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Updated on: 08/01/2023

Hello everyone (✿^‿^)

Today we are going to talk about webtoons with op main characters. Who doesn’t like when the main character kicks their opponent’s asses without even batting an eye?

 The amount of excitement and thrill we get seeing them whooping asses of their opponents is heavenly, and it can’t be compared with when mc tries so hard to beat his rival and win just by an inch.

These OP main characters are definitely in the league of their own. They annihilate everyone in their path so effortlessly that viewers can’t help but drop their jaws. Some either start as extremely strong characters, and some become strong through intense training. But whatever the case is, the results are always so satisfying and rejoicing. We can’t help but get obsessed with it.

So without further ado, let’s get right into our list of webtoons with OP main character.

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Webtoons With OP Main Character

webtoons with OP main character- unordinary

10. John from Unordinary

The first webtoon in our webtoons with OP main character list is Unordinary.

I can’t explain this without giving any spoilers. So if you haven’t read this webtoon, please skip this. In this world, everyone has superpowers. According to their power level, society has a hierarchy system. Strong ones beat weaker ones. But the main character is John, who doesn’t have any superpowers. He was introduced as a disabled person. So, in the beginning, he was seen getting beaten up by people all the time.

But here is the catch. John never had a disability, to begin with. Because of the incident in his last school, he enrolled in this new school as a disabled person. He disliked a system where stronger people force their opinions on the weaker by beating them. He wanted to change the system. But he ended up getting beaten and taking advantage of his kindness. Till the day he snaps and goes on the rampage. He kicks everyone’s asses who bullied him, including royals, who are considered the strongest students in school.

When his powers were revealed, everyone went crazy. He goes from a cripple to the most op main character in the webtoon world. Even royals, after combining their forces get their asses handed back to them. Then he loses it and goes on a rampage on the whole school. He is brutally beaten by everyone who crosses his path. He does the same thing he hated once. And this way, he becomes the most hated main character of the webtoon.  

webtoons with OP main character- Tog

09. Twenty-Fifth Bam From The Tower Of God

The Tower of God is one of the most exciting webtoons. It even got anime adaption. But the art sucked, so I didn’t watch it. In webtoon, at first, art is average too. But as time passes, the tower of god becomes one of the webtoons which are adored for its art.

So let’s go back to the point. Our main character Bam is irregular, i.e., the person who opened the doors of the tower by himself.  This place called tower is a mysterious structure which contains numerous floors. Just consider each floor as a single world. Regulars are people who are chosen to climb the tower. But Bam wasn’t chosen one still he opened towers door by himself. That’s why he is considered irregular.

His being irregular symbolizes his strength as all irregulars who entered towers are extremely powerful people. Bam can copy any move he sees, which helps him overpower most of the battles effortlessly. This is why I have added him to our list of webtoons with OP main character.

webtoons with OP main character- HLW

08. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Unlike other webtoons, this one is unique. Because usually, most of the stories focus on zero to hero themes. But this webtoon has a hero-to-zero theme. Yes, you heard right. Our main character, Hardcore leveling warrior, is the most powerful character in his world. This webtoon has a game named “Lucid Adventures.” It’s a virtual reality game. And our main character is the king of that game. He is an arrogant and selfish prick who abuses his power and bully other players.

But one day, he gets tricked and killed by one girl. So now he has to start from the beginning. Even though he starts from level 1, he is still op due to all the previous experience he had gained. So by using his experience, he manages to beat all of his opponents effortlessly. This is why he deserves to be in our webtoons with OP main character list.

I liked and enjoyed this unique hero-to-zero concept. So I would recommend you guys to give it a try. Here is a link to the official webtoon- Hardcore Leveling Warrior.

webtoons with OP main character- GOH

07. Jin Mori From The God Of High School

God of high school is my most favorite action webtoon. I never enjoyed action scenes in any other webtoon as much, Goh. Goh also has got an anime adaptation, and I really loved action scenes in it too. But in anime, they have changed and skipped lots of storylines. So I will suggest you to read webtoon instead of watching anime.

This webtoon is based on martial arts and superpowers. In the first season, you will only get the martial arts part. But after that, all superpowers will make you go crazy. Jin Mori is the main character of the story. He uses taekwondo as his fighting style, and he overpowers his opponents by his fighting style. But later, his superpowers are revealed, and guess what? He is the famous monkey king. The god himself. And this is why he totally deserves a spot in webtoons with OP main character list.

With his powers and taekwondo combined, he is indestructible. Then comes Ragnarok, and in it too, he defeats most of the gods effortlessly. He becomes the ultimate supreme god no one dares to mess up with. (Plus, he is damn cute ❤)

webtoons with OP main character- omniscient reader

06. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

The next one in our webtoons with OP main character list is Omniscient reader.

Now this story has two main characters. The first one is Kim Dokja. He is 28 years guy who likes to read novels. For the last ten years, he has been reading this novel named “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse” (TWSA). And the day he reads its last chapter, the same story becomes a reality. So he is the only person who knows the ending of the story. Thanks to this, he gets some special quirks that make him op-character of the series.

