Vegito and Zamasu headed to Dragon Ball FighterZ on May 31st!

Earlier this month, we covered the upcoming DLC regarding Dragon Ball FighterZ characters Vegito and Zamasu,. While we entailed their release, their character trailers, and even the most recent update, Bandai Namco remained tight-lipped on providing a release date. Despite receiving a balance patch and even a new mode РParty Battle Mode Рonly in

Dragon Ball FighterZ introduces Party Battle and confirms a new mode in the works

Party Battle mode added to Dragon Ball FighterZ This week, Tomoko Hiroki – game producer at Bandai Namco – revealed a new mode in the recent update for Dragon Ball FighterZ. In addition to announcing a new, upcoming mode –¬† FighterZ Cup – Hiroki focused largely on the former. In Party Battle mode, players team