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You are here! It probably hints that you wanna enjoy more anime like My Dress-up Darling. So, let me tell you, you have landed at a perfect place. In this blog, we have brought you an exclusive list of awesome anime that will remind you of ‘My Dress-up Darling.

The high school life, the craze for passion, and the romance that you loved in My Dress-up Darling are present in the anime listed below. So, without wasting a second of yours, let’s divulge into the blog for you to watch more animes asap.

Also, I have added a brief for each title for you to make your priority list.

anime similar to My Dress-up Darling:

Don’t forget to tell us which one have you liked the most from the list. Also, let us know your favorite moments from My Dress-up Darling!!!

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27. Komi Can’t Communicate

School life adventure with a touch of romance. That’s how you can imagine the anime ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ in one sentence. Just like My Dress-up Darling, the anime also explores school life and all the fun of high school.

The anime follows a girl, Shouko Komi, with a communication disorder. It is a disorder where a person is unable to communicate with others despite their willingness to talk. However, her life takes a beautiful, or you can say, adventurous turn when she meets Tadano.

Being a fun-loving guy, Tadano decides to avoid everything that can make his life lack enjoyment. However, his meeting with Komi changes his plans. After meeting Komi, he abruptly makes a high school goal for himself, and that is to help Komi make a total of 100 friends. Of course, it’s not easy, but he is determined to do so.

In his journey to help Komi befriend 100 people, Tadano’s many other friends join him and become a part of Komi’s life. But will Tadano be able to help Komi befriend 100 people and help her come out of her aloofness??? Also, will he remain only friends with Komi, or his heart will beat for her??? Get your answers in the anime!!!

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26. Blue Period

If you have a place for art and painting in your heart, you might not afford to miss such an exciting anime. Blue Period is similar to My Dress-up Darling in the sense that both anime follows school students following their passion.

Blue Period follows Yatora Yaguchi, a high school student who probably has everything a high school student wishes to have. Yaguchi’s life is packed with fun. Friends and popularity are always with him. Despite this, the feeling of hollowness is inside him. But a painting changes it forever.

Yaguchi encounters a beautiful painting in a room that inspires him to make a painting of his own. The first art that he paints in blue colour makes him feel alive. It makes his heart feel for the first time. From here, the adventures and struggles of his life begin when he decides to get enrolled on one of the best Art schools in Tokyo. Struggle, failure, determination, hope, and perseverance all have to be with Yaguchi for him to achieve what he wants to do. But it is not like you enjoy each moment of doing a thing if it’s your passion. Weak days are always there. Follow Yaguchi in his journey to realize his passion and build it.

Netflix Anime 2019

25. Carole & Tuesday

If you have a place for music in your heart, you might not afford to miss such an exciting anime. Carole & Tuesday is similar to My Dress-up Darling in the sense that both anime follows people following their passion.

The anime follows two lonely souls with having pure love for music_ Carole and Tuesday. Tuesday is a rich girl who runs away from her home to live for her passion, music. And Carole is a poor girl striving hard for her passion, music.

The two met coincidently on a bridge when they were feeling low. Carole, a street singer and a part-timer, was singing on the bridge to make herself feel better. Tuesday heard her and appeared in front of her. From here, their life intertwines, and the two set out to follow their passion and live their dream.

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24. Welcome to the Ballroom

If you have a place for dance in your heart, you will love this exciting anime. Welcome to the Ballroom is similar to My Dress-up Darling in the sense that both anime follows people following their passion.

The anime follows a middle-schooler, Tatara. Tatara does not have any idea of what to do in future, neither he has any passion. But an accident leads him to figure out his passion for dance. When he meets Sengoku, a professional dancer, he joins his Ballroom Studio. Tatara’s passion for dance is born here, and he aspires to become a professional ballroom dancer. A series of struggles appear in front of him as it is not an easy field. Tatara has to fight for his dream and chase it like a maniac to make it real.

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23. Gamers!

Love games??? I meant the video games. If your answer to the question is yes, then you can’t miss the anime. Like My Dress-up Darling, the anime follows school students. So, if you like to explore school life or in case you miss school life, you would enjoy this.

