a dog, it’s faithful, worthy of the master, loved by everyone, etc. Dogs are awesome either it is in real life or reel life. Everyone loves dog as a pet animal. Hence, anime creators, cartoon creators, etc adopted Dog as the most suitable pet.

Some of the top names that come to mind when talking about Cartoon pets are Scooby, Pluto, Bolt, Bitzer, Snoopy, Courage, Snowy, etc. The list of animated pets is endless while we try to sort list some of the best. We hope you will love the top selected Cartoon pets as mentioned in the post.

20. Snoopy (Peanuts)

Spike originally inspired snoopy. The Snoopy first appeared in the Peanuts as Cartoon pets. While too many comic strips based on snoopy were drawn in 1950. Also, it is more popular than the show itself. Snoopy lastly appeared in 2000 as a comic strip. One can find snoopy in most of the series and shows of Peanuts. Charles Schulz created Snoopy. Snoopy has Seven brothers and sisters in a comic strip family. In November 2015, Snoopy got honored with a star on the wall of the frame, Hollywood.

As known from the media information, Schulz designed snoopy considering his childhood dog spike. He is a smart, loyal, imaginative dog. Talking about the breed, it is a beagle. Beagles are short, comfy, sweet pets. So, hence Snoopy was added to the top Cartoon pets list. Else, the meme image of snoopy is too famous worldwide. The outlook of Snoopy in his last persona is more remembering. When he wears a helmet, goggle, and red scarf and think that he is one of the air force soldiers from World War I. Snoopy also won a lot of awards till 2000.

Fact: Snoopy appeared as a balloon in 1968’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

19. Scooby doo (Scooby-Dooby-Doo)

All 90s kids remember Scooby Dooby Doo show. Hanna-Barbera Production created scooby doo. It is an American show. Later on, many movies were made on the same storylines. One of the Cartoon pets shown in the show. Originally Scooby is a male Great Dane by breed. Like the species, Scooby is tall and brownish. He is the lifelong partner of Shaggy. While he is a part of the amateur detective team. The production company portrays Cartoon pets as Funny animals. Scooby won a lot of fame and nominations worldwide. Due to these, we add scooby doo to the list of Cartoon pets.

Scooby firstly appeared on the television screen in 1969. Scooby a smart, intelligent, loveable, curious dog in the show. One can see how he helps his friends to solve mysteries and problems. While Scooby is a fan of Scooby snacks ( a dog biscuit). He resembles so many qualities as his owner shaggy. It’s a delightful dog. As resources said, Scooby is shown as a 7 Year dog. Even the title track of scooby dooby doo is catchy. While how can we forget the catchphrase from the show. “Scooby-Doo, Where are you?”

Fact: Full name of Scooby-Doo is Scoobert Doo. Else, commonly referred to as Scooby, Scoob, and Scooby doo.

18. Pluto (Disney)

Pluto a dog created by Walt Disney production. He appeared first in 1930 in the chain gang. While later on adopted by the Mickey mouse show. Pluto is also considered one of the six most famous Disney characters. He is tall, yellowish-orange in color, and faithful. Talking about the breed, it’s just a mixed breed dog. Pluto appeared in 24 Mickey mouse Seasons before its series in 1937. He got nominated for more than 20+ academy awards yet. Pluto won an award in 1942 for his film lend a paw from 1941.

Cartoon pets don’t have any dialogues as pet animals. So, they represent everything literally by facial expressions or physical attachment. Pluto is generally a loving and adventurous dog. Pluto also appeared in the Mickey mouse clubhouse till 2016.

Fact: Pluto first appeared as a nameless bloodhound dog in the chain gang.

17. Bolt (Bolt)

Walt Disney animation studios created bolt in 2008 for a movie of the same name. It got a great success and a unique identity. The movie completely focuses on the up growing of Bolt. He is voiced by John Travolta, a voice artist from America. Talking about the breed, the bolt is a white hairy German Shepherd. Created by Chris Williams under Disney studios.

