Top 35+ Gory Anime Which Are Sure To Satisfy Your Inner Gore Hound




Updated on: 02/09/2022

Dying to see some mindless gore, insane characters on murder sprees, and have guts flying everywhere? Quench your thirst for bloodshed and broken limbs, and feast upon this definitive list of gory anime. Brace yourself; they will be decently hard to stomach, I assure you 🙂

(We will primarily be focusing on shows with more gore than plot, don’t go expecting an Anno Hideaki for all of these anime)

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Best Gory Anime

37. Violence Jack: Slumking

MAL rating: 5.23

The Kanto Hell Earthquake has completely demolished Japan. After the disaster, young girls are being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves by ‘Slum King.’ Mari is a girl who’s desperately searching for her lover, Ken. While wandering on a field, she is kidnapped by the Slum King organization. She undergoes brutal torture and is trained as a sex slave, but her lover saves her. How? Well, Ken became a member of Slum King. 

He’s allowed to do so on one condition. In return for saving Mari, he has to kill Violence Jack. This show has got nudity, gore, and all the other things that lead to the rating of ‘R+.’ It was released really long ago, in 1985, but the show is still enjoyable. It’s got heavy elements of rape, blood, and gore, which makes it perfect for this list, but some people may not be able to handle it.

36. Kemonozume

MAL rating: 7.40

For hundreds of years, creatures known as Shokujinki have been disguising themselves amongst the ranks of humans. They may look identical to humans, but they’re able to shift into giant beasts that consume humans. To counter this force, an equally secret dojo named Kifuuken specializes in defeating and killing these beasts. The son of the dojo’s leader, Toshihiko Momota, gets into a complicated relationship with a woman named Yuka Kamitsuki. This is because Yuka is a Shokujinki. 

While this is happening, the Kifuuken dojo is going through several changes at the hands of Kazuma, Toshihiko’s brother. As secrets and emotions are strained, who will be eaten and who will be the one to live? The art style may not impress everyone, but it really doesn’t matter when the story is this good. There are no cliches in this show, as almost everything is unique and eye-catching.

35. Terra Formars

MAL rating: 7.05

In the 21st century, humans sent two species to Mars in an attempt to test out the sustainability for humanity to colonize it. The species – algae and cockroaches – were said to be able to endure the harsh environment. However, no one expected their remarkable ability to adapt. In the 26th century, a lethal disease plagues the earth, and the only cure is speculated to be on Mars. 

However, the planet is overrun by intelligent humanoid cockroaches known as “Terraformars.” The very same creatures they had originally sent. The Annex I team has been sent from Earth to the hostile planet in hopes of acquiring the cure to the deadly virus. This marks the start of the fight for the survival of the hundred men and women from Annex I. You’ll get sucked into this show because even though the plot isn’t that original or ground-breaking, it’s really enjoyable.

34. Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

MAL rating: 7.33

No one in this world would give up a chance to become immortal. But would they still want this ability if it meant that people would launch countless attacks on them? Rin Asougi is facing this predicament as an immortal private detective. There is no shortage of people who want her head on a stick. Over several centuries, she has met many gruesome deaths. But each and every single time, she comes back to life like nothing ever happened. In the year 1990, Rin meets a man named Kouki Maeno. 

She decides to help him and his memory condition but soon realizes that Kouki may not be as innocent as she initially thought. This show jumps from one decade to another with each episode, and the backgrounds change to match it. The amount of effort and thought that has gone into the anime is impressive. It’s not your average mainstream anime, so definitely watch this if you’re looking for something new.

33. Gleipnir

MAL rating: 7.03

Shuuichi Kagaya has a secret that he keeps even from his parents. Sometimes, he turns into a monster even though he doesn’t know when, why, or how he got this transformation ability. One night, he’s forced to save a girl from a burning building by turning into a monster. As he’s carrying her to safety, he drops his phone. The next day, the girl he saved confronts him about his dual identity as a monster. Shuuichi tries to deny the allegations, but she pushes him off a rooftop to prove her claims. 

Desperate to save himself, he reveals his secret to her by transforming. Now, his world is turned upside down as the girl blackmails him. It would help if you looked beyond the obvious for this anime. On a side note, the female lead is one crazy character that you need to watch out for.