The series follows Keita Amano and Karen Tendou, two high school students fond of gaming. In this anime series, you will find many more characters who have one thing in common. And that is their craze for video games. All the events happening in the anime are related to video games, whether it’s falling in love, making friends or creating misunderstandings. Well, the last one is emphasized in the anime. It’s fun to watch the twinkling romance of Amano and Tendou.

Maid-sama - manga with strong female lead

22. Maid Sama

Like My Dress-up Darling, the anime also explores school life and all the fun of high school with secrets outside the school. But the secrets do not remain forever.

The story follows Misaki, who is a strong girl in her school. Misaki is good at sports studies and is a workaholic. She is powerful enough to protect herself and the other girls of the school. It is necessary as the school was a complete boy school that has recently converted into a co-ed school. So, it has become a terrifying place for girls because of their minority. But Misaki has to change this and make the school safer for girls.

However, Misaki has kept a secret which is no more a secret in front of her classmate, Usui Takumi. Misaki works in Maid Cafe as a part-timer, which she has been hiding from her classmates. But Takumi accidentally finds it out when he visits the cafe. It brings twists and turns in their lives with growing romance.

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21. Wagnaria!!/ Working!!

It is one of the most popular anime similar to My Dress-up Darling. The anime explores working life with a hint of romance. If you love food and restaurants, you will surely love this as it is in a restaurant.

The anime follows Souta Takanashi, who gets an offer to work at a family restaurant, Wagnaria. And he cannot reject the proposal as he is fond of small things, and the offeree, Popura Taneshima, is a cute childlike woman. (https://woodlees.com) Takanashi is so fond of cute-little things that he once brought a cute girl to the restaurant, and his colleagues thought he kidnapped her.

Once he starts working at the restaurant, he meets his colleagues who have distinct personalities.

The anime is full of fun. You cannot control your laughter once you sit to watch it.

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20. Love Chunibyou, and Other Delusions

Loved school life with a romantic touch in My Dress-up Darling, then you will definitely enjoy Love Chunibyou and Other Delusions.

The story follows Yuuta. In his childhood, he suffered from Chunibyou.

So, let me tell you what Chunibyou is. It is like a disease where people assume that they have magical powers, unlike real humans.

So, when Yuuta has to go to his high school, he chooses the one afar to hide his past ad move on from the embarrassment he had suffered because of the disease.

But his plans are ruined after the entry of Rikka, an eccentric girl, into his school as his classmates. The more Yuuta wanted to leave this Chunibyou thing this girl reminded him of his horrific and embarrassing past.

Come and join the adventurous school journey of Yuuta.

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19. Horimiya

An anime filled with romance. Like My Dress-up Darling, this anime also explores high school students and their love life. Horimiya follows the life of two high school students, Hori and Miyamura.

Miyamura keeps himself isolated and aloof from the entire classroom. Besides, the way he carries himself in school with all his face covered by his hair makes him look hideous and aloof.

Hori is a brilliant student who is cheerful and has a few good friends with her. But she is always in a hurry to go home.

The life of these two opposite personalities, or it seems to be so on the outside, intersects after a series of events. When Miyamura and Hori meet after their school time, they unravel many facts about each other that they have preserved from the rest of the world. Their similar feelings bring them together and change their lives both in and after school. 

In these twists and turns of life, the love between Hori and Miyamura struggles to find its way out. Will their feelings be revealed before completion of high school? Watch the anime to know!!!

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18. Say “I Love You”

School love stories are cute, at least, I feel so. If you also feel the same, then give this anime your precious time. It’s worth it. Like My Dress-up Darling, this anime also contain romance in school life.

The story follows Mei, an introvert and a silent girl. She has the philosophy that friends will betray her one day. So she generally ignores people for which she gets teased. But behind her philosophy, there is a brutal past.

Yamato, the most popular guy in her school, is accidentally hit by her because of a misunderstanding. However, instead of getting angry, Yamato starts laughing. From here, his interest in Mei arises. From that time, he starts following her and doing all possible things to talk to her, but getting ignores badly.

Anyway, it will be fun for you to watch the story of Mei and Yamato. Will Yamato be able to make Mei befriend him? Or he will give up on her?

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17. Paradise Kiss

If you loved My Dress-up Darling, you can’t miss this out. Paradise Kiss also has the fashion and clothing craze, just like My Dress-up Darling. 

