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Updated on: 22/11/2023

Chinese manhua is different from manhwa and manga due to their extreme historical importance and major art style shift in comparison to that of the previous ones. Much like manhwa and manga, there are many stories present in manhua format for readers. The different genres, styles, and several build-ups to help narrators make up unique masterpieces.

For all manhua lovers or solely for those who want to discover manhua here, we present a list of 15+ Best Manhua titles.

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Best Manhua

19. Journey to the west

Traveling to the West was a Heavenly conspiracy! After the Sutra (Buddhist sacred texts) went missing for more than a decade, Heaven sent its army to search for it, so to prevent the Sutra from falling into Heaven’s hands again, the Journey to the West begins again. At this time, as the Sutra seekers embark on their perilous journey, you can also embark on an exciting adventure in the world of gambling with Amunra casino no deposit bonus codes for 2023. Amunra casino bonus codes at are like a key to the inexhaustible world of gambling entertainment, similar to finding a Sutra in ancient China. These codes provide players with a unique opportunity to start playing at the casino without having to deposit their own funds. They may include free spins, extra money to the account, or other privileges.

This author has given their twist to the famous tale. The story does not focus on the journey we all have witnessed in movies and other manga adaptions of this tale. It’s a unique and new take on the story. With an interesting plot and beautiful artwork, it indeed becomes one of the best manhua.

18. Marital Peak

Martial Peak comes among the most popular manhua of China. It is an adaptation of an even more popular light novel. It has good art and translated in a reasonable manner. The story starts when Yang Kai, a disciple-on-trial (and floor sweeper) of the Lingxiao Martial Arts Sect discovered a Wordless Black Book. His getting of this book turns his luck and the beginning of his martial arts journey. But the pinnacle of martial arts is solitary and lonely. It is an endless pursuit for unattainable heights as well. To surpass the limits of martial arts, growth, and the will to survive in adverse situations is necessary.

Ingenuo - Best Manhua Titles17. Ingenuo

Ding Jiayu dreams of being a photographer. She puts Yung Jo as her idol, and when Yung Jo’s photography company holds an audition to find a new photographer, Jiayu decides to take a chance. However, the company does not recruit females. Here the plot takes quite a predictable turn that Ding Jiayu decides to enter as a guy. Yung Jo takes great interest in Jiayu’s talent and makes her his apprentice. All seems like a dream come true, but that’s not so the case. She takes a beating from Yung Jo all the time, and all the other crew members think that she is a guy.

The manhua is cheesy and predictable at times. The art does excellent justice to the plot. One can find it pretty interesting, keeping in mind all the emotional descriptions using body language. More of a hit and miss manhua and is subjective to the audience.

The One16. The One

It is one of the more romance-psychology focussing manhuas. Cane Lele is a child born amidst the glamorous fashion industry. Her mother being Taiwan’s Best model and dad also being in the same industry justifies the statement. However, one fateful day an airplane crash leads to her losing both her parents. Thus leading Lele to derive hatred towards the industry. By the time she reaches seventeen, her grandmother takes care of her. But things begin to push her towards fashion as her mother’s sister, a fashion model agent, and former fashion model push Lele to join in the industry somewhat reluctantly.

Lele is still in opposition to the whole idea of working in such a superficial industry until she sees a photoshoot of popular American model Angus Lanson. And well, when she finally gets to meet him, she doesn’t know that his twin brother Eros Lanson is also secretly accompanying him. One might have a wavering opinion of this one.

The first fifty chapters are good. You witness character development, focus on Lele, and build-up of the story. The author, though, unfortunately, ends up dwelling onto story holes that unnecessary per se. Consequently, leading to excessive melodramatic stuff happening. It is still popular and liked. The art is your typical manhua style, and the characters do pop out. The plot drives away from Lele and her career and ends up being more about the twin brothers. Pick this up if you want to read a dramatic tale involving psychological compounds, jokes, and slight cringe at times.

15. ½ Prince

This is a gender bender manhua that also focusses on the gaming world. Now definitely the manga, manhwa and manhua community is oozing with plots depicting game worlds, this one was among the firsts to introduce it. Thus promises more originality to the characters and the plot. The story is about Feng Lan, who is a college student and the challenge her twin brother, Feng Yang Ming, puts up, set in the year 2100. It all starts when Feng Lan accidentally kills her brother’s character in an MMO game, and her brother ends up challenging her to play, Second Life (a virtual reality game), without the benefits of being a female character. Being a pretty upfront character, Lan jumps in for the challenge.

