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Webtoon Apps to Check Out in 2021: The Top 15 Essential Countdown




Updated on: 19/06/2023

Google Play has many Webtoon Apps. But it can be a little confusing to choose one from the many available. So, for your convenience, we have curated the Top 15 Webtoon Apps on the Play Store, including lezhin app, Line Webtoon, Webcomics and lots more. They come along with the details of their features, merits, and demerits, and if they are worth spending your time and money on. So let us dive into the list!

Stay with us till the end to know the best Webtoon Apps you can download right now.

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Top 15 Webtoon Apps

15. Comic Cat

Owner: iReader Inc.
3.4 Stars
100K+ Downloads

Many Genres are available.

About Comic Cat

This is one of the high-quality Webtoon Apps which provides Comics, Webtoons, Manga, Manhua, and much more. The First 10-15 chapters are free. Unlock the remaining chapters using iCoins or iVouchers. Moreover, iVouchers can be earned by Check-Ins.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Nice UI (User Interface), consequently providing a nice reading experience. Thus, a user-friendly app.
✓Features available: Offline Reading, Bookmarking, Zoom-In, Brightness Adjust, Eye protection mode, Health mode, and a lot more to set.
✓A decent collection.
✓The content is available in 4 languages: English, Chinese, etc.


  1. Lack of more content.
  2. Expensive iCoins.
  3. Poor Translation.
  4. Finally, No mature content.

14. TapRead – Novels & Comics

Owner: TapRead
4.1 Stars
100K+ Downloads

10 Genres Available. For example, Romance, Supernatural, Action, Fantasy, etc.

About TapRead

Get a decent collection of enjoyable Novels, Comics, Webtoons, and much more to read. Usually, 15 chapters are free to read but to read ahead, you need to unlock chapters with TC (TapCoins) or exchange points for TC or watch videos. Furthermore, earn points and bonus TC from check-ins, complete tasks, and read for a specific time.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Very Simple as well as Plain UI.
✓Features available: Screen Brightness Adjust and Offline Reading.
✓The content is available in 2 languages: English and Chinese.


  1. Need more content.
  2. No Mature Content.
  3. Moreover, earning coins is a bit difficult.

13. Tory Comics – Webtoon/Waiting for Free

Owner: ToryWorks
3.5 Stars
1 Million+ Downloads

9 Genres available, such as Romance, Action, Drama, Thriller, etc.

About Tory Comics

Discover popular Webtoons at your fingertips.
Chapters are accessible by unlocking through Coins or by earning Tokens or Tickets. Wanna read for free or get a Ticket for free? Use Jackpot or Watch ads or use the Free Every 1 day (Waiting for Free) Option.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Simple UI.
✓Watch out for free/bonus tickets through occasional events and surprises also.
✓Read Webtoons from Weekly, Completed, Popular (weekly, monthly, all-time) and Genre options.
✓You can even request the TransWriting of any Webtoon you want.
✓The content is available in 17 languages: English, Indonesian, Portuguese, Chinese, etc.


  1. Loading Issue.
  2. Expensive Chapters.
  3. Not many Webtoons are available to read from.
  4. Lastly, No Mature Content.

12. Kross Komics

Owner: Kross Komics
3.9 Stars
500K+ Downloads

Various Genres available. For example Romance, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc.

About Kross

Presenting you with India’s first Comic App with a library of amazing stories. (This app is the only Indian app out of all the other Webtoon Apps on my list). Content is free, but some chapters are unlocked using Coins. The app is still in development because I saw the Rental and Buy features, but the Rent option isn’t functional yet.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Simple as well as fast UI.
✓Features available such as auto-scrolling of chapters with speed control, Auto Bookmarking, and Offline Reading.
✓Reasonable price of Coins for purchasing.
✓Watch out for Amazon Gift Cards and Free Tickets also.
✓The content is available in 3 languages: English, Hindi, and Telegu.