The anime follows Yukari, who has no idea about what she has been living. She has no passion and doesn’t know what to do with her life that can make it exciting. Bored with her monotonous life, one encounter with a weird guy changes it forever. She bumps into a weird-looking guy. The guy approaches her in broad daylight in the middle of the road and asks her about her height. After analyzing his weird personality, Yukari runs away from him but only for bumping into a beautiful purple-haired lady. Yukari assumes the lady to be a Shinigami and passes out.

After waking up, she finds that she has been caught by the two with one more pink-haired girl. They are a group of students in an Art school who approaches her to be the model of their designer clothes and take part in the upcoming fashion show competition. As any ordinary person would do, Yukari rejects the proposal and runs away from there, but life has its plans. She had left her school ID there, through which the group found her without much work.

The group gives Yukari a dream and passion that changes her monotonous life forever.

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16. 3D Kanojo: Real Girl

Like My Dress-up anime, this anime also brings you school romance.

It’s a story of an otaku enjoying his 2D world without intervention.

Hikaru is always afraid of interacting with people as he feels whatever he would do in the real world doesn’t matter. He stays away from people and spends his time reading manga, playing video games, and watching anime.

However, he is kinda attracted, or you can say he feels like getting electric shocks whenever Iroha Ikarashi comes to him. However, he keeps himself in denial. But the good point here is that Iroha also has a soft corner for him.

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15. Skilled Teaser Takagi

Do you tease your friends? Well, of course, yes. Who doesn’t do that? But they need to be your friends. Only then we can tease them. Anyway, let’s talk about this anime. It is also about teasing. It will showcase you_ friendship, teasing, school, romance_ everything summed up in one.

The story follows Nishikata and Takagi. Well, with the title, you must have assumed who the teaser is. Yes, you guessed right. It’s Takagi.

Takagi loves to tease Nishikata. And she does it at an extreme level, and it’s regularly. She knows Nishikata so well that she exactly knows his reaction.

However, Nishikata does not hate him. Instead, he wishes to make her also embarrassed one day by teasing her.

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14. Bokura Ga Ita

So, it’s a school life romance story between our protagonists. It is similar to My Dress-up Darling in school life romance. It takes you back to your high school days and reminds you of your crushes.

The story follows Nanami, who is super excited about her high school days. She eagerly waits to make new friends. But she meets a familiar person in her high school, Yano. Yuri tries to avoid him for his past relationship with his older sister Nana, who died in a car accident.

However, even after trying to avoid him, she ends up spending her time with him and starts growing close to him. But Yano’s past relationship with Nana never let him open up to Nanami. However, their slow school romance twinkles little by little. Watch their struggle to clear up the misunderstandings between them arising in the course of time and the heartaches they get from these misunderstandings.

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13. Tonikaku Kawaii/ Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You

Are you in love with your name? Or you are someone who is frustrated because of its meaning? Well, our protagonist in this anime is the latter one. Like My Dress-up Darling, this anime also brings to you romance.

The anime follows Nasa Yuzaki. As I mentioned earlier, he is frustrated with his name as he has always been teased for his bizarre name. He plans everything beforehand and is determined enough to achieve it till the day he meets a girl just before his accident.

Fortunate enough, he was saved from death by the girl. And he confesses to her before passing out as he gets too infatuated with her. The girl accepted his proposal only with the condition that is their marriage. It changes all the dreams and dedication he has been living his life.

After his accident, he has a new dream now. The dream is to find the girl and spend his entire life with her.

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12. Monthly Girls’ Nozeki-Kun

It’s a story of a manga writer’s lover and manga writer. Well, both of them are in school. Hence, this school part and its romance will remind you of My Dress-up Darling.

The story follows Chiyo Sakura and her adventures for pleasing her crush, Umetarou Nozaki. Both are classmates. But little does Sakura know that Nozaki is a manga artist named Sakiko Yumeno.

However, one day she arranges all her guts and confesses to Nozaki, but he misunderstands her. He thinks that she is an ordinary fan of his. A series of events lead her to become Nozaki’s assistant.

Every moment she is with him and does things together becomes very special for her, and she starts imagining. It is exciting to see her love and attempts to showcase her romance with Nozaki.