32. Dorohedoro

MAL rating: 8.10

You’ve probably seen this anime everywhere, as it made a huge splash last year. The show follows Kaiman, a man who lives in the ‘Hole’ with other powerless citizens. Although he looks like a normal man from the bottom, he has a reptile head due to a cruel experiment done by a magic-user. These magic-users constantly use people in the Hole for their experiments without a second thought for consequences. 

No one dares to rise against them as they’re extremely helpless. However, Kaiman refuses to sit back and take it. He wants to take revenge against the one who not only transformed his head but took away his memories. This is a one-of-a-kind show with dark and gritty images and plot. It’s a crazy and unpredictable show that’ll keep you entertained.

31. Dororo

MAL rating: 8.19

Daigo Kagemitsu is a selfish and greedy samurai lord. He has no compassion for those living on the land that is currently dying. He even renounced Buddha to make an evil pact with demons for more power. However, everything comes with a price. The demons give him what he desires with one condition – his first son will be born with no limbs, eyes, ears, or even skin. The child becomes a disgrace for Kagemitsu, and he disposes of the child in the river. 

As luck would have it, the boy is able to survive and ends up growing up. Looking for vengeance, he takes revenge against the demons one by one and slowly gains his limbs and features back. This is a dark fantasy anime with old-school elements. The theme of revenge is the main crux of the show.

mind game anime - psycho pass

30. Psycho-Pass

MAL Rating: 8.55

“Innocent until proven guilty.”
This doesn’t seem to exist in this dystopian setting of psycho pass. Having too high a crime coefficient, as judged by the Sibyl system, means instant detention. Consequently, law enforcers have tremendous power. Enter Akane Tsunemori, a woman with true ideals of justice. She quickly realizes the system may not be as flawless as it appears. And so, questioning the meaning of justice, legality, and the Psycho-Pass system, Akane fights against everything she has known.

Tackling concepts of mental state and crime mentality, psycho pass is a reasonably accurate vision of a possible future. With the dystopian city filled with corruption and a broken law system, it piques anyone’s curiosity. An engaging dark premise complimented by stunning visual art, which perfectly compliments the extreme amount of bloodshed, makes for a great gory anime.

29. Perfect Blue

MAL Rating: 8.37

As common folk, we have many faces and personalities who we love and cheer for as fans. From the point of view of the people under a constant spotlight, things are a lot different. Things get out of hand for the idol Mima Kirigoe when a rabid fan resists her change to an actress. Adding to the stress given by her new job demands, she is forced to take uncomfortable roles. Furthermore, the fan-turned stalker starts releasing her private information on the web.

The whole affair slowly brings Mimi’s mental sanity to an all-time low, as she struggles with coping up with what is real and what is happening in her nightmares. As days blur into weeks and months, with her career slowly slipping from her grasp, her stalker making life a living hell, and an unknown third element laying waste to her new work life, this gory anime movie is one dark psychological roller-coaster. Watching her struggle against all odds in her new position is absolutely mind-bending.

mind game anime - danganronpa

28. Danganronpa: The Animation

MAL Rating: 7.44

Naegi got accepted into the reputed Hope’s Peak Academy. However, things turned out to be a lot more different than what he expected. A cuddly bear of death gives the class a simple condition: kill anyone, and manage to shift the blame. If you are successful, you get to leave while everyone else is killed. If you fail, you are tortured and killed in the worst way possible.

With no hope of escape and rising tensions, murders occur. Now it is up to the rest of the class to correctly identify who the killer is. Originally adapted from the hit game, Danganronpa tackles investigative themes with gruesome murders expertly. A must-watch gory anime for those who haven’t played the game.

27. Elfen Lied

MAL Rating: 7.71

The government captured and experimented on Lucy, a Diclonius. Coupled with being gifted with horns and psychic powers, the facility didn’t bother with humanity when operating on her. As a result, when she broke loose, she left a trail of bloodshed behind her. Furthermore, she injured herself during this escape, leaving her with a cracked skull and a split personality disorder. And so now, she lives under the care of teenagers Kouta and Yuka. Consequently, they slowly get involved in the dark world of politics, government power, secrecy, and lies.