The manhua then follows the adventure of Feng Lan’s life, her friends, and the game. Rather than involving too much politics or betrayal in the story, it focusses more on the comical aspects. The story build is subtle, and at the time, the pacing might run fast. However, the art style is such that it properly shadows that part. (xanax) Character designs are pretty unique and distinguishable. You find the right amount of action in the manhua. Overall it’s one of the most original manhuas and belongs in Best manhua list.

Youth Gone Wild - Best Manhua Titles14. Youth Gone Wild

The manhua is about Yating, and she works as an agent at a recording company until one day, her boss fires her off, who is a spoiled actress with a bad temperament. Lost her job and motivation, she ends up working at a pub where a group named Gangster would play regularly. As she continues on this tasteless journey, she meets someone with the most divine voice. Yating’s luck then starts changing as her uncle decides to retire and set up his own record company. He asks her to help him form the best Taiwan rock band. Thus embarks the journey of Yating, a new manager trying to establish an ultimate rock band.

It is by the same author as The One, so the humor and art are of top-notch without any doubt. Like the other title, the romance is not that vivid in this series and is immature at times. However, this story is more about achieving your aims and goals in life. The lead is not a shallow portrayal of bold but is decent and self-sufficient till the very end. Other character dynamics also set up well. The band integration, music, and the backstage life is an exciting and unique element of this manhua and helps a lot in setting up the audience for the other aspects that progress further in the story.

Stay With The Ceo13. Stay with the CEO

Though this manhua is basically under genres like drama, comedy, and romance. The story is about Yan Jing, a new interim CEO assistant at a company and Xia Shang, the temporary CEO of the same. The art style is good and goes fine with the story and is somewhat generic. What brings it out as unique is that you don’t find the lead male protagonist to be all that heroic as they usually are. In opposition to that, Xia Shang is a shady character whose motives are not clear till before the end of the series is near. The female protagonist, Yan Jing, is also not your typical damsel in distress but rather a smart and independent character. It is a light read in comparison to the other manhua present on the list of Best titles but still manages to stay interesting.

Here U Are - Best Manhua Titles12. Here U Are

Here U Are is another slice of life college students focussing manhua and one of the best at it. It is a story about Yu Yang, an openly gay student who goes through a lot to get over the rejection from his classmate Lin Xiang last year. At the start of the new semester, a new guy enters his life, Li Huan, a tall and handsome upperclassman.

The art style is one of the best from character designing to amazing background scenes. It focuses on all and more. Another aspect worth liking is the maturity of their relationship. It is not your usual push and pull romance story and gives you satisfaction as you go further. The chapters are shorter in comparison to other tales, but everything is worth the story. An amazingly adorable manhua that you will enjoy either for romance, characters, comedy, art, or all.

The Legend of the Sun Knight11. The Legend of the Sun Knight

The Sun Knight is a man who has shining golden hair, sky blue eyes, a compassionate nature, and a brilliant smile. So apparently he radiates wisdom. He is the spokesperson for the God of Light, the captain of the Twelve Holy Knights, and the man closest to perfection. However, behind this, the face of the Sun Knight is well a very different man. The art style is your typical manhua style and beautiful. This manhua supports an amazingly satirical form of a story.

The exact form of the Sun Knight, Creus Sun, is a sarcastic, cynical man who is everything but the depiction Sun Knight. The character is so insane that you love him. All the characters are slightly equally mad in their ways. It is more of a humor tale than anything else and does justice to every bit of it. Every character supports multiple personalities, and it brings about a pleasant change from the usual. An utterly enjoyable manhua.

The Kings Avatar - Best Manhua Titles10. Quan Zhi Gao Shou

This manhua is about Ye Xui, an expert in an online game, Glory. His team kicks him out because of various reasons, and thus, his dreams of forming his incomplete weapon and all his hard work go to vain. This Best tier professional player, therefore, leaves the professional aspect and ends up as manager of an internet café. Like the game, Glory comes with another version he dives right into it with hopes of doing all that was left and coming through.

The manhua is diverse and extremely graphic. It lacks nowhere, the art, plotting, and characters are good. The plot has become slightly generic. However, this has been going for long. The novel also had a great many fandoms, and the manhua does immense justice. You need to try this out if you are looking for the best manhua titles.

