Webtoons, Manga And Manhwa Similar To Winter Woods

Webtoons, Manga And Manhwa Similar To Winter Woods




Updated on: 02/09/2022

When we say similar, we simply mean similar because well Winter Woods Is a prodigy in itself. And it’s a crime against it and others to say that anything feels the same as this very thing. Winter Woods is a webtoon that majorly dwells on the idea of connecting supernatural and real-life into one storyline. No doubt the author has done this job extremely well and won many hearts while doing so. So much so that we crave for more such stories. Before we check out webtoons, manga, and manhwa similar to Winter Woods, let us talk about the story of Winter Woods.

At no point does Winter Woods disappoint the readers in any way. The story takes place as a mix of past and present where the main protagonist Winter is something that lives but is not ‘Human’. The journey of him coming in terms with what real life is after he has been an experiment for so long is sweet and a part of him is quite mysterious. Jane is an aspiring writer looking for a story and she meets Winter as a setup coincidence. The art style is simple and sweet with warm colors. Additionally, dealing with some deep contexts like abuse and violence. It ends on a bittersweet note, living you with many feels. The ending justifies the doings of every character there is and I find it extremely satisfying.

There is no question as to how much you like Winter woods if you are searching for similar manhwas to it. So to bring you to an end of your search we have 5 webtoons that are similar to Winter Woods.

Webtoons, Manga And Manhwa Similar To Winter Woods

Shinobi Life - similar to Winter Woods5. Shinobi Life

[Status: Completed]

This is the first and the mildest title of this list. The story dwells around Beni Fujiwara who is the daughter of an extremely wealthy man. Being so brings her to be the target of many of the kidnappers and ransom dealing. Beni has been dealing with all this for so long that now there is simply no effect of all this. Apart from this she also does not care much about her life and rather invites problems to cause more harm to her father with whom she has some personal grudges. However, for the humor in the story, one-day Kagetora comes into her life out of nowhere, literally. He is a ninja bodyguard and claims his life to protecting the Red Princess.

There is an aspect of time travel in affiliation to the story and Kagetora does not realize that he has indeed fallen into the future. While Beni gains feelings for him and the truth at bay you will found out more in this series.

Why You Should Read It:

The webtoon is simply interesting and the innocent romance part similar to Winter Woods is easily available. The story is very interesting and intriguing. The art style is more like old manhua-manga rather than webtoon or wester manhwa giving it a touch of traditionalism. The time travel bit might become a bit confusing in the starting but overall it is a great manhwa in terms of plotting. You can see the drama and romantic drift with a touch of the supernatural. The story is pretty straight forward so if you are looking for a refill after winter woods then you can go with this. The ending disappoints some for there are some open strands left. However, it is worth putting on this list.

unTouchable4. unTouchable

[Status: Completed]

It is a webtoon focussing on a human-vampire relationship. This title has also won many hearts. The touch of modernization in the vampire-fantasy provides this story with a covered edge as it does not walk the path usually vampire stories do. More so the art style is gorgeous. With a full circle getting completed this webtoon fulfills the plot requirements to the best of its needs.

The only issue I have with Untouchables is the cliché end episode which was a joke from Author’s part if you look into it. You might also see the storyline wavering at times from a full-fledge build-up to sudden chapters having a lack of details. The loss of surety is evident if you give in to the minor details.

Why You Should Read It:

With a broader perspective, even after the flaws, you still can not put it down because it simply grasps you in the How(s) and Why(s) of the plot. Furthermore, when you discuss the positives then they highly outweigh the negatives. The art style is one of its kind also you might enjoy the Modern touch to Vampire descriptions and their powers. That’s one of the main reasons why I like it. The ending is good to an extent, slightly cringe though what goes about with every character is good to see. The ending and plot of this webtoon, similar to Winter Woods are worth your while.

top Manhwa3. Orange Marmalade

[Status: Completed]

Orange Marmalade is a webtoon that enchants you in multiple ways. Be it the storylining, the art style or the characters. It hoards close to the top when discussing webtoons similar to Winter Woods.

