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Manhwas based on yakuza and mafia is getting quite popular these days in the genre of BL. But finding a list of the same is difficult. So, we decided to gather the finest Yakuza, Gangster, or Mafia-themed BL manhwa with plenty of intense BL action and romance on the plate!

Here are the top 30+ yakuza BL manhwa with not only a feast for the eyes of yakuza but also a riveting storyline! Stick with us until the end to find the top 3!

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Without any further ado, let the countdown begin!

Yakuza BL Manhwa

31. Hand in Hand

  • Genre: Drama, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: Babel

Sam Kwon, a pharmacist, owns and works in a pharmacy in a small and quiet town. One day a stranger (Noah Suh) walks into his shop with bruises and wounds on his face. But is that all about him? 

An average storyline, not much drama with decent character design. No complications, and a straightforward story. Overall, a decent read.

30. Seduction Against Seduction (Manhua)

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Shounen Ai
  • Author: Fei Xiao Yue/ Artist: Lan Yang

Tang Lang, nicknamed the mad dog, is a mafia boss. To protect and save the child, Lang willingly swallowed his pride and entered the lion’s den (Song Zhao) to get a helping hand. And the price of saving the child is to become Zhao’s bodyguard. Here begins the game of seduction and anti-seduction.

This BL webtoon has a little bit of a confusing start but has an interesting storyline along with decent art.

29. Dispar

  • Genre: Drama, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: 4U

Trigger Warning: Includes rape, abuse, and trauma.

Entangled in an abusive sexual relationship with his own half-brother(Sohwa) is Jeon Miha. When Miha was ready to leave to stop being the obedient fucktoy, an incident occurred that might change their relationship forever. 

Decent art, topped with angst and darkness. Toxic and messed up relationship to the extreme, displayed with twisted love.

28. Serene Bird

  • Genre: Drama, Slice of Life, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: Brothers without a tomorrow

Another creation by the creator of “Blood Link.”

Trigger warning: Includes rape, abuse, paedophilia, and trauma

While on the search for a traditional Korean Dancer, Sha Hu Rong stumbles upon Yoo Chung working at a book cafe. Unfortunately, while Yoo Chung’s twin brother dreams of stardom but Yoo Chung gives up the stage. 

This yaoi manhwa starts interestingly but soon gets dark, complex, and messed up. But it does have a nice character design and nice smexy scenes.

27. Longtime Red Mall

  • Genre: Comedy, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: KJK

Another work by the creator of “Interview with a Murderer.”

Nam Geonho, a minor leader of the Nightless Syndicate, was arrested. After getting released after three years, Geonho plans to go for a fresh start. He opens a sex toy shop in the countryside. But his peaceful life is disrupted when the shop becomes a major hit. Now Geongo has to learn how to deal with customers and about the various sex toys. And what will be a better way to learn than using the toys on himself and testing the products out? And he has a helping friend (Yeonwoo) in the process…

The art in this yakuza BL manhwa is much better than what the cover looks like. We have lovable characters, a buff uke, mafia, comedy, and a sex shop! In a nutshell, it is a refreshing read.

26. Max Mojave’s Case

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: Summer Forest

Nine years ago, a boy (Max Mo) murdered a man while another boy (Chris Clark) accidentally became the eyewitness to the same murder. This moment changed their lives. Years later they reunited as college roommates. Chris soon discovers a link between the mysterious man and the supposedly accident death cases…

It’s still an ongoing yakuza BL manhwa but I think it will unleash beautifully. Art is peculiar but attractive, along with an intriguing storyline and backstory. A crime love story filled with drama, thrill, and sexual tension

25. Eunsuk & Jung-gu

  • Genre: Drama, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: John

Another great piece by the creator of “Down and Dirty.”

Gae Eunsuk is a gigolo. Kim Jung-Gu is a carefree gangster and a sex addict. They both seem to have a complicated relationship. High school friends? Roommates? Roommates, who regularly have sex? Seems to be no defined relationship until now…

Simple art. Dynamic relationship. Smutty, fluffy, funny, and dramatic. Also, as you proceed to sink deeper into this yakuza BL manhwa, darkness seeps.

24. Your Devotion is My Salvation

  • Genre: Action, Romance, Smut, Yaoi
  • Creator: Nam Taeryeong

Reinholt, a police detective, was given a 3-day vacation leave to a 5-star hotel. He had a steamy night with Mi Hail and felt a special connection and wanted more, but to his surprise, he found Mi Hail interacting with the mafia. But there is more to the story. Kill or to be killed… What will Reinholt choose?

