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Updated on: 02/09/2022

BL manhwa has always been one of the most popular genres in manhwa variety. As more inclination towards digital art has begun there are streams like webtoons and comics. There is, however, still lacking in the likes of gay webtoons and manhwa. Hence they continue to thrive. You might be looking for new styles that can be further discovered by you or simply giving this genre a try for the sake of knowledge. Don’t sweat it because we got your back with another Top 20+ list.

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The long list of BL manhwa and gay webtoons become quite a tough thing to deal with when you know many similar plots are going on. Additionally, along with it comes the task of pinpointing the appropriate story from the vast variety present among BL manhwa and gay webtoons. That’s exactly where we come in to provide you with a guide to navigate your choices.

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20+ BL Manhwa and Gay Webtoons

The list to top 20+ BL manhwa and gay webtoons includes all the varieties of this theme so that you can pick the best one for yourself.

NOTE: Some titles deal with dark themes and explicit content. Viewer’s Discretion Advised.

21. Painter of the Night

Painter of the Night is the latest addition to the list of BL Manhwa and Gay Webtoons. Currently, it is one of the most popular webtoons, and its beautiful art making it more popular day by day. It is a story of a young painter and noblemen.
Na kyum is a young painter who has skills to draw erotic images of men. After publishing a few collections under a pseudonym, he decides to quit such painting. Seungho is a young nobleman, who lustfully enjoys Na kyum’s painting, and now want him to be his private painter. However, the passing days changes their employee-employer relationship.

20. A Guy Like You

This BL Manhwa is definitely too addicting to read. A Guy Like You is a mixture of psychological twists and a pinch of Yaoi in it. It also has a supernatural touch, which uplifts the story furthermore. The best part of this manhwa is its art.

The story starts when Kang Jinha starts showing up constantly in the dreames of Go Siwon. In the dream, Jinha keeps on addressing an incident that happened between them, but Siwon can’t remember anything. After a while, Siwon starts getting the signs and hints of that incident and soon able to regain his part of the memory that has been lost. The major question here is, that how will their relationship change at the end of it all?

19. Innocent Sin

An innocent sin is a BL Manhwa where the main couple isn’t gay, but it still represents enough for boy love. All the characters are deeply written and presented. It has a very engaging story, artwork, and narration. Not to forget this webcomic contains heavy smut, yaoi, torture, ecchi, and mature stuff. Also, romance, relationships, and arts are the major part of this series.

The story starts when Nayeon and Noah accidentally met on the last train of the day. Nayeon was enjoying herself, considering she is alone. She then saw a reflection from the train’s window of a mystery man (Noah), who is on the same train. This man approaches her and offers his business card. She developed an interest in this man, and to see this handsome stranger once again, she takes his offer and arrives at a place called Peach Puff. The place Peach Puff was very bizarre. There she meets strangers, who all change her life.

18. Never Understand

Never Understand aka Out of Control is a BL Manhwa that you should definitely give a read if you are into cute stories. Both the main characters have their own flaws and strength, which we witness as the story develops. You may find the art of the webtoon a bit messy at the start, but it eventually gets better in the later chapters.

The two characters stand with the brand, given by their school’s peers. This brand is that first Yuri, is among the most handsome faces in the school, and second Jaerim, is among the ugly ducklings of the school. After various circumstances, they did get together, or maybe not. Who knows what’s going on between these two, and this is the base plot of the comics, defined beautifully by the author.

17. Moritat

Moritat is kind of BL Manhwa, which you will find confusing at the start and then totally immersed afterward. The story revolves around two characters, Jesse and Law Chester. It follows the life of Jesse, and the first part of the comic is entirely like Jesse’s POV. During his POV, he tells that he woke up at the hospital with no memories of himself or any other people. At that time, he was being told that he is the only left heir of the wealthy Brown family, who got killed by the terrorist. The only person who is with Jesse is now his lover Law Chester.