Lily (YY)09. Lily (YY)

Bit of a usual story with YinLin, a high school student sights a tom-boyish – ‘handsome’ waitress, Rouxi Lan, and later realizes her to be the new transfer student. The feelings gradually grow up as a cautious YinLin gravitates towards Rouxi. The story steadily paces with no questioning of content insight. There is a bit of a problem in finding the translated to English version though searching around a little will help. As a whole, it is a light slice of life themed lesbian comic that does progress its primary genre’s needs adequately.

Spirit Blade Mountain - Best Manhua Titles08. Spirit Blade Mountain

A falling comet will bring immense calamity to the world. To choose a child fated for the falling comet, the family of Spirit Blade clan, with a long history, resumes the process of the entrance examination. All this to find the right disciple. Our protagonist, Oriku, possesses a soul that appears once in a thousand years. He decides to take the exam and start on the path of becoming an exceptional sage. The whole story revolves around the foundation drawn from Spirit Blade mountain, its inhabitants the Spirit Blade masters, and the clan by the same name.

The story and characters are predictable, but all the more likable. One usually enjoys the first volume much more than the second. The manhua is on its way to redeem itself in season three. Nonetheless, it is a good manhua with significant comedy elements and a good amount of action display. The art is good and simply likable, more on the modern shift than the cultural style. The main character is simply savage and thus simply likable. This one is a decent entry for Best manhua even if it is not that popular.

Manga similar to Tales of Demons and Gods

07. Tales Of Demons And Gods

Man sites count this Chinese manhua amongst the very best titles. The plot revolves around Nie Li. This story starts from the ends, much like how usually other time travel manhua works. It begins with Nie Li waking up in his high school and some random flashbacks coming his way. Soon he realizes that he is thrown back into the time after he was almost killed. Now using his experience and information regarding the future, he wants to save his city, family, and the girl he likes. The plot sounds pretty cliché, and unfortunately, there is no better way to explain the plotline. However, the storyline is comparatively very interesting. The politics and other themes that rotate throughout the series give it a better lead than other best manhua, which focuses on the same line of thought.

The art style is good, and the pacing also compliments this manhua. However, after about a hundred chapters, one sees a circle building up, and the story loses its focus many times. The story is also weirdly very similar to that of Naruto, yet it still has its individuality. The main character’s style also relates to Naruto. No doubt, this is a worthy read, and if you ignore individual plot holes by far, this still is one of the most famous and popular Chinese manhuas.

Song of the long March06. Song Of The Long March

This is a historical manhua and currently supporting the number one title on many platforms for the most popular manhua. The story is that of Li Chan Ge, the daughter of the emperor. Throughout her childhood, she cultivates more of her intelligence rather than beauty. The world spins as the emperor and his family apart from Li Change meet their end in an assassination driven by political conspiracies by one of the own family members. Change ends up escaping and lets people assume her to be dead as she starts living as a boy to seek revenge.

The story is a refreshing diversion from many other manhua plots, and the most lovable aspect is its characters. All the characters are drawn exceptionally realistically. Thus leading to an unpredictable tale because without any superpowers and godly wisdom, how does one go-around is an exciting journey to witness. Another deserving title for entry in best manhua.

Soul Land - Best Manhua Titles05. Soul Land

The manhua is basically about Tang San, who commits an unforgivable. He steals the most secret teachings of Tang Sect, the most famous martial art sect of all. As he attains his ambition, he throws himself from Hell’s Peak. However, he ends up in a new world, without magic, martial arts, and grudges. The place is the continent of the Douro, where only the mystical souls of battles lay. How will Tang San survive in this unknown world?

Currently, on volume three, this manhua has been going strong for long. The characters are funny, calm, and at times immature, but you can’t expect much from 12 years old. The art is pretty good, and in all, it is a fun read. You know what’s going to happen, but it keeps you still driving. What more do you ask from good manhua?

19 Days04. 19 Days

This manhua is pretty similar to Tamen De Gushi, which appears further in this list. However, these two deal with totally different plots; the portrayal is identical. The author of this manhua also helps out in the other. You can see where the similarities are coming from. Honestly, I could have cried happy tears after I found out about this because something like Tamen De Gushi is just so rare and amazing. This manhua did start before the other one but is comparatively less popular. It talks about gay relationships and is a slice of life manhua. There is no clear plot in sight, but there is a more significant plotline making. One can perceive the chapters as discontinuous after every 2-3 entries.

The presentation, fantastic humor, god-level art style, and that sense of uniqueness keeps it all the more enjoyable throughout. A must-read when you are exploring Best manhua titles. The exaggeration of facial expression and timing make it a hundred times more interesting. It revolves around two friends, their bromance and more. The romance comes slowly but steadily. This manhua is one of the best for literally all readers.

