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Updated on: 19/01/2022

If you have read Queen bee and wanna find webtoons similar to Queen Bee, this is the perfect place for you. But if you haven’t read yet, you can read on these best websites to read Korean webtoons. There you can find every kind of manhwa on these websites with English translations.

Kindly note that this list of adult webtoons contains adult material and is only intended for adults.

10+ Adult Webtoons Similar to Queen Bee

Stepfather - webtoons similar to queen bee

13. Stepfather

Drama/ Manhwa/ Romance/ Borderline H/ Full Color

Yeon-hee’s family is living in Dal-dong’s rooftop room. One day, a mature daughter’s body catches her new father’s eyes. “I deny my lust for my daughter, but my body doesn’t listen…”

The similarities between these two webtoons Queen bee and Stepfather, are quite similar because of their family problems.

Exclusive Contract

12. Exclusive Contract

Drama/ Manhwa/ Webtoon/ Borderline H/ Explicit Sex

Gina is a girl trapped in exclusive contact bound with an entertainment company with her girl band. She needs lots of money to pay off her debt and also for her mother’s treatment. In this webtoon, you will see the dark side of the entertainment industry. 

Exclusive Contract, The main protagonist is a bit pitiful trapped inside the scam of scandals because of fame. Like Darla, who has lost her mother at a young age and feels insecure about everything, she tries to dominate everything.

Love Recipe - Webtoons similar to Queen Bee

11. Love Recipe (Sseom)

Drama/ Manhwa/ Webtoon/ Explicit Sex/ Borderline H

Love Recipe is not about the same people. There are multiples stories of different people. The love recipes of different people and their love life, different sides of people, and different stories.

Good Night - Writer Kang

10. Good Night (Writer Kang)

Drama/ Manhwa/ Webtoon/ Explicit Sex/ Borderline H

Life in South Korea seems tough Simon, in a ‘Do It Dude,’ runs errands for people to earn money. He will do anything if e is getting paid in cash. During his delivery, he met his childhood friend, ‘Iris,’ who works at a club, not a normal place for a decent person.

The one thing that can explain this webtoon is weird faith, even though after meeting their friends still hoping they wouldn’t remember you so that they can live peacefully, they still encounter each other.

Find Me - Webtoons similar to queen bee

09. Find Me

Drama/ Manhwa/ Webtoon/ Explicit Sex/ Borderline H

A drop-out student Jerome joined a company as a part-timer and had to shift with three girls. Jerome seems like a normal guy without any appeal, but somehow, he has a unique ability to recognize other people’s thoughts. Once he started working with them, he uses it to his advantage. At first, somethings seem weird girls not caring if there is a boy in front of them and wearing exposing dresses. Once he saw the youngest girl doing sexual acts by herself on her own in the living room.

Ever happen when you don’t feel like reading a webtoon, but you read it anyway. It is one of those webtoons. This story is full of scams, violence, harassment, and so much to come, but the story base is theatrical and strong. All these things make this webtoon similar to Queen Bee without hesitation.

Anything for you

08. Anything for You

Drama/ Manhwa/ Explicit Sex/ Borderline H

There is a girl named Annie, an internet sensation. She uploads nude of herself and more sexual content on her blog. There is a rumor that if someone recognizes her in real life, she does anything for them. But when she stays around her childhood friend, she is a different person, more like a tomboy.

She can do all those things with anyone and be a horny person, but she is different in front of her friend, but she doesn’t know he has a crush on her, what she will do when she knows about his feelings, or what will he do when he knows about her true personality.

Daddys Working - webtoons similar to queen bee

07. Daddy’s Working

Drama/ Manhwa/ Webtoon/ Explicit Sex/ Borderline H

The main protagonist Shane Son is 48-year-old men trying his best in his workplace, but things aren’t going well. He is getting hit by bad luck again and again now his old job is in danger. He started to feel his life is worthless, trying to end his life, but he thought of postponing the date because of his daughter. Later he saw a place named daddy’s working. At first, he hesitated to work there, but it suddenly changed his life.

The similarities between this webtoon and Queen bee aren’t about Darla’s life. It’s more similar to her father’s story, like after his wife died, he had no hope of living similarly. Shane also lost his interest in this world and have no reason to live on, but because of a girl, his life changed, and maybe started to love his life. Hence this webtoon certainly falls under the list of webtoons similar to the queen bee.