Having stunning backdrops and brilliant camera work to contrast the gore and violence, Elfen Lied proves itself as an incredibly gory show with quite a decent plot. With its haunting German opening track, it sets the pace for a ride full of depression and deaths. This show is a bit of a hit or miss with many, so do approach with slight caution.

Fall 2018 anime

26. Goblin Slayer

MAL Rating: 7.68

If you have been keeping a close eye on 2018 anime, this one needs no introduction. With a first episode so controversial, it had to re-label the entire anime to a more mature rating; Goblin Slayer isn’t for everyone to stomach. An anime that shows the reality of adventuring and what it would really entail, Goblin Slayer is one dark blood-fest. Featuring a protagonist, who specializes in killing only goblins, the show portrays a more somber adventuring reality.

Truly, the gore and violence in this one may want to make the more casual watcher give this a wide berth. Conversely, the more serious otaku might be able to appreciate the brutality with which the themes are tackled with this gory and dark anime. Goblin Slayer is an incredibly darker version of medieval society with magic with no beating around the bush.

Claymore - best dark anime

25. Claymore

MAL Rating: 7.85

Yoma are beings that live off of human flesh. They also possess the skill to appear human-like and trick their prey. To combat them and save humans, Claymores were created. Raki, a young boy, feels indebted to the claymore known as Clare. She had saved him from a yoma after it consumed his entire family. And so with nowhere else to go, the duo set off, with Clare working for the guild of claymores and Raki sticking with her. However, things eventually take a turn for the worse, as friends slowly turn, and what seemed set in stone was no longer so.

Claymore is a carnage-filled anime, with the themes of familial love, hunger for power, and deception in sharp focus. Subsequently, with Madhouse animating it, Claymore offers great joy to any onlooker who came for the action and medieval horror and will leave with the excitement for a season 2. A gory anime for every fan of decapitation to enjoy.

24. Neon Genesis Evangelion

MAL Rating: 8.33

Any avid anime fan has for sure come across the behemoth of 1995, Neon Genesis Evangelion. A mecha show about kids piloting robots to fight aliens makes for a pretty decent watch. However, this particular show doesn’t focus on robots as much as it does on the traumatized mind of Ikari Shinji. A boy with parental issues and low self-esteem is suddenly given the controls to protect humanity. As he slowly grows in character, he begins questioning the reason for his actions and the source for his motivation.

To any fan of the existentialist theme (such as myself), Neon Genesis Evangelion is a visual, aural, and psychological delight. It is filled with questions about the complex realities of living in a society. Seeing the growth and subsequent decline of each character and watching as they question the meaning of consciousness, reality, emotions, and other such extreme topics is thoroughly captivating. With a dark overhead plot of political tension, backstabbing, and intense character interactions, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a must-watch. It is a true representation of how deep and dark anime in this medium can get.

School Days - best gory anime

23. School days

MAL Rating: 5.94

I’m going to be honest here; there is nothing to write for the plot for this one. Let’s just say that this is a regular harem anime, with a healthy dose of crazy added into each girl, which falls for the protagonist. However, the show becomes incredibly dark in the last two episodes and pretty much destroys the genre it initially seemed a part of. Watch only if you have seen literally every other show on this list and are somehow still hungry for more gore. Severe warning for nudity too, this show doesn’t hesitate to be pretty open with things like sex.

Re Zero - gory anime

22. Re: Zero

MAL Rating: 8.37

The absolute hype beast of 2016, Re: Zero, one of the more recognized isekai LN adaptations amongst this generation of anime. Natsuki Subaru is randomly sent over to a new isekai world, with bright, flashy colors and boisterous crowds. However, all is not as it seems, as Subaru finds to his absolute horror. Every time he is killed in this world, he is reset back to a previous moment in time. And only he remembers what had happened.

