WarioWare Gold

WarioWare Gold demo out now on Nintendo 3DS eShop!


Date: 26/07/2018

WarioWare is a mini-game compilation series deveoped by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. Nintendo recently released their demo for the upcoming WarioWare Gold title on Nintendo 3DS. This is the first title in the series since 2013 (Game & Wario). Moreover, this is also the first titled WarioWare game since 2009’s WarioWare DIY for Nintendo DS. Game & Wario deviated from major conventions in the series and gained a lukewarm reception. WarioWare Gold heralds the return of the series in over five years, celebrating all of its conventions. In addition, with 300 games, it adds in many new experiences.

WarioWare Gold was initially showcased in January during a Nintendo Direct. Among the many series that fans have long-missed from Nintendo, WarioWare’s return came with positive reception. Despite references featured in Super Smash Bros. and Rhythm Heaven Megamix, the series felt long-lost on a system that would be perfect for it. The series features a compilation of mini-games, often with hilarious outcomes. They come in bursts of short, 5-second mini-games and come at in succession before sending you to the boss stage. For over 15 years, WarioWare has maintained a history of addictive fun and absurdity.


Enter WarioWare Gold. Utilizing conventions taken from various parts of the series’ history, Gold will establish the link between old and new. On one hand, it brings back conventions, such as button-press mini-games, stylus controls, and motion sensors. On the flipside, similar to Rhythm Heaven Megamix, it’s a compilation of old games as well as plenty of new mini-games added to the mix. Given the variety among the two, it’s a game made for newcomers and veteran fans alike.

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The demo

WarioWare Gold showcases three ways to play. These methods are based on WarioWare, Inc. (GBA), Twisted (GBA), and Touched (DS). They’re categorized separately, bringing in some older mini-games and tossing a new one in there as well. The final phase of the demo remixes and combines all modes, sending you one after another with any control style. For instance, you can use the stylus to slide toilet paper off of its holder. Or you can twist the 3DS to the side to scarf down food!

WarioWare Gold

One noteworthy thing about the demo is Wario’s speaking. Voiced by Charles Martinet, the voice of Paarthurnax in Skyrim – among others – this is perhaps the most voice acting a Mario-themed game has received in a long, long time. After Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo sparsely used full voice acting in Mario titles. This includes spin-offs and mainline titles alike. Certain titles, like Mario vs. Donkey Kong, featured Mario speaking full sentences.

In this opening, however, Wario narrates the opening. Challenging the player to a tournament for his games, he calls up his friends before challenging you to his series of mini-games. After his series of jokes and taunts, the games begin. Each game will speed up and become harder as time goes on. However, you’re only given a modest handful of games to play.


If you’re looking for more, you can pre-purchase the digital version of the game from the eShop. Moreover, you can purchase a physical copy here. Whether this is your first WarioWare game or your latest, the 300 mini-games should certainly keep any player occupied. It’s a great time to break into the series. Branching the gap of old and new, there will certainly be games for everyone to enjoy. Pick up WarioWare Gold on August 3, 2018!

WarioWare Gold

Thank you for reading our coverage of WarioWare: Gold! Do you have a favorite game in the series? Or will this be your first game? Let us know in the comments below!

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