  1. The app is still developing but still a nice attempt.
  2. Not much content to read.
  3. Lastly, No mature content.

11. Tapas – Comics and Novels

Owner: Tapas Media, Inc.
3.7 stars
1 Million+ Downloads

13 Genres available, such as Romance, Fantasy, LGTBQ+, Horror, Comedy, etc.

About Tapas

Thousands of Webcomics and Webnovels available at the same place. A little history: Tapas was previously known as “Tapastic” and before that as “Comic Panda.”

What you get here is high-quality Premium as well as Free series. The premium series can be unlocked using Inks. Moreover, Inks can be bought with money or earned by completing offers, playing games, participating in quizzes, filling out surveys, watching videos, and inviting friends. Thus, use Inks to buy chapters or support creators. Tapas is surely one of the better Webtoon Apps out there.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Simple as well as plain UI.
✓Affordable Inks.
✓An organized collection, for example, Previews, Daily, Staff Picks, Tapas Originals, etc.
✓Gifts are offered to new users also.
✓Sales, Challenges, and Giveaways are offered occasionally.
✓Private Reading, Infinity Reading Mode, and Offline Downloading are also available.


  1. The app is only available in English.
  2. App lags a lot and takes time to load.
  3. Finally, Mature content is not available.

10. Toomics – Read Unlimited Comics

Owner: Toomics Global
2.9 Stars
1 Million+ Downloads

11 Genres available, such as Drama, Romance, BL, Horror, etc.

About Toomics

Enter the world of a high-quality Webtoon portal with a huge range of genres and Webtoons.

It’s a Premium-Comic Service App. Subscribe to the VIP Membership to gain unlimited access to Webtoons. Four Packages are available to select from, with different duration and subscription amounts.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Nice UI and nice app format also.
✓Family mode always on (Cannot be turned off).
✓Mature Content only available on the Website.
✓Organized Library with Recommendations, New Comics, Recently Read, Most Favorited, etc. collections.
✓The content is available in 10 languages: English, Portuguese, French, etc.


  1. The app is slow.
  2. Suffers from glitches, crashes, and lagging issues.

09. INKR Comics

Owner: INKR Comics
3.6 Stars
10K+ Downloads

6 Genres available, such as Action, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, etc.

About INKR Comics

Subside your boredom with INKR, this is one of the webtoons apps that has a mix of Free and Premium collections of Manga, Manhua, Webtoon, Comics, and much more!
So after reading the free trial chapters, you need to subscribe to INKR Extra’s monthly subscription to read more of it.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Visually appealing as well as comfortable UI.
✓Features available: Reading mode – both Horizontal and Vertical, Custom Brightness, Read Now, Read Later, and AI-powered content recommendation.
✓Superb Quality.
✓Get notified of Coming Soon Content.
✓Nice and comfortable Reading Experience.
✓Well-organized categorization: Staff picks, Must-read, Diverse titles, Hidden gems, etc.


  1. Even after subscribing to INKR Extra, some titles still demands us to pay for coins to unlock the chapters.
  2. Moreover, it lacks variety, content, and titles.

08. Wecomics – Daily Webtoon

Owner: WeComics
4.3 Stars
1 Million+ Downloads

17 Genres available, such as CEO, Romance, Action, BL, Fantasy, etc.

About Wecomics

Explore a range of first-rate and interesting Webcomics and Webtoons.
Unlock chapters using Coins or Shells. Coins are bought while Shells are earned for Free by Checking-In and Watching Videos.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Nicely organized Content.
✓Fast UI. Thus, loads smoothly.
✓Offline Reading, Daily Free, and Fast Pass Features available.
✓The app customizes the content according to your gender and preferred genres.
✓All Comics are Free for 1 day for new users.
✓The content is available in 3 languages: English, Chinese, and Indonesian.
✓Nice Reading Experience.