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11. Sounds of Life!/ Kono Oto Tomare!

Profound lover of music? If your answer is yes, then don’t miss this anime. It follows the similar passion of high school students like My Dress-up Darling.

The story follows high school delinquents_ Chika and his three energetic friends. Chika is not much fond of traditional music. But after the death of his grandfather, he tries to learn about it. He and his friends join a group that is on the verge of shutting down. After joining it, their passion for music begins, and they decide to compete nationally.

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10. Arte

If you have a place for art and creativity in your heart, you might not afford to miss such an exciting anime. Just like My Dress-up Darling, this anime also brings you the passion of the protagonists to do what they love.

The anime, set in the ancient backdrop of the 16th Century, followed Arte. Born in a noble family, Arte had a zeal for art. She wanted to become an artisan. But that era did not recognise the art made by a woman. The dream of Arte to become an artisan was ridiculed in every place, and she had to face enormous rejections. However, no circumstance was able to shake her determination to become an artisan.

After the death of Arte’s father, she was told to marry and become a perfect housewife. But she decided to follow her passion. She came out of her noble life to fulfil her dreams.

After many rejections, she finally found a master who took her as his disciple. Arte decided not to waste this chance and take full advantage of it. 

Become part of Arte’s passionate journey of becoming a renowned artisan. Will she be able to fulfil her dreams?

The struggles of Arte will inspire you to work on your dreams.

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09. Bakuman

If you have a passion for art and writing, you cannot miss this anime. The anime brings you a passionate artist and a writer who works together to achieve their dreams. Like My Dress-up Darling, this anime also has a pinch of romance and passion for creativity.

The story follows Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi.

Moritaka dreams of becoming the best mangaka in Japan. However, he has to give up on his dreams and focus on his education. On the other hand, Akito is a budding writer.

The lives of the two intersect after Akito approaches Moritaka to start a manga series together. Both start working passionately on their dream of becoming the best mangaka in Japan. They work day and night out to create their manga.

In case you are guessing where the romance is. Then let me tell you, the romance aspect is related to Moritaka’s crush Miho Azuki.

The series will inspire you, teach you, motivate you and increase the creativity that might be hidden somewhere in the depth of your heart.

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08. Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

It’s a story of an artist being bullied. Like My Dress-up Darling, this anime brings you school life romance in a funnier way.

Bullying is bad, but this anime is all about that. Nagatoro, a first-year student, loves to bully people. She does it along with her two friends.

But the victim this time is our protagonist, Naoto Hachioji. Hachioji is an artist who is quite timid. As soon as Nagatoro finds him, she starts toying with him, leaving him embarrassed most of the time. She also calls him Senpai instead of using his name. However, slowly she starts to fall for him. Will her love will be returned by her Senpai?

You can know this in the anime. I am sure you will laugh a lot while watching this. And when it comes to emotional scenes, I can’t guarantee. So, enjoy. It’s definitely worth your time.

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07. Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku

Otakus!!! I am sure you won’t miss out on this anime. It is one of the most relatable anime you can relate to as an otaku, as love is really hard for otakus. And when it comes to its similarity with My Dress up Darling, you will find romance and passion for work.

Okay, so let me give you a glimpse of the plot. The story of the anime follows Narumi Momose and Hirotaka Nifuji.

Momose has plans for her new workplace. However, all her plans get ruined on the first day of her work when she runs into Nifuji. Nifuji is her middle-school friend. She is devastated to see him at her workplace as she wants to hide her secret of being an otaku. For this reason, she even invites Nifuji for a drink to ask him to keep the secret of her being an otaku. However, she spills it out in front of two colleagues. Lucky enough, she finds out that those colleagues are also otakus. Now, it becomes interesting when these otaku colleagues will work together and discuss their dates.

Image Credits: Honey’s Anime

06. My first girlfriend is a Gal

It’s basically a story of a couple. I am sure you would have guessed it so. (https://www.sienagolfclub.com) The anime has romance and school life, just like My Dress-up Darling. 

When a horny guy meets the fashionista of his class, they become a couple, and a series of events follow up from then.

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05. My Teen Romantic Comedy: SNAFU

The anime brings you school life like My Dress-up Darling. So, if you loved the school life in My Dress-up Darling, you will enjoy this anime too.

