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Updated on: 11/11/2023

Life can be very unexpected at times. One minute you could be having the best day of your life and then living your worst nightmare the very next. Or sometimes, pleasantly just the opposite. Even when things are not so drastic, life can still surprise you with what it has on its hold. Nakajima Atsushi, an orphan, loses his home and finds another on the same day; that’s how unpredictable life’s been for him. But nothing measured to what he encountered on a daily basis after joining the Arms Detective Agency.

Atsushi Nakajima, an 18-years-old boy is kicked out of the orphanage after being suspected to be related to a mystical white tiger terrorizing it. While roaming around the city, hungry, homeless, and tired, he comes across a drowning man Osamu Dazai, a suicide enthusiast and a supernatural detective who has also been investigating that mystical tiger. Together with Dazai’s partner Doppo, they solve the mystery that leaves Atsushi questioning his own identity. He ends up going back with Dazai to Arms Detective Agency, working together with the wacky members of the team and finding a new family in the process.

A series with amazing characters, a fabulous and engaging plotline, and action-mystery that will make you think whether the concept of good and bad is as simple as the two sides of the coin or if there actually exists a third side that is missed more often than not. No doubt the series is getting a second season. Season 4 is to be produced by Bones and premier in January 2023. The wait is a bit long, but here are some anime similar to Bungo Stray Dogs to keep you entertained till then.

Here are 20 anime similar to Bungo Stray Dogs

1. Kekkai Sensen

Kekkai Sensen, similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, is a supernatural action mystery with hilarious situations and an entertaining storyline. The series takes place in a fantasy world in New York now known as Hellsalem’s Lot, after a gateway opened there connecting the Earth and the Beyond. Now, Hellsalem’s Lot is a place inhabited by humans and supernaturals alike. And to maintain peace and order, Libra, a secret organization, exists that makes sure that chaos stays within the confines of Hellsalem’s Lot and doesn’t spread into the outside world.

The story revolves around a photojournalist, Leonardo Watch, who acquires a unique power called the ‘All-seeing eyes of Gods’ at the expense of his sister’s eyesight. It enables him to see the past and predict the future, view people’s aura, and see past illusions, along with several other things. He decides to go to Hellsalem’s Lot to know more about the mysterious power and find a way to get her sister’s eyesight back. Thanks to the unexpected turn of events, he runs into Libra and ends up joining it; starting a new adventurous phase of his life.

There are a lot of elements in Kekkai Sensen that are similar to Bungou Stray Dogs, along with their own uniqueness. If you enjoyed watching a team of whimsical characters with superpowers fighting together to rein in the chaos in Bungo Stray Dogs, then you are sure to enjoy Kekkai Sensen as well.

2. Darker Than Black

Black is considered the darkest color of all that can cover any other. But as a concept, one may think of several things that can be darker than the color black itself; one of them can be said to be human nature. Which this series through a brief light on. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, it also portrays a war behind the scene between different factions and groups. In Darker Than Black one such group is Syndicate, which with its various agents is trying to uncover the mystery behind the Hell’s Gate. And Hei is one of the most powerful contractors working for the Syndicate.

About 10 years ago a Hell Gate appeared in the sky of Japan, along with a Heaven’s Gate in America, with an unknown purpose. Along with these gates, people with psychic powers known as Contractor also emerged. These contractors are granted paranormal powers in exchange for their conscience. Hai is one such contractor who with his two partners works for the Syndicate, taking missions and solving cases all the while searching for his missing sister Bai.

Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, Darker Than Black is also a dark anime with mystery, crime, and superpower as its genre. It’s not as comedic but a must-watch if you are looking for an anime similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, especially if you are into sci-fi anime.

3. Tokyo Revenger

If time travel were possible, what is it that you would want to change about your past? And to what extent changing a small event in the past can affect the future? For Takemichi Hanagaki, one sentence 12 years back in time saves his current ex-girlfriend from dying at the hands of Tokyo Manji Gang. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, Tokyo Revengers also shows you the good side of people who commit crimes.

Takemichi is living an unsuccessful and lonely life, but that changes after he comes to know about the death of Hinata Tachibana, his girlfriend from middle school. At the brink of an accidental death, he travels back 12 years in time to his middle school days, the highest point of his life. He meets Hinata’s brother and asks him to protect his sister, after which he suddenly returns back to the future. And must to his surprise and relief, the future has changed and Hinata is alive.

Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, Tokyo Revengers also revolves around crimes and fights surrounding gangs. Both portray characters in a way that its hard not to get attached to them.

4. Hamatora

Minimum Holders are people who have to acquire a special inborn power called Minimum or Minor Miracles. It’s a gift that only a few humans possess and is thus kept confidential. They are trained in a government academy called Facultus to develop their potential, after graduating from which they acquire special privileges and benefits. Two such individuals are Nice and Murasaki, who runs their own Private Investigation Agency known as Hamatora.

Hamatora is a detective agency run by Nice and Murasaki, two Minimum Holders. While solving their recent cases, they come across some evidence pointing toward a serial killer, they know their friend Art, a police officer is searching for. Another bewildering thing about these cases they find is that all the victims are Minimum Holders. Deciding to follow the leads, they become part of the investigation, not knowing what kind of danger they are heading into.

Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, it’s another detective anime with superpowers solving crimes that no one else can. Its colorful art style, curious plot, and quirky characters will get you hooked up to it in no time.

5. Kemono Jihen

People can ostracize others for the most ridiculous of reasons, as much as for even working hard. Sounds absurd, right? But this is what happens with Kabane Kusaka, who lives alone and works in the field. He is made fun of with the nickname Dorotabou, a mud youkai, and sunned by his peers. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, this series also revolves around a mysterious young boy joining a team of supernatural detectives working to solve cases too difficult for the police department.

When a chain incident of mutilated and rotting animal corpses starts happening in a mountain village, an inn hostess decides to call Inugami Kohachi, an occult detective for help. While investigating, Inugami meets and befriends Kabane, and decides to take his help, much to the villager’s scrutiny. Inugami with Kabane’s help uncovers the truth behind the incident and decides to invite him to join his team of detectives. Seeing the chance to stay with a person who enjoys his company, explore the new world of the occult, and has an opportunity to look for his parents, Kabane decides to go to Tokyo with Inugami and join his investigation team.

If you enjoyed watching Bungo Stray Dogs, you sure will love Kemono Jihen. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, the misfit team, their shenanigans, and cases will keep you entertained throughout.

6. Yuukoku no Moriarity

A goal may be achieved by several means. However, it doesn’t mean that all the ways are right. Some are wrong but necessary and easy; some are right but hard, time taking, and uncertain. Willian James Moriarity decided to take the road that would help him improve society and bring the unjust hierarchy of Britain down, whichever it may be. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs this series also plays with the concept of right and wrong in society.

Willaim James, the adopted son of the Moriarity household, works as a consultant detective for common people. Sharing the same hatred towards the corrupt British nobility and the tyrannical class system, he along with his brother Louis and adopted brother Albert decides to destroy it with whatever means necessary. At the start of their plan, they burn the Moriarity household down along with Albert’s cruel blood brother Williams. Now, the three start a new life with the only purpose of changing and improving the world they live in even through bloodshed and deceit.

Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, it is also a psychological historical mystery, but without a supernatural theme. If you loved the plot depicting the grey area of morality and the detective elements in Bungo Stray Dogs, then you will probably enjoy this series too.

7. Karneval

anime similar to bungo stray dogs

Have you ever been to a Carnival? The Circus and the rides are all fun, right? But here, in this Karneval, the Circus is a front, to fight and to hide the chaos and destruction caused by evil, a front to placate and apologize. But who says it still can’t be fun? Karneval is another anime with a supernatural mystery theme, similar to Bungo Stray Dogs.

Nai, a kind but naive teenager meets Gareki under probably one of the most bizarre circumstances. While searching for an old friend, he gets caught in the hands of a beautiful woman, a Varuga, that literally wants to eat him. Gareki, a thief, while trying to rob her house meets Nai and decides to help him escape, but when things go the way you want? Both of them are discovered by the ghoulish monster, only to be saved by Circus, a government defense agency that captures Varuga and solves crimes out of the league of police. In the hope of finding his friend Nai decides to join the Circus and convinces Gareki to go with him.

If you adored the naive and easygoing personality of Atsushi, you are going to love Nai. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, Karneval revolves around a secret group of quirky characters with supernatural power, that will make you wonder who had the nice idea to get them to work together.

8. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Although the series is not a historical supernatural anime, it has various other elements similar to Bungo Stray Dogs. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, this series also portrays the best combination of Mafia and detective genres. The story is set in the city of Fukuoka which houses more hitmen, detectives, and professional revenge seekers than the normal people who could hire them.

Zenji Banba is an easy-going laid-back detective who has been observing the work of the other hit-man companies in the city. Xianming Lin, a fed-up, almost jobless, and broke cross-dressing Hitman has been given the order by his bullying company to take Banba out. However, on meeting the detective, Lin presents Banba with an offer to work together to take revenge on the organization he previously worked for.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens is a fast-paced anime with action revolving around a group of quirky characters similar to Bungo Stray Dogs. And with its comic elements revolving around the antics of a cross-dressing hitman and a laid-back detective observing the other hitman organizations would be rolling on the floor in no time.

9. Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit

Anime similar to bungo stray dogs

Special 7 is another anime similar to Bungo Stray Dogs. The series is set in an alternate Japan of the present time where human coexists with other magical and supernatural creatures. But in this world where different species peacefully live together, a group known as Nine has arisen, which seeks to acquire the power of the dragons that once ruled the world. And are ready to do anything to achieve their goal, whether it be causing destruction or mass sacrifice. To keep the Nine in check and find the people behind it, a special unit called Special 7 has been organized.

Seiji Nanatsuki is a rookie detective who meets Shori Ichinose, a member of Special 7 in the middle of a hostage situation in a bank robbery and due to his quick thinking and refreshing behavior while dealing with the ordeal, gets transferred to Special 7. He comes to realize that Special 7 is not special only because of dealing with unique cases and Nine but because of its members too. Well, life is no longer predictable or easy, but thanks to his colleagues, the work is at least not monotone anymore.

Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, it is also a supernatural action comedy revolving around developing friendship and teamwork. A series that will have you on the edge of your seat only to fall down laughing the very next moment. (https://www.smallhandsbigart.com/)

10. Kuroshitsuji

What is so important to you that you would even trade your soul for it? Is it a person, a purpose, or a thing? For Ciel Phantomhive, it’s the desire for truth and vengeance for the death of his family. A thirteen-year-old boy who came back from dead with a demon in tow, with the sole motive of bringing his parent’s murderer back to hell. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, Kuroshitsuji is also a historical mystery with crazy characters with tragic pasts.

On the brink of death, Ciel makes a contract with a demon to help him get revenge on people who planned to bring the Phantomhive household down, in exchange for his soul. Now, the same demon Sebastian not only helps him solve cases for the Queen while searching for his parent’s murderers but also handles every necessary task of the household as his butler.

It’s an anime concerning deep and dark issues, similar to Bungo Stray Dogs that will make you think. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, it’s also filled with lots of action, revenge plans, wacky characters, and hilarious and emotional moments that will get you addicted to the series in no time.

11. Baccano

The concept of immortality can be a dream or a nightmare depending on the desire of the person. But is it even possible to find a potion for immortality? Maybe with magic and alchemy, as it was in Baccano. The series Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs is set in the 1900s and revolves around mafia groups and supernatural elements.

In 1711 a group of alchemists acquire the elixir of immortality but decide to keep it a secret and go their different ways after members of the group start being murdered one by one. In 1930, one of those members, Slizard Quates manages to make a new batch of the elixir of immortality but loses it in a transaction. Mistaken for a bottle of alcohol it is consumed by several people from different groups of society creating a new generation of immortals. The series follows the story of several people from different groups, places, and times, who might be unrelated but are a part of the bigger picture.

Baccano, similar to Bungo Stray Dogs has a unique and engaging plot, intriguing quirky characters, and a comedic undertone with a mafia setting that will have you stick to the screen till the very last episode. It presents a fabulous mix of suspense, romance, comedy, action, and supernatural genres.

12. 91 Days

Another anime, revolving around the theme of mafia and war between opposite factions, similar to Bungo Stray Dogs. 91 days depicts the story of a young boy Angelo Lagusa, who lost his whole family is killed by the Vanetti Mafia family, in front of his eyes, and now he’s back to take his revenge on each and every person involved. (Ambien)

Angelo leaves his hometown, Lawless after the death of his family and changes his identity to Avilio Bruno. After seven years, he receives an anonymous letter calling him back to his hometown to seek revenge for his dead family. He decides to come back under the name of Avilio Bruno and starts his plan of vengeance by befriending Don’s son, Nero. It’s just the start of a bloodstained path to vengeance that lasts for 91 days.