06. Tonight

Drama/ Manhwa/ Webtoon/ Explicit Sex/ NTR/ Borderline H

Kyle is a normal guy who works in a cafe and study at some acting academy. One day, he gets a text from his ex-girlfriend Mingy and his first love. He couldn’t say no to her because he still has feelings for her. He went to meet her after work. She brought him to a motel but left him again, mysteriously with one note leaving behind.

This is one of those very complicated webtoons, just like Queen Bee, especially with Kyle and Mingy’s relationship. They use to love each other gave their first to each other, but something dramatic happened, and they got separated that seems so mysterious. 

Taste of forbidden fruit - webtoons similar to Queen Bee

05. Taste of Forbidden Fruit

Drama/ Manhwa/ Webtoon/ Explicit Sex/ Borderline H

It is said that “first love hurt you when it is not meant for you,” Kevin, who is 28 years old, has experienced this. When he was young and never had a proper family. His mother was having an affair with her boss when he was in high school and even had a heartbreak with his first or maybe last love. He started to have thinking nothing is tastier to eat that belongs to someone else. Once he started his life his own, he becomes rich and not that only he was very handsome with a very charming vibe. With that, he started to have a peculiar hobby to sleep with other people’s women.

There’s nothing yummier than “eating something that belongs to someone else,” what Kevin says. While sleeping with someone else, wives are his hobbies, giving them a collar with the name tag.

Hidden Feeling

04. Hidden Feeling

Drama/ Manhwa/ Romance/ School Life/ Siblings/ Explicit Sex/ Incest/ Borderline H

A hidden feeling between step-siblings a forbidden love, Na-ri and Min-ho started to have more intimacy than usual siblings. Because of some incident, they had to separate, but Na-ri stayed with her foster parents. But on the other hand, Min-ho went to Japan and studied hard. When he came back to Korea, he already has a fiance, seeing that Na-ri’s heart breaks because she couldn’t let go of her first love. Min-ho also started to have those feelings again for his sister.

Hidden feeling maybe not seems like one of the webtoons similar to Queen Bee, but it is secretly loving your step-sibling and trying to hide it from the world so that they don’t hurt each other.

Lust Awakening

03. Lust Awakening

Drama/ Manhwa/ Webtoon/ Explicit Sex/ Borderline H

Once an unemployed caregiver, Emma found a job in another city, as the family calls him in for being a caretaker. He couldn’t refuse the job because he finally found an opportunity after being jobless for more than a month. On the other hand, his girlfriend feels not so good about it and doubtful about him going to the city. As a possessive girlfriend, she can’t let go of her boyfriend easily, but he promised her he wouldn’t cheat on her and will do every possible thing to make her not to be worried. After reaching there, he found out the owner of the house has two beautiful young girls.

The awkward situation started to happen when he arrived there. The lusty surroundings around Young-hue because of being a single man in the whole house. Can he be able to deny the beauties of the ladies who are dying to have a taste of him?

Ms Master

02. Ms. Master

Drama/ Manhwa/ RomanceCohabitation/ Explicit Sex/ Incest/ Borderline H

Ms. Master is again one of the webtoons, similar to Queen Bee. It is because maybe Jason and Jailey aren’t blood-related. They still are relatives and a family. Jason lost his parents at a very early age than he started living with his aunt Hailey. The relation between them is very close and sweet until one day it turned into a lust for Jason. He always worries about does his aunt has any boyfriend or not because he has never seen a man besides her friend’s circle. He started having feelings for his aunt, frustrated Jason about what to do or what not to do.

You're not that special - webtoons similar to Queen Bee

01. You’re not special

Drama/ Borderline H/ Full Color/ School Life/ Explicit Sex/ Borderline H

Susan seems a very timed person in front of her classmates’ eyes, but only her classmate Joseph knows about her true reality. Joseph once visited Susan’s place when he was drunk and he intended to have a one-night-stand with her. However, from that day, unlike his expectations, they become intimate partners.

The most similar webtoons to Queen Bee you can find is You’re not special. In the matter of similarity with Queen Bee and You’re not special, it will be like this. Darla had a dual life in her school, and her house to Junie like that Susan was also a loser in front of her whole class except Joseph.

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