Re: Zero brings a fresh perspective to the table when talking about time mechanics, as Subaru has to suffer over and over again to be able to get to the next checkpoint. Death is as painful as it would seem, except he has to go through it repeatedly. The interesting manner in which he makes each death meaningful and yet suffers and loses his sanity because of it is what draws people in. As a result, it is critically acclaimed as one of the best dark, gory isekai anime.

sad anime - akame ga kill

21. Akame ga Kill

MAL Rating: 7.76

An anime characterized by excessive amounts of gore, Akame ga kill is the story of Tatsumi and his struggle to fight corruption. He hates what the government in the capital has become and wishes to tear it down with the Night Raid’s help. These are a group of assassins who aim to overthrow Prime Minister Honest. The fight to acquire the coveted imperial arms ensues, as the side with more firepower will emerge victoriously.

With the legendary Taku Iwasaki composing the soundtrack, and White Fox animating it, one can expect intense fight sequences. This results in bloodcurdling, dark, and incredibly gory battles, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. The dark overtones in this anime make for some pretty good moments. While the anime is great, I would personally recommend the manga for this one.

20. Highschool of the dead

MAL Rating: 7.31

Well, umm, there isn’t much to say with this one if you’ve seen the infamous “boob matrix” scene. However, for formality’s sake, let’s have a basic rundown.

With most of humanity has fallen to the zombies, Takashi Kimuro is forced to kill his infected best friend. Vowing to protect Rei Miyamoto, his now dead friend’s girlfriend, he ventures out in the hope of finding other humans. And so his quest for survival begins, as he finds others from his school in an attempt to live and find out why this happened.

With the undeniable amounts of gore and fan service this one offers, it is slightly hard to ignore, whether you like it or hate it. While it has the elements of a very average show, Madhouse ramps up the art quality and animations.  And so we get a gory ecchi anime, directed by Tetsurou Araki (director of Death Note), focusing on a completely different kind of plot, if ya know what I mean. Make sure you watch with closed doors.

attack on titan - best war anime

19. Attack on Titan

MAL Rating: 8.48

An incredibly popular gory anime, Attack on Titan, is the story of 15 foot Titans, who have invaded the last bastion of humanity. This was all that had remained after Titans came into this world. Eren Jeager, the protagonist, who loses his mother to a titan, vows to take revenge by annihilating every Titan alive. And after his training, as he goes out to protect humanity and fight the Titans for the first time, things instantly go awry.

A thrilling anime filled to the brim with plot twists and deaths, Attack on Titan is a modern classic. The viewer is absolutely compelled to instantly consume the next episode as layers after layers of secrets and mysteries are unveiled. From politics and dark character relationships to fight sequences and flying with the 3-D maneuver gear, this anime leaves no stone unturned in enthralling everyone who gives this one a try.

18. Kenpuu Denki Berserk

MAL Rating: 8.35

Any hardcore manga fan has for sure heard of Berserk; if not, read it. The story of Guts and his gruesome escapades has caught the eye of many in this dark-themed genre. The very origins of the black swordsman give shivers to even the bravest men, for he is born from the corpse of his mother. He lives for the battlefield. And so, when his fate collided with the Band of the Hawk, he decided to join it. Adventuring with them and quickly climbing ranks, he comes to realize that everything is not as binary as he initially thought.

Exploring some of the bloodiest, most grueling themes out there, Kentaro Miura’s masterpiece has left its mark in this industry as one of the most critically acclaimed works out there. It is fair to point out that the manga for this one is the best there is. With great artwork, superb gory fight scenes, and decent animations for its era, the anime isn’t half bad, but I would recommend the manga for this one too.

17. Mirai Nikki

MAL Rating: 7.81

Having imaginary friends is something a lot of us did as kids. Never, however, have they spoken back, let alone enlist us into a battle royale, with the result that the winner will become the next God. Each of the 12 people taking part in this is given a dairy, where they are given critical information about the others. Armed with the dairies from God himself, Yukiteru Amano must fight to stay alive. Amongst all this chaos, he manages to make an unlikely ally, one who is the absolute definition of crazy.

Most of all, people who have heard of this one have most likely heard about it through Yuno Gasai. One of the most popular Yandere characters in all of anime shows’ gore and dark themes are characterized mostly through her. The protagonist’s a bit timider and psychologically disturbed (think Shinji) is heavily contrasted by her presence. The music and the animations are top class, giving a lot of potency to the violent brawls that so we’ll describe this gory anime.

