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Updated on: 30/11/2023

Fantasy manhwa and webtoons are often craved for due to their intricate storyline and world set up. Anyway, the fantasy genre is one of the very best parts the writing world has to offer. Running away from your reality for a bit of time and imagining the unimaginable provides us, readers, with a rush we can hardly deny. Fantasy-Fiction goes hand in hand when it comes to webtoons and manhwa or stories in general. One thing which makes this genre so likable is the amount of work put in to build up a fantasy world without gaps and plot holes.

The fantasy genre has no limitation by which genre it should team up with, thus leaving us with a lot to choose from. There is still some manhwa that will take you to a ride far from home in the blink.

Here we have what you need, the list of top 20 fantasy webtoons and manhwa that no one should miss.

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Fantasy Webtoons and Manhwa

20. Wizard of Arsenia

Status: Ongoing

The story starts when Lee Kyul Ip, a 3rd-year school student, suddenly transports into an alternative universe. After arriving at the new place, he meets Reyard of Great Red Dragons. He tells Kyul Ip that he is now in a place called Dragon Mountain on the continent of Arsenia. Reyard also says that he summon him to show another dragon that red dragons are not stupid. Now stuck in this weird situation, Kyul has two options to go back. The first one is to wait for Reyard to make magic from scratch, and the second is to create a dimension and gate himself return to his world.

19. The Last Word of The World

Status: Ongoing

After an apocalypse, civilization has disintegrated due to a wrong experiment. The world descended into tribes and small groups. People have also divided into two types: Cyborgs, a combination of the human body and mechanical parts, and the Beast Spirits, a mix of human and animal DNA. These two types continuously remain in a fight with one another to prove who holds much power. Among them is Hei Tong Shi, a cyborg who wanders between cyborgs and Beast Spirits. He previously was a part of a killer group, ‘Hei Qi Eight,’ but rebelled and left. Tong Shi fights to uncover the mysteries of the world and for himself. (Zolpidem)

The series is full of fight, action, and adventure in a fantasy world; hence, it is on our best fantasy manhwa list.

18. Watermelon

Status: Ongoing

Watermelon is a fantasy manhwa/webtoon about Uri and Simon, two cat siblings with blue eyes, which they have inherited from their mother. Uri is the elder sibling, and she has a positive and kind personality. Simon is the younger sibling of Uri and has resorted to thievery several times to find them food and money when they both lived in the streets. Simon also has a sickness that is inherited from their mother. Doran, a young dog with green hair, welcomed them into their home after Doran met Uri on the streets. Orphaned at a young age, two stray cat siblings struggle through life to find their place in this world. Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, each sibling must eventually find their path.

17. The Witch and The Bull

Status: Ongoing

Filled with gorgeous art, The Witch and The Bull is a beautiful webtoon. This fantasy manhwa is set in a world where humans and witches coexist, but discrimination always prevails among them. Tan, the King’s royal advisor, has a hatred for witches. Once, he visited a trendy cafe running by a beautiful witch Aro. He forces closed it with the undue advantage of his powers. But it does make him a prime target for a curse that turns him into a BULL! The only way to undo this hex is to rely on the witch, Aro. Can her kindness turn his feelings around and break this spell?

16. Phantom Paradise

Status: Ongoing

Everything is so precise and overwhelming that it gives a place to this in fantasy webtoons, from the artwork to the plot. It is the story of a male concubine Hayate Shizuki, who climbs his way up in the imperial harem of Phantom Paradise, hiding his sinister motive against the empress Madonna. His mission against the royalty is to arrest the empress’s soul and bring it to the devil as he has promised. Will he succeed, or will the empress survive and continue to rule her paradise in hell?


15. Rebirth

Status: Ongoing

This webtoon deals with time travel and the urge of Noah to make things right. The price, though, must be paid as he tries to change the past. The story deals with stubborn characters with set personalities and awkwardness here and there. The relationship of Noah with his family undergoes troubles at every point. The story is comparatively still new though there are enough chapters to look out for theories and plot deepening. It talks about a post-apocalyptic world with special powers for people and most turns into something similar to zombies. The art style is also good, and I like the way the author draws eyes. A name you probably want to add amongst the fantasy webtoons and manhwa you’d like to read.

Lumine - Fantasy webtoons

14. Lumine

Status: Ongoing

Dealing with mysteries and secrets scattered throughout the plot, this fantasy webtoon is sweet and plot-driven. Some might consider the chapter-length a bit short, but it is quite fine in the long run. The art is great, and the character development is great, and the character development is great. Lumine is a werewolf who is extremely rare, and only weredogs are found in common. Though he is tiny, and no one takes much notice of how he does things. Both werewolves and weredogs exist in human forms with ears and tail sticking out; however, they can transform into their feral form whenever they desire.