Jesse secluded himself in his mansion out in the mountains because of this trauma, where he lives by the command of his lover law Chester. Though, the memory of Jesse is not entirely gone. He sometimes remembers that Law is the same man he last saw, and who left him to die in the snowy field. Still, he looks like the only one who can answer the countless questions in Jesse’s mind.

16. Let Dai

The oldest manhwa on the list Let Dai is a tale of tragedy, mixed with forbidden love, and unpardonable perfidious. This beautiful BL Manhwa will give you hope and desire of love, but in the meantime, it will turn you towards the harshness of reality. In the beginning, you may feel the story is a bit fast, but give it some chapters, you will feel the characters. I may also include that Let Dai does touch on the subjects of homophobia, gang rape, and suicide.

A teenager named Dai, whose very existence states that evil is real. He was the leader of a vicious Furies gang and lures everyone who lays eyes on him, only to give them the experience of brutality.  Everything changes when a goody two shoe schoolboy named Jaehee rescues a girl from being mugged by the Furies gang. Things happen, and Jaehee draws towards the evil gang leader. Dai too forms a deep bond with Jaehee, which create furthermore complications.

15. Life Outside the Circle

Setup on the lives of two men who are living in the Finnish countryside. Even though throughout there were a lot of hardships and crisis the couple had to deal with it but, the story never got near the unnecessary drama. Hence, keeping it simple and heart-warming. The art style is a good mix of natural and bright pastel colors totally in sync with the webtoon. The webtoon nowhere fails to show how homophobic people are in our society. This webtoon powerfully portrays commitment and love toward family in general. The main story revolves around a bisexual father Juha, his daughter, and his lover Sami.

This gay webtoon perfectly portrays how it is like to be in a gay relationship and be a single father in a small and conservative village. The opening up and coming out part was extremely realistic. This story also focuses on the positive relationships that most BL manhwa fails to show. There were a few loopholes. One being the disappearance of a character who could have a very important role apart from that it has a well-focused storytelling.  A must read out of gay webtoons for a sweet romantic love story.

My dictator boyfriend - gay webtoons

14. My Dictator Boyfriend

From comic gene here comes this webtoon which deals with gay pride at its base. Immanuel is the new leader well dictator in an actual sense of his nation. He directly inherited from his dad and apparently, his dad does not have many expectations from him. Immanuel gets his bodyguard Jean Jacques after some twisted events and is swayed by him. This gay comic follows the daily lives of this fiction world where cheese and ham are the topics of conflict. Immanuel is a pure guy down to his heart and it won’t take long for him and Jean Jacques to get together. The following plot though becomes even more interesting.

The comic in the starting might seem like it lacks references but after the first five chapters, things will start catching up. It does not have very serious vibes yet it successfully portrays a well-planned plot and even shoot you with feels once in a while. The art is subtle and good. Filled with excessive mustard usage over every dish like you will find this webtoon extremely satisfying. It includes no explicit scene as in general. Though you might feel that the artist loves to doodle butts as the chapters forward. Containing short chapters and characters of big heart this gay webtoon sure deserves a check.

the croaking

13. The Croaking

What about a world with bird people? That’s exactly what The Croaking provides you with. Opposite to how usually BL manhwa and gay webtoons only focus on the romance between the main pair this webtoon has a very solid plotline apart from the character’s sexual preferences. Thank Icarus for this wonderful webtoon for existing (You know what I did there: Reference from the webtoon itself). The world does not have any loopholes. The setting is perfect for the story. This webtoon is in the story build-up stage yet is doing a great job in gripping control over the audience. Scra is a crow who just joined the most prestigious military academy named The Roost, unlike how it has ever happened in that world and he deals with lots of background secrets.

The chapters start with Scra and Ky, an osprey bonding in a heart-warming way. All of it suddenly disappear as Scra stopped visiting. Then we get introduced to The Roost facility where Ky and Scra are roommates. Things are not as peaceful as they seem so and it takes patience seeing Scra avoiding Ky with all his might. The main trio Scra, Ky and Ree need to get together to follow the leads of all the mysteries following their world. In case you are looking for a plot-driven story with strong and descriptive characters, this is the one gay comic you should pick. However, if you are looking for some action amongst the character than you might be a little disappointed. But Hey! A good distraction from the ordinary in any case.

