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Updated on: 29/12/2023

Isekai webtoons seem to be rising amongst the most liked genre fast. The idea of having a parallel verse around us after all feels a little too interesting. As for the Isekai genre, it usually involves the main character realizing a parallel world apart from their own due to rebirth, time travel, or other reasons. Moreover, the world set up usually follows fantasy themes. We bring you the list of 15+ Best Isekai Webtoons that you should definitely read.

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Best Isekai Manhwa/Webtoons

My Wife is a Demon Queen16. My Wife Is A Demon Queen

My wife is a Demon Queen has an attractive art and is a popular isekai manhwa among the audience. It is a story of Xiang Ye and Isabella Osa who is a demon queen. Xiang gets transported into a strange world where he has no power like the people around him. There he starts living with the demon queen who is like your tsundere girl.

Xiang Ye pretends to be Isabella’s husband for her protection when she was betrayed by Lilian, lost her power, and became weaker. Although he was initially very strengthless, by using his brain and courage Xiang Ye quickly proves himself in unique ways. Isabella uses him to regain her throne, and this starts their journey together.

Tales of Demons and Gods - Legendary Martial Arts Manhua15. Tales Of Demons And Gods

This title is usually counted amongst the Best titles by many sites. The plot revolves around Nie Li. This story starts from the ends, much like how many other isekai manhwa works. It starts with Nie Li waking up in his high school and some random flashbacks coming his way. Soon he realizes that he is thrown back into the time after he was almost killed. Now using his experience and information regarding the future he wants to save his city, family and the girl he likes. The plot sounds pretty cliché and unfortunately, there is no better way to explain the plotline. However, the storyline is comparatively very interesting and well set up. The politics and other themes that rotate throughout the series give it in a way better lead than another isekai manhwa which focuses on the same line of thought.

The art style is good and the pacing also compliments this manhua. However, after about a hundred chapters one sees a circle building up and the story loses its focus many times. The story is also weirdly very similar to that of Naruto yet it still has its own individuality.

Versatile Mage - Best Isekai Manhwa/Webtoons14. Versatile Mage

Versatile Mage follows Mo Fan, a guy from a mediocre family whose father tries hard to earn enough for them and his step-sister who can’t walk on her own.

He inherits a magical necklace and he wakes up in a vastly different world. The world which was set up on science now is all about magic. From his school to the whole system. Everything revolves around magic and everyone’s individual power. But his school, friends, and people in his life are the same. He soon realizes that he has a lot of potential to grow in this world thanks to his knowledge of the previous world. He aims to become the most powerful. The webtoon supports a great art style and an interesting plotline. Definitely a good old isekai webtoon.

Trinity Wonder - Isekai Manhwa13. Trinity Wonder

Gang Wu Jin is the main character and the whole world of Trinity wonder is a place that is far beyond the present. The story is set up around science fiction and focusses on a cultivator and magician thrown into a world scientifically forward in the future. (Ambien)

The story revolves around the greatest martial artist of the Murim world, Gang Wu Jin and Emily, a young magician. The art style is extremely good. There are a lot of comical moments. Sometimes even at places that might do better with a tenser undertone. This is from the author of ‘The Breaker’ but the genres and story plotting are totally different between these two manhwa.

The Scholars Reincarnation12. The Scholars Reincarnation

This webtoon flows the life of a martial artist who claims himself to be a ‘murderer’. He gets defeated by a suicide attack in battle and reborn as the firstborn child of a local lord. This time with a new chance at life and a younger sister who he would like to protect, he decides to live a life as a better person.

The story is sort of predictable. The art style is also pretty fine though it might not interest someone too much. The action and fight is gripping enough. A decent read for any fan of isekai webtoons.

Suddenly Became A Princess One Day11. Suddenly Became A Princess One Day

This is yet another isekai webtoon regarding a girl and her relationship with her father. The story follows the protagonist who while reading the bedtime story about the beautiful Athanasia suddenly wakes up as her. Athanasia was killed by the hands of her own father, Claude de Alger Obelia who is a cold-blooded emperor.

As the protagonist realizes her unfortunate fate as the princess she needs to choose a path, either live as quietly as ever so as to escape the wrath of her father, collect money to escape or to become the sweet daughter whom her father would love. This is yet another unique title in accordance with storylining amongst isekai manhwa.

Her Summon10. Her Summon

Her Summon is a manhwa about Jin Kyung, a girl group otaku who ends up getting a label of ‘child predator’ due to him misusing a word on a live TV broadcast. This leads to a down the drain spiral of her life and he ends up getting Social Anxiety Disorder. He starts living as a shut-in otaku and develops profound love for the 2D world. One day he finds himself teleported to another world. Maina Haze summons him and she’s in great danger. Jin Kyung can save her.

One of the plus in the story is that Jin Kyung is constantly traveling between the real world and the other world when Maina Haze summons him. This keeps Jin Kyung from actually believing that he was in some other world or not. Also a new twist in terms of isekai webtoons which usually forget about the real world once the main character teleports to another world.

They Say I was Born A Kings Daughter - Isekai Manhwa09. They Say I Was Born A King’s Daughter

This webtoon follows the life of a girl who is reborn as the daughter of a king. Her father is a ruthless man while all her memories of past life are intact. This wildly popular isekai webtoon is about how she walks the path amidst all the misogyny.

The world set up in this webtoon, unlike other isekai manhwa, closely follows real-world themes. There’s a lot of technical and scientific advancement yet ideologies like misogynistic behavior are still prevalent. ( This is a romantic-comedy webtoon when you are craving a light but grasping read. Consequently, this manhwa has been going strong for the past four years with a huge fan base supporting it.

