Korean and Chinese animation

5 Korean and Chinese Animation Worth Checking Out

Today I want to recommend a few Korean and Chinese Animation people should check out. Korean and Chinese Animation was something that many people were not paying attention to or simply did not even kn...[Read More]

Uprising K-pop

Uprising K-Pop: Top 10 Groups/Solo Artists To Follow

K-Pop is the keyword today and the world is going crazy, in a good sense, when it comes to their artists.  Uprising K-pop isn’t an official list of the most famous or currently the most successf...[Read More]

Manga similar to Tales of Demons and Gods

10 Amazing Manhua Similar to Tales of Demons and Gods

If you’re reading this article, Manga Similar to Tales of Demons and Gods, then that means you were amazed by the great story of Tales of Demons and Gods and now want to explore more manga’s sim...[Read More]

The Handmaiden (Ahgassi)

Something led you to this movie. A picture, a title, the very fascination for the Eastern culture, so many reasons I can think of but personally, I had just one. History. I had to feed my hunger for t...[Read More]

Korean Drama While You Were Sleeping Review

Greetings Readers! Another week, another review. And this is one of my top favorite korean dramas. You know, those types of plots that keep you on the edge of your seat? A supernatural drama, with boo...[Read More]

Korean Drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Review

Greetings! Unlike my previous review about W, which is more of a drama, this review will be much calmer. It is not a suspenseful story, nor does it have much of a heavy plotline. But it has equally be...[Read More]

Korean Drama W : Two Worlds Review

Greetings Readers! All of us have fictional characters that we would absolutely love. Moreover, the way the author/artist portrays them adds to their realism and personality. In simple words, a fictio...[Read More]

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