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20 Best Websites to Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels and Web Novels (2021 Updated)




Updated on: 15/10/2023

Maybe you are new to the Chinese Novel scene and looking for good websites to read their English translations, or you are simply looking for more options to consider. Then, you have come to the right place, and here you can find the list of best websites to read English translated Chinese light novels and web novels.

Moreover, you can also find some popular Korean and Japanese light novels on some of the websites. If you wish to check them out, you surely can, as some indeed have excellent reviews.

You have to understand the number of English translated novels these websites host is limited compared to the vast number of Chinese light novels available on Chinese websites. However, the popular ones are what people want to read, and you can be sure to find them on these websites that host the English translation of the novels.

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Novel Categories

Before you check out the best websites to read Chinese web novels or light novels, look at the popular novel categories and popular genres and sub-genres.

  • Wuxia (武俠 wǔxiá)

The literal meaning is “Martial Heroes.” These are stories of fiction that follow normal humans in their quest to acquire supernatural abilities, especially when fighting. So, they deal with the making of a ‘martial hero.’ Chinese martial art system takes a central stage, and it helps if you can read up on it before you pick this category.

  • Xianxia (仙侠 xiānxiá)

The literal meaning is “Immortal Heroes.” Again, this is also a sub-genre of fiction. The ‘fantasy’ element is more predominant here in comparison to the Wuxia category. Stories feature magic, demons, ghosts and immortals, and great sages.

They also borrow heavily from Chinese folklore/mythology. For example, Taoism (Daoism) teachings and principles are powerful, and Protagonists often attempt to cultivate Immortality. Hence, seeking eternal life and the pinnacle of strength to become the strongest is a popular underlying theme.

  • Xuanhuan (玄幻 xuánhuàn)

The literal meaning is “Mysterious Fantasy.” This category is also a sub-genre of fiction with an intermixing of Chinese folklore/mythology with foreign elements & settings. Note that you will generally not find Taoist details (Yin and Yang, Immortals, etc.). So this way, you can easily differentiate between the Xuanhuan and Xianxia novels.

  • Cultivation World (修真界 xiūzhēn jiè)

This is not a novel category, but it helps to know what this term means. It refers to the community of cultivators who train in martial & mystical arts to become stronger and prolong their lives. Some of the best Wuxia novels fall under this category.

For a detailed list of standard terms in Wuxia, Xianxia & Xuanhuan Novels, click here.

Chinese Webnovel Genres/Demographics

You might be wondering what kind of novel you should be picking up. Well, here is something to help you make a decision. The novels can be broadly divided into three demographics as below:

  • Young Male Demographics
  • Young Female Demographics
  • General Demographics

Young Male (男生)

Fantasy (玄幻奇幻 – Xuánhuàn Qíhuàn)

Fantasy stories depict the traditional Western world, such as that of the feudal society and its power and influence.

Epic Hero (武侠仙侠 – Wǔxiá Xiānxiá)

This genre is very popular with male youngsters, from classic immortal heroes to modern-day sage cultivation stories. With strong heroes trying to attain even more strength with martial arts of many kinds, the stories are exciting and adventurous.

Gaming & Competition (游戏竞技 – Yóuxì Jìngjì)

Fictional stories involving online games, the game world, competitive gaming, and stories that focus on a gamer’s life are the main themes under this genre.

History & Military Affairs (历史军事 – Lìshǐ Jūnshì)

Fictional stories involving war and military campaigns or stories describing actual war military campaigns make war heroes a part of this genre.

Science Fiction & World’s End (科幻末世 – Kēhuàn Mòshì)

The stories here can include various kinds of the end of world scenarios, space science fiction, time travel, and such related stories.

Urban Fiction (都市小说 – Dūshì Xiǎoshuō)

Hot-Blooded Youth (热血青春 – Rèxiě Qīngchūn): Youth fiction features hot-blooded youth and the harsh lives they live. Some stories have young people gaining unusual abilities, and some being out the nuances of living an urban life.

Young Female (女生)

Under this category, romance is the most popular theme. A variety of romance themes are available. We have stories where the female protagonist is reborn in the past. Or in the modern-day world with memories from the past. There is urban romance, the romance involving big-shot people in business, romance stories featuring celebrities, cross-border fiction, and romantic stories involving a game plot.

