Vinland Saga First Animated Promo Video Reveals Anime Cast

Vinland Saga first animated promo video has just rolled out revealing to us the main cast for the upcoming TV anime series.  I’m glad WIT studio is adapting the manga of Vinland Saga. By taking some looks at the Vinland Saga first animated promo video I can say that the animation is going to be quite good. And I’m quite excited about this upcoming TV show, so far we know it will be released in 2019. However, no certain release date has been announced yet for it. Although we can speculate that this anime might get released somewhere in the summer/autumn season.

Vinland Saga first promo video

Shuhei Yabuta will be directing the Vinland Saga anime adaptation. The Studio that is adapting the anime is Studio WIT. Takahiko Abiru is in charge of character design. Hiroshi Seko is composing the series. Bamboo will be in charge of covering the background art and Kenta Ihara is writing the script for the series. The line up looks really well, and I am quite excited to see the adaptation done. With that said, let’s take a look at the new visual.

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Vinland Saga characters roster

Thorfinn (Young) – Voiced by Shizuka Ishigami

Thorfinn (Older) – Voiced by Yuto Uemura

Thors – Kenichirou Matsuda

Vinland Saga synopsis

The main character, Thorfinn is the son of one of the Vikings greatest warriors. Very skilled at combat, and is also among the top fighters in the band of mercenaries.  Askeladd who is the leader of the band is actually Thorfinn’s sworn enemy. Thorfinn plans to kill him for causing pain and agony for his family. Still unable to defeat him, he spends his childhood with the mercenaries. He slowly hones his hills on cruel battlefields. The story has a lot more details, and it becomes very good. It has intense action, violence, and very complex character development, but not a confusing one.  I would definitely recommend this as a must-read.

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