Kody is a witch whose dad, Aiden, takes in Lumine, knowing full well who he is. Kody being an outcast at school is a child with a temper and good cold, savage glares. Aiden takes in Lumine as the bodyguard of his son, Kody, and being the cinnamon roll he is, and we see Kody slowly opening up to him. Though the plot gets more and more diversified, the cute artwork sure outlines secrets to be discovered as the series progresses further—a nice read for when you crave fantasy webtoons.

Hooky - fantasy manhwa

13. Hooky

Status: Ongoing

In case you miss the Harry Potter universe or its setting, this story is totally for you. No, that does not imply that it is a strip off, but the world with witches, wizards, and magic often makes you nostalgic. The art style is charming, and the backgrounds do the magic. A story that is friendly to all generations. If you want a calm read that does play with your emotions a bit, it is the go-to webtoon.

Hooky is a story that revolves around two siblings who miss the bus to their magical school and go on with their adventures as they try to hide the fact from their parents. One thing leads to another, and in no time, they are uncovering mysteries and realizing the lies they have been fed with. There are some heartbreaks which you deal with and some moments which you would want to treasure throughout. Though, this title from our list of fantasy webtoons and manhwa will always be a memorable one.

super secret - best romance webtoons

12. Super Secret

Status: Complete

Next on the list of top fantasy webtoons is a fantasy-romance webtoon with lots of cute moments. The art style is beautiful and light-colored. Emma and Ryan are ‘THE’ made for each other couple. The friendships and the intersecting relationships of other characters are mesmerizing. Throughout the webtoon, you will keep laughing at the humor and adorable naivety of Emma. This is one of the most wholesome romance- fantasy manhwa one can reach out for. The simplicity of the plot helps it from getting caught up in the usual clichés of romance genres. The lives of beings other than humans coordinate properly with humans and demand no questions about how things fall in place, making it a light and sensible read.

Days of Hana - fantasy webtoons

11. Days of Hana

Status: Ongoing

From the author of Orange Marmalade, this story has you quacking throughout either as you pray for some character to get thrown out or so that the leads realize what they feel for each other. Another title amongst top fantasy webtoons and manhwa which deals with werewolves and humans. All Humans keep the werewolves in this universe as pets even when they have a human form with ears and tail sticking out. The feral form is often restricted and not called out by the werewolves or is portrayed throughout society. Submission of werewolves helps humans keep themselves safe from the powerful beasts, and one can point out how humans discriminate against werewolves in daily life.

Haru, a werewolf, is adopted by Hana’s dad Mr. Lee. Hana and Haru have always been close to Hana. Mr. Lee works as an ambassador fighting for equal rights to the werewolves. Things start turning towards a serious scene as werewolves earn the freedom to attend schools. This fantasy webtoon takes deeper arcs, and the plot widens with details and character development.


10. Magician

Status: Complete

It is a story about a small group of people who travel from one place to another in this fantasy universe. Ethermask the main immortal protagonist and how he searches for the answer as to how to cast the immortality spell. This fantasy webtoon is slow-paced, and some chapters might even seem to be having no progress as we witness the characters strolling from one place to another. However, this slow pacing helps the story as we gradually get attached to how and who the characters are. Having a strong female lead, Iremy, who at times might make you facepalm yourself as she does things as she desires.

The story is filled with many sweet and comedy moments too. When the high end feels introduced, they touch you as the plot is genuinely worked upon. The art is outstanding, and backgrounds often have good details about this world. This is a type of classic when we talk about the fantasy genre in webtoons and manhwa.

Rise from ashes - Fantasy manhwa

09. Rise from Ashes

Status: Ongoing

A ghost who is overly sensitive about her house and will always clean it up, shoo the birds away, does not let anyone inside the house is now in a mess with a newbie red crow and a nuisance of a ghost. Red crows are people who wind up ghosts and use them for the betterment of society. This story is extremely different from any of the already present fantasy webtoons or manhwa. The starting is a bit hazy, but when you complete the first five chapters, you know what is happening.