General (个性化)

General categories include stories set in actual situations, marital romance in modern society, suspense, terror & mystery themes. Case solving stories that involve solving crimes and capturing criminals are also quite popular. In addition, humor themes and stories with a campus as the main backdrop and stories featuring distressed youth undergoing difficult adolescent years are available.

So, pick up a novel from any of these categories that appeal to you. For a list of more categories and sub-categories, click here and here.

So, now the main topic of this post:

Websites to Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

1. WuxiaWorld

read English translated Chinese Light Novels
wuxia world – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

First on our list is WuxiaWorld. It was founded in 2014. It is easily considered the best and the most popular website to read English translated Chinese Light Novels and Fantasy novels. They provide a great list of 27 genres. It has light and dark mode and font size adjustment mode. Also, it offers a bookmark feature and audiobook feature as well, which can be purchased.

WuxiaWorld has separate tabs for completely translated works, popular reads, editor picks, etc. Moreover, it has a resources section where you will find material based on Tao (Dao), general glossary terms, Wuxia-Xianxia terms of address, and other helpful stuff. The website also features an active forum section for you to post queries. Also, you can become a patron to avail yourself of VIP benefits.

You can quickly create an account using Google+ or Facebook login credentials. It has a discord server where you can hang out with like-minded people and share recommendations. You can add the RSS feed to your feed service to keep yourself updated. The website has a few Korean novels and e-books listed apart from the many Chinese novels. They also have an app. Because of all these reasons and an excellent team taking care of the website, this website is highly recommended!


read English translated Chinese Light Novels
webnovel – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

WEBNOVEL is another excellent website to read Novels, Comics, and Fan-fics. Some chapters are free, while some need to be unlocked. It is much fluid than the other websites and is also available as an app. Also, Genres are divided into male and female-oriented and are pretty well listed for users to explore.

The website offers various handy sections such as the power ranking, popular, ladies pick, and new to the web novel. Thus, it’s neatly organized. Moreover, the novel description is well-written and informative enough to let users decide whether to read or not. This is undoubtedly an excellent way for one to discover their favorite novel. (Xanax)

Not only can you read web novels here, but you can also write them on this platform. The website offers a guide to aspiring authors by working and maintaining your dashboard. A forum and a ‘library’ feature serve as a bookmark feature to read English translated Chinese light novels and others later. So, you can quickly resume a novel from where you have left it as the website offers this feature. They also provide paragraph comments, font size, and background color change options. So, explore the features yourself!

3. Tapread

tapread – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Tapread offers free and paid web novels. Tap read is registered under Zongheng established long-term cooperation relations with Wuxia World, Gravity, and another overseas website. It was launched in January 2019, and it aims to build the most extensive online web novel platform and community in the world. It focuses on providing high-quality fantasy and mystical stories to millions of readers in the global market. Ten genres are available. Moreover, the website is arranged and ordered well enough for readers with completed, featured, free weekly hits.

The TapRead project has translated more than 100 novels and cartoons, serving 180 countries and regions. Along with the website, there is an app version too for IOS and Android. The app has features like you can pre-download the chapters to read them offline, Real-time update notification as your favorite story update, and last but not least, it has a light and dark mood, too, according to the user. Moreover, you can even get to participate in contests that are held from time to time. Also, you can be a reader or a writer to start writing stories and novels.

In the next few years, TapRead will plan to develop from Chinese-only sites to multi-language ones and provide reading services to more and more readers worldwide. Also, the UI is simple yet attractive, offering a convenient reading experience.

4. Flying Lines

read English translated Chinese Light Novels
flying lines – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

The hub of Chinese Novel for your convenience: Flying Lines. 7 genres available. Some novels are available for free through Contributions, while some need to be unlocked by spending coins. Browse through the collections by genre, source, and status. Moreover, rankings are based on votes and gifts.

Send gifts to your favorite novel, which can be earned by check-ins and by paying. Moreover, You can adjust the background color and font size. You can even become a translator and get paid. Manage your profile, reading list, and level up by completing tasks—creative and beautiful UI with well-categorized headings offering a distraction-free experience. Flying Lines app is also available.