16. Higurashi: When they cry

MAL Rating: 8.02

Most notable for its horrific gore and powerful dark undertones, Higurashi is an anime about the reserved village of Hinamizawa. Except it stands upon layers and layers of dark secrets. Keiichi Maebara, the protagonist, notices the subtle hints and traces the disappearances and murders down to the annual festival. But as his friends refuse to fork over information, and he slowly starts descending into madness, seeing ordinary folk turn into butchers seemingly in a blink of a moment, the layers of mystery begin to unravel, showing the true dark depths of this anime.

Watching this anime may make some feel a bit sick about themselves, as the viewer takes the role of a cold-hearted scientist. Always observing, always looking for a reason within the madness, and stomaching the deaths and bloodshed calmly while devouring every episode. However, this gory anime will grab any viewer’s attention, casual or hardcore. A simple premise, executed with brilliance.

horror anime

15. Another

MAL Rating: 7.71

A cursed classroom, where everyone is fated to a terrible death. To cope with this, everyone ignored the existence of a girl in that class. However, with the introduction of a transfer student, things started to go wrong with students’ batch, too, as it did with previous ones.

With incredibly gory deaths, this anime is not for the fainthearted. Incredibly thematic, with a slightly dull ending, it is a pretty interesting show about humans’ selfish aspect. With everyone worried about their own lives and ready to kill to stay afloat, it makes for a great weekend watch.

 14. Tokyo Ghoul

MAL Rating: 7.97

Tokyo Ghoul has become one of the select numbers of anime that manages to catch the attention of those outside this genre of entertainment. Tokyo has become the feeding ground of the creatures known as ghouls, who eat human flesh to survive. Unbeknown to Kaneki Ken, the girl he has taken a liking to, Rize Kamishiro, is a ghoul. As a result, when he goes to drop her at her home, she baits him to a deserted place to eat him. And through sheer luck, construction items fall onto Rize and kills her.

After the hospital releases Kaneki, he realizes he is no longer normal. Transplanting Rize’s organs into him saved him. And so begins his journey of finding his place in both worlds, as he realizes not everything is as it seems in the world of ghouls. As a story of gore, mental torture, insane character depth, and dark existentialist horror, this insanely gory anime is a must-watch for every otaku.

13. Parasyte: the Maxim

MAL Rating: 8.49

In a world invaded by parasitic aliens, one such parasite strikes Shinichi Izumi. However, unlike the others, who were instantly taken over, the parasite failed to take over his brain and instead resorted to his right hand. Calling him Migi, the two live in an uncomfortable symbiotic relationship. To stay alive from all the other parasites, they team up to defend themselves.

With an engaging premise, constant cliffhangers, and an overarching dark theme, Parasyte makes for a great binge. Keeping the viewer on the edge of his seat and constantly delivering is a skill, and this anime seems to have struck the right chord. Furthermore, complemented by top-class animations, it makes for an amazing watch, especially with friends.

12. Hellsing Ultimate

MAL Rating: 8.49

The world of ghouls, vampires, and such has always been treated with fear; however, this anime takes that to the next level. The creatures of the night, which haunt humanity, are out there. Conversely, against them is the mercenary association, Hellsing. And their best weapon? The classy vampire Alucard fights these evil forces, resulting in a complete bloodbath in the anime.

Hellsing makes for an amazing watch for an OVA, as very few such good ones exist. Making complete use of their license to add gore and complimenting with stunning animations, Hellsing can give eyegasms.

11. Deadman Wonderland

MAL Rating: 7.36

Deadman Wonderland, the private prison famous for its inmates amusing any visiting crowd with lethal games, was a field trip destination for Ganta Igarashi’s class. However, this was cut short, thanks to the “Red Man” who slaughtered his entire class. After being falsely convicted of serial murder, Ganta is sentenced to death in the Deadman Wonderland. And things were only getting started for him.

With mysterious powers and the constant fear of his lethal collar, Ganta is sent on gory trials day after day in this anime. And so it results in a show of daring, violence, and absolute raw, bloody conflict. In addition to the great soundtrack and the flashy animations complimenting the gore brilliantly, it is given quite a stage in this anime. In conclusion, an absolute must-watch for gore-hounds.

