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Updated on: 03/09/2023

Wikipedia says: Isekai anime (Japanese: 異世界, transl. “different world”) is the portal fantasy sub-genre of Japanese light novels, manga, anime, and video games. Isekai works revolve around an average person from Earth being transported to, reborn, or trapped in a parallel universe, usually a fantasy world. Often, the protagonist is already familiar with the parallel world, as it is often a fictional universe from a fictitious work published in the protagonist’s origin universe. Still, the parallel world may also be unknown to them.

That pretty much sums up the genre, which took the entire anime community by storm recently and has been on the rise ever since. Here we have a list of the top 30 Isekai Anime for you. Keep in mind this list was not an easy one to make since there are so many easy favorites to pick from.

Top 30 Isekai Anime

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Now And Then, Here And There - Isekai Anime

30. Now And Then, Here And There

Coming in at number 30, we have Now And Then, Here And There. This anime is a bit different from the rest of Isekai Anime. It puts Shuzo Matsutani’s happy-go-lucky attitude in a world where war, torture, and other atrocities reign supreme.

It brings out the real horrors of war and other criminal activities and forces the viewer to think. A tad bit different than the usual happy Isekai genre but worth watching.


29. .hack//Sign

In at number 29, we have .hack//Sign. If not the for the anime, you have to watch it for the legendary soundtrack itself. In .hack//Sign Tsukasa is transferred to an MMORPG called “The World” and is unable to log out into his real life. Some players accuse him of cheating while others try to help the poor lad.

It is a fresh concept similar to some different Isekai Anime. A must watch really.

Fushigi Yuugi - Best Isekai Anime

28. Fushigi Yuugi

At number 28, we have Fushigi Yuugi. This anime might seem a little outdated to the usual Isekai anime fan since it did come out in 1995, but the concept is abstract. In this anime, two middle school girls are transported into a magical book named the “The Universe of the Four Gods.” Both these friends become a priestess for one of the Gods.

Nations at war pray to these gods, and thus this leads to the two friends coming against each other on the battlefield. An abstract concept if you ask me.

The Vision of Escaflowne

27. The Vision of Escaflowne

Coming in hot at number 27, we have The Vision of Escaflowne. Another old but gold Isekai anime. In The Vision of Escaflowne, Hitomi, a high school girl who has fortunetelling powers, is pulled into a world called Gaea with Van. Now she must use her skills to help Van defeat the Zaibach Empire, which wants to take over Gaea.


26. Re: Creators

In it number 26, we have Re: Creators. Re: Creators brings a new concept to the saturated Isekai genre. In this anime, Sōta Mizushino aspires to be a light novel writer. He loves to look around for inspiration, and while watching one such anime, he is sucked into its world.

Later, he returns to the real world, and a ton of different characters have also made their way. This anime follows him and Selesia, trying to bring back the rest of the characters to their worlds while being attacked by a mysterious protagonist. Reality meets vivid imagination in this one.

The Boy & The Beast

25. The Boy & The Beast

Coming in at number 25 have The Boy & The Beast. After little Ren finds himself orphaned, he could have never imagined what life had in store for him. This story is filled with so many twists and turns that it is best left unexplained for the viewer’s enjoyment.

Everything from the action to the picture-perfect shots makes this one of my top Isekai anime.

Digimon - Best Isekai Anime

24. Digimon

Ah, the vast world of Digimon. At number 24, we have what some might consider an alternative to Pokemon. Whatever you think, you can’t deny watching it as a kid. The main cast of this show is transported into a digital world, and hence this show is an Isekai.

Later seasons of Digimon allow for free travel to and from the Digital World since by then, humans have figured out how to do it.

Restaurant To Another World - Isekai Anime

23. Restaurant To Another World

Coming in at number 23, we have an oddball. Restaurant to Another World is one of the more creative shows on this Isekai anime list. In this show, a restaurant staff travels to other worlds to share their cuisine with the inhabitants of these worlds.