Check Please

12. Check, Please!

It is a really cute story about a boy named Eric Bittle, AKA Bitty who moves out of his southern home to go to college in the north. He is in the ice hockey team. Even though he is good at ice skating he lacks techniques when it comes to hockey along with ice. This story deals with a lot of heart-warming themes whilst still keeping the whole plot solidified and centered towards the things one should notice. When the story starts he is not out as a gay person. The character is so much more than charming and relatable. The names in the comic are otherworldly and hilarious, from Ransom to Shitty. The character growth is scattered throughout and is lovable.

The art style is very cute and there is also a hard copy version present of this gay webtoon. Even if it qualifies under the gay comics tag it talks about heterosexual relationships. Unlike usual gay webtoons, we see this one focuses more on other things rather than just the romance lining of the storyline. The inclination of the story is towards the western community though I promise you won’t enjoy it any less. A good revamp from the conventional gay comic we usually find. It acquired a lesser position because it is not exactly BL manhwa but IT IS WORTH EVERY SECOND!

December Rain - BL Manhwa

11. December Rain

Suchae gets out of the army and thinking of spending a good time enjoying his days back to the usual life, he decides to travel around the country alone. There he gets attracted to Gusam a somewhat shady stranger he spotted randomly. Suchae being a solo traveler gathers the determination to go talk to him and they end up journeying together. Further in the story there comes the past life of seemingly mysterious Gusam. This story follows lead to many themes that might be hard to deal with if you are looking for a light BL manhwa to read. It includes abuse and injustice as root plot lines.

Even after such themes and a bit of slow pacing towards the awaited ‘happily ever after’ this story sure keeps you captivated. The fact that you get to see the chemistry in them early on before the real story is explored makes it a bit harder to wait. This story locks a lot of feeling wrenching moments so be prepared as you pick it up.

Its Not Love

10. It’s Not Love

A light-heated BL manhwa filled with comedy moments. It kick-starts with the main characters, Ganghyuk Choi and Joowon Kim going on with a one-night stand. They decide to keep it purely physical as both feel nothing towards each other. Though, where is the spice without emotions?

Both start having feelings for each other but no one wants to acknowledge them. Leading to many comedy moments. As the feelings gradually deepen things get a bit hard for both because they have to face their emotions to get together. The story talks about a 30-year-old man who falls in love for the very first time. The gradual process of dealing with their feelings is shown with a proper touch of simple and neat art style. This gay webtoon is a good option for first-time readers who do not want to explore the dark side of BL manhwa just yet.

Castle Swimmer

09. Castle Swimmer

This webtoon deals with the purer aspect of gay webtoons and comics. The art style is descriptive and simple with not too much background dominance. It portrays the sea world where all the fish-people varieties have prophecies that will help them grow to success in one way or another. In the middle of all the prophecies, an important aspect is the Beacon, Kappa, a fish with shining scales. He is tied by all the prophecies. Since his birth, Kappa has been working ahead to fulfill them.

He enters the shark’s dungeon and is held captive. Their prophecy tells them to kill kappa so that they can escape the curse which causes frequent causalities. The shark prince is Siren (Yep! I find the name ironic). Siren must kill Kappa to fulfill the prophecy. The moment Siren sees him he gets entranced by his beauty. He must look for other ways to save kappa. With conspiracy going on from other clans and soft blushes throughout, it is a beautiful plot. This story will be a beautiful first time read for someone who is exploring gay webtoons and comics.