If you enjoyed the war between different mafia groups, drama, action, and mystery in Bungo Stray Dogs, then you might enjoy this series too. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, the series will get you hooked up to it from the very first episode, with its gripping story plot and action scenes.

13. Taboo Tattoo

Tattoos, along with being beautiful are also a symbol of strength usually. But what if they could turn into weapons and protect you too? That would be so cool, wouldn’t it? In this series, such a tattoo exists. They are ancient weapons that enhance the power of the user. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, Taboo Tattoo also orbit around people with superpowers solving cases.

Akatsuka Justice, also known as Sigi is a normal high school student who believes in protecting the weak. One day he saves a homeless man being bullied by some punks, who, as a token of gratitude, give him a stone that imprints a tattoo on his palm. While being followed by a powerful American girl, Easy, with a mysterious weapon, who intends to retrieve the tattoos, he comes to know the true power of it. He decides to her retrieve other tattoos, unbeckoned to the chaos his life will be moving on.

Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, this series revolves around supernatural, crime-fighting, and comedy themes. So, if you loved Bungo Stray Dogs, then you should give this one a try too.

14. Banana Fish

What does Banana Fish even mean? A foolish name with a tragic and heartbreaking back story, that is the center and theme of the whole series. And a quest for truth, that changes the life of Ash Lynx, with newfound friendships, allies, and enemies. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, Banana Fish also presents the dark side of society revolving around power imbalance, violence, and injustice.

Eiji Okumura is a Japanese photographer covering American street gangs. His life changes after meeting Ash Lynx, the adopted heir and sex slave of Mafia Godfather, Dino Golzine in his hideout Bar. Their life starts intertwining when while investigating Banana Fish, a name that Ash has only heard twice, Ash is attacked by Dino’s man who kidnaps his friend Skip and Eiji. Now Ash must find a way to save his friends and discover the mystery behind Banana Fish and its connection to Dino.

If you are looking for a series that is a fast-paced-thriller, has an engaging plotline, in-depth characters, and gang wars, similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, then this is a series you must try. Although it lacks supernatural elements, its reality-focused storyline, friendship dynamic, and tear-jerker moments will not let you go that easily.

15. Arcana Famiglia

Family, a simple word that holds much more bond just than blood; especially in Mafia. It’s people who you protect and who protect you. And one such family is Arcana Familia, an organization that protects the people of the Island of Regalo, from anyone who intends to harm them. Arcana Familia is a group of mafia-like protectors who have contracted with tarot cards to acquire supernatural powers.

The head of Arcana, also known as Papa, Mondo, decides to retire. On his birthday he declares for an Arcana Duello to choose the next heir and the spouse for his daughter Felicita. Disagreeing to marry the winner and wanting to make her own path in life, Felicita decides to participate in the Duello for the position of the next head and her freedom. Now the contestants not only have to fight for Felicita but fight her as well to win her hand in marriage and the position of the head of the Arcana Famiglia.

If you enjoyed the bond between the characters in Bungo Stray Dogs, then you will enjoy Arcana Familia as well. Similar to Bungo Stray Kids, the anime also orbits around the mafia, crime, Justice, and friendship.

16. Vanitas no Carte

Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, Vanitas no Carte is a supernatural mystery with a historical setting, produced by the same studio, Bones. The series is set in an alternate 19th century, where humans and vampires coexist, revolving around a vampire and a vampire doctor.

Noe Archiviste, a vampire in quest of The Book of Vanitas, meets an eccentric man, Vanitus, who despite being a human claims to be a vampire doctor. And much to Noe’s surprise holds the Book of Vanitus and can cure the malnomen disease causing the vampires to go predatory against their will. The two decide to join forces and heal vampires, not knowing the deadly threat lurking behind this new disease that’s coming their way.