Truly a journey of friendship filled with amusement and creativity. This anime is a must-watch.

Isekai Quartet

22. Isekai Quartet

At number 22, we have one another oddball. This is a spinoff of not ONE, not TWO, not THREE but FOUR popular anime. These include KonoSuba, Overlord, Re: Zero, and Saga of Tanya the Evil. You can already imagine why this would be a hit.

This anime features the chibi versions of all the characters. Yup, you got that right. This entire mixed-up Isekai will give you the answers you would not have received otherwise.


21. Drifters

At number 21, we have Drifters. If you like anime that features a different timeline, then this is the one for you. The main character is transported to 1600, Japan, where he must fight with warriors from other timelines. A great insight into the different warriors, eras, and cultures.

In Another World with My Smartphone

20. In Another World with My Smartphone

This anime will throw you off course. It is weird, and we love it.

God felt sorry for striking Touya with a lightning bolt, so he is sent to a fantasy world with magic beyond his comprehension, and to make things more interesting, he is allowed to keep his phone with him. The title quite literally explains the quirkiness of this one.

Log Horizon - Best Isekai Anime

19. Log Horizon

At number 19, we have Log Horizon. Did you want a super Isekai anime? This is the one solution you have been waiting for. In this show, thousands of ordinary people are transported into an MMORPG called Elder Tale. If this was not cool enough, then the style of this anime might be something you will like more.

It does not focus on one player instead of the entire cast. The variety of characters and their powers will always keep you wanting more.

Kenja no Mago

18. Kenja no Mago

Coming in at number 18, we have The Philosopher’s Grandson. After a chewed-up office, the employee dies in a car accident. He is reincarnated in a vast magical world – but as a baby. Yeah. He remembers his past life but has to live through infancy and adolescence in this new world with magic and whatnot.

A hilarious Isekai anime if you are looking to kill time.

Saga Of Tanya The Evil - Isekai Anime

17. Saga Of Tanya The Evil

At number 17, we have Saga Of Tanya The Evil. Being an average salaryman can sometimes get on our nerves, and in this show, our beloved protagonist goes on to challenge a God for the matter.

What happens next? Well, he is transported to a new world that too in the body of a little girl. This happens to be a world at war, so Tanya must rise the military ranks with magic on her side to win.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer

16. The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

In at number 17, we have The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Could you imagine what it must be like for Satan himself to be trapped in the human realm without his powers or prowess? Well, this anime has the answer. He joins a fast-food chain to survive. Yup, this is as crazy and funny as it gets, and you will always ask for more with this one.


15. InuYasha

Coming in at number 15, we have the great InuYasha. Everyone knows and loves InuYasha. The series starts with Kagome being transported to the Sengoku period of Japan after falling into a well in her family shrine, where she meets the half dog-demon, Inuyasha. This hilarious combo has to find the jewel which is scattered all over Japan to save themselves from impending doom.

This is still one of the funniest Isekai anime out there. A 10/10 watch.

Knights and Magic - Best Isekai Anime

14. Knights and Magic

At 14, we have Knights and Magic. This is straight-up an Isekai anime about a Mecha otaku who gets transported to a warring world with guess what? Mechas! In this world exist giant robots called Silhouette Knights to fight against demon beasts. Here she spends her time trying to create her perfect Mecha for the fights that ensue, which brings us cool fighting sequences.

Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They - Isekai Anime

13. Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?

You might find the premise of this anime similar to our beloved No Game No Life. In this anime, three children who have superpowers are transported to Little Garden, where people play games for wealth. This trio joins the no-name community to help them out. Yeah, it’s pretty similar to No Game No Life, and we can’t complain.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

12. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Coming in at number 12, we have Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody. Are you a programmer who wants to go into a different world? Then this anime is for you. Suzuki decides to take on the challenge of this new world he has woken up into, and what entails?

Well, you will have to watch the show to figure it out.