H-H Roman Company - BL Manhwa

08. H&H Roman Company

It’s a short BL manhwa that knows how to deal with the explicit content with cuteness. Yeah! Go ahead and fall in love with this. Ginger is the main character in this romance, fantasy gay webtoon. The story is super interesting and comes as it goes with not much plot deepening. Heaven and Hell Roman Company is a company made by God to stop unemployment problems in heaven and hell. Humans are continuously developing and they no longer need the help of any of those two. Ginger is a shy boy who deals with bullying because he is an angel-demon hybrid. I still don’t know what’s wrong with people accepting. He only has one friend Rum; whom he is in love with. The point is for Ginger to confess his feelings and having the fear of losing his only friend.

The story is cute and has many side characters whose lives are as interesting as the main couple’s. bingo! Two gay couples. The sweetness of this whole comic especially lies in the art style and plotting which is beautifully done. It is a must-read. The explicit scenes are also very graceful and do not give you Ew moments so you might want to check it out.

killing stalking - gay webtoons

07. Killing Stalking

Another dark story from the genre of BL manhwa. Killing stalking is something like irony as a plot. Yoonbum obsesses excessively over Oh Sangwoo. He starts stalking Sangwoo just to fulfill his obsession. Yoonbum, as a result, finds himself breaking into the house of Sangwoo and things take a rather nasty turn. He finds an abused and tied woman in the basement of Sangwoo’s house. Coming to his senses of what Sangwoo is; Yoonbum soon finds himself tied in the place of the woman.

This BL manhwa deals with many different and dark themes like psychological issues, rape, murder, etc. Choose this manhwa if you crave for a dark story with a good plot and strong themes.

The Baker on the first floor

06. The Baker On the First Floor

Sun Hwa is a BL comic artist and a hikikomori, someone who avoids social contact. One day as Sun Hwa steps out of his apartment due to his inescapable need for food he bumps into someone handsome and the stranger gets to know that he makes comics. Later Sun Hwa gets to know that the stranger is the baker who lives just down the floor, Moon Gong Ha. They both one day get drunk and end up having sex due to many leading incidents.

Later Gong Ha moves in with Sun Hwa due to certain reasons. Gong Ha’s story is simultaneously revealed and the plot grows deeper. Some secrets are gradually revealed with good usage of side characters in the story. The story sometimes might give you a bit of a whirlwind of feels at times. This gay manhwa does deal with certain deep themes and one can read it knowing for sure that it will be once in a lifetime type of reading.

Make me bark - BL manhwa

05. Make Me Bark

This is a master-servant plotting taking absurd and comic turns. That doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the must-reads. Sungjoon lives in a cheap place that catches fire one day and that’s how the plot starts. He is homeless with apparently already enough difficulty in going through the expenses of living.

Being a part-timer and lacking time for almost everything he realizes he doesn’t even know anyone in the city who can help him. There is however one person, Lee Hyo-in a rich boy from school who is looking for a dog, cough – I mean roommate –  cough –  maybe. Sungjoon being Sungjoon and desperately take up this opportunity to survive. Then nothing is the same again. It is hilarious watching Sungjoon going through all the ups and downs when he simply wants to run away. Slowly feelings develop and things turn romantic. This is a cute and sweet gay comic – webtoon.

Blood Bank

04. Blood Bank

Almost all lists are usually incomplete without talking about a single title involving vampires and humans. The exclusive title in the list of BL manhwa and gay webtoons is Blood Bank. Well, the vampire is the supreme race in this BL manhwa too(eye-wink). Shell is the son of a Blood Bank Lord and takes interest in a human banker named One. Blood banks are places where humans give love and a banker is a human who gives his blood to the bank.

After a bit of warming up of the plot, revolving around forbidden love things gets serious. The manhwa also works on new themes subsequently and the story becomes dark. The character development is quite on point especially that of One who first used to utterly hate Shell. The relationship between Shell and One also has some quirks which will be better if you check them out by yourself. As a whole, it is a good BL manhwa. It has both the dark and light side entailed in it. Making it a unique title and a part of Top 5 BL manhwa and gay webtoons.

