Yuri!!! on Ice anime movie revealed staff, visuals and teaser

Hello dear readers, recently we found some pretty interesting news we wanted to share with you.  This last Sunday in Osaka,  the “Yuri!!! on Concert” revealed some pretty interesting information about the upcoming Yuri!!! on Ice anime movie. And, the title for the movie, along with staff, new visual, and a teaser for the brand new Yuri!!! on Ice anime movie. Therefore, the movie  “Ice Adolescence”  will air in 2019.  However, the full date for the release was not yet announced.  Although, before you dig into this information, you might be interested in this Summer 2018 anime guide.

Yuri!!! on Ice anime movie staff

 Mitsurou Kubo and Sayo Yamamoto (Original Content)

Sayo Yamamoto (Director/Composition)

Mitsurou Kubo (Script and Original Character Design)

 Tadashi Hiramatsu (New Character Design)

Taro Umebayashi and Taku Matsushiba (Music)

Keisuke Tominaga (Music Production)

 MAPPA (Animation Production)

If you have not already seen this anime, then you might be interested in knowing what it is about. Therefore,  we have added the following synopsis for those who wanna know.

Yuri!!! on Ice anime movie


The main character Yurui Katsuki gets defeated at the Grand Prix Finale. He was Japans number 1 figure skater, but he is getting out of shape recently. And his love for pork cutlets is not really helping in reducing the weight. Although, Yuuri seems like all hope is lost he still loves skating. Therefore, he goes skating one last time. He mimics a routine of his favorite skater Victor. Victor is also the 5-time world champion. However, his video becomes viral unexpectedly. Victor charmed by his performance decided to go visit him.

Victor offers his mentorship, and that’s where the real story begins. Therefore, with the help of Victor, Yuuri takes on another chance at winning the gold medal. However, the competition is fierce and Victors previous student goes against Yuuri. Will Yuuri manage to please his mentor Victor? Or will he fail the task he was given? Well if you want to know about that, then you should probably watch the anime.


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