Spirited Away

11. Spirited Away

At number 11, we have the one and only Spirited Away. Ghibli has to be on most anime list. Spirited Away follows the story of a ten-year-old Chihiro who gets trapped in the spirit realm. I won’t express much about the story, but the sheer dialogues and the beautiful ghibli feel will always make this anime more amazing. It is a must-watch for any Isekai lover.

Sword Art Online

10. Sword Art Online

At number 10, we have Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online is one of the most popular Isekai anime to come out in recent years. It is simple, you go into a game, and now you cant go back. Oh, and if you die in the game, you die in real life as well.

The journey and the bonds of each character are what defined this anime, and it’s one of the top Isekai anime out there for a good reason.

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09. Re: Zero

Coming in at number 9 we have Re: Zero. The anime which divided the community into a waifu warzone, it surely has a lot to offer. Subaru’s life gets crazy when he gets dragged into another world where he is attacked but saved by Satella. This is quite a twisted anime with a good romance plot. It is a must-watch.

KonoSuba: God's Blessing On This Wonderful World! - Best Isekai Anime

08. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World!

At number 8 we have the great KonoSuba. I can not stress the fantastic, funny plots in this anime. When Kazuma dies in a hilarious accident, he meets the goddess Aqua who gives him the option to either go to heaven or be reincarnated into a new fantasy world.

You already know what he chose, but what follows after is purely amazing. Seriously you have to watch this.

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord - Best Isekai Anime

07. How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

Before we get to anything, might I mention that this has Nekos? It’s an anime about a loser-turned hero. Two NPCs from a game drag Takuma into the game to make him their slaves, but the reverse is what follows. It’s a pure trippy Isekai anime that is perfect to pass the time.


06. GATE

Coming in at number 6, we have Gate. Gate follows a unique path. It is a two-way Isekai where first the Earth is invaded, and then a portal opens in the middle of Tokyo. Our protagonist, who saves a ton of lives during the attack, is chosen to be sent to this new realm for exploration, another comedic Isekai anime for your liking.

No Game No Life

05. No Game No Life

Finally, at number 5, we have the god tier anime. The beloved No Game No Life is well known in the anime community for many reasons. Our protagonists Sora and Shiro, are pros at every game there is, and when they are pulled into a world where games are the way of living, they plan on dominating the world as a whole. Amazing brainstorming and comedy are what follows, and frankly, the name is enough to stand out.

Dragon Maid - Best Isekai Anime

04. Dragon Maid

Dragon Maid is one of my favorite anime of all time. It follows the story of Tohru, a literal dragon who comes to Earth because she wants a time out from the war on her realm. The battle between dragons and humans. Here she meets Kobayashi, who, in a drunken stupor, tells her that she can live with her.

Well, what happens next? You will have to find out yourself.

Overlord Season 3 Release Date and New visuals

03. Overlord

At number 3, we have Overlord. When Momonga’s favorite MMORPG, Yggdrasil, is about to go offline, he decides to wait out the game’s last moments and stay logged in for as long as he can, but the game doesn’t shut down, and the NPC’s are coming to life. Our protagonist becomes his character and has to adjust to his newfound life. This anime has a fantastic journey that follows closely.

The Rising of the Shield Hero - Best Isekai Anime

02. The Rising of the Shield Hero

This is the anime that took the community by storm. The plot is impressively deep, and viewers couldn’t accept that it was finally over. It follows Naofumi Iwatani, an otaku who is suddenly transported to the world of Melromarc. His main mission is to defeat the monsters if he has to get back home. Won’t say much about this great anime. Watch to find out!

That time i got reincarnated as a slime

01. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

At the top, we have That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Another anime that took the anime community by storm. In this, a middle-aged man, when stabbed, is reincarnated into another world- not as a wizard or any other rational being but as a slime. Rimuru is not just a regular slime, and he can absorb skills and whatnot! (Lorazepam) This is a unique anime for anyone who is into this genre.

This was our list of the top 30 Isekai Anime of all time. What do you think? Comment below! If you liked this post, you might also like best action romance anime,

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