Captain Tsubasa episode 9, who will win? Shuutetsu vs Nankatsu!

Captain Tsubasa episode 9 was finally released, it has been an exciting wait. After watching Captain Tsubasa episode 8 I was really excited to see this anime progress further on. In the last episode, we saw the ending of Nankatsu and Shuutetsu match. Although Nankatsu is now losing against Shuutetsu, Tsubasa still managed to score

Captain Tsubasa Episode 8 was amazing, Tsubasa versus Wakatoshi

Captain Tsubasa Episode 8 was aired on Tuesday, 22 May 2018. The first match of Captain Tsubasa was really impressing, at the start, I was hoping that they will improve the animation of the match and they have. I have to say there has been a drastic improvement. Perhaps there was no need for any