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10+ Best Comics and Webtoons on Toomics To Read In 2021




Updated on: 01/09/2023

Toomics is a popular platform for getting your hands on some of the best webtoons over the internet. But, there are still several Indie titles over the webtoon platform, which one should know about. Also, being new to town webtoons are not that popular, and finding good recommendation is hard.

Therefore, we handcrafted the list of Best Webtoons on Toomics to read in 2020.

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Best Webtoons on Toomics to read in 2020

Ultimiter14. Ultimiter

Read on Toomics

There was a time when the control of the world belonged to all those who have been in power. The evil, wicked and nasty individuals were the reason for all the chaos and conflict. But, everything changed when an even more powerful figurine emerged from nowhere. And shush away all that was bad with the world.
Therefore, from that day onwards, the powerful figurine became an idol of peace. Also, the idol was given the name ‘Ultimiter,’ which is a title that would be passed on to the deserving person generation after generation.
The story is a heroic tale that revolves around a lecherous character who is a complete goner, Saviour Gu. He is notorious, a petty thief, but he needs to rise from the ground, for he is the chosen one, the next Ultimiter. Would he be able to turn himself opposite to what he is now? Or would he die down under pressure and became even eviler? Read Ultimiter and learn why it belongs in the list of recommended webtoons on Toomics.

Warble - best webtoons on toomics13. Warble

Read on Toomics

The world needed saving, and someone had to do something. In light of this fact, a savior gets prepared to sacrifice all he has. Therefore he goes 25 years back in time. But, even before he could do something, the savior is found dead. Nobody knows why or how it happened. But even after his death, he left behind something which still has the power to save the world, Warble.

Humans rule the overworld, and the underworld belongs to demons. And Warble is a mobile app that acts as a gateway between both these worlds. But, with the saviors gone, would anyone be able to use Warble the way it was meant to be used. And save the world from the disaster which is about to happen? Head over to Toomics and get to know what happens in this beautifully crafted webtoon.

Pounding12. Pounding

Read on Toomics

You’re on the verge of taking your own life, but somehow you’re saved. And the catch is that one who saved you is none other than your split personality. For one thing, you should be thankful and for the other mortified. Indeed this is the life story of the protagonist who is a nerdy student by day and an angry gangster man by night. Henceforth, being famous for pounding one gang member every week, the split personality goes by the name of W and is feared by all.

Pounding is a story that depicts a teenager trapped between split personalities living in his body. He wants to do something else but ends up doing the exact opposite if you would like to read a webtoon that is different, exciting, and interesting from the very start, head over to Toomics and give Pounding a read now.

Delivery Knight - Best Webtoons on Toomics11. Delivery Knight

Read on Toomics

What would it take for you to be a delivery knight? Sheer will, brute strength and an unbreakable willingness to make deliveries, no matter what. But why be a delivery guy when you have a whole lot of options? That is the real question to be answered.

The protagonist, who is himself a delivery knight, meets a young kid who wants to be just like him. But, upon their meeting, he gets ganged up by a bunch of goons who came intending to loot his truck. But even after being overwhelmed, he managed to beat all of them and get out of a pinch situation. After this incident, the little girl gets even more interested in becoming a Delivery Knight.

Will she be able to become a Delivery Knight, or will her spirits swoon away as she comes across the mysterious life behind Delivery Knights? If you’re into mystery and action, then this webtoon from Toomics would be your perfect pick.

Boss in School10. Boss In School

Read on Toomics

Seth Kwon is someone who was born with a talent in fighting but was forbidden to use it. Moreover, the reason was that he had to promise not to use his gift after a specific incident during the time he was in middle school. But, all hell breaks loose when he gets into high school, and the mental restriction ends. Also, it was none other than his father, who allowed, or better say, aggravated him to stop being a pansy and fight back.

With no limits and a fit of raging anger from quite a few years, Seth is going to bang open skulls of anyone who even as much look at him funny. But what follows is not always lovely. Get a peek in the life of Seth Kwon as he goes through a series of events. Also, if you like this webtoon from Toomics, don’t forget to give a thumbs up in the comments section.