If you loved the dynamic between Dazai and Atsushi, you will love Vanitus and Noe’s antics. Vanitas no Carte similar to Bungo Stray Dogs revolves around a team of crazy misfits that somehow make it work. Although the storyline of the two series is very different, the protagonist’s vibe and supernatural-themed mystery, along with its comedy style are quite similar to Bungo Stray Dogs.

17. Senkou no Night Raid

Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, in Night Raid 1931, Sakurai Kikan is a special agency staffed with people who have extraordinary paranormal powers. This team also works in the background to protect the people from evil and impending destruction. The story’s premise is set in Shanghai in 1931, during the Russo-Japanese and World War I.

Hydra is an evil organization that has been conspiring to bring the world to destruction. Just after the end of World War I, with the seeds of chaos that have been planted, WWII is a sure event to happen. Now it’s in the hand of the members of Sakurai Kikan to stop the evil plan of Hydra and the impending future destruction. But with the web of chaos everywhere, will Sakurai Kikan be able to stop the world’s destruction, or will it get caught in it?

If you are interested in watching a team of interesting people with supernatural power bickering together all the while trying to save the world from chaos, similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, then this is a series you must try.

18. Black Lagoon

Do you think pirates were cool? what would it be like if they still existed? Rokurou, a businessman comes to find out through first-hand experience that, yes, pirates still exist and apparently they are better company than his office colleagues. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, Black Lagoon also depicts a story of crazy misfits that somehow fit together perfectly.

Rokurou Okajima is a businessman who gets a break from his tiring everyday office life when he’s sent to Thailand to deliver a disk. But unknown to him it’s just the calm before the storm that is going to be his life. On his way there, his boat is hijacked and he’s taken hostage by a team of ruthless pirate mercenaries called Black Lagoon, hired to steal that disk. After being left to die by his company, he decides to join the pirate crew and start a new life as Rock with his new team.

How is Rock going to handle this career change while trying to save his humanity and life at the same time? Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, black Lagoon is also an action comedy series with an unpredictable and fast-moving story plot.

19. Fuuto Tantei

Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, Fuuto Tantei also revolves around the theme of superpowers and detective agencies. The story revolves around two detectives with special power and their new amnesiac assistant.

Shotaro Hidari and Philip are private detectives who work at Narumi Detective Agency with their boss Akiko Terui to protect the peace of Fuuto city. One day Shotaro meets a mysterious amnesiac girl, Tokime who is being targeted by Dopants, monsters created from Gaia memories. After saving her, the three decide to hire Tokime as their assistant. While solving the new cases they come to realize the connection between the murders and theft happening in the city and Tokime. Now, not only do they have to solve the increasing number of cases in the city, but also eradicate the remaining dopants, all the while uncovering the mystery behind Tokime and her connection to all the ongoing incidents.

Fuuto Tantei, similar to Bungo Stray Dogs also depicts the story of a character that is being targeted by an evil organization but gets saved and appointed by a detective of a mysterious private detective agency. If you enjoyed watching Bungo Stray Dogs, you might like this series too.

20. Black Cat

Some incidents and people can completely overturn one’s outlook on life. This happens with the merciless Chronos assassin Train Heartnet also known as the Black Cat when he meets Saya Minatsuki, a mysterious bounty Hunter. Similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, Black Cat also centers around the conflict between groups and people using their abilities to prevent criminals.

Train’s unexpected friendship with Saya and her optimistic outlook on life makes him question his own way of handling things and living life. He decides to leave his role as the ruthless assassin Black Cat and become a bounty Hunter like Saya. But when has the way of righteousness has been easy? Chronos and Black Cat’s underling, Creed Diskenth, can’t seem to accept his decision and wants to bring him back by any means possible.

Black Cat might lack supernatural and historical elements, but after watching you would notice the various it shares with Bungo Stray Dogs. Along with being similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, it has its own unique elements that will have you wanting more.

So, here are 20 anime similar to Bungo Stray Dogs. Most of these series deal with the genres such as suspense, mystery, drama, supernatural, and comedy. They also share the theme of teamwork, heartwarming friendship, a glimpse of the dark side of society, and the confusing concept of right and wrong. If you enjoy supernatural and detective animes then there must be some series in the list of 20 captivating anime similar to Bungo Stray Dogs, that you have watched before. Do comment below and share with us which ones you have previously watched and which is your favorite anime from this list of anime similar to Bungo Stray Dogs.

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