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Updated on: 08/01/2023

Fanfictions are a common tradition for any fandom, whatever they may be. From books to films, bands, theater, video games, to even anime and manga. These works are written by the fans, for the fans. My Hero Academia fanfiction has gathered more than 152000 works under the tag 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia on the site Archive of Our Own (AO3). This number only increases every day.

In this article, we’ll take a brief look at the top 20 My Hero Academia fanfictions on AO3 based on the number of kudos (likes) they have from both registered users on the site and guests.

Best My Hero Academia Fanfictions

My Hero Academia

20. Viridian: The Green Guide

This work is the third part of the My Hero Academia fanfiction series called For the Want Of A Nail by user myheadinthecoudsnotcomingdown. It follows the life of Midoriya Izuku in an alternate world where reality forces him to realize that without a quirk, he cannot become a hero. But that doesn’t stop him from being a vigilante. However readers are cautioned to read the tags before diving into the work for its sensitive contents like depression and suicidal thoughts.

The story is still ongoing, currently at chapter 56 (as of 1st February 2021). With more than 15,300 kudos to its name, Viridian: The Green Guide occupies the 20th position in our list.

You can read the fanfic here.

19. Looking Glass

With more than 15,400 kudos, Looking Glass proudly stands at number 19 on our list. Written by user twistedthicket1, this work explores the themes of trauma and PTSD in Midoriya, who is kidnapped as a child. Currently at 219K+ words, it is still an ongoing fic, with 52 out of 53 chapters published.

You can read the work here.

Bakugou X Kirishima

18. My First One And Only

Next on our list is a slash pairing fic between Bakugou Katsuki and Kirishima Eijirou. Written by BlackBarBooks, The First One and Only deals with the aftermath of Kirishima’s accidental confession and the struggles of dating when one has no clue how. It’s a much lighter work than the ones we have seen in our list so far. Highly recommended if you ship KiriBaku and just want to see two awkward boys struggling to date. However, it does contain nsfw scenes so read at your own discretion.

Read the work here.

Bakugou X Midoriya

17. Bluebird

Bluebird by EtherealBeing is a slash fic between Midoriya Izuku and Bakugou Katsuki. With approximately 15.8K+ kudos, 53K+ words and 7 chapters, this story is humorous as well as interspersed with a little bit of angst. It all starts with dialing a wrong number, and ends with one of the sweetest epilogues I have personally read. The story stakes place in an alternate universe, so it’s not canon compliant. Make sure to read the tags as it contains adult themes as well.

You can read the fic here.

16. Dis(associate)

Dis(associate) by BeyondTheClouds777 is a unique take on the My Hero Academia fictional world. The story loosely follows the same universe. Diverging from the canon content, it dives into the life of Midoriya Izuku who has a quirk which helps his ghost to dissociate from his body. But this doesn’t stop Midoriya from wanting to be a hero and he is determined to reach his goal, spooky ghost quirk aside. The completed story spans for 40 chapters and is about 283K+ words, garnering 16.3K+ kudos.

You can read it here.

15. Burn Your Wings

Crowbird‘s Burn Your Wings is another My Hero Academia fanfiction which is canon divergent. It follows the story of Midoriya Izuku who is born with his parents’ quirks, but he learns how destructive his power can be at a very young age. He vows never to use his quirk again. Midoriya finds himself becoming closer to Todoroki due to their similar situation, and in trying to help him, finds hope for his own pain to heal as well. This is a complete work with 24 chapters, 179k+ words and 16.5k+ kudos.

You can read the work here.

Young Izuku Midoriya

14. Journey to the Past

The next on our list of My Hero Academia fanfiction is Journey to the Past by aloneintherain. This is another work loosely based on the canon universe. We have the cast of Class 1-A travelling back in time to save young Midoriya Izuku from villains. With just three chapters and 44K+ words, this is a much shorter read, but it is nonetheless an absolute joy to see the grown up heroes of Class 1-A shower Midoriya with affection.

You can read the work here.

13. The Darker Sides of Deku

There are quite a few My Hero Academia fanfictions that delve into dark territories, and this is one of them. The Darker Sides of Deku by OnlyRoomForHope, serenawitchwriter, ViperFang and one more author is not for the faint-hearted. Exploring themes like PTSD, anxiety, violence, panic attacks and torture, this fanfiction will serve as a cold reminder that not all smiles are genuine. Last updates on 23rd October 2019, with 35 chapters and 137K+ words, as well as more than 18000 kudos, this is an incomplete work as of yet. You can read the story here.

Bakugou X Kirishima

12. Quote Love Unquote

We see how popular the slash ship between Bakugou Katsuki and Kirishima Eijirou is as we have yet another Kiribaku/BakuKiri in the top 20 My Hero Academia fanfiction. Quote Love Unquote by newamsterdam works on the classic troupe of Fake/Pretend Relationship. This fanfiction has musician Kirishima and actor Bakugou Katsuki pretending to date as a publicity stunt. Things, however, get complicated when real feelings start to blossom between them.

You can read the fanfic here.

11. 2am Knows All Secrets

This fanfiction by Unbreakable_Red_Riot is another short slash story between Bakugou Katsuki and Kirishima Eijirou. Now what happens when you have an explosive bro who is too curious about the flammability endurance of his sheets? You end up with a disgruntled Bakugou and a very concerned and annoyed Kirishima. This work is completed, with 15 chapters and 59K+ words.