A dangerous love story unfolds between a police officer and a mafia!

This Yaoi manhwa has a lovely art style and no unnecessary drama involved. But it was way too fast-paced and short yet cute and fluffy. Thus, it deserves a read.

23. Deliverance of the Counterattack/ Counterattack Through Pregnancy (Manhua)

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Shounen Ai, Webtoon
  • Author: Haier/ Artist: Popeye

Cheated, framed to kill his grandfather by his little brother and jailed was Xu Ci Nian. Just when he thought that nothing worse could come up, he got laid by a dark handsome man (Qu Cheng) in prison and became pregnant the night before his release. Now, Xu Ci Nian came back anew with a new life whose main motive is to seek revenge against his brother. But not until the man who he got laid with is out of prison…. A love story of a gangster President and a scheming daddy!

Based on a web novel, this yakuza bl webtoon comes up with a decent package to offer: the gorgeous art style, a cute baby, drama, angst, comedy and romance. A little cliche and dragged too much. 

22. Saha

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: Lee Uin

Trigger Warning: Includes rape, domestic abuse, violence, and drug use

Giju, an orphan, is a pretty boy. He was adopted by a rich couple but the stepfather couldn’t keep his hands off of him and wasn’t able to resist Giju’s charm. 10 years passed, and Giju, working as a part-timer, just wanted to lead a peaceful life. And the last thing he wanted is to meet a wobbling gangster (Park Young Do) covered in blood. A poetic tale of an abandoned child with a terrible childhood and a gangster who’s more than what the eyes meet.

This yaoi manhwa uses interpretation, symbolism and metaphor. Also, it has a confusing yet intriguing storyline that is left with an open ending and many plot holes. Art is unique and beautiful where tragedy follows. But it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but do give it a read.

21. Mad Dog

  • Genre: Action, Drama, School Life, Shounen Ai, Webtoon
  • Creator: Haribo

The creator of the manhwa “At the End of the Road” is back with another work.

Joo Hamin, the eldest son of a gangster household, always resented being born into a mob family and wanted to become a normal person. Finally, Hamin studied, saved up, worked hard and finally became independent and broke ties with his family. His peaceful life got a halt when he got kidnapped by the rival gang and rescued by Kwon Sehyuk…

With light-coloured panels and striking character design, creator Haribo made this manhwa no exception from looking aesthetically pleasing. The storyline looks interesting. And definitely has the potential to become more in future.

20. Down and Dirty

  • Genre: Adult, Drama, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: John

Barely able to survive while working as a masturbating porn actor and doing other odd jobs is Choi Hyungdo. One of his odd jobs is working at a male brothel, where the appealing owner Lee Gyung always attempts to seduce Hyungdo.

If you like dark and intense stories with angst painted all over, this one is for you. The storyline is toxic and contains rape with a hint of comedy. But season 2 provides wholesome character development. The characters were nicely drawn and the smut scenes were hawt.

19. Lifeless Man

  • Genre: Drama, Psychological, Supernatural, Tragedy, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: Kimnyeong

Another appreciable work by the creator of “How to Snag an Alpha”

Jun Ha, a top surgeon with the highest success rate in operations, has a special ability to see the people’s lifespan he faces. His life changes when his paths cross with Sekwang a ruthless gangster. But Jun Ha is unable to see Sekwang’s lifespan. 

The art style is striking and has an engrossing storyline. Sadly, this yakuza BL manhwa wraps up in only 23 chapters with an open ending. In spite of everything, it deserves a read. Overall, a heart-wrenching and bittersweet tragedy manhwa.

18. Park Hanhoo’s Manager

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Shounen Ai, Webtoon
  • Creator: Kim Tac

Baek Chansol, an orphan, was bullied at school and became an outcast. Park Hanhoo, another student in his class, was also shunned by the students. The two outcasts slowly became close friends but had to be apart due to mass murder. This forced Chansol to go into hiding and years later he’s back to catch the serial killer at loose. He had to infiltrate as the manager of an arms dealer and steal information. But what will happen when he realizes who he meets is an old friend… 

A power-packed yakuza BL manhwa with mystery, revenge, romance, crime, and action. A well-written storyline with a slow-burn romance and cute character design.

Definitely worth investing time in this BL manhwa which will get you hooked.