10. Shiki

MAL Rating:7.87

The quiet village of Sotoba sees the death of a 15-year-old girl as the first of many to come. As the blistering summer heat gets worse, so does the death count. Toshio Ozaki, a young doctor, visits the village and decides to look into the matter. Furthermore, he makes an unlikely alliance with a friend of the deceased girl, who is also looking for the truth. And so the duo set out to uncover the secret of the ghost town, where the vampires lurk in the shadows.

It stands out from other gory anime with a unique art style in certain scenes and a very distinctive character design. Having eye-candy for both the meek and the blood-thirsty, complimented by a decent storyline, it is a must-watch for those hungry for some painful deaths and bloodshed.

09. Ninja scroll

MAL Rating: 7.65

Also known as Juubee Ninpuuchou, this 1993 film is about the swordsman Jubei Kibagami as a muscle for hire. Betrayals and schemes leaving him hating any form of politics, he looked for a new master. But all changes when he saves Kagero, the last standing ninja from her clan. And with her, a man who can make his body as hard as a stone.

With a simple yet high-paced plot about finding the cause of an epidemic, Ninja scroll tackles themes of adventure, history, romance, fantasy, and most importantly, lots and lots of gore. This gory anime spares no subtlety, as the old 1990’s art style depicts bloodshed and violence almost poetically. With Madhouse animating this, one can expect only the highest quality of animations when the guts are spilling. Warning for those who aren’t comfortable with rape or nudity.

devilman crybaby - best anime on netflix

08. Devilman Crybaby

MAL Rating: 7.94

The unassuming Akira Fudou has always been very easy to manipulate. Consequently, when his best friend Ryou Asuka invites him to investigate the demons, an ancient race wanting to take the world from humanity, he agrees. However, they end up going to is Sabbath, a place of immorality. Demons attack the party members, and when one of them gets Ryou, Akira, being reckless and stupid as he is, merges himself with a Demon. Overcoming the will of the demon, he becomes a Devilman. And now armed with this newfound power, he takes on the rest of the devils to protect his loved ones.

Devilman Crybaby is the Netflix reboot of the 70’s manga by the name Devilman. With Tatami Galaxy’s Yuasa Masaaki directing it, complemented by the great art style and a fantastic soundtrack, it just makes for an overall great show. Having bizarre animations to show the gore and nudity just makes this brilliant gory anime stand out among its peers as a show with a genuine plot and direction. An absolute must-watch, whether you like gore or not.

horror anime - btoom!

07. Btoom

MAL Rating: 7.54

Ryōta Sakamoto wakes up one morning on an island with no memory of how he got there. When calling for help, he gets a bomb thrown at him. And then he realizes he is stuck in a real-life version of the battle royale game he loves: Btooom! Meeting and teaming up with Himiko, who was his in-game wife, he seeks to escape this island alive and find out the truth as to why they were placed here. However, he first has the near-impossible task of fending off from the other contestants, many of who are not remotely as friendly as him, and the BIM bombs, the in-game weapon of choice.

Btooom! has lighter themes than a lot of the other anime on this list, with more focus on action and well-choreographed action sequences. With great animation and art, Btooom! is for anyone fine with no conclusion to the anime itself and wishes to pursue the manga. The music also compliments this show very well.


06. Basilisk

MAL Rating: 7.63

When the two ninja clans of Iga and Kouga, after centuries of war and bitterness, were put under ceasefire, a peace phase ensued. Years later, through the marriage of Gennosuke Kouga, heir of the Kouga clan, and Oboro Iga, heir of the Iga clan, there was the hope of uniting the clans. However, bad blood was once again brought to the forefront, and the two clans erupt in a fight once again. The warlord who ordered the peace fire is torn between his two grandsons. Both have claimed their right to be the next shogunate. And so he organizes a battle royale with the two clans, each representing one of his grandsons. The one who wins this battle will win the shogunate’s favor for 1000 years and decide the next shogunate.

With complex themes of forbidden love combined with gory fights, this anime results from great direction and an amazing plot. Having top-class animations to support the fights and deaths, with intense character relationships, it really moves the viewer to binge the show—a definite recommendation for anyone thirsty for bloodshed.