Volcanic Age08. Volcanic Age

Volcanic age is another pretty good story. The main character, Joo Seo Cheon survives war only thanks to his luck. He then lives his life as the elder of the Hwasan Faction, full of regrets and doubts. As he lays in his death bed he goes back to the past when he was still a child. What could be the purpose of it all?

The storyline is about him trying to achieve as much as possible on the basis of his previous knowledge and do good. The story might become a bit foggy at times but the art and anticipation for more keep it interesting enough. Another one of great isekai manhwa.

The Descent of the Demonic Master07. The Descent Of The Demonic Master

The only thing that Gang Jinho desire is to live a normal life. In his first life, he loses his family in a tragic accident and as well as his legs. Consequently, he loses the will to live and ends his life. After his reincarnation, he earns fame as the Red Demonic Master in Zhongyuan. Though one of his most trustworthy men betrays him and so ends his second life.

Now Gang Jinho is back in the modern world with his desire to live a ‘normal life’ as strong as ever. But he still remembers his life back in Zhongyuan too intensely to live a normal life. The plot follows Gang Jinho as he faces threats from his new life while trying to shake off the imprint of his previous life as The Red Demonic Master. Will he be able to live a normal life?

I Belong To House Castelio - Isekai Manhwa/Webtoons06. I Belong To House Castelio

Estelle, an eleven years old girl never thought that she’ll be sold off by her own mother. She is given to no one else but her own father, the Duke Ein who has blood-red eyes. People of the kingdom fear him due to the immense powers of his magical lineage. Many call him the cold master of House Castielo. While the enemies would try to come for Estelle what will be her position as a rare daughter of the Duke in this house?

The webtoon’s synopsis is rather not so expressive of the theme that the story portrays and a lot of readers claim the same. This is about a girl who dealt with childhood trauma since childhood and how she comes out of it. The whole set up is pretty heart-warming and touching. This is in this list for isekai manhwa because it further deals with the concept of reincarnation and mystery. An amazingly well played out story for readers.

Dungeon Reset - Isekai Webtoons05. Dungeon Reset

Dungeon reset is a manhwa where our protagonist is suddenly sucked into a place along with other humans introduced to them as a ‘game’ by a rabbit guide. The dungeon has a process of resetting once all the participants clear it but those rules don’t apply to Jung Daewoon. The art is pretty good too. Rabit guide is definitely a highlight worth noting. The world looks well set up till now with enough attention grasping elements.

The manhwa is equal parts comedic and serious. In the starting, it might seem a little too slow but it’s interesting to note how Daewoon is proceeding. The story becomes gripping after the first five episodes. Comparatively pretty new webtoon with quite some potential.


The Beginning After The End - Isekai Manhwa/Webtoon04. The Beginning After The End

This webtoon is a rebirth story about King Grey who has everything from strength, wealth to prestige in the world where martial arts governs life. Though he lacks enthusiasm and will for life. He rebirths as Art in a new world that works on magic and monsters. Setting on a path where he wants to escape his previous mistakes, he learns about things that will disrupt the leave and make him question his purpose for being born again.

The character growth throughout this webtoon is pretty decent. Characters and portrayal of emotions is the best part of this story. There are a lot of heartfelt moments and one can easily enjoy the story. Many isekai fans find it to be an interesting read. So if you want more isekai manhwa to add in your reading list then this is definitely a good title.

A Returners Magic Should Be Special03. A Returners Magic Should Be Special

Shadow World is the most catastrophic existence that humanity has faced in history. Amidst all this, our protagonist, Desir Arman is one of the only six survivors from mankind alive in it. They all together attempt to clear the labyrinth but fail miserably. As Desmir is ready to accept his demise and the world ending he gets to be in the world, but thirteen years earlier. Back to the time, he enrolls to the nation’s finest magic academy, Haviron.

Trying to cope with his emotions regarding this time travel and building a better different future he works with his precious friends to save the world and those dear to him. The characters have certain arcs and they all are pretty distinguishable through their stories revolve around Desmir most of the time. The side characters hardly function alone. The art style is also neat and interesting with fine line art. Any fan of isekai manhwa might enjoy it thoroughly. The story is also gripping enough.

02. Solo Leveling

This webtoon is nowhere lacking. The storyline consists of a game world. This story about Sung Jin-Woo, the weakest amongst all hunters has been an instant hit amongst webtoon readers. One day Sung Jin Woo is suddenly taken to a dungeon where he can get stronger. With the dungeon as a medium, he now has an ability to be able to find resources that he needs and can hence avail those to survive. Sung Jin Woo’s character is an amazing example of good character dynamics. Moreover, he is humble and caring to make him all the more likable.

The action sequences are visually impacting and the art style is very clear. You see some known skills and other techniques which are from the author’s perspective. Overall, this is an amazing read among the isekai manhwa present.

Doctor Elise01. Doctor Elise

Dr. Song, the youngest professor at the leading College of Medicine in Korea would live like a royal princess brat, doing whatever she desires and taking things for granted. However, she is about to meet her untimely death over the ocean. But she wakes up as Princess Elise once again!

With the knowledge from her previous life still with her will, Elise be able to repent for her previous life, build relationships and help an empire in need or history will repeat itself?

This webtoon is wildly popular among people thanks to its amazing storylining. Though the plot is similar to many other isekai manhwa, this manhwa stands separate due to the effort put in by the author regarding world set up and how the story progresses while keeping character dynamics in mind. Elise is an independent girl who rather than presenting a show of her skills tries to hide them and use it in accordance with the need while exceeding everyone’s expectations. The portrayal of her desires and relationships which are foreign to her aim also turns this into webtoon into a prominent title.

Thus we come to an end of this list. Let us know your views on these.

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