It is a story about a vampire and a human (I know; Again!). The dynamics are pretty interesting throughout and it questions yet reaffirms the generics of ‘vampirism’ which is extremely interesting to note. The main characters sure withhold the story more than the side characters yet you can see the importance of the side roles.

Why You Should Read It:

You see a good contrast bridging the similarities to Winter Woods. Moreover, the vibe that one experiences in Winter Woods can be felt in Orange Marmalade too. The endings also complement each other to an extent and I like how the whole plot has no loopholes. You see the world builds up. How coexistence between vampires and humans occurs and much more in a definite time with appropriate detailing.

Orange Marmalade is an amazing webtoon and having been adapted into a k-drama showcases the material it has to offer. The character development and arousal of problems are intricate and specifically, time-bound. You go through each phase through a great storylining and it makes all the difference. Certain scenes, similar to Winter Woods are extremely touching and strong, portraying the exact meaning in no words. I highly recommend this webtoon if you are searching for webtoon similar to Winter Woods.

my boo - best romance webtoons2. My Boo

[Status: Completed]

A beautiful story about a girl who can see ghosts and a ghost boy who lived his ghost years alone in the house he died. The ending is not entirely happy but all the more right and fulfilling. With a minimalistic art style, this manhwa has won many hearts. Even though throughout the story the characters cannot have any physical contact because of the obvious reason that the male character is a ‘ghost’ not once do you feel that the webtoon is only focusing on one aspect. Both characters help each other transform into a better person. A binge-worthy webtoon, similar to Winter woods.

Why You Should Read It:

There is simply no denying for the part that the projection of this webtoon is amazing. This webtoon leaves you wanting more even though the ending is a full circle which is extremely similar to the way Winter Woods make you feel. Both the pain protagonist shares a relationship that is not only pure but giving. Nevertheless, the lack of such webtoons makes it all the more worthy.

As you plunge deeper into the story you also witness how there is a similarity in the pattern of character address. The characters are complex in both the webtoons however the dialogue structure makes their portrayal extremely subtle with hinting vibes. The art style is also one of its kind so you can easily recognize it.

American Ghost Jack - Similar to winter woods1. Jack: The American Ghost

[Status: Completed]

This webtoon revolves around Go-Eun Ma whose family runs a haunted house since she was a child. Her attachment to the haunted house is evident and even after the tragic death of her mother years ago, this kept going. Though unfortunately, the whole facility is now close to ending. There are no visitors and if there are no steps taken, it will demolish in a year. To make both ends meet and help continue her family business, Go-Eun Ma comes up with a plan. She decides to the most famous haunted house in the world, Ghost Jack’s House in America with two major motives in mind. One is that staying at that place for 15 days gets you a massive million-dollar prize, that is if you stay sane. The other for gaining ideas for her own business.

Why You Should Read It:

Go-Eun Ma and Jack have personalities that starkly contrast each other. Go-Eun Ma is one with a personality that never fazes away and doesn’t care about any of the fears. Jack, on the other hand, is very egoistic and takes immense pride in himself. That doesn’t overwrite the part that fundamentally both are a little insane. The ending is something you never expect and well similar was the case with Winter Woods. This whole manhwa is set forth on mysteries, the story does not follow a single course but rather fluctuated efficiently. The ability to put this all up perfectly portrays amazing work put into the series by the author.

This series is only about 100 episodes long and the detailing, plotting and character development is simply exceptional. The art style has its wind to the horror aspect of this webtoon and similar to Winter Woods the complexity increases by folds. You might not like the art style too much in the starting but soon it makes space for its stand and you affiliate it solely to this webtoon. It is an amazing manhwa with a great amount of effort put into it and not even once will you regret reading it.

I hope you enjoy these!

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