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Nihilism: Is there a meaning to life?

Rick and Morty S1 ep1: Pilot

  Nihilism Philosophy Nihilism, a word we don’t commonly discuss but a thought that is always at the back of our minds. Life, death, coming to terms with what it means to exist and is there really a meaning to life is something all of us question, one way or the other. Without a doubt,

RPG maker horror game recommendations

RPG maker horror game recommendations: Pocket Mirror

  RPG maker horror game recommendations RPG maker horror game recommendations: RPG maker games have and are still relatively popular among the gaming community. Its simple controls, pixel aesthetics and excellent narrative can still create a fun, interacting world without advance programming. Needless to say, RPG maker is accessible to all sorts of creators due to the

Pirating in the 21st century: An outlook on the positives and negatives

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In the age of our modern era, many traditional terms end up with another meaning that comply with our current times, especially something to do with technology. Pirating is one such term. Instead of pillaging the seas, we’ve turn to surfing the net. Piracy has become a major issue impacting many industries, especially in entertainment.

2017 Anime Recommendation Guide: Hits and Misses

Artwork on left: credit to wlop, artwork on right credits to kawacy

2017 Anime Recommendations Guide and Highlights: Well as 2017 is drawing to a close, I can certainly say it’s been another exciting year for the anime community as wave after waves of newly adapted light novels, games and manga were brought to life. While some may have brought you to tears, was it for the

Study Tips for Finals: To do’s and Not to do’s

  You can last minute an assignment, but you can’t last minute an exam – study advice to keep in mind qwq I had to learn this the hard way you see, since I’m also one of those people that prefer to live on the edge. Or rather, prefer to procrastinate till there’s not enough

OCD: Understanding Obsessive compulsive disorder

Please don't go by ryky, shows an emotional connection between patient and visitor.

OCD / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is often misrepresented or misinterpreted by a wide range of media influences. Many people often forget the compulsive side of the disorder and what it really is. Below we’ll outline and point out some important parts to help reach a better understanding to the matter.  What separates OCD from other

Legalising Euthanasia: For and Against

Black/white photography of a patient

Euthanasia, a form of assisted suicide through the help of medical professionals is a topic of controversy as there are many different perspectives to the matter. Here we’ll outline more information to give a better understanding and arguments from both supporting/opposing sides. Euthanasia is also referred as an act of ‘mercy killing’. It is the

Game rage: Solutions and Highlights

What happened to the controller? Game rage occurs after repeating a task but failing multiple times, it’s a frustrating experience for any gamer. So how can we prevent it? Wlop’s deviantart Game rage: Frustration and uncontrollable anger that came from constant failures, not being able to achieve desirable results and poor success rates.   Symptoms