  1. No Mature Content.
  2. The coins are a bit expensive.

07. Lezhin App – Daily Releases

3.5 Stars
5 Million+ Downloads

6 Genres available, such as Romance, GL, BL, Action, etc.

About Lezhin

Get hooked up by reading from the vast, organized arrays of the highest-quality Webtoon database in this Lezhin app. (It is one of my favourites among all the Webtoon Apps). Plus, it got some awesome illustrations.
Like the trial? Unlock more chapters using coins. Buy coins using money or enter the Free Coin Zone to earn free coins by completing tasks.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Simple UI and Easy to Navigate and Read Layout.
✓Lezhin merch is available on Amazon.
✓Bookmark and WUF (Wait Until Free) features available on Lezhin App.
✓Watch out for Free Promotions, Sales, Bonus Coins, Events (e.g., Cosplay events), and Contests.
✓Mature Content only available on the Website.
✓The content is available in 3 languages: English, Korean, and Japanese.


  1. Glitches and loading issues are frustrating.
  2. It’s Slow.
  3. Lastly, Coins are expensive.

06. NETCOMICS – Webtoon & Manga

Creator: NETCOMICS, Inc.
2.6 Stars
50K+ Downloads

8 Genres available, such as Romance, BL, Drama, Fantasy, etc.


Like the trial chapters you read? Why not Rent it or Buy it?
So, this is the concept behind this app. A portal to Rent and Buy chapters from a wide range of beautifully illustrated Manhwa, Manga, Webtoon, and Graphic novels using E-Cash. Rent for half the amount for which you Buy. Moreover, rented Chapters are available for 72 hours.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Beautiful as well as Fast UI.
✓Not much expensive either.
✓Mature content is also available.
✓Change the Reading-Scrolling Orientation as per your comfort: Vertical or Horizontal Scrolling.
✓ Nicely organized collection: Editor’s pick, Featured, Popular, Recommendations, etc.


  1. Has some bugs.

05. Graphite – Read new comics, manga, and webtoons

Owner: Graphite Comics, Inc.
3.5 Stars
50K+ Downloads

Discover a huge range of genres in this App. And when I say huge, I’m serious here. This app contains the most Genres among all the Webtoon Apps. Graphite provides you with 59 genres, including action, adventure, aliens, anthology, and much more.

About Graphite

Indulge yourself with a large range of Comics, Graphic Novels, Strips, Webtoons, Manga, and Webcomics for Free! But when you subscribe to a monthly premium subscription, you get access to premium and all age content, early access to content, no ads, and 2 weeks of the free trial.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Cheap Monthly Subscription.
✓AI-driven discovery.
✓Great publishers.
✓Set the content-age rating.
✓A list of Publishers and creators is also available.
✓Has both Vertical and horizontal reading orientation, available as per the content.
✓You can read comics in 64 languages.


  1. Free content has ads running.
  2. Moreover, it has some bugs and loading issues.

04. MangaToon- Good comics, Great stories

Owner: Mangatoon
4.3 Stars
10 Million+ Downloads

21 genre available, such as Fantasy, Romance, CEO, Horror, etc

About MangaToon

Invest your time in the deep MangaToon app with its wide range of Manhwa, Manhua, Manga, Webtoon, and Novels. Some comics/chapters are for free while some require to be unlocked using Points, Coupons, and Coins. Coupons are earned by Check-Ins and by inviting friends. While Points are Earned by watching ads, completing specific reading time, online time, etc. Moreover, you can even buy Profile frames and Stickers using points.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Pleasant Categorization such as Upcoming, Top-rated, Top Korean art, etc.
✓Level up your profile for surprise gifts.
✓Good Translation quality.
✓Join the MT Community for participating in challenges and for more fun.
✓Feature available: Night mode, Offline reading, and Screen changing settings.
✓Keep an eye on Sales, Lucky draw, Fashion show games, Wallpaper carnivals, Awards, Competitions, and other Events.
✓You can apply for being a translator.
✓9 languages Available: English, Indonesian, Portuguese, etc