Winter is the main protagonist of the story. Nox is a ghost who enters her house and is now connected to her due to, well, some ‘reasons.’ Wren is a red crow who captures both Winter and Nox. The story is building up, and after 80 chapters, we have solid questions and understanding as to how this human-ghost coexisting-universe stuff works. It is a story with good planning. The starting scenes of the first chapter still feel mysterious, which I suspect are of good significance as the story goes further in the future. Working on a new perspective, this deserves a chance to look for unique fantasy webtoons and manhwa.

Lalins Curse

08. Lalin’s Curse

Status: Ongoing

Lalin’s curse is one of the latest titles gaining much popularity as it goes further. The story deals with supernatural beings like demons. Whilst the plot is still not open, one can notice the gradual detail addition. The art style is charming and beautiful. The colors are vibrant and detail-oriented. You can notice foreshadowing and chapter connection even if it’s in the beginning stage.

It is a story that follows David, who is very into things and theories that are usually from mundane imagination and ‘fantasy’ plots like aliens, ghosts, demons, etc. From the starting being a child with such imagination has caused him to draw the title of being a child interested in the supernatural. Things start accelerating as he finds a lead towards his imagination. Is there a link between the unusual things happening to him? Check out this latest title under our list of top fantasy manhwa and webtoons.

The God Of Highschool

07. The God of Highschool

Status: Ongoing

I find this webtoon extremely underrated when it delivers one with such a great story, character arcs, detailing, and art. The only aspect that might cause you discomfort is that these soul-crushing scenes make you want to sit in the corner of your room and mourn.

Mori Jin is an independent high school student who doesn’t care about much but food and fights. A stranger approaches Mori so that he takes part in the contest GOH contest. In the contest, he must showcase his fighting abilities. Mori accepts the offer. We find adults reaching out for three people at the prime for the same contest in the very starting. The people are Mori Jin (obviously), Yu Mira, and Han Daewi. After fights and some sessions, we gradually realize that a contest is not taking place, but there is something serious going on throughout.

The first chapter has details that arise later at about 150-200-chapter number describing just how well planned the whole set up. This title from our list of top fantasy webtoons and manhwa also breaks the stereotype of always keeping the main protagonist on the main front. There are durations when we see other characters developing in the absence of Mori Jin. The character development is so satisfying, and everything has a reason behind it. I can write the whole plot to convince you to give this a read, but it’s your decision, and I hope you enjoy it. If you binge it, you might find it hard to swallow certain details as they go real further in the description but overall, it is an awesome webtoon.

Witch Hunt - Fantasy Webtoons

06. Witch Hunt

Status: Complete

It is an incredible webtoon with comparatively fewer chapters. I adored the simplicity of the art style. This fantasy manhwa was first published as Manyeo Sanyang in Korean and later translated by Line webtoon in English. We start the webtoon by taking things in from Garmeen, an elementary school guy who steals things habitually. A new girl gets enrolled in his class named Izzy, a lone person, carries an umbrella wherever she goes, and no one talks to her due to the aura she gives off. Garmeen tries to get close to her as he wants to learn about a necklace she always wears. One day he manages to steal her necklace, and it is realized that she is a mighty witch. Garmeen finds himself in a war between the demons and witches.

The story might look like it is a bit slow-paced, though, from a wider perspective, the gap phase is needed because there will be ‘too’ many twists in a short duration without it. Izzy’s character is powerful and independent, but as we get to know her, we realize how time and time again, all her attachments go through tests. The ending is slightly heartbreaking. The story holds so much more than just a war between demons and witches. The reasons, the portrayal, and what emotions led to such a turn of events is splendid. The past flashbacks are in proper sync with the story, and when you learn about the importance of that umbrella, you might want one to hide away your ears. It is a wonderful ride about character arcs and lost time, resulting in better actions.

top Manhwa - best action webtoons

05. UnOrdinary

Status: Ongoing

All the people in this fantasy webtoon have powers on a varying scale, which rules out how strong a person. Wellston High is the school for elites who have abilities that surpass the average tire with a serious hierarchy amongst the different tiers. John is a new enrollment in the school, and society considers him a ‘cripple,’ i.e., someone with no superpowers. How will he survive in such a hierarchy, and what does the confidence he portrays have to do with being the lowest on the ranks?

The webtoon is awesome, with great descriptions regarding every aspect of this fantasy world. Seraphina, John, and Arlo are some of the very main characters in this diverse plot.  The characters are likable and have personalities that collide but collaborate. As you become part of this massive fandom, you will slowly realize why Arlo is Ass-lo and why we hate hair gel. Nothing weird in here, I promise.

winter woods - best horror manga

04. Winter Woods

Status: Complete

At no point does Winter Woods disappoint the readers in any way. The story takes place as a mix of past and presents where the main protagonist, Winter, is something that lives but is not ‘Human.’ The journey of him coming to terms with what real life is after he has been an experiment for so long is sweet, and a part of him is quite mysterious. Jane is an aspiring writer looking for a story, and she meets Winter as a setup coincidence.