Due to its strong fame and fan base, Bolt appeared as Cameo in Wreck-It Ralph in 2012. Also, many merchandise and games were created on the storyline of Bolt. A lot of pet lovers love fiction and bonding between the bolt and his experience. So, hence we added Bolt to the top favorite Cartoon pets list.

Fact: Firstly, creators were thinking of using a red Bipedal dog in place of a German Shepherd.

16. Bitzer (Shaun the Sheep)

As we all know from the Nickelodeon Cartoon post about the show Shaun, the Sheep. But, there’s something more about the show. It not only has Shaun as the Cartoon pet. But, so many other characters too. Bitzer is one of the cartoon pets on our list. He is a farmer’s loyal and faithful dog. Bitzer is strict and somehow depends on Shaun for his own duties. By breed, bitzer is a sheepdog. Generally, these types of dogs are seen in Farmyards and on Grassy land. John gives the voice of the bitzer. Bitzer first appeared in March 2007.

Fact: Shaun the sheep is a stop motion British animated cartoon show.

15. Courage (Courage the Cowardly dog)

A Comedy horror show loved by every 90s kid. Courage is the main character of the show. He is the only cartoon pet shown in the show. It is an American animated show. Courage is completely opposite to his name. ( He has a great fear of ghosts, aliens, and supernatural activities. But, at the very end of the episode, he manages to overcome his fear. The family of courage lives in an isolated desert with a single farmhouse nowhere.

Courage as cartoon pets created back in 1998 while shown in 1999. Hanna-Barbera produced it with the help of the Cartoon network. The short was nominated for the academy award for a best short film on the 68th award function. The show has a total of 4 Seasons based on tremendous horror stories. Courage encounters monsters, aliens, ghosts, and so many problems throughout the seasons.

Fact: Originally, it was created as a 7-minute short film which got a high success and so many nominations in 1998.

14. CatDog (CatDog)

As per the name of the show, it is a completely unique cartoon. The breed is not mentioned in the show. While scientifically not possible. The Character CatDog is a joined cartoon pet. It is an American animated series created for Nickelodeon Cartoons. The show revolves around the Conjoined character and its day to day life. The show focuses on sarcastic and dark comedy.

The Cat totally disagrees with Dog on many kinds of stuff like chasing garbage and catching bones. While the dog is a notorious Character.

13. Dukey (Johnny Test)

If you are a crazy cartoon fan, you know about the show Johnny Test. It’s such a funny, relatable cartoon show that everyone should watch. Dukey is Johnny’s Cartoon pet. He got Dukey as a gift on his 11th birthday. While mutated by his genius twin sisters in the show. So, now Dukey can talk in the show. Dukey, a cartoon pet seen in Season 1-6. He is the crime partner of Johnny Test. Warner Bros produced the show.

Also, it is an American-Canadian show from the very end of 2005. A must watch action, adventure, comedy show. After mutation, Dukey has the power of walking on two legs, and other humans like living. I hope everybody gets mutated dogs like Dukey.

12. Fu Dog (American Dragon: Jake)

Fu dog can be seen in the show American Dragon: Jake Long. He is the Cartoon pet of Jake, living with his Grandpa Lao shi. Every cartoon pets have some character. Fu dog has some magical powers too. The Disney animation studio creates it. John DiMaggio gave the voice of the Fu. Also, the dog is sweet, hilarious, funny, and intelligent.

Fu dog is a chubby Cartoon pet. He lives with numerous magical and mysterious Cartoon pets in New York as per the Fiction tail. Talking about the breed Fu is a Chinese Shar-Pie. Originally, Shar-Pei is a southern Chinese dog. It is also known for its deep wrinkles. As Cartoon pets first appeared in January 2005.

11. Odie (Garfield)

Odie first appeared in 1976 as a Comic Character. Later on, adapted by Television Studios into a small series. Also, two short movies were created on the same storyline. Odie appeared as cartoon pets in Garfield comic strip. It was created by Jim Davis and voiced by Gregg Berger. The dog breed isn’t specified in the title description. But, according to knowledge, it looks similar to a terrier dog breed.