You can read it here.

Aizawa Shouta

10. Erased Potential

At number 10 in our list of My Hero Academia fanfictions, we have Erased Potential by theslytherinpaladin. This story is loosely based on canon events. Midoriya’s determination to become a hero, even without a quirk, remains the same as ever. But instead of All Might, he finds a mentor in Aizawa Shouta, or Eraserhead. This fanfiction is still ongoing, currently at 19.5K+ kudos, 54 chapters and 180K+ words.

You can read the work here.

09. U.A. Unsolved

Izuku can see dead people. That’s the catch of this My Hero Academia fanfiction by handcrusher (ameliafromafairytale). It’s not a standalone story, but an accompaniment to PitViperOfDoom‘s Yesterday Upon the Stair. Therefore, it is advisable to read through the work that inspired this one before anything else. This is a much more lighter fanfiction, with only 3K word to it’s name- but nonetheless boasting more than 21K+ kudos and occupying the top 10 position.

You can read the work here.

Todoroki and Midoriya

08. Burn and Breathe

If you love soulmate AUs, then this My Hero Academia fanfiction is just for you! Written by one of the fandom’s most talented writers PitViperOfDoom, this is a slash ship fanfiction between Todoroki Shouto and Midoriya Izuku. While Todoroki might not want to have anything to do with his soulmate, Midoriya simply to protect his. This is a single chapter fanfiction with only 11K+ words, so it’s a short read, but memorable nonetheless.

You can read the work here.

Bakugou X Midoriya

07. Quiet Rapture

This My Hero Academia fanfiction is another classic in the fandom, even though it is still ongoing! Written by lalazee, the story has an A/B/O setting where Alpha Katsuki has a whole new world of trouble waiting for him as he tries to woo Omega Izuku, who cannot smell a thing! If yo are unfamiliar about the A/B/O dynamic and its terminologies in fanfictions, refer to this. With 21.8K+ kudos and 42 chapters, this one is a highly recommended story. But go through the tags and the warnings as it has adult and/or triggering contents.

You can read the fanfiction here.

06. A Beacon in the Dark

A Beacon in the Dark by NohaIjiachi occupies the sixth place in our list. The story deals with the unique concept of blind Midoriya Izuku. Yet his blindness doesn’t become a handicap. In fact, his quick precise attacks surprise All Might and catches his attention. The story, at 41 chapters, has unfortunately been on hiatus since February 2019.

You can read the work here.

05. Summer Stars

Yet another one of PitViperOfDoom‘s wonderful works, Summer Stars is a slash fanfiction between Midoriya and Todoroki. When the students of U.A. are allowed to go back to their homes for summer vacation, Todoroki is the only one not too enthusiastic about it. In comes Midoriya Izuku to save his friend. The story explores the unhealthy family dynamics of the Todoroki family, as well as Midoriya Inko being the sweetest mother ever. Unlike PitViperOfDoom‘s usual long works, this one is a quick read of only 60K+ words.

You can read the work here.

04. Deku? I think he’s some pro…

What would have happened had All Might written off Midoriya Izuku as a reckless quirkless kid without seeing the potential he held? This My Hero Academia fanfiction takes on an alternate universe where Midoriya does not receive the One For All quirk from All Might. Instead, he only has his wits and analytical to help him as well as the other heroes out, some of whom might be a bit more open-minded than the Hero of Justice to Midoriya’s talent. This work by myheadinthecoudsnotcomingdown is currently still ongoing with 70+ chapters and more than 25.4K+ kudos.

You can read the work here.

Villain Midoriya Izuku

03. Hero Class Civil Warfare

The trope of Villain Midoriya Izuku is extremely popular in the fandom. This fanfiction gives us a glimpse of that world. Similar to the joint simulation test that All Might took in his first class, the students at U.A. are divided into two teams- heroes and villains. Midoriya Izuku is in charge of villains, and no one could have guessed just how serious he would take his role. In just three days, Midoriya will make everyone count their blessings that he chose to be a hero instead of a villain. This completed work by RogueDruid (Icarius51) is around 33 chapters long with 85K+ words and 32.3K+ kudos to its name.

You can read it here.

Todoroki X Deku

02. Count Your Blessings, Not Your Flaws

At number two on our list, we have another slash fanfiction between Todoroki and Midoriya by PitViperOfDoom. We all know Todoroki isn’t the best in expressing his feelings, but Midoriya might just give him a run for his money in this fanfiction. For someone who has never been “asked out, confessed to, or flirted with, except as a joke,” Midoriya Izuku might just be the one getting in the way of his own happiness. With just one chapter and 7K+ words, this work has an astounding 37.8K+ kudos.

You can read the work here.

01. Yesterday Upon The Stair

You might have come across the name of this at number nine on our list already. Sitting proudly at the top of all My Hero Academia fanfictions, Yesterday Upon The Stair by PitViperOfDoom has a staggering 60 chapters and 424K+ words of absolute genius. Using the premise of Izuku Midoriya being born with a quirk that helps him see dead people, PitViperOfDoom has woven an intricate world into their story. The story flows with ease that makes you dive straight into the plot, keeping you wanting for more at the end of every chapter.

You can read the work here.

Besides the top 20, Archive of Our Own has more than 150k My Hero Academia fanfictions which you can check out at your own pace.

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Which My Hero Academia fanfictions are your favorite? Which tropes do you like in your fanfiction? Tell us more in the comments below.

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