The protagonist, Hachiman Hikigaya, really has a distorted and negative perspective of life. He is so negative that optimism can be seen nowhere in him. Zero friends, zero girlfriends and a distorted view of life are the things that always surround him.

But his adventure begins when he gets the punishment to join a ‘Volunteer Service Club’. Now, he has to solve zillions of problems of other students and has to interact with a lot of people. Then he meets a few people who become a part of his life. And the one who becomes special for him. These are the people who try to shape him despite him messing up everything.

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04. ReLIFE

Like My Dress-up Darling, ReLife also explores high school life and also adds some romance to it.

Kaizaki Arata, who is frustrated with his mundane and hopeless life, gets a chance to live his life once again. He gets a chance to relive his high school life once again but only for one year. And after one year, none of the people who met him in this one year will remember his existence. He takes up the chance and goes to relive his high school life. But that’s not easy as things have changed from his time. Now, he has to adjust to the new policies and systems of the school. The policies have changed from his time.

But this is not a blessing that suddenly happened to him. It is just an experiment by a laboratory. By taking the pill given by some random man from the laboratory, he gets the chance to enjoy his high school as a transfer student for one year. Happiness, craziness, struggle, and romance are filled together to bring out this crazy and exciting anime_ ReLIFE.

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03. Ore Monogatari!!/ My Love Story!!

Like My Dress-up Darling, Ore Monogatari!! also explores high school life and also adds some romance to it.

The anime follows Takeo Gouda, a high school freshman. However, because of his muscular personality, he doesn’t seem so. Takeo is good in marshall art. And when it comes to fight, who can beat him? However, while protecting a girl, Rinko Yamato, from delinquents, he falls for her charm and cuteness. But the girl might be interested in his best friend, Makoto Sunakawa, a handsome hunk capable of stealing every girl’s heart.

For this reason, our Gouda decides to sacrifice his love. Well, it is interesting to watch the anime when these three enjoy their high school.

It is for sure you will get emotional while watching the anime.

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02. Smile Down the Runway

If you loved My Dress-up Darling, you can’t miss this out. Smile Down the Runway also has the fashion and clothing craze, just like My Dress-up Darling. The anime also follows school students like the former one.

The story follows two high school students who aspire to become something but the hindrances are much bigger than their dreams. The anime depicts how these two come together to fight against the odds and achieve their dreams.

It follows Chiyuki Fujito, who aspires to become a fashion model, but her height does not support her. Meanwhile, Ikuto Tsumura aspires to become a fashion designer, but he lacks resources and feels that his dream will remain merely a dream. But their dedication to their passion brings them closer to their dreams. Together, they strive to turn their dreams into reality. 

It is one of the popular anime similar to My Dress-up Darling
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01. Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me to You

Loved the school life part of My Dress-up Darling? Then you will love this one as it is homogenous to it. It also has school life with pinches of romance and friendship.

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you resemble someone from a popular show??? Won’t it be super fun? Well, I would love that popularity. Anyway, that would be exciting until you are a semblance of the villain. It can affect your real life. This exact thing happens in this anime with our protagonist, Sawako Kuronuma.

Sawako resembles a character named Sadako from The Ring, a popular series. It has adversely affected her real life and people’s perceptions of her. Despite being sweet and timid, she is misunderstood as frightening and malicious. Isn’t it unfair?

Everyone in her class is afraid of her and runs away whenever she tries to talk to them, even for helping them. Everyone always keeps apologizing to her. But when she guides Kazehaya to find the school, he thanks her instead of running away from her. He is the first person to be saying her thanks rather than apologizing for no reason. She starts admiring him for his personality. But this admiration is not one-sided. Kazehaya also loves to see her smile.

The entry of Kazehaya makes her life better than before. But will they fall for each other? And if they do, who will be the first to realize it and confess. Go and get your answers in the anime.


With this, I am wrapping up the list. I hope you will enjoy watching all the anime mentioned above, as they are listed above for you from the pool of zillions.

Do let us know in the comment section which one you binge-watched overnight and which one took you a long time to watch.

Enjoy binge-watching, Otakus!!!

Meanwhile, stay tuned to our page to know more exciting facts about webtoons, anime, manga, dramas and a lot more!!! 

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