5. Novel Spread

read English translated Chinese Light Novels
Novel Spread – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Here is another website to read English translated Chinese light novels. Novel Spread is a recent entrant, but it offers a great reading experience. Not only does it have more than 250+ titles, and it also provides helpful features. 11 genres available. They even mention and link the website of the translator.

New releases, popular ratings, daily updates, ladies pick, recent updates, classics, and a novel index. Moreover, the website is colorful, organized, and clean, with no ads popping up. You can even change the background color and font size. Also, the novel description page is organized and easy to understand. 

6. Volare Novels

read English translated Chinese Light Novels
Volare Novels – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Step into the beautiful world of web novels through the beautifully aesthetic website of Volare Novel. Read English translated Chinese light novels and web novels of 4 languages available in 20 genres. Search by language, tags, title, or status.

They are a group of translators and are official partners with Chinese copyright holders. Read from the latest updates or through their recommendations, female recs, male recs, etc. Dark mode and font size change mode are available as well. Moreover, Bookmarking and Push Notifications feature is also available. You can even become a patron by signing up for their VIP packages to avail yourself of VIP benefits. Besides, eye-catching and attractive UI. Join their discord to have fun and to participate in events and contests.

7. WordExcerpt

read English translated Chinese Light Novels
WordExcerpt – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Official Release Available in 2021. The platform, for now, is under maintenance.

WordExcerpt will become a great website to read English translated Chinese light novels with its clean and beautiful interface. It has the potential to become one of the best websites to read novels. For now, content to read is not available but will be released soon in the coming year. It is mentioned that they even will provide licensed contractual works for purchase in digital and print book editions. So, watch out for the release of this beautiful website next year.

8. Novel Updates

Novel Updates – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Welcome to the lord of directory of Light Novel, Published Novel, and Web Novel. Novels are translated from 9 languages into 35 genres.

Get redirected to the translators and their translated works directly from here. Novel Updates website helps you land on the website that translated the novel you want to read. Moreover, they provide you with an updated list of translations. Just register or log in to get started. Furthermore, they even offer forums, blogs, and chat with other members’ features.

Moreover, you can even change the theme from default to dark or dark crisp. Join the community, earn trophies, medals, and even get ranking. The detail of the novel (for example, summary, type, genre, author, year, publisher, reviews) is quite helpful to decide whether to read the novel. Edit and manage your profile and reading list. Moreover, Filter according to tag, status, genre, rating, language, etc. I found the UI pretty smooth, but it is a little complicated.

9. Creative Novels

Creative novels – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Another great website is Creative Novels. Discover the library of free and paid web novels through Creative Novels. 13 genres are available. Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels from latest releases, most popular, trending, newest, VIP Exclusive, etc. Login or Sign up to get started.

Also, the dark mode is available. You can even apply to become a translator and can view and edit your account’s dashboard. Moreover, you can even buy merchandise here, like bags, apparel, mugs, shirts, etc. Purchase a VIP package to get VIP benefits. Support the site and novel by becoming a patron. So, Immerse into the user-friendly UI experience. Also, it has a simple and classic look.

10. Finalreads

Finalreads – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Finalreads have more than 150 light novels. In addition, they keep an excellent cooperative relationship with literary publishers, Chinese Publishers, and the China Writers Association.

The website is a very minimalist style website easy to use. Without any ads and disturbance, you can read the chapters. 13 genres available. So, read English Translated Chinese Light Novels based on ranking, styles, and gender. In addition, you can adjust the font size and background color. Moreover, the website offers a friendly UI, and you can also send jewels to your favorite novel to support the editors.

11. MTL Novel

MTL Novel – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

A vast array of Chinese web novels for your ease and enjoyment. Reading is available in 4 languages. Thus, flexible for different languages.

MTL Novel lets you Browse through new or upcoming novels. Or even by their genres, status, author, and type. 41 genres available. According to their rankings daily, weekly, monthly, all time, and readers basis, you can even find a novel according to their rankings daily.

The chat feature is also available for general discussion, any new novel request, or report any bug. Go through their reviews, ratings, rankings, views, summary, etc., before reading English translated Chinese light novels or web novels. I found this feature quite useful for someone like me, who is very picky during selecting what to read. Night mode, RAW, and font size change feature are also available. 