The second main character is Junghyeok Yu, who is the main protagonist of the novel “three ways to survive the apocalypse.” He is called a regressor. It means, when he dies, time resets, and he goes back to the starting point where the story starts. This ability makes him invincible. But he has other abilities, too, as he is the main protagonist of the TWSA world.

webtoons with OP main character- solo leveling

05. Sung Jin Woo From Solo Leveling

Here comes another hyped webtoon with op main character. At this point, you will rarely find any webtoon reader who hasn’t read this webtoon. This is zero to hero-themed webtoon.

Sung Jin-Woo is a hunter. But he is considered the world’s weakest hunter. Even though he gets injured lots of times and faces near-death situations multiple times, he still keeps going on raids because he has to take care of his mother and sister. But one day, he comes across an S-level dungeon where he nearly dies.

But because of his intelligence, he saves his and some of his teammate’s life. After this tragic incident, his life changes because he becomes a player who gets daily quests which he can use to level up.

By using this daily quest system, he goes from the world’s weakest to the world’s strongest hunter in the world. Even all S rank hunters who are considered the most powerful seem babies in front of him. The way he slaughters trashy hunters and monsters makes readers go crazy.

webtoons with OP main character- unholy blood

04. Hayan Park From Unholy Blood

Here comes the first female in our webtoons with OP main character list. Hayan Park is an amazing and extremely strong pureblood vampire. There are two types of vampires in this world, and Pureblood and mixed blood, and pureblood vampires are at a completely different level than mixed-blood vampires.

Their strength, agility, and other abilities like hypnosis can’t be compared with normal vampires. Due to this, Hayan Park annihilates all vampires, including the angel of death, which crosses her way without even sweating.

Hayan Park’s goal is to save humans from bloodthirsty vampires who are terrorizing the world. She is one of the most badass and fierce female characters I have ever seen. And also the hottest one. I don’t usually like vampire series. But this story is definitely different. Because of its unique and engaging plot, you can’t stop reading it.

webtoons with OP main character- boxer

03. Yu From Boxer

Now this webtoon blew up the entire webtoon community as soon as it was released. It’s one of the most hyped webtoons. And also one of my favorite series. The main character is Yuu. He appears as an emotionless and disinterested person. He looked nonchalant even while he was getting bullied. But later, we get to know that his disinterested personality comes from his inhuman speed and strength. He perceives time at a different speed than that of the normal world. And that’s why he can see everything, every punch in slow motion. The way he destroys his opponent forces me to add him to this list of webtoons with OP main character.

So because of his inhuman abilities, everything seems boring to him, and that’s why he doesn’t even try to dodge all the punches from his bullies.

But then he meets a person named K. K, a trainer who teaches boxing, and he had disciples who had become world champions. He offers Yuu to become his coach and trains him to become the next world champion. To get out of his boring world, Yuu accept his request. And then our destructive journey begins.

webtoons with OP main character- gosu

02. Gang Yong From Gosu

The next one in our webtoons with OP main character list is Gosu.

This webtoon focuses on the martial arts world. Our main character Gang Yong is a disciple of the greatest martial artist in the world, Doko Yong, who once ruled the world. But his followers betrayed him and tried to assassinate him. But somehow, he managed to escape and started living in a cave. There he trained Gang Yong to take his revenge on people who betrayed him.

As you can easily guess, Gang Yong will be the most powerful character in the series as he is the disciple of Doko Yong. He has learned all secret skills from his master, which are enough to kill any enemy which opposes him. He single-handedly defeats all the assassins and his enemies. This webtoon keeps making you hyped as each chapter passes.

webtoons with OP main character- nobelesse

01. Cadis Etrama Di Raizel From Nobelesse

The last webtoon in our webtoons with OP main character list is Nobelesse.

Here is another webtoon that got its anime adaption. Again, many stories were not covered as they had to put lots of info in one episode. For some people pacing was good, but for some, it was rushed. Still, it’s worth watching for its action scenes.

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, in short Rai, is a vampire and the main character of the series. He is the most powerful vampire who has been given the title “Noblesse,” which provides him with the right to judge and execute other vampires that causes harm to the world. He does everything in his power to protect his friends and other humans from other vampires. Because of his extreme strength, he has been feared by all vampires.

He has many powers like telekinesis and telepathy, including mind control, superhuman strength, and speed, aura manipulation, blood reign, etc. No wonder he is so strong and invincible. All these techniques make him the most op main character of the webtoon.

The only thing that can beat Rai is technology. (◔◡◔)

This was our list of webtoons with op main character. I hope you enjoyed this list, and this list is based on my personnel preferences.

If you think any character is overrated or underrated on the list, make sure to let us know. Also, comment on your favorite op main character below.

If you think any other character deserves to be on the list, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading. ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

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