The art style is simple and sweet with warm colors. This title on our list of fantasy webtoons and manhwa follows a tale of darkness and light. Additionally, dealing with some deep contexts like abuse and violence. Thus, qualifying under the thriller-romance genre to an extent. It ends on a bittersweet note, living you with many feels. The ending justifies the doings of every character there is, and I find it extremely satisfying.

Cape of spirits - fantasy manhwa

03. Cape of Spirits

Status: Ongoing

This webtoon title is one of the latest in the fantasy series. Winner of Line Webtoon’s 7th Creator Contest, the contest was downright warzone (I am the witness of it all); from 7000 comics, this one bagged the prize. The contest sure gave us many titles that are wonderful in their sense. It boosted the reading list by folds. Cape of spirits is a universe used by the author as a videogame in her other series named Fictional Skin. You can find it in the discover section, and it is now on hiatus until the Cape of Spirits is completed. The action, adventure, and character portrayal are proper, and there is no lack of plotting. Being new, there is still a lot of potential in the story, and we will see how the authors play it out.

Jinsei is a former heir to the throne and now a fugitive on the run from his empire. Kanae holds Jensei captive and plans on delivering his head. To even the score regarding a personal grudge with Jensen, she finds herself in a threatening situation. She needs to set Jinsei free to escape. Jinsei, Kanae, Flavius, and Nine, an AI, should work as a team and fight whilst uncovering many secrets lying behind ‘coins.’ Coins are the sources of powers and abilities in this world. The characters are unfamiliar to each other, too, so we know about characters with similar coordination. How they will deal with problems is the basic plot outlining.

top Manhwa

02. Noblesse

Status: Complete

If this doesn’t belong in the top fantasy webtoons list, then I don’t even know what does. Some webtoons make you feel all fuzzy and even sad but very little make you feel emotions the way it did—such a wholesome story and plot. You can easily observe the art style getting intense and the plot deepening earlier this year; when this comes to an end, it is really the end of an era.

A must-read for every fantasy webtoons fan. This story shows a new perspective towards the usual vampires, wolves, and human worlds. ( The authors did their best in putting the pieces together. In the middle-end part of the story, there is a bit of lack on the detail stage. Nonetheless, it causes no flaws in this series. Franklin is the ultimate link of the series, and Rai, the hero who is by far the best. You will want the series to continue dreading every other step, but it is worth it. Totally WORTH IT.

tower of good - webtoons similar to solo leveling

01. Tower of God

Status: Ongoing

When the main protagonist’s name is something like Twenty-Fifth Bam, then you do know this story has some serious deviation from the usual. Bam lives his days alone with only one person who comes into his life one day named Rachel. Rachel enters The Tower, and Bam manages to get inside by his pure will of not letting go of his only friend Rachel. Each floor requires every incoming person to face challenges and hence reach the top of the tower. The world is quite mysterious, holding up folds after folds and gives readers a whole set up to gradually tear out. The plot build-up, arcs, and foreshadowing are majestic.

SIU, the author of this series, has been working on this series since 2010, and it continues. The time amounts to his hard work and descriptive storyline. There are comedy elements, emotional connections, and characters you can hate as a whole nation and need not feel bad. The author of this Fantasy webtoon does an exemplary job building the story up. Khun and Rak are some of the center characters alongside Bam, who is equally likable. In the beginning, the art style is straightforward, but you need to stick with it because the art style gets to the gorgeous stage.  We see the characters gradually developing and the story progressing. This deserves the top place in this fantasy webtoons and manhwa list with all its might.

Fantasy is an always turning genre demanding new stories and styles to come forward. Still, certain fantasy webtoons and manhwa achieve a place where it is impossible to remove them. In case we missed any of your favorites, mention them below.

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  2. Do you by any chance, know a manhua where the FL dies due to an illness and reincarnates as a baby in another world. She had to live as a boy. The FL is overpowered but she keeps it a secret from everyone except those close to her family. Her mom has long pink hair and her dad died due to an ambush while carrying out his missions(He’s riding a mecha) It’s a Chinese manhua. Please tell me if you have any clues 🙂 Ask away if you need additional descriptions.

    • the name is: It’s not Easy to be a Man after Traveling to the Future

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