17. Cover-Up

  • Genre: Drama, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: GyaGa

Heavy plot Depicts Rape, violence, self-harm, and abuse

Yaoi Manhwa from the author of “The Baker on the First Floor”:

Yeon Geumhwa, a tattooist, recently came out of an abusive relationship. He sets off to Japan where he has been called for special tattoo work from a mysterious client. Upon arriving, he realises his client (Ryusei Katamoto) is a half-Korean son of a yakuza family. The tattoo works turn out to be covering up a huge burn scar on his back. Delve into the relationship of two guys with scarred pasts. Can a new relationship be able to cover these old scars?

Mesmerizing illustrations with characters oozing sexiness and breathtaking scenery. Had serious potential to become a masterpiece but the slow development and super-rushed ending left me with a little dissatisfaction.

16. Shutline

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: KYOU

Moon Shingun scrapes together a living as a rogue con street mechanic on the mean city streets. His life turned upside down when he meets Gillan Jake who pulled up with car trouble. And in greed to suck more money from Jake, Shin messed around with his engine while fixing up his car. Now there’s no backing down when Jake wants more than his car fixing…

Bootiful and clean art with intimidating character design and hawt and intriguing characters. Also, we have smexy scenes along with sexual tension and a dash of toxicity.

A potential is detected here because this shit is juicy!

15. Outburst

  • Genre: Action, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Author: Chae-O, Park Siang/ Artist: Hami

Murder Inc, a powerful assassination syndicate, is run by a hitman Eugene. Simone Cassani, an undercover agent, infiltrated the organization and became a third-year wheelman for the organization. All this to avenge his sunbae he has a crush on by targeting Eugene. But the more he sleeps with Eugene, the more his heart pounds. Will Simone be able to complete his mission in the midst of all?

Interesting plot with mesmerizing character design. This yaoi manhwa is brimming with potential and where the drama will unfold soon.

14. Our Companionship/ The Ideal Relationship

  • Genre: Romance, Shounen Ai, Webtoon
  • Author: KEN/ Artist: Antstudio

Sang Hwa is a shy introverted college guy. One day while playing a game (Legend of Saga) with an alias “idealize”, he befriends “thegreatmirae”, a supposedly girl character. They become close friends. At an end-of-year party of guild members, Sanghwa meets Mirae who turns out to be a fierce and intimidating-looking yakuza. Sounds like a love story between a yakuza and a college student about to bloom….

A simple plain story that lacks depth and character building, But the art is cute and lovely. A slow burn and fluffy romance with chucklesome moments. Overall lighthearted and an enjoyable yakuza BL manhwa.

13. When The Yakuza Falls In Love

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Author: Morimi/ Artist: Dupal

Min Joon is an ordinary college student who came to Japan to study and dreamt of a great gay life. His life was tangled in chaos when he got swindled by his ex-boyfriend. To add to the chaos, he got entangled with a cute child (Toma) who turned out to be the son of a yakuza (Daiki). 

A love contract between Minjun who became the “Mama” of Toma and the cold-blooded yakuza Daiki.

With an easy-to-follow and fluffy storyline and a decent art style, this manhwa is loaded with cuteness, drama, comedy, and more cuteness! We have an adorable young master (Toma) who will melt your heart!


12. Penthouse XXX

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Smut, Supernatural, Yaoi
  • Creator: Bacong, Jipadak

Ji Siyeon, a contract killer, declared a boycott on men after being betrayed by his lover who landed him with an eight-figure debt. That was until he met his new handsome penthouse mate Cha Taekyung. But both are hiding behind a facade yet are instinctively drawn to each other. What will happen when their secrets are revealed to each other?

If you are looking for a short, yet nice plot topped with hilarious scenes and expressions, this yakuza BL manhwa is the one for you. Gratifying art style with chibi ones here and there. It doesn’t have much depth and plot development. Nevertheless, lighthearted manhwa with humorous memes.

11. Liveta

  • Genre: Fantasy, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: Muzi

Luna and Formicarium are rivals trying to capture a territory called Liveta. Yohan, supposedly Gray, is a Formicarium spy. His mission is to acquire Alex’s list in return for curing his sibling. Yohan approaches Victor Luna, Alex’s only younger sibling and becomes his guard. Victor, the rumoured cold and ruthless sociopath turns out to be a sex-obsessed yet cute maniac. Thus, here begins the passionate love story of Yohan and Victor.

Interesting world-building with angst knocking at the door. The comedic elements complement the atmosphere of this yakuza bl manwha well. Plus, the smutty scenes are a chef’s kiss. 

So, buckle up for a Power Bottom X Bubbly Puppy Top.

