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Azuma Kiyohiko’s Manga ‘Yotsuba to!’ 14th Volume To Release on April 28


Date: 27/02/2018

Azuma Kiyohiko’s Official Twitter account earlier today announced some exciting news. The 14th volume of the manga Yotsuba to!  is set to release on April 28. The new volume is releasing after more than two years and five months since the last release in November 2015. Yotsuba to! is a slice of life, comedy manga based on Yoshiba Koiwai, a 5-year-old girl. Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh has serialised it since March 2003 issue.

Additionally, on Kadokawa’s website Dengeki online, a special section for “Yotsuba to!” is made available. Readers can read the first 11 episodes from the manga for free.

Source: “Yotsuba&!” official TwitterKadokawa press release

The total print run of the previous 13 volumes has reached 13 million copies in Japan. This is in addition to 3 million from the international market in 24 countries/regions with 13 languages.

The Manga has a rank of #19 on MyAnimeList with 8.88 rating.

About Yotsuba to!

Yoshiba Koiwai family moves to a new place and consequently, she tags along. The story draws attention to the trivial everyday events from a child ‘s point of view. Her daily life is full of adventure. She is energetic, curious, and a bit odd—odd enough to be called strange by her father as well as ignorant of many things that even a five-year-old should know. Because of this, the most ordinary experience can become an adventure for her. As the days progress, she makes new friends and shows those around her that every day can be enjoyable. (Source | Technical Reviews)

BTOOM to receive a spin-off manga. 

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