Odie is a yellow furry brown eared dog. It has a large tongue and walks on two feet instead of four. He is mostly shown as a dumb idiot but an intelligent dog. One can enjoy watching the character anytime. Hence, we added Odie to the top cartoon pets list.

10. Santa’s Little Helper (Simpsons)

As the name given to the pet dog, there’s a story behind that! Santa’s little helper first appeared in the 1989 Christmas episode of the Simpsons. On the day when the Christmas greyhound race happened. The little dog lost the race. Due to which his owner abandoned him. But Homer and Bart were on the race track to make some extra bucks. Then, they adopted the dog as Santa’s little helper. The character was drawn by Matt Groening and voiced by Frank Welker. Currently, Dan Castellaneta is giving the voice.

Talking about the breed, it’s a hound. Specifically seen in the American region. He fathered little puppies, goes through surgery, and then become a police dog later on the show. The show focuses on so many real-life experiences. Hence, one can relate to the show so many times. He becomes a popular Cartoon character in the Cartoon pets category.

Fact: He ranked 27th in the Animal Planet’s 2003 special 50 Television animal list.

Best Cartoon Pets

09. Snowy (Adventures of Tintin)

We all grow up seeing adventure cartoons. So, I hope one must have seen Adventures of Tintin. Snowy is the pet dog of Tintin. He helps Tintin in solving mysteries. Snowy, as per the French meaning, refers to Half-wolf. While snowy is a white terrier dog by breed. He appeared on the Tintin in January 1929. The storyline is created by Herge and published by Casterman.

The inspiration for Snowy was taken from the cafe where Herge used to go in his college time. Also, Snowy has shown cunning and smartness in the series.

Fact: The French original name of the Snowy was Milou. That’s the Herge’s first girlfriend name.

08. Shiro (Shinchan)

The most favorite show I ever watched till now. Shiro is the pet dog of the famous character Shinchan from the cartoon show Shinchan as the show focuses on comedy and humor. Shiro has also shown in the same persona. He reflects the same character in strings as his owner Shinchan. Shiro is a calm, caring, cute, and faithful dog. I would love to have a dog like Shiro.

Shinchan found Shiro in a cardboard box on the street in the starting episodes of the show. Also, Shiro is innocent, intelligent, and generous. He likes to help people and especially his family. Shiro has to eat the experimented dishes of Misae too. In Japanese, Shiro means white as he is White in color.

Fact: Shiro also called as Lucky and Whitey in some dubbing regions.

07. Shishimaru (Ninja Hattori)

Shishimaru, a ninja dog from the Anime, adapted Cartoon Ninja Hattori. He is yellowish, Short by height, but Chubby by weight. Being a ninja dog, he is talented and inspiring. But, due to greed of hunger, and love for chocolate rolls, he gets trapped into so many problems. Shishimaru in Japanese means Square lion.

He is a pet ninja dog of Hattori who lives at Kenichi’s home. Talking about the breed, Shishimaru is a Terrier breed dog too. As per the knowledge, most of the dogs drawn and shown in cartoon pets terrier breed. Too many Cartoon pets included in the show. It’s a pure Japanese show later developed and adapted into the English American version.

Best Cartoon Pets

06. Tyke and Spike (Tom and Jerry)

Spike and Tyke can be seen in the Tom and Jerry cartoon show. It’s an American animated cartoon show—Tom and Jerry produced by the Warner Bros production house. Spike and Tyke are both bulldogs as per the breed classification. Spike is the father of Tyke. While Spike is strong, intelligent, and loves winning. Tyke is completely the opposite of Spike. He is somehow dumb and not so brave as a bulldog.

Both Tyke and Spike save Jerry from Tom. While in some episodes, they make fun of Tom and Jerry. Spike is shown as a good father while Tyke, a respectful son. Bulldog by breed, they are grey and strong. They both hate Tom as tom is a cat. The show focuses on instant comedy and humor. It’s an ancient popular show worldwide. Hence, Tyke and Spike are added to the list.