10. Mayday Mayday Mayday!

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Author: Gwendoline/ Artist: Hyesung

Yoon Yuno, a small-time and infamous swindler/ money launderer, has a huge problem. His problem is that he is unable to resist the charm of his employer Vasily Kaminsky who is a famous Russian mafioso and a very dangerous man. Yuno is terrified of Kaminsky but will he be able to save himself or get devoured by this handsome yet deadly man’s obsession and possessiveness tendencies?

If you don’t mind a little messed up and toxic story, then go ahead and read this yakuza BL manhwa. The art is cute along with hawt characters and steamy smut. A little hint of drama, action and fluffiness. But it does have a predictable and cliche plot which was concluded with a rushed ending. Overall, a fun read.

9. Trap City

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
  • Creator: Team JT

Set in a dystopian city, Trap City is a crime city where one must be beware of the people. Noah is a member of Inferry group and also is Inferry’s boss lover. While on an escape run after stealing his boss’s money, Noah encounters Rex, who happened to be the boss of Inferrry’s rival group. Noah and Rex make a deal where one wants freedom and the other wants revenge.

Amidst all this rivalry and runaway situation, a love story blooms…

The art is pretty, has a dark touch, and interesting character dynamics and development. Enough to get you hooked.

yakuza manhwa

8. Intense

  • Genre: Drama, Psychological, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: Lee Kyung-ha

Crime lord Yoonshik Kang picks up a little boy (Jiwoon Kang) as collateral when the boy’s father killed himself due to debt burden. Raised in an abusive environment, years later, Jiwoon is working as a bodyguard of Yoonshik. He is temporarily sent to the secluded city red-light district where he meets Sohan Lee, a supposedly mute. That’s where the story begins. Things change for them when they start finding solace in each other. Two scarred men carry dark and traumatic pasts.

BL manhwa with well-developed characters. Contains elements of suicide, rape, abuse, and trauma. A nice dark intense short ride. Thus, a must-read.

7. Dear Benjamin

  • Genre: Action, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Author: Id/ Artist: Top Jung 

Isaac, an omega, is living life disguising himself as a beta and working as a florist, leaving his past life behind. His peaceful life is disrupted when Felix, a dominant alpha and a famous illegal arms dealer, takes a liking to Isaac. The more Felix falls for Isaac the more secrets he unlocks. Unaware of the fact that both shared a past that will shake their future.

Yaoi Manhwa adapted from a novel. This manhwa delivers the right amount of drama, action, smut scenes and sexual tension, and humour. Also, it has a striking character design along with a heated and smooth storyline. And the child is soooo adorable!


6. Dangerous Convenience Store

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: 945

Yeo Eui Joon is a college student. He works part-time in a convenience store that is often visited by the gangsters. But due to high pay, he continues to work there despite the dangerous working environment. His dangerous life blossoms when his store is visited by Bum Geon Woo who looks scarier than any other gangster. But this scary-looking gangster turns out to be a soft and sweet gangster. 

What you get here is a simple yet heartwarming storyline along with no unnecessary drama and endearing characters. Moreover, the characters are beautifully drawn with warm light colours accompanied by chibi art. And the consensual smutty scenes are bootiful. In short, a delightful read!

(ps. I believe in ahjuicy supremacy!)


5. Totally Captivated

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: YOO Ha Jin

After cheating on his boyfriend (Jiho) and being dumped Ewon Jung wished for nothing more than to get his lover back. But things get messier when Ewon is forced to work under Jiho’s new boyfriend (Moonkyul Eun) who turns out to be a handsome mafia boss. Working as an errand boy to run dangerous errands without being paid. Will Ewon be able to survive the dangerous world of the mafia without being captivated by the notorious and bewitching Moonkyul who has a drunken habit of biting people on the neck?

Smoothly written and engaging manhwa with endearing characters.  The art adored the eyes with its beautifully illustrated and smoking characters along with delightful male fashion and outfits. Well-executed character development with backstories. Also, the comical, cute and sobbing elements were added well.

Though this BL manhwa has mixed reviews, for me, it comes with a sweet, spicy and totally captivating heart story. Re-read worth manhwa!

yakuza manhwa

4. Assorted Wildness

  • Genre: Mature, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Author: Gyeja/ Artist: Jipang

Lee Mong Ryong is a guy having a tough time. His sister, having an affair with a married guy whose wife is the elder sister of a major yakuza. To fan the flames, the elder sister’s brother (Seok Jeha-Ya) decides to kidnap Mong Ryong to lure the lover out. Now, caught and kidnapped Mong Ryong gotta play a little… a little rougher to survive amidst all this chaos with Seok Jeha-Ya. A game of running and chasing. Let’s see who catches who first!