Window to window - gay webtoons

03. Window to Window

A very sweet romance story of Ginu and Yubin. They are childhood friends who live in different buildings but adjacent apartments where they can communicate through the windows. The key feature and essence causing the name of this manhwa to form. Yubin is in love with Ginu since forever and Ginu is oblivious to all this. It gives a ride to a good cliché comedy concept of getting flustered without the other one knowing why. As the shell is supposed to be broken; one-day Ginu sees Yubin doing something not so innocent through his window. This causes Ginu to get curious and thus the story moves further. This BL manhwa is a sweet addition to BL manhwa and gay webtoons present in the list.

Wolf in the house

02. Wolf in The House

What better to fight the break-up blues from a decade long relationship other than having a new pet friend with you and continuing? Surely, that sounds perfect but for Minsuk, the protagonist of this story it gets to a little roller coaster ride. Minsuk ends the torment he has been facing in his 10 years old relationship by ending it. He decides to take in Bexan a Siberian husky as his pet friend. Though, Bexan is no ordinary dog. Every night Bexan turns into a human being. Minsuk gets to know about Bexan’s truth and he is casually drawn to him. The story is far from your usual plot theme that BL manhwa and gay webtoons promise. Humour, plot, characters, there is a lack of absolutely nothing in this BL manhwa.

BJ Alex

01. BJ Alex

Alex and Dong-gyun’s love story bags the first position in our list. As it released two years ago it has gain immense popularity amongst the BL manhwa – webtoon fans. With an art style that satisfies both sides and a good but comedy filled story, it takes the expectations further above. This yaoi/ BL manhwa sure deserves the first place with its great art style and storyline.

The main character this story revolves around is Dong-gyun, a bit shy and uptight boy. It’s his routine to look at the broadcasts by Alex who wears a mask and videos his sexual experiences (Sexual content is obvious at this point). One-day Dong-gyun finds himself drunk and has sex with a stranger. When he wakes up the next morning he realizes the identity of the stranger to be Alex. Though, soon we will discover what Alex is really like. A read which will leave you wanting for more as you go through each chapter.

Promising New BL Manhwa and Gay Webtoons

01. All You Can Eat

Matteo has made a covenant against men, moved away from the city to a new town with 80% of the population is above 60 years old, and avoided men at all cost. But would happen if a hot new neighbor unexpectedly shows up?

02. Zombie Prince

A mysterious plague ravishes a continent.

03. Big Troubles in Adolescence

Boy‘s Love Teenagers’ big worries and little secrets

04. Cerulean Heart

The official adaptation of a BL android app! A failing high school student, Yukio finds a magical book at his teacher’s apartment. From then on he starts to question whether everything is as it seems. He has mysteries to uncover, unfortunately, his upperclassman will put his investigation in great jeopardy!

Coming to the end of this you probably are curious about certain titles. So just go ahead and check them out! Don’t forget to mention your favorites down in the comments.

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  3. I just want to say: Killing Stalking isn’t a BL manhwa, it’s a psychological terror Manhwa. Don’t read if you are sensitive with blood or physical agression.

  4. I just finished reading December Rain. It just nah took me three hours but those three hours were extremely emotional. The way it ends has left me a lot of emotions.

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  7. I don’t want to read “killing stalking” … It looks dark…
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    • you won’t regret it

    • Tbh killing stalking IS dark, it’s psychological there is a lot of sexual agression, murder, sequestration etc. If you’re sensitive to that it’s better to avoid it but it’s not bad either, just really dark and I don’t consider it a BL

  8. Killing Stalking isn’t a BL, it’s a psychological horror story and people need to acknowledge that. There is nothing remotely romantic about Yoombum and Sangwoo’s story. It’s messed up and horrifying, stop treating it like it’s cute!

    • Sometimes I still have nightmares about it but it still think it counts as a BL even if it was traumatising for the 10 year old me to have read it.

    • i really miss yoonbum and sangwoo

    • How dare you to not include Walk on Water It’s so damn good.

  9. I’ve definitely read most of these! I just finished reading BJ Alex and now, I’m just waiting for the side stories. I’m definitely checking out It’s Not Love. It seems interesting..

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