Gang Noir09. Gang Noir

Read on Toomics

Yacha Clan is the strongest, fatally dangerous, and the one clan, which no one wants to get in a fight with. They have earned their name in the society by doing a great deal of chaos in their days. But, even so, unlike most gangs, they do not harm someone without a real cause and are good-natured.
Now, a bunch of thugs is claiming to topple their superiority and trying to show them their place. And Yacha clan has to do something. They are not the type to listen to someone talking down to them.
The story is a representation of the Yakuza or gangster world and how they manage to maintain their status and power. Additionally, the main storyline revolves around the strongest member of the clan and his ways of dealing with his daily struggle.
Also, the Yacha clan is full of members who are strong beyond an average level and are in constant banter with each other. This makes the Manga even funnier and an exciting read.

Prosuivant - Best Webtoons on Toomics08. Prosuivant

Prosuivant was removed from Toomics

In an ordinary human world, the ones who have special abilities are ‘espers’. And among these espers, there is one supreme being who goes by the name ‘The nightmare of Valeran’.
The Valeran can wield any number of fatal tools and goes unnoticed by many. The reason being the fact that nobody knows his real identity. He is someone who is in search of real truth, and anyone who comes in his way is unlucky.
Now, the Valeran is out on a journey and looking out for people of a certain kind. Several difficulties and roadblocks hit him hard during his pursuit of truth. But is he the one to give up that easily? Definitely, no.
Read one of the best webtoons from Toomics, Prosuivant, and get to know the full story. Additionally, Prosuivant is a character-driven story. Anyone who has an affinity to the said genre should add this title to their collection of webtoons for sure.

His Womans University07. His Women’s University

Read on Toomics

What kind of guy doesn’t dreams about being surrounded by girls all the time? Well! Every type of guy does. And our protagonist does so too, but unlike most, his dream does come true.
The story revolves around a young boy who opts for an all-girls college, which has been turned to co-ed recently. And later on, he gets to know that he is the only male among all his peers. Which is how his fantasy turns into a reality
Also, being the only boy, he dreams of being the center of attention, which is not what happens because of his looks, which portray him as a female instead of a male. Unfortunately, his feminine looks are a significant disadvantage or wait! Is it a disadvantage?
The protagonist finds new ways to get the attention of female counterparts. And he has a way to fulfill all kinds of fantasies since he can mingle his way in while being unnoticed.
This quite famous webtoon from Toomics is renowned for its comic literature and would best be suited for someone who likes the comic genre.
Such a cute spy

06. Such a Cute Spy

Read on Toomics

Anna Rhee is a killing monster and a secret agent who works for the North Korean government. She has been assigned a special task, which is to bring back a South Korean math genius to North Korea.
Donggu Park is a math genius, but his skills in math have been sealed away for some reason. Now, whenever he even peaks at a math textbook, he pukes. ( Also, he is considered dimwitted and has become an easy target for bullies.
Anna has to make somehow Park fall for her to take him back to North Korea. As a result, she tries to swoon him away with everything she’s got. On the other hand, Donggu keeps on getting intimated by her instead of falling for her.
Such a Cute Spy is a story of a spy who tries to seduce a math genius but faces trouble because she doesn’t know how to seduce somebody. This webtoon belongs to the comic genre filled with light comedy and gags. But, if you’re a fan of the same, then ‘Such a Cute Spy’ is one of the best webtoons to go for over on the Toomics platform.

Close as neighbors05. Close as Neighbors

Read on Toomics

Theo is a grown adult who lives all alone by himself. But, despite being alone, he remains surrounded by a lot of friends. His neighbors, a trio of three sisters are always there to accompany him.
April, May, and June are sisters who have been living beside Theo’s apartment for more than 20 years now. Also, Theo has a crush over the oldest sister April, but unfortunately, she shows no signs of affection towards him. Instead, May, who is the middle born among the three, has a crush over Theo.
In Conclusion, they have a secret love triangle going on, which is going to cause a lot of commotion. The story is the portrayal of Theo’s life when he decides to get a little more involved with his neighbors.
‘Close as Neighbours’ is funny at times and is full of exhilarating moments as well. This webtoon doesn’t waste much time shifting to ecchi content and would please you if you’re a fan. Above all, our list of ‘best webtoons from Toomics’ would be incomplete without the inclusion of the ecchi genre and hence, Close as Neighbours.
Painkiller - Best Webtoons on Toomics