One of my favourite yakuza BL manhwa. This isn’t your ordinary romance manhwa. It’s chaotic, It’s wild, it’s crazy with a badass and sassy bitch. We got hot smut, loveable characters, and an adorable art style that pulls you. So, gear up to read this entertaining manhwa till your jaws drop to witness a real enemy-to-lover troup!


3. Legs That Won’t Walk

  • Genre: Action, Mature, Psychological, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: black apricot

Trigger warning: Includes rape, violence, gore, and murder

Suyeong Kwon is a retired boxer after getting severely injured while boxing. To add to his miseries, he gets entangled with Taeseung Park, a private moneylender, to whom he has to pay off his father’s huge debt. Taeseung offers Suyeong to work under him in lieu of paying the debt. Will this be advantageous to Suyeong or will it prove to be another hell in a gangster world?

Expect a hell lot of toxicity if you are planning to enter this yakuza BL manhwa. A dark, intense storyline with a dark romance.  Also, it has realistic violent characters who are messed up, and displayed with manipulative relationships. Striking art style with expressions drawn beautifully along with hardcore smutty scenes and violence. So, get ready for a wild ride.


2. Under the Green Light

  • Genre: Drama, Mature, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Creator: JAXX

Another godly creation by the creator of “Walk on Water”

A university student majoring in sculpture is Matthew Raynor who is looking for a model subject. That is until he stumbles upon Jin Cheong Wu, President and a violent criminal in a crime syndicate. Matthew approaches Jin to be his nude model but everything comes with a price…. A story of a man who built a wall between himself and the world and the other who looked down on the world.

Get ready with ice because it’s hawt! Characters are soo hawt, smut is hawt, and the storyline is hawt! This yakuza BL manhwa is beautifully drawn with green colour complementing the dark romance and art. It also highlights trauma with a mysterious and unfolding plot with perfect pacing. In short, a real page-turner.

Ps. The one you think will be the bottom won’t be the one lol.


1. A Thousand Cranes

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Yaoi
  • Creator: Jung Seokchan

Trigger Warning: Displays heavy topics, like Suicidal thoughts, trauma, depression, PTSD, murder

Craig has been relentlessly working 13 hours shifts, burdened with debt and responsibility to take care of his brother. What was supposed to be another uneventful day for Craig turned out to be something that might change his life. Witnessing a murder scene and getting entangled with Director Dean Chun. However, the two soon find themselves getting entangled in much more… A sweet love story of two damaged souls who find solace in each other.

The story unfolds beautifully. It depicts mental suffering, healing, salvation, and acceptance along with beautiful messages.

Well-executed, Well-written, and has well-developed characters. Immaculate art style along with cute chibi versions. Fast-paced yet heartwarming storyline. Nevertheless, Highly Recommend underrated yakuza BL manhwa.

The End. 

Some other short yakuza manhwa:

  • Stigma
  • Bound to be Fools
  • Pearl Boy
  • The Weight of Betrayal
  • The Other Man-Side Story
  • Minori’s Hand

This sums up my list of the top 30+ yakuza BL manhwa. If you think of any manhwa that should be on the list, let me know in the comment section down below. And don’t forget to share the list to help your fellow friends who like to read yakuzas BL manhwa. Like I always say:

Spread Happiness, Spread Peace!

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  1. I think Roses and Champagne really should be in this list. I Personally love it!


    It goes about a low-paying lawyer whom tries to win a case for his client Nikolai against city counselor zdanov. It turns out that zdanov has the mafia Caesar involved. In order to win the case our lawyer has to collect more evidence. As a mafia Caesar has more than enough evidence to send Zdanov behind bars and thus tries to ‘bribe’ the lawyer and win his heart over. But ofcourse Caesar’s biggest rival has to interfere with only one mission in mind: getting rid of Caesar and his organization.

    the artsyle is pretty good, the plots are amazing has some humorous moments with the perfect amount of drama. It does contain blood, abuse, murder and abit of rape but in overall its a thrilling manga and will have you craving to know what happens next!

    The main story has been completed but the side story (feels like just another season) is still ongoing

    • Good suggestion! I’ll make sure to update the list shortly.

  2. wet sand? i think it’s not included yet

    • Absolutely! I read that manhwa too, and I’ll definitely include it in the list soon.

  3. wet sand? it’s not included yet

  4. Thank you so muchhhh❤❤