Best Cartoon Pets

05. Dollar (Richie Rich)

I don’t know whether you want a dog like a dollar or not. But, surely I know everyone wants a life like Richie rich. The dollar is the pet dog of Richie. Richie is a smart, intelligent, and wealthy kid. The show describes the various funny and humourous wealthy fights of Richie. Like a pet dog, Dollar wants to help his master Richie but due to fear and all. Never tries anything. While the dollar always falls in traps and make his master pay for his sins.

It’s a nice normal happy show to watch with kids. Dollar appeared in both Harvey comics and Hanna-Barbera’s animated series as a dog. Talking about the species or breed, it’s a Dalmatian. But, in the place of dots, he has dollars as spots on his body. The dollar is seen on every rescue mission of Richie rich. While the show first aired on a cartoon network in the 90s.

Fact: Frank Welker gives the voice to the cartoon pets in the Richie Rich show.

Best Cartoon Pets

04. Pesu (Hagemaru)

One can watch Pesu in the cartoon show Hagemaru. The show is an adapted English version of the original Japanese show. Mostly, the show focuses on Comedy and Humour. Also, sometimes the sarcastic level is too high. As per the characters, the show mainly focuses on hagemaru, his family, and school. Talking about Pesu, he is a small cute bulldog. The family is shown cunning, funny, and stingy.

Pesu is similar to his master by habits. He is cute and small. But equally stingy and cunning as his family members. Everybody having do many problems with the family but still living happily, though. The show is a get representation of stinkiness and let it go thought. Despite all of these, Pesu was found by Hagemaru when he was small in a garden. From then he becomes a family member of Hagemaru’s family. Even though they are poor, but Pesu is loyal and loves his family.

Best Cartoon Pets

03. Weenie (Oswald)

Weenie is a female pet dog of Oswald. Oswald is an octopus by character sketch. He is the weenie’s owner, a Dachshund by species. Debi’s gives voice to Weenie in the show. The cartoon pets look do cute, happy, and loyal in the show. Talking about Weenie, she loves hanging outside with Oswald. The show is a complete imaginative show. But, life experiences and other kinds of stuff relate somehow with the original world.

Weenie is a loyal and affectionate doggy. She loves to play with a ball or frisbee. Also, she loves ice cream and has her special blanket to snuggle in. Weenie has no such dialogues, only barking. Else, weenie loves jamming on the piano with Oswald. Weenie appeared in the show from the first-ever episode. She is tan orangish with two black ears. It’s a simple but effective show. Hence, weenie got added to the Cartoon pets list.

Best Cartoon Pets

02. Snuffles (Rick and Morty)

Snuffles is a small, cute, furry pet dog of Morty. One can see Snuffles in Season 1 of Rick and Morty. Snuffles appeared in the episode Lawnmower Dog. He also changed his name from Snuffles to Snowball in the episode. As mentioned, Snuffles belong to the Smith family while is a simple pet dog.

The show mostly focuses on the grandpa and grandson’s bond. While grandpa Rick is a mad scientist. Morty always gets carried with grandpa as an assistant. So, not for the show but for the Sweet pet Snuffles, watch Rick and Morty. It’s an American comedy, humor, dark, sarcastic show. Also, it has a crazy big fanbase. Hence, Snuffles added to the list of top Cartoon pets.

Best Cartoon Pets

01. Dug (Up)

One can see Dug in the animated movie Up. Yeah! You might be unhappy with adding a character from a movie else adding from a show or series. But, Dug a special recommendation by me as an animation fan. I love chubby little cute dogs so much. And dug is one of them. Also, loved as a character by so many fans from the world. So, hence he also appeared in George & A.J. Also, a special minor short named Dug’s Special Mission.

In the movie, Dug belongs to Charles Muntz. Talking about breed or species, it’s a golden retriever. He is a fun-loving dog while too loyal to his master. With the help of the special type of neck belt, he can talk in English. Also, a must-watch movie for cartoon lovers and anime lovers. Hence, we additionally added Dug to the top Cartoon pets list.