Ravages of time - Best manhua titles03. The Ravages Of Time

Well, you can never talk about manhua and skip this legendary title, which is a top-notch manhua. It deals with a majority of themes and spares no stone unturned. The synopsis though simple, is enough to grasp one’s attention. The author retells the tale of the Three Kingdoms period. About 2000 years ago, the Han dynasty of China collapsed. Many heroes came into being and perished away. And in the last three nations, Wei, Shu, and Wu emerged. The whole story and review deals with alliances, politics, betrayals, and loyalty.

Even though the story sequencing and the place of this manhua are inevitable at best, it might be that not all fancy the series. There is a lot of deviation from the usual storytelling process, which though good, might lead to an unexpected plotting and won’t make sense to everyone. The author strongly follows his ideologies throughout his work and truly believes in them. He strongly focusses on the ideology that whoever is a part of the war is not a good man. This leads the author to showcase all sides of the story and war scene with absolute neutrality and justice. The author does no favoritism with his characters.

There is no romance per se in the story apart from one, which is utterly satisfying. The whole manhua is mature and focusses on many themes and characters. The author makes sure that he lives no one behind, so you have a great many characters amounting to the whole scheme being laid.

War is a tedious genre, but all the more fulfilling, and it gives the author immense opportunity to add in whatever he/she wants. From schemes of lust and betrayal to loyal comrades, the author takes the proper benefit of this plot. Whoever is into massive scheming, politics, and an immensely realistic perspective will enjoy this manhua to great any depths. The emotions and what is ‘right’ are subjective for every character and thus gives you a good challenge in making up your perspective of them.

Another prominent and distinct aspect of this manhua is the action. The action is impressive, with no repetitions, and the power dominance on both sides is equal. A story character faces a sharp counter, and both have enough dialogue to make the impact lasting. The conversations are always meaningful and impactful, progressing the story well. One can find the pacing slow, but a classic tale requires a look around all perspectives. Lastly, the art style is fantastic, and it’s not that big-eye type and instead is more similar to manga style and better. This gives the series another factor that plays parts in its individuality. In all, you must try this manhua spanning for over eight years at least once and decide for yourself.

Tamen de Gushi - SQ Begin with your name02. Tamen De Gushi (SQ Begin With Your Name)

This manhua is about a high school lesbian couple and adequately portrays the relationship of Sun Jing, the sporty- tall girl with her male friends. This manhua has an excellent grasp over the comedy element, and the facial expressions are to die for. A particularly eye grasping art and all the more relatable high school life makes it extremely worthy of being in the Best manhuas for one to read. This manhua has short chapters. However, one can notice the depth of the storyline increasing as it progresses further. Qiu Tong, the comparatively shy girly one, shows good character progress. It does not deal with anything explicit and is a slice of life manhua. I am biasedly going to stress that comedy and storytelling are so good that even if you are not interested in lesbian relationship-driven manhua, you will still stay with the series.

This series grew to popularity quite rapidly, and the short sequences building up the whole story gives it a very light touch. Simply one of the best manhua out there.

Feng Shen Ji - Manhua01. Feng Shen Ji

A proper masterpiece in the manhua community. Let me give a brief synopsis for this manhua before dwelling into the admiration for the same. Feng Shen Ji, manhua, takes place in a world where Gods control humans. It all traces back to ancient gods, the good ones and the dark ones; broadly making up hell and heaven in simplified terms. Consequently, the appearance of a mighty god leads to the conspiracy by then-leader god, Pan Gu. He gathers up other gods to end Tian (the powerful god), but in the end, Tian kills all other gods and trap their souls. This war amongst gods leads the fates of humans to intervene, and the human destiny wind up being in the gods’ hands.

Ah Gou, our main protagonist, is a guy standing up against the gods. His father, before his reincarnation in new life, was previously the emperor of the human kingdom and the one who starts the rebellion. He escapes the same end as his father because his soul is transferred to another body before he is captured. The manhua majorly deals with the action, politics, and constant universe building. The art style is very bold and appealing. For an action manhua, the fight scenes don’t disappoint you anywhere. The cast is very vast, and there are many characters throughout the series. The visuals and plotting also compliment the storyboarding perfectly. There are no loopholes throughout the manhua, which makes it even better pick for Best manhua titles. A must-read if you are diving into the manhua community.

Here we come to an end of this list. Let us know what you think about these titles and recommend more in case we missed any.

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