Shigurui-Death Frenzy

05. Shigurui

MAL Rating: 7.47

A very close representation of the Edo period, Shigurui is the story of who is to be the successor of Iwamoto’s school. On one side, we have the blind samurai Irako Seigen. And on the other, we have the one handed swordsman, Fujiki Gennosuke. The only twist is that real swords will be used instead of wooden ones in the fight this time. Thus we have the story of the two intertwined fates, as they fight each other to prove to their common master, Iwamoto Kogan, that they are indeed worthy.

The rather unique way in which this gory anime’s art is done compliments the scenes of violence and nudity incredibly well. Coupled with a soundtrack, which will seem to teleport you back to the Edo period, this show is a guaranteed banger for any fan of gore and history-based anime.

horror anime - gantz

04. Gantz

MAL Rating: 7.15

When high-school students die on a subway train, the last thing they expected was to follow the orders of a giant black ball. To take part in the fighting and killing of aliens and robots, all to survive and get out of there. Kei Kurono finds his morals and will to survive tested, as he is broken over and over again. All to leave the Gantz with his friend, Katou.

Gantz is a cutting criticism of human beings’ dark side and a hard look at the many flaws that can make people detestable. If you like violence with a lot of nudity mixed in, Gantz has you covered. Serious warning even for gorehounds, though. This series might be a bit more than you wish to chew off.

blood c - best gory anime

03. Blood C

MAL Rating:6.68

Blood C is the third installment in the Blood series; however, it is more of a spin-off, so one can avoid the previous two. It follows the story of Saya Kisaragi, who leads a split life. While during the day she is a normal highschool girl, by night, she is a katana-wielding, monster destroying machine. All so that her village stays safe. However, she comes to hear about the broken covenant from the very monsters she vanquishes, of which she has no understanding. Moreover, when an enigmatic dog asks her reason to fight and who she made her promise to, her world starts unraveling.

The first few episodes for this show are flat-out terrible. Nevertheless, they are saved by the show’s ending, which somewhat redeems the entire show. Don’t watch this anime for the plot, rather, watch it for the gory, over-the-top, bloody, and bone-cracking fight sequences. Monster and human guts alike flying everywhere are sure to satisfy anyone looking for a good gory anime.

02. Corpse Party

MAL Rating: 6.89

Famous for its lack of subtlety when it comes to showing gore, Corpse Party misses out on the top spot on this list just by an inch. The students of Kisaragi Academy performed a ritual to bid a friend farewell. However, they accidentally trapped themselves in an alternate, older version of their school. And so now they must focus on escaping Heavenly Host academy and the spirits that lie there, waiting for their prey.

With a laser focus on gore and only gore, Corpse Party makes the fullest use of their 2-hour run-time to show as much blood and guts as possible. Notwithstanding the lack of any real plot or character development, it makes for a very, very amusing watch, with the assumption you know what you’re walking into. With organs splayed on walls, eyeballs being stabbed, and throats being slit, this anime is definitely not for the fainthearted.

Genocyber - best gory anime

01. Genocyber

MAL Rating: 5.69

The infamous Genocyber takes the first spot on our list, with excellent reason. The show revolves around how dystopian and futuristic the world has become and how that has dilapidated humanity. Through multiple arcs, we see the levels of humanity just decaying. Scientists experiment on a girl and give her the power of the Genocycber to act as a potential bioweapon. Once unleashed, however, it can not be controlled. And so when they accidentally do, the fragile peace of their world is shattered.

This gory anime will for sure go down as the goriest show ever made. For anyone thinking they are completely ready for this, here’s a free tip: you’re not. Nonetheless, you will go for it and be either repulsed or delighted with the sheer amount of gore and violence. Not a lot to go on the plot, but the art style and animations are sound, making this OVA worth watching for anyone hunting down enough gore to last them a lifetime.

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  1. “There is no way you are prepared for this”
    Dude I am a irl gore fan too, none of these anime are scary once youve seen a cartel vid or two

  2. Great artical and so addicted.

  3. this is my favorite series, the author writes well and the pictures are beautiful too. Nice.