Fact: In the end credits, dug married to another golden retriever of his similarities and now has so many puppies.

Few more Anime & Cartoon pets

We hope you enjoyed reading about the top cartoon pets in the animated shows and series. But, there are some more cartoon and anime pets in a mixup as given below,

05. Akamaru (Naruto)

As a fan of Action and Adventure shows, can we forget the pet dog of Kiba from Inuzuka clan. No, not possible! Hence, we added Akamaru in the Anime pets list. He is the companion and constant friend of Kiba. Also, plays a major role in the team Kurenai. Being a ninja dog Akamaru is dedicated and devoted to his missions. One can see Akamaru in the show Naruto so many times as Naruto becomes a teammate for missions too. Also, a Japanese animated cartoon adapted from Manga. Later, produce as anime in Japan as well as in the United States.

04. Kagechiyo (Ninja Hattori)

Kagechiyo is a ninja cat from the show Ninja Hattori. While Ninja Hattori is a Japanese anime show. Later, it converted into a cartoon show for some countries like India, Bangladesh, etc. In the Indian version, Kagechiyo was renamed as Kio. He is a pet of Amara and the opponent of Shishimaru. Being a ninja cat, he is active, powerful, energetic, and so on. Loves fish and a fan of show cats. Black and white with a mark on his head, Ninja star. Additionally, he carries a red lucky scarf with him.

Even a villain side pet cat. But loyal and faithful to his boss (master). He isn’t as evil as his boss and helps Hattori too in his Ninja missions. The show is a well-mixed package of action and humor. Hence, we added Kio/ Kagechiyo to the Anime pets list.

03. Platypus (Phineas and Ferb)

As on the screen and in the comic, mostly Cats and Dogs are seen as pet animals. But, only Phineas and Ferb is a show where Platypus is seen as a cartoon pet. While if you watched the show, you would know that the Platypus isn’t the ordinary one. Yes! The platypus is an agent too. He is male and 2 feet in height. He lives in Danville from the age of 5 years old. His nemesis Doofenshmirtz is a scientist. But, a bad scientist who fails in his every mission due to agent platypus perry.

The show is mainly divided into three parts. Firstly, on the inventions created by Phineas and Ferb. Secondly, focusing on Perry as a detective and lastly, Candeias, who wants to reveal the secret to her mom. It’s a nice waffle creamy show with a lot of learning for kids. Platypus perry is loyal and smart but never shows his smartness to his owners.

02. Tweety (Looney Toons)

Twenty was created and produced by Warner Bros. She first appeared in 1941 in the cagey canary. The character is inspired by the Merrie melodies comic. While the tweety also called Sweetie in some regions. She is a yellow canary by species. As popularity goes she appeared in 46 cartoons in the decade. While originally saying it’s a male species but shown female in the show. Shown as the valuable last extinct in the Granny episodes.

Also, there are some other cartoon pets in the Warner Bros Looney toons show which weren’t added to the list. As mention by honor Looney toons is a large and best series for anyone worldwide. So, watch bug Bunny, ducky, Sylvester, Tweety, etc.

01. Perdita and Pongo (One hundred and one Dalmatians)

If you are an animal lover, then the show is especially for you. Perdita and Pongo are just two names from the show. But, there are a lot of cartoon pets in the show. Also, a single cartoon holding a lot of pet animals. Yeah! You guess it right, One Hundred and One Dalmatians. It’s an adventure, comedy, and thrilling American animated show. It is based on the novel by Dodie Smith from 1956. Produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Firstly, it appeared presented as a movie, which got a massive response. Due to which a series was made for the audience.

It revolves around a storyline. The Dalmatian puppies are kidnapped by an evil Cruella de Vil, who wants to make a fur coat from the puppy’s skin. But, Perdita and Pongo save a total of 101 puppies from the Evil Cruella. Then, a lot of twists and turns were shown in the show. It’s a nice, sweet storyline show.

Here, we come to the end of the article. I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Thanks for your patience reading. See you soon on another topic; till then, keep reading other articles and posts on Thebiem. Have a happy reading!

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