12. BoxNovel

BoxNovel – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Another great website to read English Translated Chinese Light Novels is BoxNovel. Also, get to read Korean and Japanese Novels as well. It is very similar to Webnovel with fewer features, but it has too many ads, undoubtedly, but it is up to date. 22 genres available. You can also create your account so that you can bookmark your favorites along with comments and ratings. Moreover, advanced search and dark mode features are also available.

13. Best Light Novel

Best Light Novel – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

A diversity of web novels is just some clicks away. Available in 68 genres. On Best Light Novel, you can Read from Top viewed, Latest Releases and Updated, Top weekly, and top monthly. Moreover, you can even change the background color, font style, size, and line-height. The layout may be complicated, but it’s very comfortable while reading because of the pages’ color variation and choice. Also, it is pretty friendly for underage as they have the “Change bad words” option. The dark mode is available too. Sign in to Bookmark your favs or to go through your history. So, a little bit confusing yet a decent website.

14. Chapter updates

Chapter Updates – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Chapter updates are a treasure of Chinese web novels. 27 genres available. Read from Latest Updates, Top Picks, Ranking, Recommendations, etc. Add novels that you like in your library. You can even request translations of the web novel you want to read. You can change font size and background color. The UI is plain, simple, and straightforward. Moreover, I liked the UI.

15. Novel Full

Novel Full – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Daily updated Light Novel and Web Novel. English translated. Novels are available in 3 languages and 34 genres. Novel Full lets you explore from the range of latest releases, hot, completed, and most popular—plain and reader-friendly UI. The layout may not be beautiful, but it indeed has comfortable features for readers and has some great web novels.

16. Read Light Novel 

Read Light Novel – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Read Light Novel is a straightforward way to read English translated Chinese Light Novels and Web Novels. 36 genres available. Easily get to pick from the novel list or categories or latest updates or go for detailed search. Moreover, dark mode and audiobooks are also available. They have a fine collection of novels worth checking out.

17. Novels Everywhere

Novels Everywhere – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Novels Everywhere let you browse through a variety of web novels, light novels, and webtoons. They are translated from 3 languages into 42 genres. Get the latest chapter and releases for free. So, explore the various ranges of different genres, types, status, tags, editors picks, new reveals, top-rated, etc.

Also, Bookmark your favorites without experiencing the hassle and need to log in. It has a webtoon tag but doesn’t have a single webtoon; maybe it will be updated in the future. Thus, Decent and Comfortable UI. Not complicated.

18. Webnovel Online

Webnovel online – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Read English Translated Chinese Light Novel through WebnovelOnline. 29 genres available. Choose from their clean directory to read. There is no option to create an account, and instead of bookmarks, you have an ‘add to library’ feature. Audiobook feature available as well. Thus, this website should pick only if the series you what to read is not available at a better place.

19. Novel Fever

Novel Fever – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Web novels at your service through NovelFever. Available 41 genres. You can change the novel background color, font style, size, and line-height as well—basic UI. Thus, not a tempting or interesting one. But the novel-reading experience was pleasant and also provided comfortability while reading. A great pick to read English translated Chinese light novels.

20. Best Novel

Best Novel – Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels

Get a great collection to read English translated Chinese Light Novels and Web Novels. 32 genres available. If you don’t have time to read, why not listen to Best Novel? They offer an Audiobook feature through their YouTube channel. So, Explore through the latest updates, Top Viewed, Completed, and Hot Novels, to find the right one for you. Font style and size, background color, and line-height settings adjustment available. Moreover, Bookmark your favs without login in or signing up. Decent UI, but just the weird Ad displayed are pretty annoying.

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The End

I see you managed to reach the end of the list. Of course, there are abundant other websites as well, but I handpicked the top one. Also, Goodreads is an excellent website for book recommendations. Here you can find and decide what to read and even manage them. Get insightful, personalized recommendations here.

Do let us know of your favorite website to read English translated Chinese light novels in the comments section below. You can also mention any missed-out website names that you think deserve a spot on our list. We’ll make sure to add that too. And don’t forget to share the list with your friends as well!

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