  1. No mature content.

03. Webcomics

4.1 Stars
5 Million+ Downloads

7 Genres available, such as Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, etc.

About Webcomics

Webcomics is a gateway to a wide variety of high-quality Comics, Webtoons, and Novels. It’s one of the most popular comics among the Webtoon Apps in the US. Some are free, and some can be unlocked using Coins or Gems.
Wanna earn Free Coins and Gems? Head over to the Rewards section, Check-In, watch the video, spin the lucky wheel, complete tasks, invite friends, etc. Else you also have the option to buy Coins and Gems. There’s also an option to become a Premium reader. Subscribe to a monthly/yearly package with lots of premium benefits, including Avatar frame, read in advance, no ads, etc.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Reader-friendly as well as fast UI.
✓Features available: Offline Reading, Adjust brightness, and Booklist to find the content of your liking.
✓Beautifully organized collection with up spree, weekly reviews, creators’ posts, binge-worthy, and a lot more to explore!
✓A growing community for fans and creators. Join various communities to post along with pictures related to comics and novels.
✓Watch out for gifts, events, interactive sessions, daily wallpaper, and much more.
✓The content is available in 4 languages: English, Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese.


  1. No mature content.
  2. Earlier there used to be an option to trade your coins for real merchandise (╥﹏╥)
  3. Moreover, an expensive Premium option.

02. Tappytoon – Komiks & Manhwa

Owner: Contents First
3.9 Stars
1 Million+ Downloads

8 Genres available, such as Romance, BL, Action, Comedy, etc.

About Tappytoon

Enter the world of the largest database of official sources of Manhwas, Komics, and Webtoons.

Permanently Unlock the premium high-quality content after your free trial by using Tokens and Points. Moreover, points can be bought using money or earned for free by completing offers and watching videos.

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Sometimes, for some specific period, some chapters are available for Free.
✓ The translations are on point, has a clean layout, and a fast UI.
✓Mature content available only on the website.
✓Organized sorting including ‘Back from Hiatus,’ Daily, Coming Soon, New Series, Little Women, etc.
✓Sales, Gifts, Limited content, and art Sneak Peaks are provided occasionally.
✓The content is available in 3 languages: English, German, and French.


  1. After the free trial, you need to pay for the chapters to read them.
  2. Moreover, Prices of Tokens and Points are overpriced.


*Editor’s Choice*

4.6 Stars
50 Million+ Downloads

23 Genres available, such as Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Action, etc.


Get access to thousands of great collections and a sheer variety of Webcomics and Webtoons in Webtoon Line. Be a part of the largest Webcomics Community in the world.

Some chapters are available after watching the ads. Can’t wait for the next chapter? Is curiosity taking the best of you? Buy upcoming chapters using Fast Pass (Using Coins) to read ahead of time.

Webtoon is a great Platform for both Readers and Creators. I personally like this Webtoon app among all the Webtoon Apps the most. Moreover, the huge range of art and varieties of genres are enough for you to get hooked up. Thus. I’m satisfied with your Care! ( Big Hero 6 Reference)

Distinctive Features and Merits:

✓Simple as well as smooth UI. Thus, Easy to navigate.
✓Reasonable Coins Pricing.
✓Dark Theme, Offline Download, Sleep Mode, Bookmarking Feature, and Background Soundtrack feature(In some Webcomics) available.
✓Also, No popup ads.
✓Organized Collection, in particular: Recommendations, Staff picks, Binge-worthy, Weekly hot, etc.
✓Participate in Contests, Challenges, and Events to Earn Free Coins.
✓ Fan-translated webcomics in different languages are also available.
✓The app is available in 6 languages: English, Indonesian, French, etc.


  1. No mature content

So we are now at the end of the post. It was a difficult task to compile the Top 15 Webtoon Apps from so many options. But, the output is informative and resourceful for you all. That’s all that matters! I hope you liked the post. Don’t forget to comment down your favourite app name among all these with a reason. Please share the post with your friends to help them out with their dilemmas as well! Like I always say:

Spread Happiness, Spread Peace.

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