04. Painkiller

Read on Toomics

The world is in a state of chaos, and the underworld has gained full control over it. But, to bring back the peace, God ‘Leto’ appears with his 12 heavenly comrades and an army. Eventually, they succeeded in their pursuit of Justice and ended up killing anyone who stood in their way.
Now, coming back to the current timeline where the peace is maintained, but everyone is in search of the peace bringer. Yes! A soldier of the heavenly army is on the lookout and being searched for by everyone. He is known for his enormous strength and can fight a dozen at a time, which is why nobody has been successful in getting to him yet.
The soldier has to keep on living despite being chased by powerful forces. For he has taken a vow to find a specific person and get his revenge in this life only.
Painkiller is a story of a powerful but broken soldier who is fighting against all the odds to do the right thing. If you like action, adventure, and heroic tales, Painkiller should be your pick.

Super Rich03. Super Rich

Read on Toomics

Daeho Han is someone who used to be a Pro-MMA fighter but has become a low life now. He manages his living expenses by extorting money from three different highschool gangs. But, Deaho has a secret which he shared with no one. The secret is that he has a sick mother who needs that money, and he has no other way to earn such amounts.
But, eventually, Jihoon Nam, one of his mates, gets to know his secret and proposes a plan which could help them both. With his sharp wit, he formulates a plan to take over the world using his wits and Han’s power.
Han, who needs money at any cost, is in no shape to refuse the offer and gets on board. While he is in this for taking care of his mom, Nam has different plans for himself. He wants revenge and ultimately aspire to be in the top 0.1 % of the wealthiest individuals.
Super Rich is the tale depicting ‘Rags to Riches.’ The storyline is interesting, and you could get hooked on after a certain point, which is what makes it deserving for its spot on the list of best webtoons over the Toomics platform.

Munchkin Quest02. Munchkin Quest

Read on Toomics

Ian is desperately looking for a job, and in his pursuit, he comes across an office named Munchkin. And without a shred of doubt, he went on for an interview. But he finds later on that Munchkin is a little different from other organizations out there.
A specific incident happens during his interview at Munchkin, where he comes face to face with strange creatures. Following this incident, the individuals at Munchkin found something special about Ian. And also, he gets the job, about which he has no clue.
Munchkin Quest is a story of someone lost in life getting to someplace meaningful but by mistake. The story revolves around Ian as he gets in touch with his extraordinary power and tries to evolve in the process.
Munchkin Quest is one of the best picks among webtoons from Toomics due to its on par illustrations and grasping storyline.
Supernova - best webtoons on toomics

01. Supernova

Read on Toomics

Yushin is an average high schooler who has unfortunately enrolled in one of the most notorious delinquent high schools. Yushin and his friends Mike and Charlie, alongside their classmates, are bullied continuously by Steve and his lackeys.

Steve is the representative of Black Dogs in their class, a criminal organization comprised of various students and alumni. Black Dogs have a hierarchy, and most of the high schoolers who graduate as Black Dog members are on their way towards becoming full-fledged Yakuza.

Supernova is the story of a group of friends who one day decide to oppose the bullies in their school. Yushin, alongside his friends, creates “White Rabbit,” the anti-bullying group, with only one intention in mind, to stop bullying and money extortion.

Supernova is a thrilling story with a lot of drama mixed in with great character development for both the protagonists and antagonists. It is, without a doubt, one of the best picks among webtoons on Toomics.


So, with that, we end our top picks for ‘Best Webtoons from Toomics’ collection. Now, you have to tell us in comments which one was your favorite among these and don’t forget to share the list with your otaku buddies. Also,  Check out Top 20 Best Romance Webtoons Which You Should Check Out Right Now!

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