Why do cats roll around? Find out here!

Why do cats roll around? This is a question I asked myself on the day I moved from my old apartment to a new one. Together with my two cats. Firstly, it was quite a struggle to move them. They are just very attached to their space. Then, when we managed to get into a car, drive away across the town and get to a new place, interesting behavior started. First two hours, my cats were hiding. One, under the bed, and another one behind the closed. I tried everything to get them out. Even food didn’t help! And, they love food. But, suddenly, the younger one decided to get out. What did he do? He started rolling all over the carpet. For a very long time.

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So, here is a question: Why do cats roll around?
I decided to gather information. Here is what I found:

Why do cats roll around? They mark the territory, of course!

This is what I assume is the reason why my cat was rolling around. To mark the territory! He came into a new space and he had to own it! Especially since one other male cat lived here before. And, cats do mark their territory to protect themselves from other cats or some other animal. Because, who knows, they might be enemies. But, how do they mark the territory exactly? They emit pheromones. And, pheromones are responsible for giving out your characteristic smell. Rubbing a body by rolling around the floor is a great way for cats to do it!

Although this is a reason why my cat rolled around the floor that time, there are some other reasons for it. If you want to find out what are they, keep reading!

Why do cats roll around?

Why do cats roll around? Cats in heat 

Those pheromones that we mentioned are also important for cats that are in heat. Both males and females. Because of their pheromones, cats are able to transmit the characteristic odor of each cat. Also, with them, they can signal their body change that shows their ideal time to mate. Seeing this, we can understand why cats roll around when they are in heat. They want to attract all the potential mates.

Why do cats roll around? Just being relaxed

Do you know what is a sign that shows you your cat is totally relaxed, serene and comfortable?  Belly exposure! Sounds cute and funny, but it’s also the truth. And, by rolling around the floor, your cat will surely expose her/his belly. This body language shows that your cat is really calm and content.

But, be careful. Many cat owners think that, when they see this pose, they can go ahead and touch their belly. But, for some cats, this is a no-no. Don’t go near the belly! On the other hand, you can go and try it if you want to. Some cats might like it. Nevertheless, be prepared for a possible and sudden attack on your hand. And, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Why do cats roll around? They are showing you how much they trust you

We just mentioned cats rolling around as a sign of relaxation. And, without a trust, your cat would never be able to stay relaxed around you. You can guess what that means, right? When your cat is rolling around, she/he is just showing how much they trust you. How can we not love them?


Why do cats roll around?

Why do cats roll around? Scratch, scratch

It is simple. Cats have to scratch from time to time. That’s why they roll around. To scratch their itchy backs. But, there is another simple possibility. Just stretching a muscle or two.

Why do cats roll around? Cat power of attention seeking 

Cats really do have many methods of getting your attention. One of these methods is rolling around. No matter where you are or what are you doing, be prepared. One roll for you is coming. And, if you just can’t get away from your work for some attention time, more rolls are coming. Yes. Some cats will just continue to roll around. Everything to get your attention. Because of that, go ahead and give your cat some pat, cuddle or playtime. You will make her happy. On the other hand, my cats developed one improved method. Rolling around means “feed me human”. In my case, I should just give them some food then.

Why do cats roll around? They are greeting you

When dogs greet you, they wave their tails and jump happily. But, cats greet differently. In a more chilled way. One of their greeting methods is rolling on her back. She is just saying: “Hi, I missed you”. This rolling on the floor greeting is most common in younger cats and kittens. But, some cats continue to do it in later age. In addition, if your cat greets you, that means he/she consider you as a family.

Why do cats roll around?

Why do cats roll around? Cool cats like to cool off

We all know that cats have higher body temperature than people. Because of that, when big summer heats come, cats need to find a way to cool down. They will start to drink a lot of water, but they will also start to roll around the floor. Even more frequently. And, they will usually search for places that are made out of wood, granite or marble. If it’s summer and your cat spends plenty of time on the cool places, rolling around, this is probably the reason why.

Why do cats roll around? In the dirt??

Although many believe cats are so clean that they would never intentionally dirt themselves, that is not the case. Many cat owners, who let their cats in the yard, report that their cats like to roll around in the dirt. I searched for the reason why cats like doing it, but I couldn’t find an answer. Many are just assuming it’s just because they simply like it. Whatever it is, it seems cats just love to roll around, no matter where.

Why do cats roll around? High on catnip 

What do you do when you get high? Apparently, you roll. At least cats do when they get their dose of catnip (a herb which induces a high in cats). But, don’t worry. This plant is absolutely harmless to cats. And, to make your mind even easier, the effect lasts only for few minutes. Catnip will only help your cat relax, feel content, and go for a crazy ride of rolling on the floor.

If you want to give catnip a try, take a look at this one: Cat Weed – Maximum Potency Premium Blend Nip

Why do cats roll around?

Does your cat roll around? 

So, tell us, have you ever seen your cat rolling around? Reading this, can you assume what was the reason for your cats rolling? Or, maybe you have some other explanation for “why do cats roll around?” Feel free to let us know in the comment section below! Hope you enjoyed reading!







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